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Corey Hawkins on Ellen

The breakout star of “Straight Outta Compton” made his talk show debut by sitting down with Ellen to talk about his highly anticipated new role!

So were you a fan of the original 24?
Oh yeah, yeah, I loved it. I think I was like thirteen when the series first premiered. We would go to school the next day every Tuesday and sit around and talk about how Jack Bauer talked butt. I was a huge, huge fan of it.

I heard Kiefer Sutherland gave you his phone number and said call me with any questions, gave you his blessing.
Yeah, I was kinda surprised. His main thing was like get some sleep, cause you know, this character just goes and goes and goes. Kiefer has been great, he was just like let this character surprise you and really enjoy this moment. It means a lot to be this character and look how I look, what it means for television.

It’s fantastic and you’re great in it. It’s a great show, it’s really really good. I watched it, it hasn’t aired yet, but it’s fantastic.
Thank you.

There’s a lot of, and I can’t imagine the hours, I know those single camera shows are 14-16 hour [work] days sometimes. And you’re doing a lot of running, a lot of fighting, and you’re doing that yourself.
Yeah, sadly I am [laughs].

Why are you doing that? Why don’t you let a stunt man do that?
Well I guess I was so excited to start. When we shot the pilot I was so hyped. And we have the best stunt team, but I was like I really want to do all my own stunts. I want it to feel authentic, I trained hard and everything. They were like OK. And it’s been like… I kinda regret it! [laughs]

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