24: Legacy Episode 3 Discussion
24: Legacy Episode 3 Discussion

What did you think of the 24: Legacy Episode 3?

The third episode of 24: Legacy has just finished airing and we want to know what you thought. This hour was written by Howard Gordon & Leigh Dana Jackson (a new addition to the writing team who came from Sleepy Hollow and other shows). It was directed by Jon Cassar (who also directed last week’s episode).

So what did you think of the new cast and show? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 3?

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it online and in the FOXNOW app tomorrow.


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I wonder where they’re going with the plot involving John Donovan’s dad. I hope its not too recycled since we already had Philip and Graem Bauer be evil. I wonder what his motives are since he didn’t seem like he wanted to give up the Rangers to the terrorists. Maybe they’re being blackmailed by the terrorists?

So of course they had Nilaa being framed. I guess the writers believe there’s nothing suspicious about Huma Abedin?

There is nothing suspicious about Huma Abedin.

I knew it … I knew it…I knew it. Henry Donovan is working with the terrorists. As I said previously on this site, I bet he was one of the anonymous “Go to Meeting” cabal from season 7. And that will be the tie in with Tony Almeida. This season will expose the cabal and Tony will assist Carter in taking them out.

Boy I hate watching this one episode per week. Binge watching is the only way to watch a series.

If that ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is.

Very intense. …


We cannot part without posing a vital question: Could Jack ever return to 24? “It’s been discussed,” Gordon admits with a wry grin. “It won’t be this season, but it would be wonderful if somewhere down the road Jack’s story intersected with this one. I’d love it if somewhere down the line that could happen.”

The teacher/student storyline is the absolute WORST and Aisha is the one character I hate the most but I’m hoping for a cat fight between her and Nicole.

Seriously might be the 2nd worst storyline in the history of 24 after the cougar of course

That does tie into the main plot with the terrorists and this is a realistic threat, especially with Chechen terrorists. The worst plotline was probably the ones with Alan Miliken and Keith Palmer which didn’t link back into the main plot in any way, though the cougar stuff kinda counts too though it at least has to do with her trying to escape the city before the nuke goes off. That is kinda like the Aisha plotline though Eric Carter will probably rely on his brother again.

I don’t really see the problems with the Keith Palmer storyline. Didn’t think it had to directly link to the main plot. Not everything needed to be tied like a cobweb I think its indirectly tied given that it’s just another issue put on Palmer on this already insane day and he’s just been pulled in a different direction. As far as sideplots go I don’t have any problem with that one. I also don’t mind having a few things to think about watching the show.

I also think they didn’t really need to set this season in Washington, D.C. again since they did that in Season 7. Since it was filmed in Atlanta and has all new characters they can just have it take place in Atlanta too, with Jimmy Smits’s character being a Georgia Senator running for President.

But at least Atlanta isn’t as glaringly difference than the DC area like Los Angeles where Season 7 was mostly filmed.

No because it makes sense for it to be set in Washington DC because of Tony Almeida’s time spent there when we last saw him, and his return this season means he hasn’t moved implausibly. Also related to this, I really like 24marathonman’s theory about Henry Donovan being part of the unknown prion-variant cabal from season 7, and that Tony would help Carter expose him and the rest of the group. It would be an amazing fan-serviced tie-in to the original series, and help Tony turn back to the light side in the process. It could even go as far as being used to bring back Chloe and Jack, who we could see after the time jump in the final episode (which we now know is happening). I take my hat off to the 24 fans who have been hounding Howard Gordon and the team about filling in the plot gaps of season 7 ever since it aired so they didn’t forget about it. Now all these years later, we may finally get an understanding of those shadowy figures from the past.

Yes, and also in future seasons of 24 Legacy, we need justice served to Mandy and Charles Logan. That would be a great tie in to the original 24 to close out the story lines of those villains who escaped justice. Remember, 24 LAD closed out much of the story-lines for the characters from season 4-6(James Heller, Audrey, Cheng). (BTW, before 24 LAD started, I predicted Cheng would be in 24 LAD and most on this site thought I was crazy)

Logan already got the fate he deserved.

I have a fanfic story where Mandy turns out to be the primary villain and there is a satisfying showdown between her and Jack.

We are STILL wondering what happened to Behrooz! That’s the real unanswered question! The deleted scenes are NOT canon! We also don’t know if Mitch Anderson survived after his plane was shot down – he very well may have ejected and survived. Also President Suvarov’s fate is known too.

This was not good.

I watched episode 3 in Curacao, so I don’t know if this observation is universal. There was a narrator, a female’s flat delivery, explaining details as the plot progressed. The details were more like a screenplay script (“so-and-so rubs his chin,” “the screen is split,” “Carter shoots at…” These are details that we can see, trivial for the most part, and very annoying as the plot progresses. Was this a mistake? I missed episode 1, and do not remember such a narrator in episode 2.

Can anybody clarify this?

This was definitely not in the US broadcast.

I just got a chance to watch episode 3 and I am beginning to lose some interest because of the liberal political aganda being blatantly thorwn in our faces. So far we’ve had the eliteness of the 1%, how stupid and/or bad white males are, black race discrimination, and gay rights inequalities. I’m sure they will portray Jimmy Smits’ charater and his Muslum campain manager as innocent victims whos lives and careers are destoyed by old, gray-haired white guys. In the end they will probably have Jack being able to tunnel out from the Russian prison because gobal warming has caused the ground to thaw and the foundations crumble. This is an entertainment show. Leave the real-life political crap out of it, both liberal and conservative. I can get all I want of both sides from cable news. It just distracts from an otherwise excellent show.

That being said, I think these first 3 episodes have done a very good job of setting up the charaters and direction of the story line. Like others have said, this looks like it will link back to season 7 and perhaps season 2, a way to bring Tony back and tie up loose ends. I stil think thru Tony and Mariana Stiles they will link Chole into to this for a small role. I’ll keep watching unless the “political correctness” get unbearable.

Two characters being gay means the show is tackling gay rights?

How stupid and bad white males are? I’m guessing no more or less stupid and bad than past white characters on the show have been (or other races).

Manny Coto is one of the executive producers and creator. The last thing he’s doing is pushing a “liberal agenda.”

24 has always been political. The pendulum has always shifted from left to right throughout the show’s run. Why is it only a problem now?

I agree even though I don’t get the 1% part. The liberal elites are actually the biggest Hillary supporters.

I do hope they have the Islamic terrorists as the true villains and not have them just be pawns in a larger plan. Seasons 2 and 8 both had the Islamic terrorists ultimately working for someone else (like the Russians in Season 8). Season 6 and Live Another Day just shifted the focus to different villains which I didn’t mind as much. I’m still waiting for them to have left-wing domestic terrorists as bad guys.

This season really has to improve I am not sure where they are going with student getting so called killed storyline as its the weakest part of this show. Still waiting for tony to turn up and also what’s with the jealous girlfriend of issac new kim bauer role . The show excels in the action scenes but the drama has to improve.

Is Mandy the reflection at the ATM machine?

Or did they fabricate the reflection to make it look like Nilaa?

Just watched Episode 3 for the second time (on FOXNOW), and I think it is very good! I like it better now then when I watched live last Monday. There is lots of tension building in all of the sub plots: Issac and Nicole about to get killed by Aisha and her friends, terrorists have retrieved the thumb drive, Nilaa is being set up by Henry Donovan, and Keith Mullins will for sure will want to kick Rebecca out of CTU and Drew is not dead and headed to the hospital with Amira waiting for the right time to finish him off. Hey this is 24! Welcome back.

Can’t wait for Tony! Do we know which episode he will first appear? Maybe Rebecca will get trapped in a shoot out and she will call the “only person I can trust” and just in the nick of time at the end of the episode Tony appears with guns ablazein’ to save the day (just like in Season 4).

I don’t know how they will explain Tony appearing other than as a bad guy given how he killed all those FBI agents in Season 7. I think that pushed him beyond redemption and he can never be a sympathetic character again. I didn’t like what they did with Tony’s character and should have just left him and Michelle Dessler out of the show after Season 4, let them live happily ever after.

I vehemently disagree. What they did with Tony was a master-stroke and it paved the way for Jack’s own fall from grace in season 8. It was brilliant (albeit cynical) work.

listen guys 24 has always been nostalagic…especially to us real 24 fans…so a story line or a sub story in a 24 plot always delivers…the cougar scene delivered us one of the finest moments in 24 history with jack saying bye to kim…..so patience is always a virtue in 24… I learnt that from season 2…with the marie warner and kate warner story line………its what makes 24 beautiful….I love this season that being said…love what the writers are doing and where they are going with this…you guys do realise the show killed off pretty much everyone we loved…but now we have Almeida………

Something tells me that this arms dealer that they are looking for is actually Tony since Starkwood was also mentioned. Gabriel is probably just an alias.

And who knows if there will be a season 2, but I think we’ll get our Jack closure regardless. When everything is resolved, news will come out that Jack escaped the Russian prison and has disappeared. Tony will remind everyone that no one will ever find him. And then the clock ticks to noon, leaving it open ended.