What did you think of 24: Legacy Episode 8?

The eighth episode of 24: Legacy was written by David Fury and directed by Bronwen Hughes. This is the first episode of 24 to ever be directed by a female.

So what did you think? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 8?

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Is someone voting before the episode is over?

Yes, i did.

Bacause I always vote Awesome, loved it! for every episode.

That is beyond ludicrous. Obtuseness on the internet never ceases to surprise me.

I’m sorry if I startle you, but since I exist I guess you’ll have to accept that as a fact.

I also voted before it was over because I already “loved it” based on what I’ve seen so far.

Love the part where Carter tells Jadalla that America will last longer than the jihad!

That was cringe worthy and possibly the worst scene of the episode.

Why that was a good scene and was so non-PC! Kind of like the end of London Has Fallen when Gerard Butler tells the terrorists that America will always be here.

Wow. So many things wrong with this episode. I don’t even know where to begin. Nothing new or original here.
What was with the warehouse explosion taking place off-screen? So cheap. Did the show blow all it’s budget on paying to get Carlos back? He must have demanded a lot of money to piss on the legacy of such a great character. 2 episodes in and the writers have offered us no backstory or explanation as to how or why he’s back alongside CTU. Surely an escaped convict would want to keep a lower profile.
He had maybe half a dozen lines tonight.

Also, having Tony snap and scream during the interrogation didn’t feel right for the character. Tony should be more cold and calculated given his time during season 7. Having him act Jack-lite is an insult to the character.

Given the way that the writers are recycling plot points, Callery is recycling music cues, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the editors just splice old footage from former warehouse shootouts in with this episode.

It’s all so generic and bland. LAD moved much quicker than this, and even that had huge flaws.

The biggest disappointment thus far is without a doubt the return of Tony. If this is how the writers feel is the best way to serve this character then I absolutely don’t want to see how they would treat a Jack Bauer return should that day ever come.

Please take the franchise out to a train-yard and take it out Chapelle style. The show has well and trulry run it’s course.

They have 4 episodes to reveal Tony’s back story. Tonight was the best episode ever. Intensity, heart pounding, action and torture. Felt like classic 24

I appreciate your enthusiasm and it was a good episode but please god stop saying every episode was the best ever. Jesus Christ.

You appreciate it? How long have you been here, two minutes?

I’ve been here probably a lot longer than you have. I’ve been coming here since the original 24. I just don’t comment much because most of the comments I see aren’t worth responding too. Plus I’ve seen Justin in 24 FB groups so this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a comment from him. Maybe you should do research before just throwing out comments.

Back to topic, this episode was an all-time low!

Chill out dude. Just saying I don’t see how anyone could tolerate Justin’s spamming if they’ve been to one of the threads he routinely shits up.

Justin is a troll. Let’s not feed the trolls.

Completely agree, Tony’s return has been awful, he is like an extra. I expected him to take on the enemy, not the brother. I liked the action but the series has been very poor, no doubt worst one thus far and yes of course it has no Jack but they could have given Tony a lot more to do and give us some of the story. It may come in time, but I am not sure there will be many viewers left to find out!

I will watch but then I always do, bland story line not much going on, needed more character build up for a brand new cast and new main man. Should have gone in with 24 episodes and built the characters first. At the moment I could not care less who dies.

Who in the world was the guy that Carter saw? He randomly pops in, is recognized just like the guy in Day 4 (the whole Audrey needs to go to Felsted Security story).

And apparently another CTU attack next week…Ugh. I’ve liked the season so far, even though it is not as good as the original, but this episode, minus the raid itself, which could’ve been the entire episode as the rest was filler, was the weakest yet in my opinion. :/

I really hope the remainder of the season is not reaching CTU.

Are we really doing a CTU attack next week?

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:31 am
I am excited for the CTU attack.

Oh get the fuck out man , are u 12? Like we haven’t seen an attack on ctu before.!!!!

Happily surprised that for once 24 isn’t piling up the body count. I thought for sure several characters were going to bite it by the end of the episode. Looked like Nicole was going to go full Kim Bauer at one point tonight but thankfully that didn’t happen.

We need more Tony! Big letdown with how he is being used so far.

It was OK. At this point i’m not sure Tony will have a bigger role than what we’ve seen so far. Hopefully i’m wrong but he seems like he seems to be limited to be a hired gun for Rebecca more than anything. I doubt we’ll see a redemption angle or something like that..

Also, I guess we’re going into the 2nd act now and that this Naseri guy is the 2nd villain. I may have missed it but did they refer to him in the previous episodes? Because he pretty much just showed out of nowhere. Carter was implying that he’s a big deal and pretty capable.

Tony is in 4 more episodes. So his backstory will def be revealed

According to an interview Carlos gave recently, Tony and Carter are on a collision course. But with CTU being attacked and Rebecca as his ex, he will probably attempt a rescue. We’re also supposed to learn more about Sidra as well. Stay patient because these last 4 episodes will be intense!

I am excited for the CTU lockdown. I am sure they will do it in a way that is fresh. Also Tony will be in the next 4 episodes. So give Tony a chance.

You can’t freshen a premise that is, by it’s very nature, stale.

It’s not stale. I don’t mind the recycled plots. It’s called 24, so it needs to have 24 stuff from the original. Also if Jack Bauer was in it and there was recycled plots u people wouldn’t even care. U guys would be clapping your hands. The characters and cast are amazing and I love this season. I am not trolling. It’s called I love the show so much and I am very positive and optimistic and will never talk bad about things I love.

No one was clapping their hands when plots were recycled in season 6. No one was clapping their hands when Live Another Day failed to meet expectations. Jack Bauer alone has not protected the series from criticism in the past.

I do not know why I persist with you, Justin. At best, you lack sufficient critical skills to discuss the show with contrarians. At worst, you are naive and delusional.

You really are a dense twat, Justin! Not once have I ever seen anyone praise them for recycling plots, during LAD I was downright brutal about them doing it.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:29 am
I don’t like to be critical in life as I always see the best in things. I always focus on the positive, always see the good and very optimistic. I always like to see the good in things, which is why I never criticize 24, a show I hold dearly to my heart

I have liked this season so far, but is there anything that you haven’t liked about 24 since it started? You feel like a troll.

Meant that for Justin, by the way.

Tony is not in E9 according to press release.

The press release is inaccurate.

Fake news

How do you know?

Are you sure?

He was hardly in E7 & E8 either.

Ben Grimes is also in that press release and I don’t think he’s showing up. Press releases are often just a smoke screen

Best episode of season. Potentially a top ten episode.
I’m in for the rest of the season.
Does Tony come to the rescue of CTU after the attack?

There hasn’t even been 10 episodes yet, so I guess this is accurate.


It’s hard not to laugh at the absurdity of the drug dealers saving the world and not CTU.

Imagine if they brought back Luke Skywalker after 30 years and, rather than involving him in the story in any meaningful way they had him tag along with the new heroes to just do the Jedi mind trick on random storm troopers they came across.

That’s how I’m starting to feel about this whole Tony farce.

If what we’ve seen from Tony so far is indicative of his involvement in the rest of the season, I would rather they would have just left him in Solitary.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:27 am
There will be more to Tony in the next 4 episodes

March 20, 2017 at 10:18 pm
Actually, if 24 Legacy was like Star Wars, Tony would show up in the last two seconds of the finale and just stand there. :p

More recycled bullshit and another attack on CTU coming LOL

And having Tony scream like that as if he’s Jack was SO out of character, shouldn’t of brought him back at all if this is the stupidity you’re gonna have him carry out.

As a positive, maybe with some luck the CTU attack will kill most of the useless CTU characters like Mullins. Wishful thinking though.

I kind of like Mullins as a director…

This episode is one of the best since episode six. I’m shocked that the series is added another big baddie in Oded Fehr as Naseri. BTW, I’m not sure if Isaac Carter is gone for good after he took the bullet for his friends in that great action sequence.

I would hope so, considering it is only the second episode since.

This was another good episode, but it’s hilarious that a street gang was the one to kill most of the terrorists rather than the government. I don’t think Isaac is gone just yet. He still needs to finish Ayesha and Jerome.

Naseri looks to be a badass villain, but how the hell could he escape by running behind that police car? He literally jumped down right behind the police car and they didn’t even notice. But I like Oded Fehr. I love how they are using another major actor from The Mummy franchise to be a 24 villain. First being Imhotep/Marwan and now Ardeth Bay/Naseri.

I hope Aisha doesn’t just pop up in the end after the threat is resolved and go after Isaac again.

I think at this point the 24 francise only has a few options to stay alive.

Fox TV needs to end Legacy as a one season limited series and attempt another limited series (or less likely, even a low budgeted film) with Kiefer returning as Jack, with other possible returning original characters. Would love to see Kim, Mandy, Novick and Pierce return one last time in some way since they are the only first season characters left. This option requires Kiefer to not just be available but also even interested in reprising the role.

That or Fox needs to bring in an entire new writing team, crew, producers, and actors and start completely fresh except for keeping the real time aspect and the ticking clock. Season 1 of 24 was a suspense thriller driven by the ticking clock and the significance of the day. After Season 1 the show slowly morphed more into an action show and the clock/real time became practically irrelevant to the characters or the story. The clock was just there because it had to be. The show needs to refocus back on just placing a set of new characters in a suspenseful situation that is driven by time a single 24 hour day. It could be any situation and doesn’t have to be terrorism/political/espionage related at all.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:24 am
I think they are planning on doing other things either than terrorism for season 2 like crime. Manny Coto has mentioned that. I also don’t think they need new writers. I think Howard Gordon, Manny Coto, Evan Katz, Jon Cassar, Robert Cochran, Joel Surnow are all done a wonderful job.

The only way a movie, TV movie or Jack will come back is through 24 Legacy as Kiefer has said he will only do a guest starring role or a film. He said he will not lead a 24 season anymore as there is not a lot of story left for that character to lead an on going franchise.

I may also add, Kiefer said back in 2014, the real time is the star of 24. And for the idea to survive, the producers would need to recast the show (which they have done) and use the same formula they have used for 24 which they have done. He said with time, a new audience will be discovered (when DVD gets released) and an old audience will come back given the right circumstance. I trust Kiefer as he is Executive Producer as well.

Joel Surnow isn’t a writer for Legacy, so yes I agree he’s doing a fantastic job.

Was watching through the box set bonus disc “Eight Days” feature last night, and Kiefer, Bob Cochran, Joel Surnow, and many, many others contradict the whole “the real time is the star of the show” quote. I enjoy Legacy overall so far, but the real time aspect drives the story only so far as when it is bright or dark outside. In the first season of 24, there was so much character development with everyone…I also just watched Day 1, Hour 7 last night, where Palmer had like a three minutes talk with Nicole about the breakfast. Compelling, yet no action. Legacy has down very little to showcase the real time aspect of the show or develop many of the characters to the point we care about them. Just like another quote I saw recently on this site, either from Kiefer or someone else, we come for the concept and stay for the characters.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 2:29 am
Isn’t Nikki Toscano new to the crew? They have a few new women directors as well and new women writers.

I’m just not enjoying this season at all, feels like every episode has gotten worse and more ridiculous. Right now I feel comfortable in ranking Legacy as the weakest season of them all, even beneath the sixth season.

The Henry Donovan plot has been super boring for the past like five episodes that they’ve been stringing us along. Confront him here, now interrogate him at CTU, let’s bring in Tony to interrogate him, but oh wait we need John’s permission first, oops John called it off. There better be a huge pay off to all this boring crap we’ve had to endure. Worst of all is that Tony has been tied to this stupid plot, his return has been wasted so far.

I’m excited that they introduced Oded Fehr, he was fantastic in the Showtime series Sleeper Cell. I’m hoping he can breathe some life into these final episodes.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:05 am
I love 24 and 24 Legacy. I will always defend something I love so much. I am a very positive and optimistic person who always sees the good in things no matter what. This is not trolling.

I am really enjoying this season. I think each episode gets better and better. And I can tell you we have over 2000 people on our 24 Legacy FB page who are loving this season. This season has had action, torture, left our heart pounding, has been intense, left many fans wanting more. Tony is doing a wonderful job.

I never thought the sixth season was bad nor do I think Legacy is bad. All the actors are wonderful IMHO.I have not found this season boring at all. The last few episodes have felt like classic 24 to me and I don’t care if some plots are recycled. Its called 24 Legacy for crying out loud. Corey Hawkins is also a wonderful actor. Take a look at Straight Outta Compton, Walking Dead and Kong Skull Island.

Also may I suggest, if you dislike this series, then why watch the show at all? It ruins the momentum for people who do love this season. The writers and Fox are doing a wonderful job with 24 Legacy IMO. Howard Gordon, Manny Coto, Evan Katz, Jon Cassar, Robert Cochran, Joel Surnow, David Fury, Nikki Toscano, Stephen Hopkins are all fantastic producers, writers and directors. They know what they are doing and I trust them lots. Also Dana Walden and Gary Newman are very big supporters of 24 as well.

I should also add in 3 years ago when the finale of 24 LAD went up to 10.7 million viewers you stated in that article, that live overnight ratings do not tell the full story of a show’s audience anymore and even said 3 years ago the landscape of TV has changed. Its funny how this year, you have been so critical of the ratings, when the show has averaged 7-8 million viewers overall when you factor in everything from DVR, online (which is not included in DVR ratings), on demand and live ratings. 24 Legacy has not been getting terrible ratings, and its done good for the flawed launch it got.I think the show will be renewed for season 2 and ratings will hold where they are now. The show is starting to find its legs and I think future seasons the show will continue to get better and maybe have guest appearances from Chloe, Kate Morgan, Mike Novick, Ethan Kanin, Charles Logan, Martha Loga, Aaron, Mandy, or even Jack.

24 Legacy is a spinoff and needs to be viewed as a spinoff. People need to forget Jack Bauer for the time being.

“Also may I suggest, if you dislike this series, then why watch the show at all?”

Are you seeking an echo chamber, Justin? If so, you are more than welcome to stay on your Facebook page and never visit this website again.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:19 am
Its a valid point. I mean why complain about a show and still watch it. Simple, if you hate the show, stop watching. Only people who love a show should watch it. I also have seen many positive comments on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for 24 Legacy. This is the only site where there is negativity towards the show

Firstly, consensus should not be conflated with truth. Secondly, the reaction has been decidedly mixed on Facebook and Reddit.

Thirdly, fuck off! I have been watching this show for 16 years. I was 10 years old when season one premiered. I have every right to continue watching this show. I have every right to criticize it for the sake of advocating improvement in later hypothetical seasons.

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:25 am
Actually Reddit and Facebook reactions have been mostly positive

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:26 am
I don’t think producers would listen to criticism. IMO

They did after season six, did they not?

Fox President Peter Liguori in 2008:

“We’ve really heard what the loyal audience has said to us. The good news is simply this: It has really fueled the show runners to be more daring with what they’re going to do next year.”

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:33 am
They have not repeated those same mistakes cuz Legacy has been awesome and has the season 1 feel like the original in 2001 and season 1 in 2001 did very good and got great reviews. I think 24 Legacy seasons 2 and beyond will continue to get better and better and improve and IMO ratings will rise in future seasons

Dude, Justin, you seriously sound like a viral marketer with these super long, overly defensive comments that have almost nothing to do with the comment you were replying to.

I said I dislike this season, not the series as a whole. I’m not sure how stating my opinion can be “ruining momentum” for you or anyone else, that is ridiculous. Other people disagreed with me and that’s absolutely fine, encouraged even. This is meant to be a discussion thread where all opinions are welcome, not an echo chamber.

Guess what Justin? Writers of TV shows already argue about all of these details amongst themselves every day. They get notes from the network. The actors on the show talk with them and give suggestions. And for new shows especially they often do focus groups and screening sessions. They want feedback whether it’s good or bad – it’s how they improve shows and make them better.

Blindly defending every single thing doesn’t make you a fan of something, it makes you a fanboy and makes it seem like you’re sucking up to the producers.

I couldn’t disagree with you more.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this season so far, and each episode seems to be getting better and better.

24: Legacy is a good season, and is much better than the likes of seasons 4 & 6 for example.

Even though 4 and 6 were both heavily flawed, I’ve liked them both more than Legacy so far.

Day 4 introduced a bunch of great new characters (Logan, Buchanan, Heller, Audrey, Edgar, Curtis) which is more than I can say for Legacy. None of the characters in Legacy have really clicked with me unfortunately, which is disappointing because I like most of the actors playing them. I personally think Day 4 was better in every way compared to Legacy – production values, pacing, music, stories, acting, etc.

My personal rankings would go something like this: 1, 5, 3, (2-7-LAD), 4, 6, LEG. The ones in parenthesis are pretty much tied, I love them equally. I seem to prefer the odd-numbered seasons.

Honestly, Season 4 is my second favourite. (5,4,1,3,2,LAD,8,7,Leg,6) Season 4 was much better on the rewatch than the others.

Even though it’s near the bottom for me, I will agree that S4 is definitely one of the more entertaining seasons to rewatch. Lots of action, the episodes are more self-contained, they cut back on a lot of the annoying subplots, and there’s a lot of great character returns. Tony’s return was definitely way cooler in S4 than Legacy.

I love seeing these rankings because they usually differ drastically. The only thing most 24 fans seem to have a consensus on is 5 being near the top of their rankings and 6 being near the bottom.

Here’s mine fwiw 1/5, 3, 8, 2, 7, 4, Legacy, 6… … … LAD


1/5, 3/4, 2/7, 8, LAD, 6, ….. Legacy.

I rank them a little differently (dividing seasons 1-3 and 8 into two seasons).

Last 11 of season 3, First 13 of season 1, Season 5, Last 9 of season 8, first 15 of season 2, First 13 of season 3, Season 4, LAD, Last 11 of season 1, last 9 of season 2, first 15 of season 8, season 7, season 6.

(Haven’t watched enough of Legacy to rank it).

Season 1
Season 2
Season 5
Season 3
Season 4
Redemption/Season 7
Season 8
Season 6

24 and The X-Files are my all time favorite shows. Not the best shows, just my personal favorite. They both should have ended after each of their first 5 Rock solid seasons instead of being milked and becoming progressively worse with each new season/ installment.

Both Legacy and the recent X-Files reboot have kept on that path.

Seems like 24 and X-Files seem to come back and deliver progressively worse endings each time. I guess Prison Break will be no different.

X-Files is my favourite as well, and it would’ve had a perfect ending if they’d just called it a day after Requiem (sans the I’m pregnant” cliffhanger).

An interesting point about comparing Legacy with past seasons is that, seriously, every episode (although not in every scene) I have a feeling that Legacy is a low-budget thing (series, film, or whatever).

Even season 6, which is considered by many to be worst season, does not have this look. If one argue season 1, named 24 pilot is low-budget, is probably right, because it was. Nevertheless, the material was superb in season 1, as opposed to legacy.

Honest: Am I seeing something it’s not here or Legacy really has a low-budget aspect?

The only time it was bad enough to take me out of the show was the shootout at Gabriel’s place. Just a 5-minute mess of poor staging, poor delivery (NO NO NO NO DATA WIPE!), poor cinematography…everything.

I can’t put my finger on what it is but the whole affair definitely seems cheaper somehow. The only episode that was consistently on the level of the old episodes was the pilot, thanks to Hopkins and Levy.

I pretty much agree that the pilot looks better than the rest – but it’s curious. Why? Hopkins is still directing a couple of episodes

By Levy, did you mean Peter Levy? In IMDB, he is casted as Series Cinematographer.

Yes, Peter Levy was the director of photography on the first episode only. Since then it’s Jeff Mygatt who did LAD.

Another reason is that the pilot episode is typically given a bigger budget and longer shooting schedule compared to regular episodes.

Season 7 was the worst. I think turning Tony bad was the worst plot decision in the entire show.

Season 7 was an absolute mess plot wise, especially for a season that’s supposed to have been planned from beginning to end. It was one of the ones I was most excited for as well.

I agree however the Starkwood arc, episodes 12-18 were pretty damn good I have to say though. Best stretch of episodes the show had post Season 5.

I think that was the most unrealistic and James Bondish plot ever with Starkwood being part of the government.

I didn’t like the second half of Season 8 too much. Everything up to Omar Hassan’s death was pretty good though the part with the Russian mafia was kind of slow. I didn’t find Season 1 too exciting until 6 or 7 episodes in.

The Starkwood arc was brilliant! And I was actually super hyped when Tony turned bad again… but ultimately the final episodes of 7 were absolutely dire. Hated the Taylor family drama, hated the virtue-signalling with the framed muslim brothers plot and the Jack vs Tony stuff was nowhere near as epic as it could’ve been. Worst of all though is how they brushed off the Wilson cabal stuff with a line in the next season, like they did with Max/Trepkos back in S2/S3.

I dunno. Episode 19 was pretty great. But, yeah, episodes 20-23 were relatively poor.

Finally, we agree on something.

Kudos to what u just said man.

24 Legacy is good.

I agree with you that the Henry Donovan plot is just stuped and they do the same thing with that for like half of the season. They could do much more intresting things with John Donovan and his father and it feel like almost nothing happened in there. They also wasted the return of Tony Almeida and they need to show him more. I hope he will do more thing in the next episodes and will have a big role in the main plot than just interrogating people.

24 Legacy is better than other shows because of the real time gimmick and the twists. They have great actors. The writing is good except for the Henry donovan plot in wich I feel Jimmy Smits is wasting his acting skill. There are a lot of scene that aren’t surprising and people that are fan of the show know what will happened, but there were some surprising twists.

In 24 Legacy I don’t remember an episode ending with a surprising scene or a twist like a lot of the other episodes in the original 24, but some of the episodes has twists in the middle like episode 6 – that feel like a classic 24.

24 Legacy is way better than the horrible plot of Jack’s evil Brother and Father. When I saw in S6 that Jack’s father is evil there was a moment that I want to stop watching 24 and i’m a Huge fan of it, but I continue to watch it only because it 24 is very intresting.

And how they introduce the new villain, Naseri, was interesting and fresh.

I didn’t follow the thing with the flash drive and Jadalla. He said the flash-drive was just a decoy. We spend several episodes in something that it’s just a decoy? He didn’t need the flash-drive to active the sleeper cells, but he needed someone good as Andy to do it?

Second, I though there would be a lot of comments about this: A missile, the surgical strike, hits the compound killing, hurting, …. no one?!?!?!

They commented about Nassiri and the men was stading a couple of inches from them? LOL

There was a second empty flash drive that they gave to Andy to see if he was planning to destroy it.

Next week Ben-Khalid is gonna ask for full immunity in exchange for information

Justin Urciuoli
March 21, 2017 at 1:25 am
Kiefer said back in 2014, the real time is the star of 24. And for the idea to survive, the producers would need to recast the show (which they have done) and use the same formula they have used for 24 which they have done. He said with time, a new audience will be discovered (when DVD gets released) and an old audience will come back given the right circumstance. I trust Kiefer as he is Executive Producer as well.

How many times has CTU been attacked over the course of the run of 24?

I thought for sure that Isaac or the wife was going to get the silent clock. Perhaps next week… Stay tuned!

Ever since around S5, each season there’s ctu, there will be an attack.

The major ones that I can remember – Day 2 (bomb), Day 5 (nerve gas), Day 6 (guns), Day 8 (EMP), Day 10 (guns/bombs). Sheesh!

Justin will tell you that guns/bombs are what will make it fresh because they have different straps/grips on them (fucking idiot!)

Well in Season 4 there was a car bomb in the CTU parking lot. Well in any case in every season somebody dies in the CTU building. And in the FBI building in Season 7 too.

I don’t think the CIA station was actually attacked in Live Another Day except with Jack going in there.

I felt mixed about some of the other characters but I gotta say this was Eric’s best episode. He was very quick to run for that Grenade even though it was gonna be a tragic sacrifice. Hope this is the true end of Jadallah and we focus on this new guy who looks to be great. Really liked Isaac’s gang scene too. But the Donovan stuff was just boring and weren’t to get some stuff on Tonys backstory too? Carlos’ doing his best with the material but he’s been given the smallest role in the series – nothing gripping about his plotline at all. Overall twas a good ep, not the best – not the worst.

This was the first time he felt like he could be worthy of being the lead in 24.

The new villain should make things super interesting . I’m thinking he is a former spy gone rogue or something along those lines. loved the episode

I agree. Tony was surprisingly limited. Based on 24 S7 you’d think Tony would be in a lot more and dominate the episode. I mean Jimmy and Tony didn’t say a word to each other. Jimmy didn’t ask or demand to know who ‘s that torturing his father. Jimmy didn’t demand to know who Tony is. Seemed premature to make Tony back off like that. When Tony wouldn’t back off before with Jack Bauer and Michelle Dessler and Kim Bauer and George Mason and President David Palmer in play. We still don’t know how Tony escaped prison, why Tony escaped prison, and what’s the deal. And it seemed to jump the shark in the epsidoe 9 preview when Jimmy’s Dad brags about faking out CTU about secrets when that makes and seems Tony’s point to be pointless to begin with. That was disappointing to learn for episode 9. But maybe Tony is in more in episode 9. Tony has to be in more in episode 9. This is Tony Almeida and not an ordinary joe.

March 21, 2017 at 5:55 am
Essentially so far the Henry Donovan plot was a complete waste of time, because it literally went nowhere… And with them now having Jadalla I don’t see what else they could get out of Henry if he suddenly talked. Pretty weak unless there is a major twist coming, which I doubt. Hope I’m proven wrong.

Ok so we’re through to the last arc

I need something absolutely outstanding to happen to feel better about this spin-off. To me it’s
24: Greatest Hits – nothing more, nothing less. It’s all pretty obvious what happens next scene after scene.

This feels like a Star Trek : Deep Space Nine or something (sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings here)

Wow, and I thought I was addicted to 24. Can the repetitive spam posts please stop? Sick of reading that shit.

Really, you’re going to lump in DS9 with this misfire? Feelings officially hurt. Easily the best Star Trek spinoff and arguably better than the original.

Much more apt comparison is Voyager – intriguing concept and one or two standout characters, completely let down by years and years of repetitive and rehashed stories. I would say the same of Enterprise but it was mostly redeemed the final season by none other than our friend Manny Coto. If only he’d shown the same creativity writing THIS season…

I am deeply fond of Voyager, but it is the perfect example of a squandered premise.

and I will continue to watch the show like everyone else

Just not happy with the plot line….I’m bored with it

I’m convinced at this point the show will never be good again while it remains at Fox. Outside the bad writing there’s so much deliberate dumbing down that I can’t excuse now that pretty much any likeable character is gone. There’s a mix of great actors with some incredibly poor ones, I don’t understand how someone doing the casting could get that so wrong, I guess it must come down to budget.

The only thing that would give this show a future is Fox selling up the rights or perhaps working out a deal to license the series, I think a spin off could work but it’s just not going to work with Fox at the helm, the only reason I’m still watching is because 24 is still my favourite show of all time. Most of it is nostalgia, sure but I’ve seen Season 1-5 over 10 times each so I’ll always tune in but this series has just too many missteps. They Henry Donovan story line is starting to get ridiculous, if the only point of it is the dissolution of his son’s marriage then this will comfortably be the worst season, something seriously great needs to happen in the next couple of episodes and an attack on CTU isn’t it.

Definitely think one of the streaming services would be interested in picking up the rights IF the streaming service has creative control and has the option to “fire” Coto and Katz and Cassar if necessary. Maybe truly new blood could revive the series. Hawkins has the potential to be a good lead if the writing and plot was better.

What FOX has anything to do with the quality of 24? I mean, LAD was not perfect, but it didn’t look so ridiculous like Legacy and it was broadcasted and ordered by FOX.

I think it’s only to do with the writers. Only one thing could be worse than Legacy so far: Jack being involved in this bad writing, not compelling, season.

Unless one of them murders someone, at this point it seems nearly impossible that the series could continue on Fox *without* the same stable of writers/producers.

24 Spoilers,

Can you create a thread where we discuss and rank our favorite ’24’ seasons, villains, twists, etc. Season 4 is my favorite season because it had so many intense edge of your seat episodes (kidnapping of Heller, EMP, nuclear football, Chinese embassy, etc.) and great villains (Marwan, Araz Family). However the best stretch of ’24’ is in Season 2. The 8 episodes leading up to and including George Mason taking down the plane was ’24’ at its best (despite Kim’s idiotic subplots). What do you all think?

I would love that!

Absolutely, that sounds like a fun idea. I’ll probably do it around the time of 24: Legacy’s finale so that this season can be properly judged as a whole. (And if I forget, please feel free to remind me).

I’d love an edited Season 2 with all Kim’s stuff removed. (Apart from the scene where HoboJack in E1 goes to see her, Jack tells her to leave LA, Jack calls her to say goodbye before sacrificing his life, Kim rushes to see Jack being stretchered off in the finale).

Yeah, every time I rewatch Season 2 I always skip past all of Kim’s scenes except for the select few ones that you’ve mentioned. Elisha should’ve been a recurring guest star and not a regular.

I’d also remove Carrie Turner from that season.

I also fast forward past all of Kim’s scenes except when Jack is saying his goodbyes to her in the plane. That was the most heart felt scene ever in ’24’. Season 2 would probably be my favorite season if they edited out all of the Kim stuff. The other issue with season 2 was that it peaked too early (episode 15 is when Mason took down the plane). The last 9 episodes weren’t nearly as good.

They brought back Tony to “job” to the Donovans. At least it wasn’t a squash match :(

The fact Jimmy’s dad brags about tricking his torturers about giving up secrets makes Tony and the Tyrant girl look weak. And that’s not what 24 is all about.

Maybe after CTU is attacked, a higher up (DNI?) Will order the interrogation of the Henry? Then Tony and Ingram will not be stopped by the Senator. They could find out his workings with the cabal (please let this happen as it will help bleed into Tony’s backstory), his dealing with Bin – Khalid, Naseri, etc.

I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons many of us want him back – unfinished business with the Wilson cabal. Added to that, I’d love for him to reference Jack or maybe call upon Rebecca or Donovan to help him get Jack back as a favour.

Surely they’re not stupid enough to think we just want Tony back because he’s awesome and it would be nice to see him.

Guesses for writers for the next 3 episodes:

9: Nikki Toscano & Nelson Greaves
10. Tony Basgallop & Zakkiyah Alexander
11. Robert Cochran & Evan Katz

This is what should have happened for a new 24, imo: a team at CTU is assembled to rescue Jack in Russia. Led by Eric. Along the way, Tony is brought in to do what has to be done to ease the process. They do rescue Jack (so Kiefer is actually in the first episode). But Jack is so physically beat up and broken, he can’t really take part in any actions, and is recuperating in a hospital somewhere. But it leaves the possibility of eventually him appearing again. He could even be in some small scenes–someone tries to infiltrate the hospital to get at him, etc. but most of the action would be the new guys, who had been heroic and deadly getting jack out, and we would have liked them more. They could then go on to do save the country stuff Having established their pedigree.

Carlos said on Mario Radio that Tony’s escape from jail and why was gunna be explained in episode 8 last night. But it didn’t happen. Is that because of a editing issue or changing things last minute?

Christine Brahney Aria MD
March 21, 2017 at 4:28 pm
Guys. The plot is thin. And meandering. Antagonists should have been the Russians. Ties the past to present. 24 was always cutting edge. This is not. Bring Chloe back. Somehow get Moscow involved. And save Jack. Please.

Something else I just caught –

Jadalla goes on and on about how, what, 200 times 14 casualties all at once will simply overwhelm the government. Really? How bad is that next to the time suicide bombings happened for three months straight, topped off by a fucking nuke going off at Six Flags? Or the time there was an ebola outbreak that killed 2,000+ in the same city?

I know the ship has long since sailed but it seriously aggravates me how quick the writers are to just brush past events that, in real life, could potentially lead to the breakdown of society. America in 24 should be a dystopian hellhole after what it’s been through. I don’t know exactly how they could do it better, but I always thought it would be interesting to see SOME sort of acknowledgement of that in the overarching story – really lean into the fact that the loss of life in 24land has been so staggering compared to ours. One reason I loved Deadline (the novel) is that it actually did a little world-building by bringing up some of those past attacks.

Lmao guys, look at how pathetic Justin is on this private FB group for 24: Legacy. Nobody likes him there either!

First he tries to rally the troops to come here and defend the show after being butt hurt about negative comments:

Then says there is “nothing wrong” with the show. Nothing!

Funniest of all. “24 is a show that I love dearly and to me like a friend who gets bullied” .. LMAO


“the show is very good and a discussion will not change my views”

the kicker.. Justin says “I try and keep things as positive as possible as we do have the creators on here as members. So we need to be careful of anything bad that gets said on here TBH”

and “people need to be careful of how negative their opinions can get when three producers on here are members”

hahahaha this is so pathetic man

Some people are just born bootlickers…

Justin wants a job at 24

That’s the only explanation innit?

The head terrorist loudmouth guy wears way too much eye makeup. It is distracting and not realistic.

I’ve read they do sometimes wear kohl around their eyes. Maybe they were trying to be realistic?

I was happy to see a member of the cast break another chair. I think this is the 3rd strategic breaking of a chair over the course of the show’s run!

how did Tony escape from prison? Who broke Tony out? And why?

Tony asked the US Government if he could get out of prison. The Government said “NO”

So Tony broke out of prison.

Now Tony is helping the US Government.

Seems schizophrenic.

There must be more to the story. Perhaps the writers should write a 12 episode format about THAT. It seems to get more interest than this 24 Legacy plot.

So far, it just doesn’t make sense the way Tony was brought back.
Many Coto said it was a natural way, but Rebecca should have nothing to do with Tony. The only plausible way is before season 5. After that, Tony “died” and when he returned he’s a freelancer.

This becomes much more bizarre when we look at past seasons. Jack has done nothing close to what Tony did. A lot of people had big resistance of calling for Jack’s help. Remember how much Renee had to justify herself… Very often, Jack would need to beg to be kept in the loop. Driscoll fired Jack, etc. There are many examples.

The need for enhanced interrogation out from CTU is also complete bizarre. Mullins approved an ex-prisioner to interrogate a suspect. It just doesn’t make sense.

Maybe in Legacy season 2 they will call Jadalla to handle the interrogation of the next person to be interrogated. Maybe Tony had killed many more, have done much worse, than Jadalla did. There are

Someone also pointed out correctly that very bizarre the gangster and/or drug dealers went in the compound saving the day, and CTU’s Head of Field Ops was standing still, with no move.

Anyone know what happened to Mary? Used to love reading her in-depth comments here.

No idea, unfortunately.