Rebecca Ingram 24: Legacy Character Spotlight

HOWARD GORDON: Rebecca Ingram, who was the head of CTU and has since retired, is now the presumptive first lady and wife of John Donovan, who’s running for president.

via Fox Broadcasting

MIRANDA OTTO: She’s made a deal with her husband that as he’s supported her in the past with the things that she’s had to do, she’s agreed that she will leave her position at CTU to help him with his campaign. And on this particular day when we begin, she gets a phone call and she gets called back in.

COREY HAWKINS: Eric and Rebecca are thrust back into the action and literally racing the clock to try to take out these terrorists before they can do these attacks on American soil.

MIRANDA OTTO: She really wants to support her husband John, but she is somewhat addicted to the way that CTU involved all of her life. It’s very hard for her to let go. Some people thrive in that kind of situation, and I think that’s kind of true of Rebecca.