24: Legacy Episode 8 Ratings

Yikes. Last night’s episode of 24: Legacy was seen by 3.26 million viewers and got an 0.8 in the 18-49 demographic. This is an enormous dropoff from last week, shedding roughly 639,000 viewers and falling two tenths in the demo to a new series low.

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With the exception of last week, every episode has lost viewers, and this is one of the biggest drops of the season. By far the worst ratings in 24‘s history. We’re now in the home stretch of Legacy (only four more episodes left) and to have a double digit decline like this isn’t a good sign for renewal prospects.

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DVR Ratings
24 Legacy episode 8 live+7 ratings: 5.315 million viewers. (source)


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The fact that it has dropped every week but last week will likely weigh into Fox’s decision more than any. It would almost certainly even worse next season, and I don’t think they can justify having a show as big as 24 doing under .8 in the demo and 3 million viewers next season.

I think the only way they renew this is by signing a major A-list actor for season 2, but I think that would be difficult.

Should have cast Idris Elba as the lead, not this no talented lightweight.

Enjoy these last 4 episodes everybody. This is the end of 24 forvever…. :(

Yeah…pathetic, isn’t it?

It is. I’ve enjoyed it and even got my roommates in college who have never seen it before to watch it and they LOVE it. It’s disappointing. Only way 24 comes back is IF, a strong if, they bring Chloe, Tony and Jack back, and maybe some others from the past… Martha Logan, Aaron, Charles Logan, Kate Morgan, etc.

I love how everyone keeps putting Kate Morgan among legendary characters like she was the cream of the crop… i mean i guess she was ok but come on guys.

Kate Morgan was nothing special, in my opinion, and not a memorable character. I’m not sure what people like about her.

Only virgins and feminists like Kate Morgan.

Michelle and Renee were leagues better.

Amen to that! I like strong FEMALE characters, and despise the modern idea of a strong female as being just a male character with tits.

Isn’t it supposed to be 24 episodes? That would be 16 epi’s left.

This season is only twelve episodes (like Live Another Day was). The last episode will do a time jump in order to cover the rest of the day.

How will Justin spin this one into being good news?

He already has. It could be getting under 1mill and he’d still be making out it’s no big deal.

This should be the end of 24: Legacy heading towards its last four episodes.

Corey Hawkins thinks 24 legacy will be back and given a second chance. Ratings not bad last night against tough competition despite the drop. That just means DVR ratings will be higher for the show http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/24/news/a824028/corey-hawkins-wants-more-24-legacy-hint-shocking-season-finale/

Oh, well if Corey Hawkins says it then it MUST be true! It’s Corey HAWKINS saying this after all!………Which character does he play again?

I think the president

Corey Hawkins actually plays the lead character Eric Carter.

Episode 8 Ratings are always lowest, I remeber it was the same for LAD.

24LAD’s episode ratings were much higher than Legacy’s: 5.628 million viewers, 1.42 in the demo. LAD also performed better in delayed viewing as well.

I think DVR, online and on demand ratings will be higher. This is not the end of 24 forever. I think the show will be reimagined next year with a new cast. Never say never to more 24. Fox knows people want more Jack and Chloe and Kate too.

Live overnight ratings do not tell the full story of a show’s audience as the landscape of TV has changed. And show is doing okay when u factor in DVR, online and on demand ratings.

With Dana and Gary being huge 24 supporters and u cannot deny that they are not, I think they will give the show another chance and reimagine it

Wasn’t Legacy supposed to be the “re-imagining” ? lol

There’s no guarantee they could even get former cast members to return. All of those actors are committed to others shows (although I’m not sure what’s happening with Mary Lynn’s show on Amazon).

That show was not picked up

That’s good to know. I think they’ll offer her a role if Legacy is renewed. Can’t imagine them not bringing Chloe back.

I thought people needed another week to know Tony was back Justin! What could have possibly happened!!

The show sucks thats what.

It’s only feminists and virgins who want more Kate.

Strahovski has a pretty large fan following. Heck, her summer series Astronaut Wives Club averaged 4.12 million viewers, which is higher than Legacy has averaged the last 5 weeks.

But I highly doubt she’ll ever return to 24. She has another series (Handmaid’s Tale), which looks like it could be quite good. And her character on 24 was so underwritten (entire storyline was exposition, whereas Eric’s actually plays out on screen).

i never understood the hype for Kate Morgan. I liked the actress but the character was just another stereotyped “Jacks’ partner” character.

She didn’t really offer anything more or less to me than Freddie Prince Jr. or Ricky Schroder’s characters. Both of their characters were possible choices to take over the lead of the show if Kiefer were to leave.

Chase and Renee were better but if any of Jack’s partner character were to take over the lead, I think Curtis would have been the best choice.

Please, bring Mike-Blind Doyle back! So much better than this Corey guy.

Also 24 was not the only show to drop. All other shows dropped as well last night including CBS comedies. If it was just 24 that dropped, I would be worried.

What I mean by reimagined is a whole new cast, with Eric, Jack, Chloe, Kate and other old characters.

Or they do a 24 movie or 24 TV movie with Jack Bauer

Kiefer has Designated Survivor, which is going to be renewed. Yvonne (Kate) has a series regular role in Handmaid’s Tale, which according to Hulu is going to run multiple seasons. Mary Lynn is supposed to be starring in an amazon show. Heck Jean Smart (Martha) can’t return either, as she has a show as well.

They can always bring back Freddie Prinze Jr. though. :D

I never thought I’d say this but I actually MISS Chloe…and I HATE her…yet 24 Legacy makes me miss her.

Wow…I never thought the day would come where I would say the words “I miss Chloe”…wow…

I wonder if Tony’s return ended up hurting more than it helped. A ton of hype for a very insignificant and meaningless storyline (thus far). Most Tony fans I’ve seen have been disappointed by it.

Very well could have, yes. As a major Tony fan who was only excited (at all) about this season because of Tony, I’m thoroughly disappointed by his return. He SEEMS to be a “good” man again but we know absolutely nothing about the specifics:

-WHO broke him out of prison

-WHY CTU and/or Ingram has been working with him

-WHY Ingram seemingly has no fear around this man who murdered many innocent people (Is it because he’s reformed now? Why can’t they just say so?

-Was Tony sincere about wanting to save lives to earn Michelle’s love again? Seems that way on one hand but on the other…he’s a hired mercenary who may/may not care about resolving the problem

I also think that this stupid “We want to cater to a new fanbase who hasn’t watched the show before” crap is ruining his return as well and could be part of the reason why they’re not delving into his past more–some sort of “we don’t want to confuse the new viewers” BS. Where are these new viewers? I sure don’t see them…

The only way that Tony’s return will end up satisfying me is if they integrate him into the plot more and work on some sort of redemption angle. For me, it’s not enough just to see Tony seemingly in a calmer, kinder state as he seems to be–I want some background on that redemption angle. I’m assuming that’s what they’re going for here–Carlos himself stated something like: “Tony has some moral philosophies still driving him whether he wants to admit it to himself or not” and seemed to imply that Tony’s investment in this current situation goes beyond just money and that a part of him does care. Fine….SHOW us that, writers. SHOW us Tony’s conflict. SHOW us this supposed redemption. Four episodes left…

Yep and what was with his yelling at the end of the torture scene? Was so out of character for him and they don’t even explain why he was so emotionally invested in getting the information.

Honestly not even surprised with how bad the character development has been on this season, just a really lazy job by the writers.

I’m GUESSING his rage was over what Carlos Bernard stated: he insinuated that Tony’s investment in the situation goes beyond money and that he “cares”. Of course, it would be nice if the STORY would tell us that, but we can’t expect good writing from these people…

Yea I mean the fact that go to an interview from Carlos to know that he “cares beyond the money” is pretty sad lol

Normally good shows tell you or show you what a character’s motives are but of course not Legacy!

Yeah, we’re not supposed to question why he just suddenly shows up, apparently in the good graces of some government officials. We’re just supposed to “take it and be happy”. No wonder why Carlos is offering his views on Tony in interviews–he must know that Tony’s character was mistreated and is trying to fill in the blanks for his fans which is something *ahem* the writers should have done in the first place…

Carlos actually said in an article that Rebecca broke him out of prison to run black ops and run behind the scenes before Bin-Khalid was ‘raided’ on. So that’s who broke him out.

I never saw such an article. Do you have a link?

Tony reintroduced in Season 4 –


I mean just compare this to Legacy’s reintroduction. It’s just a quick phonecall from Rebecca and treated like nothing big. Then we only really had one proper scene of Tony. I can understand Tony fans being a little peeved with his very minor addition in the story so far.

I remember jumping on my couch and screaming “Tony’s back!” during that return scene in Season 4. And then they spent the next episode in Tony’s house drinking beers and catching up which was awesome too.

In Legacy I actually pressed rewind to see if I had somehow missed Tony’s intro scene earlier in the episode. But nope, I didn’t. He just sort of appears in a split screen on a phone call. Really demonstrates how lazy this season has been.

Sebastian Monroe
March 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm
I 100% agree with you. However, to play devil’s advocate, I do think the writers handled his intro differently because of the show’s audience. In Season 4, the show’s audience presumably knew who Tony was and they were waiting for him to appear. So his saving Jack would have been met with applause by the audience. If a similar scene happened in Legacy, viewers who had never watched 24 before (who are viewing Legacy as a standalone, new show) would have been like “who is that?” and not understood. I think they introduced Tony casually as any other character because they didn’t want to confuse the new audience.

Again, to reiterate, I agree with you. I’m just trying to rationalize how/why it was done this way.

If you’re not gonna even acknowledge that Tony Almeida was a BIG part of the old show when you bring him back on this then don’t bring him back at all. Use another bland new character and keep it all new characters.

Exactly. It’s more of that stupid “we’re going to cater to a new fanbase” crap that self-contradicts itself by throwing in an old character to try to draw old fans back in. This “let’s cater to a ‘new generation’ of fans” tactic almost ALWAYS fails:

-Expendables 3

-A Nightmare On Elm Street remake

-Total Recall remake

-Robocop remake

Just to name a few.

The recent X-Files revival did it so much better…and yielded MUCH better ratings as a result: it provided a balance of giving old fans what they wanted (many old and familiar characters) while also making it accessible to new fans.

Legacy lacks all of this. We’re given ONE old character HALFWAY through the season that is treated like a tacked on extra. The X-FIles revival was made with love…Legacy feels like it was made via committee.

I feel like each new season of the old 24 was “made with a new generation of fans” in mind, which is why they kept shelving multi-season plotlines/refusing to tie them up in a satisfying way, and insisted on repeating themselves.

This “new fans” mentality is the very CORE of Legacy’s problem…there ISN’T some huge “new fanbase” following this. This “let’s cater to a NEW fanbase” tactic almost NEVER works in Hollywood and still these bozos do it anyway. All that this “new direction for new fans” crap did was drive people AWAY from it. This “let’s cater to new fans” nonsense is a lose-lose situation: old fans get screwed and very few “new fans” are generated because most people know that this was a new season of a 16 year old show.

They really dropped the ball regarding Tony. The last we saw of Tony (not counting Solitary) was him killing FBI agents and committing terrorism.

Now he’s suddenly working for the government as a paid mercenary with no explanation given at all how this came to be? Really…?

They completely ignored the previous seasons and didn’t handle his return correctly.

I hate to say it but you can’t insult the viewers like this and expect them to accept it and stick around.

Well. To be honest Tony Almeida was limited in episode 8. Tony didn’t have words with Jimmy. And Tony was told to back off in episode 8. So the only explanation i can think of is viewers got turned off when they realized Tony wasn’t gunna dominate episode 8 like he has dominated 24 so much in the past. And when the word was spread, the word spread like wildfire and the episode was doomed right from the start

It’s also possible 24 Legacy can rise in the 18-49 rating to a 0.9 when final numbers come out today in which case would make the show steady and not have a series low. But again only a small piece of the puzzle

It didn’t change in the final adjusted ratings.

And even if it did, going from an 0.8 to an 0.9 wouldn’t change much at all, it’d just be matching the previously series low from two weeks ago. Would still be terrible ratings.

Are you a real person?

The jury is still out on that one.

March 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm
24 needs to be a show about characters again and not about chasing MacGuffins. Look at Homeland (with a few former 24 writers). Barely any action but I care about Carrie, Saul, Quinn. It’s a slow show, but the spy/espionage plotting is excellent. Each character is distinctive. 24 Legacy is just too stuck in its old ways. It has to break free and try something really new. 24 needs some sort of… agenda or theme. Like what is 24 Legacy trying to communicate to us that former seasons haven’t? Nothing. It’s just stopping the evil terrorists. They need to put some meat on the bare bone 24 has become. Some substance. Something we can discuss in meaningful ways. I thought Tony might bring in a new dynamic here, but he’s just the torturer… who didn’t even get any results.

Waste of very talented actors.

I remember when 24 was able to shock me and make me cry. The same old tricks can only be rehashed so many times and we may finally have reached the limit.

Maybe it’s just proof that 24 needs 24 episodes. Having the 12 hour pace maybe has exposed some issues that were always present in 24 that were covered up by having more time for characters between the big moments.

Complete BS. I don’t know how this became the go-to excuse for poor plotting and characterization. The best shows on TV right now are virtually all 8-13 episodes per season. It’s more than enough time to craft an engaging cast and story – in fact it’s better because there’s no time for padding or filler. (Or at least there shouldn’t be…)

Now, sure, it’s got to be a lot harder in “real time” – you can’t really bench the characters somewhere and spend an hour on their backstory. But it’s not impossible. Think about how quickly we got invested in Jack, Palmer, Nina, and Tony in just the first 13 episodes of Season 1. Originally, if it hadn’t been renewed, THAT would have been the entire season, and possibly the entire series.

What would be gained by expanding this particular season to 24 episodes? We’d be looking at 6 episodes at the high school and another 6 dealing with Aisha and Jerome. All the airtime in the world can’t save lame ideas.

That’s certainly true, Big Boss. I just think the additional 12 episodes allowed room for more organic character development. It also offered some of the best spontaneous moments in the history of the show – the betrayal of Nina Myers in season one and the treachery of Charles Logan in season five were never planned in advance.

Of course – and it’s true that *maybe* those twists would have suffered from having fewer episodes of build-up. But at the same time, the original show could always be neatly divied up into 8-12 episode blocks regardless – even when they had twice the episode count, they were still doing two or more season in one, effectively.

It just seems to me that the current writing team is completely out of new ideas and I don’t think giving them MORE airtime to flail around doing the same tricks over and over is going to solve anything.

24 Legacy has low ratings because of WWE RAW on USA

No, the reason why 24: Legacy has such low ratings is because it’s by far the worst season of 24.
I liked the first nine seasons of 24.
I’ve seen the first eight episodes of 24: Legacy on FOX and I’ve found the writing to be poor and lazy.
24 just isn’t the same without its greatest ever character Jack Bauer.
I’m so very upset with how Tony Almeida’s return has been handled by the writers thus far.
Tony Almeida has been completely misused in 24: Legacy so far.

I don’t like any of the new characters in 24: Legacy.
The villains in 24: Legacy are by far the worst villains in 24 history.

Sell it to Netflix, it’s a binge worthy show. Release the whole season at once. Heavily serialized shows have been dying for some time now. I don’t think the audience has time for it when they can watch the whole season of like House of Cards whenever they want instead of having to wait week to week.

I agree, 24 is better to watch as a binge in Netflix, but there are heavily serialized shows like Designated Survivor that has good ratings.

I hope that they will kill the president Tom Kirkman in the end of the season of Designated Survivor so Kifer Sutherland can get back to 24 (sadly I don’t think it will happen).

What I would give for a 16-episode Netflix season by the people who did Strike Back…

it’s WrestleMania season right now on Monday Nights so 24 Legacy has no chance against the WWE right now

I knew coming in that there wasn’t going to be anything radically new, when it comes to story. There’s only so many of these type of angles they can do.

Figured I’d just tune in for the camera work (which has been a bit different, but serviceable), editing (which is pretty good), and music.

Would love to see some commentary from the writers about these ratings

Against NCAA woman’s basketball, dancing with the Stars, 24 legacy did okay IMO. Basketball or any sports is tough competiton for any show and Dancing with the Stars did better than I thought it would

24 Legacy doesn’t do 2 well against the WWE WRESTLING

Monday nights is not a good night for 24 Legacy. Maybe if they move it to Friday nights or Sunday nights (not during football season) it might stand a chance

Would get killed against The Walking Dead

According to what I’ve read the Walking Dead are getting Some of their lowest ratings in their history this season. Plus you don’t have to put 24 directly up against TWD. If I’m not mistaken TWD comes on at 9:00. If you run 24 at the 8:00 time slot then there’s no direct competition. Now you do have NCIS LA in that slot but competition with them won’t be as daunting a task as TWD so I think it’s a better fit. Even the 10:00 time slot might be beneficial. 8:00 on Monday nights is a dreadful time slot to debut 24 Legacy in.

The Problem is that they don’t have a suprising scene in the end with a cliffhanger like almost every episodes in the original 24. They have a boring plot with Henry donovan for half of the season and they repeat Sean Callery soundtrack – His soundtrack is great, but he need to make more new stuff. Also I didn’t got why they didn’t show the explosion at the warehouse.

I don’t accept that shows that are boring like Homeland (that become boring from s3 or s4) get renewed for s7 and s8 while a good show like 24 Legacy maybe will be canceled. Fox (FX) is also producingn Homeland and I know that they have a low budget compare to 24 Legacy, but 24 Legacy was sold to 160 Countries and it has way better rating. So maybe they can do a few more season of 24 Legacy just with less budget and if it will get more succeed and maybe Jack Bauer will return they can get back to the big budget.

24 has Jack Bauer and the real time clock that is very good. So I prefer to watch a show without Jack Bauer (sadly) with the real time clock than to watch a show without it. With Jack Bauer it will be 10 times better and they need to improve the writing with more shocking moment like the original 24.

One thing we probably haven’t factored in: The potential Writers Strike.

Even if the show is renewed, it’ll be pushed for a very long time.

Oh, so you mean to tell me that we’ll have to wait another several years of wondering when/if Jack’s story will be resolved, only to have it once again not be resolved? At this point–we’re used to it.

The writing sucks.

Here’s what Preston Beckman aka “Masked Scheduler”, the former head of Fox scheduling (35 years in the business) had to say about Legacy ratings:

I think the ratings for this reboot of “24” have been underwhelming, especially given the primo post-Super Bowl launch. Last night’s numbers look like series lows.

Kiefer Sutherland had created such an iconic character, and was the heart and soul of the show, that it’s difficult to see anyone else in the role of the CTU rogue agent.

Do I think “24” will return next year and with the current cast? Probably not. Also Corey Hawkins is a movie star and will be off fighting King Kong and assorted Japanese Kaiju for the next few years.

I would never say never, so I would not be shocked if another reimagining of “24” is in our future.

Do I think “24” will return next year and with the current cast? Probably not.

Ah, but Justin obviously knows better…

He said he doesn’t think it returns with the current cast but said it will return reimagined. With a new cast, old cast. That is just his prediction and he could be wrong. 6-8 million viewers is not underwhelming. Also masked scheduler I don’t trust. I trust the creators and Dana and Gary more and the cast.

Dana also already said the numbers are underwhelming but I’m sure you’ll find a bullshit way to make what she said a good thing

OK, if Mr. Beckman is a person officially attached to FOX, then this is a first admission that the concept “star of the show is the real time story telling” is a failure and that “24 is Jack Bauer” is really the heart of the series. It seems to me they had no real proof that their concept would be well received.

If I remember here is what happened in this order:

1. Coto/Katz pitch idea to FOX of a 24 without Jack Bauer.
2. FOX liked the script for pilot and immediately ordered it to series.
3. Pilot was made and FOX gave it a thumbs up and they proceeded with the remaining production.

Now in hindsight maybe they should have done this instead:

1. Coto/Katz pitch idea to FOX of a 24 without Jack Bauer.
2. FOX liked the script for pilot and immediately ordered a pilot episode only.
3. FOX does a large focus group screening of the pilot with known die hard 24 fans to get a proof of concept.
4. Focus group tells FOX it is just not the same without Jack Bauer – we’re not interested.
5. FOX cans the idea and tells Coto/Katz to go back to the drawing board. And saves us all the grief and preserves the integrity of the 24 reputation.

To be clear, Beckman is not a current employee of FOX – he retired like a year or two ago. But he was involved with “24” from the very beginning pilot stages, got behind the show in a big way, and played a large role in making it a hit series.

He’s the one who gave the second and third seasons of “24” the massive American Idol lead-in and he then came up with the two-night four-hour premiere idea for season 4. It was also his idea to hold S4 for midseason so they could air a new episode every week without interruptions. He’s one of the unsung heroes of this series.

So although he doesn’t work for Fox anymore and this should not be considered an official Fox statement or anything, his opinion should be held in very high regard. This was literally his job for decades and the fact he no longer works for Fox means he can be truthful and not have to spin anything. Anyway just clearing that up before there’s any confusion.

And to be honest, although the Legacy pilot was flawed, I don’t think it was necessarily the main problem. I think it probably would’ve tested well with focus groups. It was the next couple of episodes where Legacy really “shit the bed” IMO.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which 24 Legacy gets renewed.

It could get renewed if Fox doesn’t have enough shows to fill the schedule. Many of their shows are likely to be cancelled.

For the time jump they need to negotiate Jack Bauer out of the Russian prison (see season 6) just to have Jack killed while defeating the enemy (or saving his family from certain peril) for the season/series finalize the franchise. Kiefer doesn’t want to be a part of the franchise anymore, and with these ratings, we can be certain that it will not be on the big screen. Plus they will revitalize interest in the season and sell more DVDs.

I really wanted Legacy to be great, and I’m really sad about it now.

I don’t care about the ratings… The writters just don’t have any clue about what made 24 amazing, and they should stop ruining it’s legacy.

Carter isn’t a proper 24 hero. He’s been saved too many times in 8 hours… His plans get always frustrated, we forget about him too easily when he’s not on screen.

I’m not saying Jack was the only character that could lead the series: Chase Edmunds was probably the best alternative…. Eric Carter should have been imagined as an experienced field agent, since he seems lost all the time…. Carter is a promise about being great in the future, and it is not a good idea for a 24’s lead role…

I couldn’t believe when Eric got an emotional moment saying goodbye to his brother and wife while being surrounded by terrorists… He took MINUTES being sweet… It was completely out of place!

This CTU is boring, the villains are boring, Tony’s interrogation was boring, Donovan is boring, the plot runs slowly….

OMG, do you guys remember when Mandy catched Tony? Geez, that was awesome! We need GREAT bad guys, not this Jadalla-boring-guy! He was able to be less interesting that Tarin Faroush!!!

What’s the point into bringing Tony back like that? No explanations, no back story… Fans deserve more! We’re eager to get answers and see developments which just don’t match to the writters’s product…

The best character so far was Isaac Carter, and tha’s sad… He is not the protagonist, nor the villain…

I’ve realized now that I’ve been watching this show because it is called “24”, and not because I liked it…. :-(

The time slot Fox put it on was a big mistake. The show has always been a 9pm show not 8pm show. IMHO I think show will be renewed for a second season.

Sounds like you are finally admitting that the show is a massive failure.

The time slot is not the problem. If they had put the show on at 9 pm, it would still have to go up against the second hour of The Bachelor/Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Legacy would still get clobbered against those more popular shows and the ratings would still be the same…in the gutter.

I don’t think it made that much of a difference. People who watch on DVR an hour or two later on Monday night are counted towards live+SD ratings.

I’m calling it – this is the final season of 24 ever. I think they might’ve wrapped shooting already which is a shame… because the final episode needs to be rewritten. I imagine they’re gonna use the time jump to wrap up the stories 12 hours later, but what they need to do is have this take place before the time jump. Then Howard Gordon can call up Kiefer, Carlos, Elisha and Kevin McNally to make a 10 minute short film that concludes their stories after the time jump so we has fans get satisfying closure. This is the only way to end 24 on a high note before Fox pulls the plug.


but what else can they do here?

Agreed wholeheartedly… but why Kevin McNally?

I think rather than a 10 minute closure, half of the show would be more appropriate.

I am genuinely surprised that the writing for the show is not better with the 12 episode condensed format. I know there isn’t ‘Kim and the Cougar’ filler stuff here, but Legacy isn’t much better.

Bring jack, chloe and the daughter back for a proper and tear jerking close.

24 spoilers even Corey is open to another season and optimistic! http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/24/news/a824132/24-could-return-classic-24-episode-format/

My proof show could be renewed. He would know more than all you guys as he talks to creators and Fox

It’s a struggle for these guys to make 12 episodes compelling. Think of the amount of padding, plot contrivances and repetitions that’ll happen when you have double the episode count.

No he doesn’t, he’s not a producer. He’s an actor.

More episodes allows for more character development, more fresh stories as well and they can crossover the original 24 with Legacy.

Also the ratings for this week hit rock bottom and has no where to go but up over the next 4 weeks.

I don’t think show will drop anymore.

Honestly Monday was bad for every other show. CBS comedies and Taken. Dancing with the Stars and basketball unfortunately took a lot of female and older viewers away from the show.

Fox needs to air 24 at 9pm on a different night with a lead in where reality shows don’t take away it’s audience. They also need to air in in the summer and have a better launch strategy and market it better.

Also 24 does well binge watched with DVD sales.

It’s cheaper to produce than with Kiefer on show.

Fox considers DVR, online, on demand, budget, relationship with producers, fan reaction, more story to tell, name recognition, if it makes money internationally, DVD sales, trust in producers, cast feelings, producers feelings and critics love 24 legacy. Also ad buyers love 24 too. Overnight ratings not even Fox worries about as a show’s renewal is more complex and takes everything into consideration.

I bet DVR ratings will soar over next 5 or 6 weeks.

I think next season will be reimagined with 24 episodes and a Jack return.

And it’s a negative attitude towards the show that kills the show’s ratings in the overnights who people who actually still believe in that old landscape of TV.

I am also curious of why 24 spoilers does not post DVR ratings for this show if u admitted 3 years ago that the landscape of TV has changed and overnight ratings do not tell the full story anymore?

And I think 24 can sustain on broadcast Television. Worst case it moves to Netflix next yew or another streaming service

The next 4 weeks will be awesome. Who cares if some stories are repetitive. It’s classic 24. I love this season and cast and love the creators

Also 6-8 million viewers is good for 24 in this day and age without Jack. Dana admitted those ratings are not terrible. She even blamed themselves for having a flawed launch strategy. Calling it overambitious.

She said she loves the show and the creators and cast.

24 Legacy always makes the top 25 in DVR + 7 ratings most shows would kill for that.

24 is an in house production, cheaper than with Kiefer and has name recognition and fox trusts those producers as Dana and Gary have been long time supporters of 24 a thing that works in the show’s favour than new pilots and other shows getting renewed. The show will be released on DVD and Fox will give show a chance for a second season

Please just stay on Facebook

You’re honestly just making this site worse for all of us, stick to the fan club where no criticism is allowed

I’m not at all telling you what to do, but I DO have to ask…WHY do you post here, exactly? Is it to try and encourage people to watch this show/demand another season? If so–you’re failing on both counts badly. If anything, you personally turn me off from this season even more than I already am. You place a bad taint on the entire thing.

I mean…you have almost NO ONE on your side around here so…I really don’t understand your angle here…unless you’re just trolling, of course. You were JUST as bad on IMDB: acting like an automaton/advertising bot for FOX. All the negativity and hatred you receive and you seem oblivious to it.

You’re pretty much a one man army for free FOX advertising at this point and you only serve to make people hate this stuff even more, to be quite honest.

He’s really Manny Coto, desperately trying to encourage to tune in and support the show, even though it’s a sinking ship.

this is what 24 Legacy needs right now for success: not limited but full time returns of Tony Almeida, Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, and Mandy. this is what a season a full 24 episode season of 24 Legacy needs.

Bluetooth Group
March 22, 2017 at 1:34 pm
Justin, you can put whip cream and a cherry on top of a turd, but it’s still a turd. The ratings this season are abysmal. No two ways about it. You can bring in all the advanced metrics you want. 24LAD dealt with the same issues with DVR and hulu viewing, etc but still managed to crush this season despite airing in the summer. Bottom line is this even series 12 episode nonsense hasn’t worked for LAD or Legacy. But without Jack or Tony or both for an entire season it just doesn’t work. You also need the full 24 episodes to make it work. That’s the format we came to love. To be honest the show just doesn’t work on network TV anymore. It needs to be either picked up on Netflix for a full 24 episodes or Showtime or HBO, and film the entire season in advance so they don’t paint themselves into a corner.

The sad thing there probably IS enough possible plot for 24 episodes they just didn’t go that route. They could have Jadalla be working with a domestic left wing group that eventually finds another way to attack the country for example. For have the second half be focused on Tony because now with TOny back in the open, Henry or John reveal Tony’s presence and some of Tony’s other enemies from his past (maybe Mandy or the Russians) go after Tony, and through them Tony finds where Jack is being held and sets the stage for a future season or movie where Tony and Carter lead an operation to bring Jack back.

You’re really obsessed with left wing terror groups.

6-8 million viewers is not absymal. Corey Hawkins even said a future season of 24 could have 24 episodes. I can see all this happening for next season where Eric Carter becomes a CTU agent. Also I could see a 24 movie or 24 TV movie happening one day.

24 being moved for Netflix, HBO, showtime, another network or getting released on DVD’s or getting renewed on FOX is all possible for next year. Or even a 24 movie or TV movie.

I think next season will have Jack Bauer, Tony, Eric, Chloe, Kate, Belcheck, Mandy, Mike Novick, Aaron, Martha Logan, Ethan Kanin, etc

Bluetooth Group
March 22, 2017 at 4:06 pm
To be quite honest Justin. 24 should of ended on a high note with season 5. Except Jack not being kidnapped by Mr Chinese Consule. Season 6 was an epic disaster from start to finish, and seeing resurrected Tony as evil in season 7 was a big disservice to the fans. Season 8 with Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh thing ruined it. Only thing good with that season was the Charles Logan arc. First half of LAD was crap too with the Drone threat and the worst villain ever, Adrian Cross was the only character i liked and he was killed too early just to bring in once again Mr Cheng. But since it didnt go that way, If 24 does come back, it has to be full a 24 episodes, with Jack, Tony, Chloe. put the entire season on Netflix all at once since most like to binge. Have a 24 movie on Fox as the prequel like they did Redemption, but have it be about the getting jack out of the Russian Prison. start the next and final season fresh and back in LA, and make the season personal about Jack, Tony and Chloe. no mass terrorist plots. Thats what made Season 1 still the best in my opinion. Let there be official closure to their stories.

That’s it. The show is over. Unless, they come up with some fresh R-rating idea with Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. That’s it. Otherwise, sadly, the show is over, folks.

Tony Almeida and Jack Bauer and Kim Bauer and Mandy don’t have Closure

If Kiefer isn’t overly concerned with closure for Jack and putting the story to bed, then frankly why should we care to see it continue?

I wouldn’t blame Kiefer. I really think he wanted to have Jack killed off at the end of Live Another Day but the writers/Fox said no.

Fox wanted wanted to keep Jack’s story open and unresolved so that could always bring it back again and keep milking it for all its worth. Now they have milked it completely and the franchise is now worth nothing.

Hate to sound pessimistic but enjoy this while it lasts folks cause the flame is about to burn out.

I agree 100%. This once amazing series is going out with a whimper and not a bang (for the 3rd time)

I don’t think they have milked it

Usually in a bad season of 24, Kiefer is always the best god-damn thing in it… LAD was different though, ‘cos I thought even he was a weak link himself. For the first time, Le Kief’s heart wasn’t in it and it showed because his acting was shocking at times.

His acting in the finale for the dock11a rehash was borderline soap opera grade. His face contorted to show he was distraught and angry about Audrey’s death, but I didn’t feel the usual authentic intensity he usually displays in emotionally charged scenes, it all just felt so fake to me.

As sad as I am that Jack got an even worse ending than the one he had in season 8, maybe it was right for Kiefer to call it a day.

There were 3 ways to follow up LAD. 1. Bring Jack back because attacks are happening. 2. Draft in a new hero because attacks are happening or 3. Do a fresh story and give Jack a day like no one we’ve ever seen before.

I think most of us here -including myself- would have LOVED option 3, but with these writers we should know better than to expect that to happen.

cancel designated survivor so tony and jack can have closure together on 24

Sadly I feel as if it may just be wishful thinking to imagine a series where Kiefer comes back for closure. They’ve had 2 attempts so far to wrap up Jack’s story, and as Coral Snake mentioned in his post above, Kiefer did try and have Jack killed off at the end of LAD only to be vetoed. Surely with the failure of Legacy, Fox now know that Jack Bauer is the golden goose for this franchise. If they ever do bring him back there’s no way they’ll want to kill him off. Just look at how open ended the X-Files revival was.

If they can not do another series, at least a TV film to wrap things up please.

Dude I’m all for being realistic but everytime you post you have some weird chip on your shoulder about this show. I’m so confused.

I’m confused too – was anything I said about the ratings inaccurate?

It’s your commentary man. You have no idea what’s going behind the scenes, it’s like you want the show to get cancelled. And if you do just be up front. If not, then just report the facts but leave your opinions out. I’m all for hard facts and at first I loved it but at this point WE GET IT. Let’s just enjoy this season in peace since it’s likely not going to get a second season.

I think it will get a second season

I’m still confused here…

There’s barely any commentary in this article. It decreased by X amount and I reported that it decreased by X amount. The ratings fell to an all-time low and I reported that the ratings fell to an all-time low (and with links to all the data sources so that you can verify yourself). None of this is commentary/opinion-based.

The only piece of commentary in this article was saying that falling to record lows “isn’t a good sign for renewal prospects” which is an obvious statement. And one you seem to agree considering you said “it’s likely not going to get a second season.” So what exactly do you take issue with here? I’m confused.

I honestly don’t care whether it gets cancelled or renewed, whatever happens happens, and it’s not something any of us can control or influence.

It’s the fact that three years ago u mentioned that overnight ratings are only one piece of the puzzle and don’t tell the full story of a show’s success. You mentioned the landscape of TV has changed.

So why only post overnight ratings and only judge the show’s chances for renewal based on overnight ratings and not DVR? U never post DVR ratings, in which 24 legacy is doing okay in.

It’s like 3 years ago u were able to admit that when 24 was a success creatively but now u aren’t sharing the full audience numbers cuz u don’t support the show.

U even said three years ago Gary and Dana are full supporters of 24 which bodes well for a second season.

cuz u don’t support the show

Oh right. He/she donates their free time to keep this site up and running for people like us because they are against the show. Yeah, that makes sense.

You can repeat your memorized talking points over and again like a robot. But can you and others please stay respectful and appreciative to the 24Spoilers/site hosts? Thanks.

All rating reports and facts should be given when a statement about overnight ratings being 1 piece of the puzzle is made and does not tell the full story.

I just think the full rating facts should be told

I’ve only posted DVR ratings like two or three times in the entire history of this site, and only when Fox sent it to me via press release. They have not sent anything about Legacy.

But if you want to provide me links to the DVR ratings for every episode I’ll happily add them into each article and even make a specific post with a chart for DVR ratings (assuming you provide enough data). Gather all the links and send them as one email using the contact link at the very top of this page.

(And please tone down the spamming Justin, you’ve posted 6 comments in a row in the span of a few short minutes for something that could’ve been just one reply. I’ve warned you about this numerous times before, it’s really annoying to read.)

Justin, it’s relative. It’s okay to say that overnight ratings for LAD are just one piece of the puzzle because 24Spoilers was commenting on a show with generally solid numbers Live numbers – especially for a show airing in the SUMMER, the off-season. LAD was also a show that received great reviews. The Live vs. DVR debate loses all weight when Legacy is getting pretty critically panned, and all its numbers (even after +7) are dismal across the board. You can add all of Legacy’s numbers and it still barely cracks 6 million in prime time. Legacy was cracking 7 and 8 in an off season.

Still, this is fairly impressive for a summer series and it shows how the television viewing landscape has changed with the rise of DVR usage and online streaming. Live overnight ratings no longer tell the whole story when it comes to television viewership.

U said that three years ago

Yet u never post about DVR ratings in which the show is doing okay in weekly in the DVR +7 ratings. The ratings are not terrible or bad and are pretty average which is better than terrible and honestly any show would kill for average ratings these days overall and especially on Fox.

For 24 Legacy to make the top 25 shows weekly with DVR ratings after 7 days that is very good IMO.

U also never shared the fact that the first episode after the Super Bowl rose to 21.5 million viewers with DVR usage factored in.

Yes Dana wants them to be higher but even admitted that they are not higher cuz it was perhaps their fault for their launch strategy. A factor that will be considered in its renewal chances.

And she said she loves the show, creators and cast and would love nothing more than to bring it back.

24 Legacy is doing better than most of their current shows and honestly I think bodes better than a new pilot with no trusted producers or name recognition or not an in house production or airing in 160 countries, has a lot more story to tell, budget that is cheaper than a Kiefer season etc.

i should also add fox does not worry about overnight ratings and half of their ad buying is based on live +3 and live +7 day ratings along with 30+ day ratings across all platforms *multiplatform ratings*

The landscape has changed since 3 years ago for TV so the 6-8 million viewers 24 Legacy is pulling in without Jack is good.

The DVR numbers are not in for episodes 6-8 yet so until u see them don’t say ratings for episodes 6-8 are terrible. Cuz maybe DVR ratings soared for these episodes or stayed steady and did not drop.

And its not called false hope. It’s called being positive and optimistic

The show has not fallen to record new lows cuz you haven’t seen DVR ratings yet

I am a big fan of 24 watched all 9 seasons of the original, plus redemption. I have all the 24 books and 24 game. I love 24 Legacy.

I have an emotional attachement to 24 and I consider myself a loyal viewer. I am that person that would stick up for a friend if they were being bullied. I am a friend that would be there through thick and thin for another friend. To me 24 Legacy is in that boat. 24 is a friend of mine, where I will stick up for it when it gets bullied by others and I will be there for it through thick and thin, called loyalty. 24 needs its loyal true fans now more than ever.

Do I miss Jack Bauer? Yes, but it’s good to be open to change.

24 has always been there for me when I needed it the most and I will always be there for 24.

I think you’ll find that 24s friendship with the fans is 1-sided. If it wasn’t then they’d have given the original series a proper ending.

Kiefer said he is open to a guest starring role, or a movie or TV movie one day for 24. Kiefer said never say never to more Jack and so did the producers. So I know Kiefer would like to give Jack Bauer closure like they promised

Justin I’m saying this in a nice way why are you wasting your time doing this here? You’re not changing anyone’s mind and you’re wasting our time reading through the same EXACT opinion every day I honestly don’t get it why not just stick with the Facebook group?

Justin’s comments are a breath of fresh air. I enjoy reading his comments. He is without a doubt the best commenter on this site.

I’d much rather read Justin’s comments than the nauseating and boring negative comments that some posters spew on a daily basis.

Keep posting, Justin. You make this site much better.

Nice move there Justin LOL

Sky is not me

Of course he isn’t

And if he isn’t thanks for ignoring what I said and continuing to spam the comments

Kiefer’s thoughts on the new 24! He still feels the show is the real star and producers are doing a great job. http://etcanada.com/video/904013891934/designated-survivor-set-visit/

Thank you, Justin.

I agree with Kiefer.

March 22, 2017 at 11:06 pm
and many fans disagree with Kiefer’s humble and loyal assessment that the show is the star of the show. They feel that Jack was the heart and soul of the show.

Kiefer was the star for 15 years, he would know better than fans. Kiefer is entitled to his opinion

24 is not anymore what it used to be. But everyone knew that. Kiefer is crucial to the show. Creators tried, they had to and they failed. I don’t think it’s Hawkins fault. TV series are different than back then. Times are changing and even Kiefer wouldn’t save this show. Writers are real assholes here. Compare this to the much calmer series Homeland and you can see the difference.. Homeland is more intelligent more sophisticated and more optimal show to watch in 2017. 24 Legacy has bad writing, so so bad, and stupid dialogues and stupid ideas that it can’t survive in the era of Game of Thrones, House of Cards etc. Even Designated Survivor can’t survive I believe… only DS has Kiefer who pulls the show with the charisma and 24 hasn’t…

Damn you autocorrection !

Omg who is this Justin guy? That man is literally everywhere with his positive mind set :D

Justin Urciuoli
March 23, 2017 at 7:02 am
The writers on Homeland are the same as 24 Legacy

I know, but I do hope you can see the difference pal.. 24 legacy is more action and less intelligent version of Homeland :D … some dialogues and twists are ridiculous… esp Amira, dad, bro, professor line…

No they aren’t

Justin Urciuoli
March 24, 2017 at 8:48 am
24 Legacy just needs time to catch on and people need time to embrace it and get used to it without Jack. I love that Tony is back. 24 is a show like any other spinoff that deserves to live on past Jack Bauer. And remember season 1 of 24 was not a hit and 24 grew into a hit beginning with season 2.

Justin, can you please refrain from spamming the boards with repetitive messages.

24spoilers admin, I’m sure this is a very frustrating time for you but please don’t let the spamming of a certain troll dissuade you from keeping up the terrific work you do on this site. All the rest of us really appreciate having a place to discuss/ vent about our favourite show and we would hate for you to lose your love for keeping the community together just because of one new member who is trying their best to tear the whole thing down.

Justin Urciuoli
March 23, 2017 at 11:47 am
I never said I don’t appreciate the work 24 spoilers does. I appreciate the work he does. But in all fairness and honesty he should be posting all ratings data for the show not just overnight ratings. Especially when he admitted himself three years ago, overnight ratings do not tell a full story of a show’s success and is only 1 small piece of the puzzle. 24 Spoilers also said three years ago the landscape of TV has changed and DVR usage has increased significantly. So if you are going to make a comment like that as a website runner, I think IMO its best to post all data for a show, not just one piece of data.

My proof https://www.24spoilers.com/2014/08/18/24-live-another-day-finale-outperforms-original-series-finale/

When you don’t share all the data, then it sounds like you are judging the show’s success based on 1 piece of the pie and not the whole piece of the pie. Then it sounds like you don’t support the show.

Justin Urciuoli
March 23, 2017 at 11:51 am
And I am not trolling. I am just being positive, optimistic and stating my opinions and facts. Just like people have negative opinions, I have positive opinions. I love 24, so I get very excited about the show and very passionate about the show. Being very excited and passionate is a very good thing tbh and is refreshing. I have a very positive attitude.

How about you stop spamming with YOUR repetitive messages, Tom? We get it. You don’t like the show. MOVE ON, then.

It’s getting tedious having to skip over your comments all the time.

Block caps. Very mature.

Don’t worry guys, Justin is way better in bed than commenting about 24. He is a very gentle lover when he is inside me so please don’t keep bullying him. Also I think Fox stopping Jack from being killed made Kiefer lose faith in them so I am certain he will never return, especially because Legacy is failing. Goodbye 24 forever in four weeks time.

Justin Urciuoli
March 23, 2017 at 11:48 am
Kiefer has a great relationship with Fox, Howard Gordon and is Executive Producer. I think he could agree to come back one day.

Justin Urciuoli
March 23, 2017 at 11:42 am
This press release says season finale airs April 17th. It does not say series finale. I think this is a good sign for 24. If it was going to be cancelled, Fox would say the finale is a series finale and not season finale. Season finale just means a wrap up of season 1 where series finale would be a wrap of the whole series of 24 Legacy. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20170322fox01/

Lol 24spoilers has to do something about this he’s spamming every thread

How about no and he does something about you instead? Because you bring nothing of value, Justin does.

This is hilarious how far Justin is going hahahaha

Justin Urciuoli
March 24, 2017 at 8:49 am
I am not Michael or 24

Everyone believes you lol

Thanks for the information, Justin.

Your comments have been appreciated and much needed in a sea of constant negativity that has caused many fans to stop visiting this place.

Certain people post nothing but negativity seemingly 24/7 and it turns people away from here.

The true 24 fans appreciate your comments and efforts 👍

Yea exactly.

JD, Tom, Dave26, etc. etc. have made this place unbearable for me.

It’s not pleasant visiting a place that wants something you love to fail.

Justin is great btw!

Feel free not to engage in the comments Justin/Michael.

Justin Urciuoli
March 24, 2017 at 8:50 am
Thank you Michael and 24! I appreciate you guys sticking up for me

Fox just announced that they’re saving 4 of Lucifer’s episodes for next season for 26 episodes total. So that means it’s almost certainly not going to be pulled during the winter next year. Not sure if this affects 24’s renewal chances though.



Please share this everyone and get as many Dancing with the Stars fans, voice fans and cbs comedy fans to watch the show live! Let’s do our part here.

Justin Urciuoli
March 24, 2017 at 8:17 am
Why I think 24 Legacy will be renewed IMHO.

Hey Sean,

I bet the writers wrote this season of 24 Legacy the way they did to kind of test out what the audience wants and likes about 24. They probably had a deal with Fox to test if the real time format still works, or if 24 is based on Jack or characters and tested if fans can handle repetitive story lines. I think Fox will make excuses for season 1 of Legacy and renew for season 2 and now that the writers have feedback on season 1, they can now craft a fantastic season 2 and pitch it to Fox with maybe a Jack, Chloe, Kate and old characters appearing along with Eric Carter and new characters and maybe 24 episodes.

Designated Survivor could be cancelled or Kiefer could always make time for a 24 movie or 24 TV movie that feeds into 24 Legacy. Kiefer has said he sees where the series is running and in the break you would have a film and the two would feed off of each other. The season sets up the storyline of a film or the movie sets up the storyline of the season or the season sets up the finality of a film.

Movie talks were revived after LAD as well and Kiefer stated he would be open to playing Jack Bauer again one day and to never say never.

Also masked scheduler said a re imagining of 24 is in our future. I think that could be next year as Fox would not give 24 another long hiatus and would want to keep the momentum of the series going. People know this is not a limited series and if Fox were to cancel it, that would look bad on any future installments. So renewing it would be wise.

With Dana and Gary being long time 24 supporters, I can see them renewing it since they have a long standing relationship with the producers. And Fox does look at everything from live, to DVR, online, on demand, budget, are there more stories to tell, how its doing in the other 160 countries, is it an in house production, etc.

Fan reaction and critics have been mostly mixed to positive and the cast has been great.

IMO 24 Legacy is 24 and needs to have all the classic 24 stuff that made 24 a hit. So I am okay with the repetitive stuff. I love this season and the cast.

So for all these reasons, I think the show will get a second season. I think its a 50/50 chance for a renewal.

There is a looming writers strike but I still think it could be renewed.

Also its possible the ratings could go up the next 4 weeks. Its also important to note ratings fell to season lows for all shows this past Monday. CBS comedies and Taken. If it was just a 24 Legacy thing, I would be worried. But I think Dancing with the stars Premiere and basketball had an affect. So I think Fox will take this into consideration as well and move 24 Legacy to a a later time next year and a different day.

I mean 6-8 million viewers after 7 days is good for the show considering Dana walden admitted their launch strategy was over ambitious and flawed. She said she thinks the show is great, she loves the producers, cast and crew and would love nothing more than to bring it back. Those ratings are not terrible.

24 is a well established brand, name recognition, with trusted producers, an in house production, makes money in syndication and DVD sales. All things 24 has going for it. Where as new Pilots does not have these things going for it.

I believe the writers will go into Fox and pitch a season 2 soon. Fox also knows fans want to see Jack Bauer again and the demand for Jack and Chloe is high.

Justin Urciuoli
March 24, 2017 at 4:30 pm
24 Legacy Episode 6 from March 6th grew from a 0.9 in 18-49 demo to a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo after 7 days. It also grew from 3.7 million viewers to 5.8 million viewers after 7 days. An increase of 2.1 million viewers after 7 days and 78% in 18-49 demo after 7 days! Episode 7 IMO should grow from a 1.0 to a 1.7 and close to 6 million viewers. Episode 8 should grow from a 0.8 to a 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7 or 1.8 and 5-6 million viewers. 24 Legacy has been making the Top 25 in DVR +7 ratings every week thus far. Something Fox will probably take into consideration for season 2.

24 Legacy has dropped in live, live+7, and DVR ratings every week. The second episode had 2.803 million on DVR, and over 9 million total. With the 6th episode down to 5.791million total and only 2.094 on DVR.

24 Legacy’s dropped in live+7 ratings (episode 5 ratings seem to have been lost due to the power outage).

Episode 6 Live+7
Demo: 1.6 (.9 live, .7 on DVR)
Viewers: 5.791million (3.697 live, 2.094 DVR)

Episode 4 Live+7
Demo: 1.7 (1.0 live, .7 on DVR)
Viewers: 6.589 million (4.422 live, 2.167 DVR)

My opinion is the problen with Legacy is that they have tried saying the series is a new era with a new hero and all that. However, apart from the new characters, nothing is new or fresh. It’s the same plot as previously but they’ve done it in a much worse.

Justin Urciuoli
March 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm
David Fury who wrote two episodes this past season of 24 Legacy and has a lot of friends on the crew of 24 Legacy and Fox said he believes 24 Legacy will be back next year! He tweeted that today. I trust David Fury’s opinion.

I think he is being diplomatic and optimistic. As long as the series is still being aired, he would say that even if he knew it was not going to be renewed.

Nobody is asking for a season 2.