24’s Fifteenth Anniversary

Today is a big milestone for 24 – the series premiered exactly fifteen years ago on November 6, 2001. With over 200 episodes, it’s among the longest-running scripted dramas on television.

Here’s the very first trailer for the show.

We’ve also got interviews with most of the season 1 cast members on our YouTube channel if you want a trip down memory lane:
Kiefer Sutherland Interview 1, Interview 2, Interview 3
Elisha Cuthbert
Sarah Clarke
Leslie Hope (Interview #2)
Dennis Haysbert
Penny Johnson Jerald
Denis Hopper
Lou Diamond Phillips

Variety also has an interview with the producers discussing some of their favorite moments – check that out here. And Nerdist wrote a nice article about the legacy of Jack Bauer too.

The series continues with 24: Legacy premiering February 5th after the Super Bowl on FOX, and original cast member Carlos Bernard will reprise his role of Tony Almeida.


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November 6, 2016 at 3:38 pm
Happy birthday, 24!
I’m glad you will live another day, even if it’s without your best friend Jack. Though his legacy will never be forgotten. But I heard Tony will drop by and he was present during your birth, so that will be a fun reunion hopefully. To another 15 years of 24! (by which point the cougar will be President of the United States)

Happy Birthday 24, let’s hope it continues for many years to come!

In celebration of its 15th anniversary and in anticipation of its tenth season next February, I’m writing a little eBook that I hope to share freely within the next few months.

Brad, it’s not a tenth season next February. 24: Legacy starts at Season 1 as its a new spin-off.

It’s both, really.

15 years later I’m always a huge 24 fan. Thanks for the memories and here’s to another 15 years.