Jimmy Smits as Senator John Donovan in 24: Legacy Episode 2 - 002
24: LEGACY: Jimmy Smits in the "1:00 PM Ð 2:00 PMÓ episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, Feb. 6 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT), on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Tina Rowden/FOX

24: Legacy Episode 2 Ratings

The second episode of 24: Legacy was seen by 6.19 million viewers with a 1.5 in the 18-49 demographic. It was the second highest-rated show of the hour after ABC’s The Bachelor.

Following its series premiere Sunday night, “24: Legacy” scored a 1.5 rating in adults 18-49 with 6.19 million viewers, holding strong as it moved officially into its regular Monday night time slot. This was, of course, lower than its post-Super Bowl premiere numbers (1.7 and 6.5 million), but that’s to be expected. (TV By The Numbers)

Fox got off to a respectable start on its revamped Monday with the combination of the time period-premiere of “24: Legacy” (#2: 4.5 rating.7 share at 8 p.m.) and the series-premiere of crime drama “APB” (#2: 4.2/ 7 at 9 p.m.). Comparably, “24: Legacy” was a hefty 80 percent above “Gotham” one week earlier (2.5/ 4 on Jan. 30) and close to the 5.2/ 8 for the revival of “The X-Files” on the year-ago evening (5.2/ 8 on 2/08/16). And “APB” was 50 percent above “Lucifer” last week (2.8/ 4 on Jan. 30), with retention out of the 8:30 p.m. portion of “24: Legacy” (4.6/ 7) of a solid 91 percent. Both dramas did not lose any steam in the second half-hour, which is another promising sign. (via Marc Berman)


Updated February 18th: Live+3 Ratings
24: Legacy’s third episode rose from a 1.5 (live+SD) to a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo after three days of delayed viewing, an increase of 0.5 or 33%. (source)

Updated February 23rd: Live+7 Ratings
24: Legacy’s second episode increased by 2.803 million viewers, going from 6.224 up to 9.027 million viewers (up 45%) after seven days of delayed viewing. The 18-49 demo grew from a 1.5 to a 2.3 (an 0.8 gain, or 53%). (source)


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Do you think Fox will be happy with these numbers?

No, these numbers are very disappointing. It’s much lower than the X-Files last year, and lower than LAD.

For fox this is well done! It’s solid! Better than all their other shows in the ratings except Empire!

Also fox takes into account delayed viewing as well so 24 will do well there! Don’t forget DVR and online viewing! So that will add more viewers to the show. There is a repeat of episode 1 this Saturday as well!

It’s natural for shows to drop from the Super Bowl!

24 legacy is great and getting positive reaction! It was also number 2 in its time period!

It will get renewed for sure

Fox loves the series and so do producers! Don’t forget either that this is airing in 160 countries as well. So if it does well globally and in DVD sales, it will be considered a success.

Also Tony Almeida will draw viewers in!

Season 1 of 24 started off low and then 24 grew in future seasons! I can see the same for 24 Legacy

Next week will either hold onto all the audience or go up a bit.

Yesterday’s episode did not lose steam in the second half which is a very positive sign and is great alternative to the other programming

Jack and Chloe will be back one day but 24 Legacy has a lot more story to tell and as long as it does better than several other fox shows it will be a success

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Haha! My thoughts exactly.

Wow, fanboy out.

Ratings will NEVER equal the original run because people don’t watch tv like that anymore. Count DVR ratings and they may.

Fox will likely renew it though, or throw a whole bunch of money at kiefer somehow.

That is cuz X files was new in 10 years and LAD was in the summer and had Jack! 24 legacy needs time to catch on

The ratings are especially disappointing because the pilot was likely viewed by millions of people who never saw the original series. So if a significant percentage of the viewers are new, then a huge number of fans of the original series are not watching.

24 Legacy could still get renewed, because Fox’s ratings are terrible, but the budget is probably higher on this than their other shows (like Pitch, Star, and APB). I think this will go the way of Heroes Reborn and be called a “limited series” instead of it being officially cancelled. Then maybe in 2-3 years, they’ll done one more limited series with Kiefer to finally give the show a proper resolution.

Yeah, I’m sure Fox expected much better results than this, at least initially. The ratings are most likely going to keep dropping over the next few weeks (as most shows do), so it’ll be interesting to see where it finally settles at.

But like you said, Fox’s ratings are absolutely terrible. Bones is ending this season, and they’re probably going to cancel a whole bunch of shows in May. (The Exorcist, Rosewood, Sleepy Hollow, Pitch, and Scream Queens all seem in big danger of cancellation).

Even if it does end up getting renewed though, it’s clear that Legacy didn’t really bring in a huge new audience or revitalize the series at all.

Justin Urciuoli
February 7, 2017 at 7:06 pm
To be fair Fox also measures DVR ratings and online viewership. And 24 does better with delayed viewing as people hate to watch commercials.

Also it is not impossible for the show’s ratings to rise. 24 Legacy can break that trend and stay the same or rise a bit.

I look at it this way, a lot of viewers still have not watched the first episode from Sunday and will watch it delayed. Meaning those who have not seen the first episode will not watch the second episode live.

Also Fox has a repeat of episode 1 this Saturday which could bring in more viewers.

I don’t believe the ratings will drop as the first two episodes were amazing and will only get better. Also Tony Almeida will bring viewers in.

Fox will be happy with these results and even the producers admitted that the bar was not set high for high ratings this season as Fox is doing terrible in the ratings.

Fox loves 24 and so do the producers and there is more story to be told. So I see last night as a solid premiere and the ratings good! The reactions from fans have been very positive thus far as well.

Most reviews have been positive as well.

I think Legacy did bring in a huge new audience and revitalized the series. People are forgetting to take into account the delayed viewing.

Also give the show time. 24 season 1 did not bring in huge ratings, but it was the success in England that made is get renewed, and then Fox released 24 season 1 on DVD and the ratings for the original 24 rose seasons 2-5. So 24 Legacy may reach its peak in future seasons like the original as people start to embrace this new cast!

So don’t count 24 Legacy dead yet. If people wanna see Jack Bauer and Chloe again, all you people better start watching this, or else u can kiss Jack’s closure potential gone for good!

One thing is for sure; this site is nowhere near as busy at it used to be. These comment threads used to exceed 200 or 300 comments within the first couple of days of an episode.

Shame. :(

Yeah I remember the old days when this site, the official 24 site, and Television Without Pity were so active. I think a lot of the fanbase has moved on.

Actually a lot of the 24 fan base is around!

You people forget to take into account DVR ratings, plus online viewing and on demand! Shows can increase significant with that and Fox is moving away from live same day ratings!

Designated Survivor is an example! It’s doing bad in the same day ratings but triples its audience when DVR is factored in! Anyone who denies that DVR and on demand and online viewing is not part of a shows success these days when the landscape of TV has changed since 3 years ago then you are not being honest with yourselves!

The budget for the show is not bad! 12 episodes compared to 24 episodes is still cheaper

Hope 24: Legacy could be one season and done.

If you don’t like it alright – there’s nothing more I can say anymore to get you to watch it. You’re probably joking but please let us enjoy it without all the hate comments. It’s actually a pretty good series with its flaws but not worth bitching about for no Jack yet.

Justin Urciuoli
February 7, 2017 at 7:19 pm
It will get more than 1 season

It is more relevant to compare 24: Legacy’s ratings to Gotham than to compare it to LAD, because that was three years ago when Fox rated better all around for live ratings. Fox will be happy about a marked improvement in this timeslot for present day. If you look at Gotham’s ratings here…


…you’ll find that each season when it returns for its second half, the ratings go down drastically. So I fully expect the remainder of Gotham season 3 to go fractional in the adults 18-49 rating once 24: Legacy season 1 has finished airing. This will make 24: Legacy look much better in comparison, and with all the other fractional Fox shows currently airing, I see it highly likely 24: Legacy will be renewed.

We know from past 24 ratings that the show is remarkably stable all season, so I really don’t expect it to go down much from episode 2. It may even increase in episode 2 similar to Empire, because the promo for episode 3 showed the return of Tony Almeida. So some fans of the original 24 who had dropped off may return, especially if Fox advertises it heavily this week (which would be a very smart move on their part).

On a sidenote I’d actually like to see Gotham get a shortened fourth season so that Ben McKenzie can do an OC reboot with Josh Schwartz. That could air after an X Factor-American Idol crossover called “X Factor Idol” hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Then 24: Legacy season two could air after the second night of this show, like the good old days. I think this would be a great way to improve Fox’s ratings for two nights a week next season.

Justin Urciuoli
February 7, 2017 at 7:11 pm
Also Tony Almeida is back next week as well which will bring in viewers

He is not back next week.

February 10, 2017 at 1:41 pm
Yes he is.. he is in the promo for the upcoming episode.

You know people who say 24 Legacy is doing bad in the ratings is forgetting that Fox moved away from live same day ratings to considering live +3 and live + 7 ratings as well! For example let’s look at Designated Survivor! That show gets around 5 million viewers weekly and a 1.2-1.4 in the 18-49 demographic! But the show when taking delayed viewing into account is averaging close to 15 million viewers! It triples its audience! The TV landscape changed since 24 was last on the air 3 years ago! More competition, and people watch shows like 24 on DVR as people hate watching 24 with commercials! I bet 24 Legacy does superb here! There is obviously an audience for this judging from the positive fan reaction, IMDB rating keeps rising slowly and it’s averaging 80% on rotten tomatoes

God help me the day I conflate consensus with truth…

Actually it’s not consensus! Facebook, IMDB, rotten tomatoes and Twitter is all positive with 24 Legacy!

Also again u cannot measure a show’s success until everything including delayed viewing is taken into account! Simple as that. People watch 24 on DVR and online and on demand since they do not want to watch commercials! They like to binge watch 24! That is why it does well on DVD’s sale.

Also if you remember 24 season 1 did bad and got renewed cuz it did well in England!

24 Legacy is airing in 160 counties which Fox will look at that too!

24 peaked in seasons past season 1!

24 legacy will peak in a future season as fans embrace this and show gets better

Kiefer is EP, Tony is back, Chloe and Jack could be back one day as well!

And next week looks amazing! Episode 2 was ended on a cliffhanger too! So the cliffhanger will make fans want to return!

People need to get over Jack! Eric is awesome and it’s classic 24!

And the political stuff is not keeping viewers away either.

Give it time! 24 legacy ratings are good so far and it’s not Fox’s fault the superbowl went into overtime and delayed the show to 11pm

Do you even know what consensus means?

I do! And I work in TV so I know all about ratings and how they work! I went to school for television broadcasting! I can get a whole bunch of people to come on here from FB, Twitter, IMDB and other sites who loved 24 legacy! A majority! Kiefer and Mary Lynn also love it!

And Tony Almeida will bring in more viewers and the new cast is bringing in new viewers! The format is sturdy and producers have a lot more stories to tell!

Fox loves 24 as well in addition to producers

How do you know Kiefer and Mary Lynn love it? Neither have them have said that (Mary Lynn has not watched it yet)

Here is my example! Even Big Bang theory! So live ratings do not measure a show’s success! lhttp://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/dvr-ratings/week-13-broadcast-live-7-ratings-dec-12-18-2016/

Also there were lots of viewers who were getting caught up on episode 1 on DVR and will not watch episode 2 live until caught up on episode 1! Viewers will catch up on both episodes this week which will add more viewers to the show! And Fox repeats the show this Saturday which could add more viewers to the show!

So the show could rise in the ratings like Empire did for its second episode! Not impossible.

And next week’s promo looks awesome

Last nights 24 also doubled Gotham, does better than Apprentice, CBS comedies, levelled with Star and Lethal weapon, does better than bones. Scream queens, Hell’s Kitchen etc! It was number 2 last night

24 used to air Monday’s at 9pm as well!

24 legacy airs at 8pm without a lead in!

So most people watched on DVR last night and watched live Sunday due to great lead in. And the fact that people stayed up until 11pm to watch the show live is very good! The 24 legacy pilot was superb and people loved it!

Also it’s a positive sign the show did not lose steam last night in its second half hour!

24 skews older as well!

This guy is just a big troll! Not even joking!

I am not a troll! Staying my opinions and facts

You’re a spammer. That is a fact. And it’s not winning hearts or minds.

Actually I am not spamming. Stating facts and opinions.

You are posting incessantly. One after another. Upwards of 5 or more in succession at worst. Often not in response to anyone. Stating the same ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’ over and over.

That is the textbook definition of spam. If fail to recognize that, you are either delusional or, in fact, a troll.

Agreed. Spamming is repeating the same crap, whether its true, fake or you’re trying to sell something. So yes, Spamming.

Episode 2 was just as better

There are also people not measured by Nielsen ratings who love the show and watched the first two episodes! They do not get counted as they do not have the box! So even more people watched it

Can you stop already seriously you’re spamming every thread I don’t even want to come on this site anymore

The site admin needs to do something about it, I think. It’s definitely starting to deter me from visiting as well.

February 8, 2017 at 12:08 am
It’s almost like he’s some sort of 24 promotion bot. haha. It’s very bothersome reading through the comments, but it’s just him over and over again, reiterating the same stuff.

I agree. Justin, I often wonder if you hit the crack pipe before each post

He doesn’t work in the entertainment industry no one in there right mind behaves like there always on caffeine……..

You all are being way too polite. This Justin guy is BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!

Admin, seriously: DO SOMETHING about the spammer. I love this site but it’s killing my desire to visit and I doubt I’m the only one.

Justin, you are SO right and here’s proof…


Sorry everyone but Justin is not spamming, I agree with him, with what he said. It’s that simple, if you don’t like 24: Legacy then move on already and get over Jack Bauer, if Kiefer Sutherland can support this and I am sure all of you are negative can. Or, is it because you not really fan of 24 and only care about Jack Bauer? 24 is not all about one main hero you know, they are lot of hero’s out they, not just Jack Bauer.

Yes, he could return at some point in the future, who knows, he could return in the final for a surprise return to stop 24 moaners.

I can’t wait until it airs over here in the UK next Wednesday. I will be tuning in every week, so what if it’s not the same original 24? It’s a spin-off, the clue is in the title. Get over it and move on and I am sure Fox will pick it up for a second season! One thing I hate and that is negative people.

Shut up Justin.

I’m not Justin, I’m Shaun Clark, Proof you muppet >>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/shaun.clark.397

We were getting to angry at Justin so he went to his other account lol

lol it’s the definition of spam. Stating it once is his opinion, stating it 50,000 times is spamming his opinion.

I heard a lot of people had trouble recording the first episode on DVR due to the late start from the Super Bowl! So that may have caused people not to be caught up for episode 2 to watch live since the first episode was not watched! Most people would watch both episodes back to back on DVR with no commercials and will watch the repeats this weekend and watch live next Monday

February 8, 2017 at 3:43 pm
I’m not negative about Legacy. I love 24 and I’m enjoying 24 Legacy. I think Eric Carter is perfectly fine as the protagonist. But reading through Justin’s stuff below every article is extremely annoying to me and evidently others. I’m looking forward to Tony’s return but it’s very weird how Justin seems to post “But Tony will return” below every other post or “But people DVR it.” I mean, we get it. Yes, Tony returns, yes people DVR it, yes people watch it online, alright. It’s enough. We understand.

Pointing out he’s spamming doesn’t mean we don’t like watching the show. We just don’t want to read the same stuff over and over again. And people who don’t enjoy the show have the right to point out flaws. But Justin’s defense of the show is quite a bit excessive.


There’s nothing we can do guys.

Justin has made it very clear that he’s so into it that he’s willing to annoy the hell out of us with repetitive posts, double/triple/quadruple linking and his love for Tony

Ignore him I say

I must admit, the storyline is a little thin so far with the same themes from previous seasons.
Plus the obvious current political issues being addressed

That’s 24!!
There will be new themes I’m sure – just wait and see.

Or this could be a one season wonder and that can be the end of it.

Sorry to all who have felt bothered by Justin’s recent behavior. He is optimistic and wants the show to succeed, which is fine. But I do agree that he’s been going way overboard and it’s overwhelming at the moment. I will speak with him privately and make sure he understands the rules going forward.

I encourage everyone else to also look at the “COMMENT POLICY” link (directly above the comment text field) and familiarize yourselves with the rules. Thanks.

24 Legacy = 24 No Jack City

As indifferent as I am about Legacy so far, I am seriously stoked about Tony returning. That man makes everything better. Plus, he’s basically Jack at this point. I can’t wait to see where his story goes. I just hope it doesn’t end with his death. That would be the final nail in the coffin for me, I think.

Loved the first two episodes of 24 Legacy!

What I loved!

– No presidential assassination like season 1
– Eric and Nicole do not have a daughter
– 24 Legacy updated to reflect today’s times
– First time seeing National CTU Headquarters

I think 24 Legacy should be airing Tuesday nights at 9pm or Monday’s at 9pm like the original 24

Cannot wait to see Tony Almeida later this season and cannot wait til episode 3 this Monday

Loving this season so far, feels like classic 24! Ratings are doing good for Fox thus far with a potential to go up in following weeks as people get caught up on the first two episodes from DVR, online, on demand this week and the repeats this weekend potentially bring in more viewers.

Hope for many more seasons to come!

Thanks and hope everyone has a great day!

Hi Justin!

And I’m sure you really are Nina Myers…

Just realized something. You’re the same John Gormley with the youtube account full of ’24’ clips. Great stuff!

Yup XD

Justin Urciuoli
February 9, 2017 at 2:45 pm
24Fan is not me.

How many accounts will he create!

If they go through this trouble to bring tony back & then kill him……. & kiefer still decides not to return I think I’ll be done.