Moran Atias
Moran Atias

Moran Atias cast in 24: Legacy as Tony Almeida’s associate

Tyrant alumna Moran Atias has joined the cast of Fox’s 24 franchise reboot 24: Legacy. The limited series, starring Straight Outta Compton‘s Corey Hawkins, chronicles a race against the clock to stop a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. It will follow the original series’ real-time format.

Atias will play the mysterious Sidra, Tony Almeida’s strong, attractive and intense associate who instigates feelings of distrust between Tony and former Head of CTU Rebecca Ingram, played by Miranda Otto. Atias was most recently seen as standout female lead Leila in Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff’s series Tyrant for FX. Moran also costarred in Third Person, directed by Paul Haggis, and in The Next Three Days opposite Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson.

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(…) who instigates feelings of distrust between Tony and (…) Rebecca Ingram (…)

An easy job….. After all, everybody must distrust Tony…..

Almeida always got the best gash.

Wait. What?! Tony who has gone to prison for treason… twice… and breaks out a fugitive from the law is working with CTU?

They always stretch the credibility of this show, even to do something as mundane as going back to the all-too familiar.

I would’ve preferred Tony working in the shadows as a morally ambiguous, gruff, bearded mentor to the new guy.

Although I don’t like the so called “lead character” Carter-BlackJack, I think the new Tony will be a good storyline.

About what you said, I don’t think Tony will be working with CTU at first. Maybe later.
If Sidra instigates feelings of distrust between Tony and Ingram, I think is because Ingram will need Tony’s help, and this other woman will create a fight between them. So…. perhaps! Tony will be working in the shadows as a Gandalf-like mentor.

Something like Season7-Buchanan

If anyone was blackjack it was Curtis, not this worm!

As for Tony, he’s the only reason I’m watching. Hoping for something more compelling than a retread of Jack in LAD…

Hour 1-6 Tony is a terrorist!! He committed treason!!!
Hours 7-24 Give Mr. Almeida whatever he needs.

Agree. Of course, this is the old 24-story. But darker (you know what I mean… wink, wink)

For some reason (that I’m eager to find out) Tony has to be out of prison and this is related to this black soldier, or some other storyline. But Tony HAS to be free… My ultimate hope is that Tony will be here not just to tell everyone that he’s alive and angry (Day 7)

If this will be a whole new universe (with Tony present, not any more, it’s the same) the story has nothing to do with old legends (Michelle, Bill, Jack, Chloe… ) But bring Carlos on board! He’s cheaper!! haha

Yes we get it…you are disgusting.

Now that you mentioned Curtis, I think that the writers are regretting that Curtis is dead, and there is now chance to resurrect him… Except that the dead guy we saw on Day 6 was his brother….



Sorry guys… you did this. Your fault.

Bauer V Logan: Dawn of Justice
November 9, 2016 at 5:04 pm

U still here man, after bashing on LAD & on this?
If I dislike a series after 1 or 2 weak seasons I drop it and don’t watch it anymore, but ur aproach is a new one. U keep commenting negatively on this, but you’ll probably wind up watching it anyway… pathetic.

Have an argument against the point that I made or fuck right off!

Some very strange stats for the 24 Legacy trailer:

First 4 days: 22 million million views (which was reported by EW)
Next 14 days: almost no increase (the trailer is still listed as having 22 million views, two weeks later)
Maximum audience size: 4.7 million (just under 4.7 million followers, and 67,000 shares)

You Tube:
Total trailer views: 420,600.
Maximum audience size: hundreds of millions

It’s nearly a statistical impossibility that 4.7 million Facebook followers accounted for 22 million views in 4 days, and almost no views in the following 14 days.

Facebook’s videos are on autoplay, and views are counted as 3 seconds. So millions of those views likely came from people who simply scrolled or refreshed their timeline, but didn’t actually watch the trailer.

Quite a stretch, even by day 5 standards.

She’s hotttttt

Barefoot and Buckwild
December 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm
I don’t see how Tony can be a hero again after what he’s done in Season 7, and it can’t be attributed to insanity or anything like that, and remember he broke out of prison, he was never pardoned and released. And he murdered the FBI director too remember?

The most that can make sense is something like Jack and Hamri Al-Assad in Season 6.

Sidra sounds like an Islamic name. Maybe she is working with an Islamic terrorist group with Bin Khalid.