What did you think of 24: Legacy Episode 7?

The seventh episode of 24: Legacy had the long-awaited and much hyped return of Tony Almeida. This one was written by Tony Basgallop and directed by Jon Cassar. It’s Cassar’s final episode this season as director.

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Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 7?

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it online and in the FOXNOW app tomorrow.


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I was seriously waiting for the first “Alright” from TONY and I got it. yessssssss… This was classic 24 nuff said.

I was rather hoping that Tony would play into the A plot a bit more. As it was he really only had one scene (with dialogue) which was a let down.
Also, this isn’t a knock on the man’s incredible talents but I can’t help but notice that Sean Callery is repeating a lot of his old music cues. The music that played when Carter’s wife and brother drove away at the end of the episode reminded me an awful lot of Jack’s last scenes at the end of season 8 and LAD.

Call me biased but even the short 5 minutes of time with Tony was more compelling to watch than the 20 minutes of screen time with Carter or Andy. Geesh, those guys are bland….

Sean Callery’s music is awesome! There was a bit of “Reviving Jack” there at the end when the hostage switch happened. Powerful stuff.

Yes, it is nice to hear familiar music at just the appropriate moments. Callery does a great job.

It wasn’t appropriate.
All it did was remind me of times when 24 had real emotions and stakes. Not some “”””drama”””” that feels forced and staged.
Like, they were arguing for 5 minutes in front of terrorists (who could shot those idiots any moment since Eric wasn’t paying any attention) about “should I go without you or not”. With this heartfelt music from Season 4’s amazing finale.
It was borderline comical, like something from a Naked Gun movie.

Samurai Snake, I felt the same. When that kind of music was used in the original 24 was really emotional, we cared for the characters. I felt, in some way, that the music used didn’t belong to Eric or those characters on screen. The hole drama in the original series was created slowly over several seasons.

It’s interesting that even Sean Callery’s music, which has been something like a good character in the original, it’s been misplaced at least once in Legacy.

Obs: i’m just no sure if the music was used in season 4’s finale. I watch part of it and I didn’t find it.

Although there is one plothole…After Michelle died, Tony went bad until shortly before Day 7. Nobody knew he was alive except for Emerson and his crew, then Bill and Chloe at a later date. How would he have fit in a relationship with Ingram in there? Unless there is some history that is going to be explored. .

Isn’t the idea that Tony would have worked with Ingram in some capacity during his days as Director of CTU?

Wonder if Rebecca winds up being the mole.

I hope not since I just watched Homeland season 5!

#1) “After Michelle Died” can be at any moment up until the present. You need to remember that we have had at least 2 presidents (8 years) between those events and now.

#2) I am sure that he was not surrounded by all men between Michelle’s death, and the events of Blue Sky.

March 14, 2017 at 12:15 am
But Tony worked underground with Emerson between days 5 and 7 and then spent the remaining years in prison until six months before Legacy.

No, it cannot have been any moment until the present. Tony said two things which give us a rough time frame.

1) “It was a long time ago”
2) “she met Donovan, and that was that”

We know from the first episode that Rebecca has been with Donovan for at least four years. She told Mullins that “the party asked John to run four years ago, he said no because of me. He knew I couldn’t track Bin-Khalid and work on his campaign at the same time.”

Tony was imprisoned right after Day 7 and we know from 24: Solitary that Tony had been in solitary confinement for eight years.

24: Solitary took place only six months before Legacy meaning their relationship had to have been before Tony was in prison – sometime between Day 5 and Day 7.

Hi 24 Spoilers, I’m just wondering if you have any information regarding how Tony got out of prison?


March 14, 2017 at 6:58 am
I guess we should keep in mind we only ever see a single day. Who knows what Tony was up to in the five and a half years between Michelle’s death and his arrest. He worked for Emerson, but Tony could easily have reached out to Rebecca like he reached out to Bill & Chloe. Rebecca may not have even been aware Tony was doing bad shit. 5 years is a long time, almost six even. A lot can happen, even when you’re presumed dead by most people and working with bad guys.

I though about the same thing. But between day 5 and 7, Tony was running Emerson’s crew – as it he explained to Jack in Day 7 Episode 4. Emerson was the one who bring Tony back – Tony was dead for 10 minutes and they injected an hypothermic compound to revive him. Emerson, along with Christopher Henderson cooperation to intentionaly miss Tony’s artery, was responsible for bring Tony back.

Between Day 5 and 7 it’s the only time frame it could work out for what he heard in the Legacy, but it does not make much sense also. Tony was in a dark place, everyone though he was dead – than the date someone that in the future would turn to be director of CTU? Rebecca must be dirty too – if that’s the case, no else better than her to be the mole. But really?

Maybe she helped set up the Deep Sky thing with Chloe and Bill Buchanan, not knowing that he had his own agenda and would betray them in Season 7.

Justin Urciuoli
March 13, 2017 at 9:08 pm
24 Spoilers, I think Jon Cassar directed Episodes 10 and 11 as well of this season.

No, he has stated on instagram that this is his last episode for the season.

I feel the Bin-Khalid crisis will be dealt with by next hour.

I sure hope so. Jadalla is the worst villain in 24 series history imo.

Totally agree – he looks like a spoiled preppie from an Ivy league. Hard to take him seriously as someone who’d command an entire cell just on his father’s reputation alone.

But in the context of the rest of the cast, it’s par for the course…..

He’s not great but I’d have to say Gredenko is still the worst recurring villain.

My top 5 worst villains.

1. Cheng
2. Binker Lead
3. Marwank
4. Phillip Bauer
5. Gredenko

Cheng is only bad in season 6 and Arnold Vosloo is great as Marwan even if they dragged him out too long. Phillip Bauer is poor but surely you’d have Farhad Hassan on the list, possibly worse then Gredenko now that I think about it.

My gripe with Cheng is that it was an incredibly stupid decision to make him a villain in the first place. When he was just a ruthless Chinese agent wanting to bring Jack to justice, that was fine… in fact it was pretty cool to have Jack at the mercy of someone who was just as ruthless as he was.

But to satisfy fan bloodlust, they turned Cheng into a Chinese Blofeld who wants to blow up the world, not only that, he just happened to be working in cahoots with another foreign government official who had a legitimate reason to see Jack bought to justice (what are the odds?!?). So basically, anyone who wants Jack to account for his misdeeds ends up being a genocidal maniac.

Utterly contrived and insulting to anyone that isn’t a complete turkey. FUCK Cheng, and every other character in LAD… and that includes Jack himself.

Sorry President Heller… and perhaps Belcheck I didn’t mean you!

Hold on, Cheng was made a “villain” in season 6, when he called Jack to trade Audrey for the Bomb’s sub-circuit board. Sure, they went further in LAD, but the damage was already made.

If it’s to analize characters like this, what about Logan? He was presented as someone weak. In season 8, sudden he is a mastermind, completely changing the games between Taylor and the Russians. But Logan, neverthless, was a great character and villain, especially in day 8.

I don’t mind Cheng all that much. He just wasn’t the villain that should have ended Jack’s story.

yeah we agree on that one. And I think it still goes back to the 12 episode format, If they had 24 hours like past seasons they could have built up a super villain , probably someone from jack’s past before CTU, We know nothing of Jack’s past before he was recruited to CTU . I wouldn’t mind a Henderson of sorts or maybe someone from his special forces days that would have been cool, but as the episodes were fewer and then the Audry/Heller connection I think that just made them go with the easy route

This is kind of interesting, because 24 episodes could be seen as a problem – to many episodes, writers can’t see the end of the tunnel.
But 12 episodes written in the same way they have written 24 might be a problem too – not enough time to make a descent transition to characters. With only 12 episodes, they should start building the main villain from the ep1 – some sorte of a big arc, instead of changing who is behind the threat.

Judging by LAD and Legacy (with LAD being better than Legacy so far), I don’t think they’ve been so successful writing 12 episodes, as they were with 24. Or it’s just a coincidence and they’re not creatively as they were in the original series.

hahaha that’s about right with mine as well but XAM I have to disagree on Habib . He was I think in my opinion the best terrorist on the show ever. Arnold Vosloo is a beast mate. No other terrorist reached the milestones this dude reached including not getting killed by Bauer another record

I don’t have a problem with Arnold Vosloo as such, it’s just that most of day 4 consisted of

Track Marwan to warehouse – Marwan escapes “DAMMIT!” – Track Marwan to second warehouse – Marwan escapes “DAMMIT!” rinse, repeat.

These are problems with the seasons writing themselves not the villains who were all at least more interesting than this one

hahaha yeah I know what you mean, This all takes us back to the conversation of Legacy and how much the writers wanted to do things abit differently which I like.

What about Dubaku as the worst villain? I mean, maybe not the character itself, but the actor’s interpreation was completely iconic. He just hide Juma for almost 13 episodes even if Juma was much better and beliavable character than Dubaku.

No the worst villain by far is Ahhhhkkkkmed Amar!!!! I think his part of unintentionally funny especially how he says “It’s not what I want to do, it’s what I have to do. I am a soldier.” I simply can’t take that actor seriously as a terrorist after watching him in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Van Wilder, and Rise of Taj.

Another very good episode! That’s 3 in a row now. This is the first episode that really left you begging to see the next episode. This is very good stuff after a slow first 4 episodes. The suspense is now really building in classic 24 fashion.

As mentioned by 24Nathan, there is some thing not right about Tony’s and Rebecca’s relationship “after Michele died” ….unless Rebecca was working with Emerson (perhaps as an undercover agent).

I must say Eric Carter is now getting some legs under his character. He is now much more interesting to watch than in the early episodes.

The timeline seems about off. Wasn’t Rebecca working at CTU back when she met Tony? I thought Tony was presumed dead until season 7 (I haven’t rewatched season 7 since it aired, so I can’t remember).

He was, yes.


Aah, but which branch of CTU?

Tony said in Season 7 that when they hauled off his body after dying in Season 5, one of Emerson’s crew revived him, took and nursed him back to health. So it is fair to assume that immediately after season 5 Tony was in continuous company with Emerson’s group. Can’t see how Rebecca would be involved with Tony unless she was in Emerson’s group. Like someone said no one know he was alive.

So they have a lot of explaining to do!

I have a feeling no such explanation will be provided.

But what about the “Deep Sky” underground CTU with Tony, Chloe, and Buchanan? Is it possible Rebecca was part of that group? Though I think Chloe confirmed it was just the three of them. I have to rewatch S7 Ep 4 again.

To be honest though, I think the writers just goofed and didn’t really look into their own timeline. Tony’s storyline is admittedly pretty convoluted at this point.

You may be right although one of the writers/producers said they do consult the 24 wiki because it is so hard to remember everything. 24 wiki’s biography on Tony would have all the details if they had consulted it.

24Spoilers, you’re right. In S7 Ep 4, Jack asked to Bill, Chloe and Tony, “outside of the three of you, Who else is involved in this operation?” Chloe said “it’s just us. this it”.

You’re very right. Tony’s timeline is bogus so far. The only possible explanation is for Rebecca to work for Emerson. How does she would work for Emerson’s crew? I mean, she is a director, she is not a mercenary or someone that works in the field presumably.

Or tony lied to Sidra.

Tony had a relationship with Cara Bowden, why not also this Rebecca woman? Perhaps even in the same (Deep Sky) time period… Tony was not faithful to the Jenny Slater with Michelle in an earlier season, and vice versa. Tony got around and didn’t like being alone, used women to serve his purposes.

Speaking of Cara Bowden, was the main conduit between the mutually anonymous organizers (Jonas Hodges and Alan Wilson) and company, and worked closely with Tony Almeida. Cara Bowden, was not mentioned in your list of Deep Sky, but he had time to be involved with Cara. I am sure that we will learn more about Rebecca in the episodes to come. Season 6 influenced a lot of what is in this 24 Legacy; sadly.

Another explanation may be that Tony has not told the whole truth about his past to Sidra. She may think he has been an off book operative for CTU for a long time and she knows nothing of his evil past.

Yes, that would make sense.

Rebecca worked for CTU at an unspecified time, probably up until right before this season begins, when John started his campaign. Remember the Yemen attack was only weeks or months ago. We don’t know how long she and John had been together. She could have had a fling with Tony right after he escaped from prison, or maybe before he got involved with Emerson. Or maybe there’s something shady about how Tony and her are connected.

Yea the back story of Tony and Rebecca bothered me as well. Also this may seem like a stupid question but was there only 1 CTU branch, or were there other CTU branches across the US. I could be wrong but I thought they said CTU was shut down in Season 7 which is why we only had the FBI. CTU started up again in season 8 which was in NY. So let say there is only 1 CTU branch which means Rebecca would have to of been director of CTU after season 8. Now Tony has been in prison since the end of season 7. So, how long and when was Rebecca director at CTU? If anyone knows i cannot remember. The only time line Tony and Rebecca would fit would be before he went to prison. I think the writers messed up on Tony’s timeline.

I think it has been established that C.T.U have had multiple branches throughout the country in the past. When the agency was reconstituted after season 7 (by Rob Weiss) as a trial, it’s safe to assume other branches opened up soon after.

Weird that this is Cassar’s last of the season. When he signed on, it was reported that he was doing 6 of the 12.

The next 2, are by Bronwen Hughes (the first woman to direct the show). Wonder who’s handling 10 & 11 then…

I know that Stephen Hopkins is directing the finale.

Yep, that much is true. Would love it if 10 & 11 were by Ian Toynton (the guy who did the Mason nuke/Chappelle’s sacrifice eps). He was a producing director on Bones, but as that wrapped up sometime last year (IIRC), I think he may’ve been free to take these up.

Or hell, if Hopkins did the last 3, even better. Milan Cheylov’s the point man on Rosewood, so getting him may’ve been hard (but not impossible). Brad Turner’s doing Shannara in New Zealand, which also would’ve been tricky to work around.

The direction is ALWAYS better when Jon Cassar isn’t in the chair. When I thought back on my favourite post-s1 episodes (including the ones you mentioned), I checked on the director and it was never Cassar.


what direction elements you can point out that are better when Cassar isn’t in the chair? I’m not questioning your comment, just want to learn more about direction styles.

A friend of mine has commented that Legacy’s photography is completely different of the original. The original had shadows, close takes with an unfocused background, so on. The Legacy is the opposite: wide takes, more lights on it. And Legacy uses 30 fps videos instead 24 fps of original series.

I just rewatched the last 11 episodes from season 3. That Chappelle episode was amazing.

Season 3 had such an incredible stretch of episodes near the end there. Nina’s death, the hotel arc, Chappelle’s death, the Tony/Michelle stuff, the hostage exchange with F18’s, Sherry finally being killed, Jack almost tossing Jane into the contaminated hotel, Chase’s arm being chopped off… I even liked the ending with Jack crying in the car.

I appreciate that season more each time I rewatch it.

Season 3 was great in totality. I loved how it established Tony as the mirror image of Jack and set a precedent for his actions in season 7.

My favorite stretch of episodes was the first 6 or so of Season 4 starting with Jack and Audrey together and ending with Heller’s rescue, that also included the Behrooz and Dina Araz storyline too.

I also really liked the first 4 episodes of Season 6.

First 6 of season was really fantastic. I miss the way it felt when I first watched. The first 4 episodes of season 5 was great too.

Yeah I think the final 11 from season 3 are the best episodes in the series.

AWESOME SHOW. This is the make or break of 24 right here. these next two episode because if 24 drops after this episode with Tony in it. It’s over. But if it skyrockets, it’s safe to assume, 24 will only come back if they bring Tony, Chloe, or even Kate Morgan to go rescue Jack or something. Thoughts??

That would be great… except FUCK Kate Boregan!

Loved the episode and Tony’s return. Unless Jadalla pulls a Marwan and escapes, he’ll probably be taken out real soon. As for Tony, I wonder how he and Carter will cross paths. Hopefully, Tony isn’t the baddie after Jadalla is done.

And here is the real question. Do you think that Jack Bauer will be mentioned at some point in the Tony arc? Or I just get a feeling that Jack will be back in episode 12 in a dramatic fashion to put his story to rest since this show might not continue for another season. Either that or Tony is on the path for redemption and will not feel better until he decides to save Jack. The final minutes of the season/series will be Tony, Sidra, and Carter announcing a mission to Russia.

That makes me extremely ****ing happy. Thanks for pointing that out!


Tony Almeida’s return was outstanding in the episode and I can’t figured out whether he’s good, bad or both.

Few things…

1) Why would they destroy the flash drive? Aren’t the sleeper cells still out there, ready to strike at any time?

Shouldn’t they want to find these people and arrest them before they can ever carry out their attacks?

2) How the fuck did Tony escape a life sentence or the death penalty, and why has there been no explanation given about this?

Uffff. I hope the people who clamored for his return are happy,…because his return is bullshit.

Have you seen 24: Solitary? That provides a little insight, but I’m hoping additional information will be revealed in the next week or two.

Did the writers forget about Season 7? I’m confused.

How does Tony go from killing FBI agents and all the other awful things he did back in Season 7 to working with CTU (for money!) trying to stop terrorists in Legacy?

I realize that Tony is a popular character, but come on! The writing is weak as fuck. At least find some credible way to bring him back

24: Solitary…?

From what I watched, it sounded like Rebecca just reached out to an old acquaintance familiar with CTU protocols but who could work under the radar – which Tony does. I didn’t find it a leap although having a crew ready and waiting for the order did make me wonder more about what the writers will come up with in explaining Tony’s time since S7.

Is it just me, or am I missing something here? I thought this was a very lackluster episode with very little direction or focus. It felt like there was a lot of filler to cover the time slot. Tony’s much anticipated and super hyped entrance seem to fall a little flat. I mean he has a ongoing working organization in place that’s been doing jobs for Ingram (she refers to it as, “my people”). The last we saw of Tony, he was in solitary confinement with a plan to escape. Did he actually escape, get paroled, have his sentence commuted, given a pardon, or what? How did he get in the good graces of the government? How does Tony go from life in solitary confinement to this?

There needs to be a lot of explanations provided. When a character from the past comes back they bring their backstory and history with them. Here, the writers seem to have chosen to ignore that. Also, I think Tony needs Jack to play off of in order to be a great character, much like Scottie Pippen needed Michael Jordan to become a great NBA player.

24:Solitary didn’t really provide much of anything except the possibility/plan of him escaping from prison.

That still doesn’t answer any of these questions, though.

It seems that the writers forget about Season 7. OR, they simply didn’t care and brought Tony back out of desperation (likely the correct answer). In that case, why not bring him back in a credible way?

Even David Fury has no idea what’s going on.


What a joke this season has been.

The first 6 episodes have been good in all honesty. But I feel that their desperation to bring Tony back will cause the second half to suck hard.

As Fury said, even he’s confused. That’s embarrassing!

What a sin it is to bring Tony back like this, completely ignoring the previous seasons.


Read this interview about Tony’s character. Don’t worry, we’ll get a lot more of Tony and we’ll find out next week what happened with his prison sentence. And I’m glad Tony is not around just as an interrogation expert. Carter and Tony seem to be on a collision course. I hope that’s not a bad thing.

That’s slightly reassuring.

Do we know if he’s a free man or did he escape from prison?
Well, you find out in, I believe, in the eighth episode.

I wouldn’t mind the other blunder about his relationship with Rebecca (after Michelle’s death) if they can find a credible way to explain how Tony is out of prison and now working with CTU. You can’t just forget Season 7. No f’n way.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Bring tony back wasn’t the bad thing but the casting & this spin off in gen was not to mention there’s zero consistentce…….

Somebody (I think it was Tony) took off their mask immediately after entering the vehicle. Did anyone else catch this? What was the point in wearing the mask to begin with?

Because Tony’s team smoked henery out of the vehicle using what looked like tear gas they had to be protected & coutious. & wasn’t there supposed to be a jack reference still? Anyway that’s the point for all of em wearing masks……

“protected & coutious”



Seriously, I still don’t get why masks were worn in the first place if they could be torn off the second they got in the car. Were they worried about being exposed prior to getting into the vehicle? I guess I will never get it.

On a side note, I was curious if anyone had difficulty watching the TV show on the FOX website? Every about 10 min the show would freeze and I would have to hit F5, then I was treated to an Oprah Winfrey deal-a-meal commercial, then the show would come back.

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 4:36 am
Loved seeing Tony Almeida back tonight. Also another awesome episode. Loving the new cast. Eric Carter, Rebecca, Andy, Keith, Henry and John are all doing fantastic jobs. Great acting. Writers are doing an awesome job. Yes I miss Jack Bauer and Chloe, but 24 Legacy is awesome.

I don’t miss Chloe in the slightest. The new mincing fairy tech guy is a much more endearing character. Still though, BOTH were better than the knock-off Orlando Bloom from LAD.

I really think they should’ve trimmed the main cast, there’s way too many bland characters who don’t do anything but need to appear due to screen time.

Female Styles is just terrible, Mullins is basically useless, they should’ve just made Rebecca CTU Director who was wrapping up in her last two weeks or something. Needs to be a good twist With Henry Donovan I think to justify all the stuffing around earlier. Andy had the potential to be a decent character (is better then the others I’ve named) but some of the writing has led to him being weaker then previous counterparts.

I’m hoping Tony’s return leads to an increase in ratings and they realise to have success without Kiefer they need to at the very least have a decent amount of returning characters. Not very optimistic though, expecting them to just shelve it again after this season. The mistake they made in the original show from Season 4 onwards was they reset the cast way too much meaning there’s not really many standout characters left to choose from aside from Chloe, Tony and Jack.

James Morrisson/Bill Buchanon said a similar thing to you, about how killing off well loved characters – only to replace them with inferior copies – is pointless.

Didn’t watch the first 6 episodes, just came back for Tony. Now I am grateful that they brought Tony back, but honestly, not in this way. As he himself said to Heller in Season 4, he is a decision maker, not a programmer. Tony should not be back just to interrogate or torture some terrorist, he should be affecting, even leading the storyline. It seems to me that the writers are bringing Tony back simply because they want Tony back on the camera, not in the story, and that’s not gonna satisfy fans like me.
And besides, I don’t think they would bother to explain Tony’s stupid relationship with Rebecca or mysterious return from breaking out of prison. I don’t know if the writers are the same as before, if they are not, I’m starting to think that they haven’t watched the previous seasons at all.
Really disappointed of Tony’s return. More disappointed of Fox.

If the franchise is to continue then they really need to bring in new writers to lead the charge. Coto, Gordon, Fury and the gang all seem burned out at this point, falling back on the same old tropes and character archetypes that have filled the show since day 1 which was 16 years ago. The show really needs a drastic shake-up.

It does brother… badly!

You see syrupy quotes on the internet/on bits of wood about how “each day is a new gift” or “each new day is a blank sheet of paper”. 10 seasons of 24, 10 days of endless possibilities. Yet instead of creating new, unique and exciting days, instead they thought “who’s going to be the mole this year” and “what’s going to be the terror threat?”, “how are we getting Jack back into CTU?” and “who is our president this year?”

People have speculated in the past about what the next seasons story will be. After seasons 4 and 8 people thought the next season would involve Jack on the run and fighting for his life, after seasons 5 and LAD people thought the follow up would be Jack breaking out of China/Russia… but no. If we’re expecting an “escape from Russia” plot for Jack, we’d better get our expectations in check, because if we’re ever going to see Jack again it will be the usual “Jack is back because attacks are happening” shit.

Agree, when I’m uploading clips on my 24 channel. (24MegaFan) I often feel like I’m putting the same title / description for different scenes with only different names.

I’m liking Legacy in some ways but the more I think of it I’m cringing how all their “cliffhangers” have become. Like did anyone actually loose their shit when Bin guy said about killing his wife – no it just felt dumb. Carter’s doing his best but I feel the writing is the worst of everything. People praise the writers on this show so much but they gotta get more talent in that room.
“Season 5 went well, let’s repeat that for the next 10 years making a staler copy each time” Ugghhh.

Someone made a point which made me appreciate S8 more: They are just playing Jack Bauer’s greatest hits for one last time.
Yeah but then, they did it one more time, and then another.

Thought the whole point of Legacy was to switch things up but they removed the guys we loved and left the shit we hated. (Tony exception of course, but putting him in was a no brainier)

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 5:32 pm
they do have some new writers on the show this season

I’m disappointed by the spin off but what else is there to say kiefer chose to leave & the decision was made to continue without out him. If this is how their going to run the franchise without jack then by all means please just let us see how he gets outta Moscow & let that be that. Has the writers keep insisting…… I’d like to see the show continue but not like this. The cast sucks.

This does remind me of a bad spinoff of like Star Trek or Stargate or something like that – this spinoff feels very culty – if that makes sense?

Not a bad first hour with Tony

I’m sure all will be explained soon as we do have 5 episodes left :sigh:

This episode had all the elements of what I enjoy of 24 – Sean Callery’s music, the intensity, etc etc

But nothing beats Tony’s look….you know that look he gives ya when he’s serious – that interrogation scene with Henry was dope

I reckon Sidra is more than just a fuck-buddy too

I loved seeing Tony back again but i was kind of hoping to see more of him!
Also i agree with most of you:
-i hope they have brought him for more just than interrogate Henry (he could provide a lot more to the plot)
-there’re a lot things that need to be explained like how he broke out of prison and the background with Rebecca which has been confusing
-we need some reference to Jack too (i don’t believe their story was over, they need some kind of closure for both of their characters)

Well, Solitary explains how he broke out of prison: an escape route was listed in those glasses he took. I guess a lot of people weren’t aware of Solitary, judging by the comments here. I’m surprised so many never heard of it. Then again–it was only a blu ray feature for 24: LAD so I guess not many bought it.

That short still leaves so many unanswered questions about his escape.

Yes of course i’ve seen solitary ( any huge fan of 24 must have seen it) but still we need more answers…like how exactly did he make it? And who did help him getting through from the outside? Mercenaries? Maybe the government? …. i just say there are still some gaps that need to be filled or explained somehow…

Supposedly, they’re going to cover that in episode 8. Why they didn’t in episode 7 is beyond me.

I believe Jadalla’s story will be done soon now that he has come face to face with Carter, and the second story arc of this series might very well have Tony as the core of it.

This episode was more of a filler episode , to establish Tony back, set up the next episode I think will be awesome, why is everyone rushing to get to why Tony got outta jail, you can’t explain everything in one hour we have to be patient all will be revealed. I’m sure Emerson’s crew and that Rebecca back story are connected somehow but anyway I will be waiting for Monday. I’m glad Almeida is back . One other thing I liked yesterday was Eric, he was supreme last night with his acting skills kinda reminded me of season 1 Jack Bauer and I loved the scenes with Isaac and Nicole. so he finally confessed he still loves her that should be interesting considering that in true 24 fashion one of them will die that one I’m so sure, maybe even both haha

I hope most of the fans that tuned in last night specifically for Tony appreciated Carter in that episode, because it’s literally been his finest hour so far.

yeah he was really on point mate. I think these last hours will bring out the best in carter and hopefully the rest of the cast

I think Issac is most likely to die in the next episode

Nielsen ratings are delayed this week due to a power outage. No word yet on when they’ll be available.

One of the downsides to both Legacy and 24LAD: the real time format loses it’s appeal when all of the overnight hours are skipped.

The following is nothing more than one man’s opinion, and I have no desire to influence anyone, one way or the other. For those of you who enjoy the new season, right on! To me, Legacy is an insult to the number 24. What makes any show or film very good is the script writing, acting and characterization. I think the story in general is just terrible. It never leaves me thinking about who, what, where or when. It is so bland.

The acting is some of the worse that I have seen. Miranda Otto, no matter what the role, never changes her expressions, her look or her tone of voice. The other actors, and I mean every one of them, are so vanilla in their roles. One year from now, who will remember them? And the characters…they are, without exception, awful! The director of CTU…come on! There was Mason, Chappelle, Buchanan Jack, Tony, Driscoll. These are characters that we remember because, for good or evil, they made an impression on us. Take the villains in Legacy. How many of us even know their names? They have hardly made an appearance and the season is halfway over. In the first 8 seasons of 24, whether we loved or hated a character, they made a lasting impression on us. How much did we love the good guys and hate the bad guys. Oh how we loved David Palmer and despised Charles Logan! For the fans of 24, how long will the memory and hate for Nina Myers stay with us. 24 had so much passion. Legacy has none. And the idea of bringing Tony back half way through the series and throwing him into the story, having him magically appear when he was in prison for murder is just nonsensical. FOX has been saying for many a month that Tony will be back. What a stupid ploy just to attract viewers of 24.

Now for the clincher. For some folks, including myself, 24 WAS the best show ever. The one overriding element that made it so was Kiefer’s portrayal of Jack Bauer. For a span of almost 12 years, 8 seasons and over 200 hours, Kiefer WAS Jack Bauer and he was our hero. Two US presidents and some members of congress publicly spoke of Jack Bauer. No actor could have portrayed Jack as did Kiefer, and no character could, after 12 years, replace Jack. And therein sits the problem. The writers of Legacy want us to believe that Carter is another Jack. That he is tough, vulnerable, sensitive, and our hero. IT DOES NOT WORK! Carter may live or he may die, but, in reality, who cares!

What FOX should have done is to have created a new series, not have it take place in real time, not have named it 24, and not have an agency called CTU. Then it may have had a better reception because the fans of 24 would not be expecting a rebirth of 24. But now it is too late. The ratings are a joke and I would be shocked if the show is picked up for a 2nd season. And if it isn’t, do you realty care?

Agreed 100% with this. I’ve been rewatching some of the original series (final 11 episodes from season 3, first 15 of season 2). Legacy doesn’t even come close to that.. Also, I think it’s a shame that Legacy was originally conceived as an original series. Too bad they wound up turning it into a season of 24 instead.

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 5:27 pm
It was meant to be an original series, but the creators thought the idea would work as 24. I am loving 24 Legacy and the new characters.

I agree with you, Ronnie. Almost all of these characters are total duds.

Last week I had the idea to do a mid-season review of 24: Legacy. A few minutes into writing it, I stopped myself and thought “I’m already thinking about these characters way more than the writers ever did” and abandoned the idea. Might give it another shot now that I’m snowed in today due to a blizzard.

Please do. I always love hearing your opinions. Be sure to write how you would improve upon it if you would improve it.

Thank you – and that’s a great suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind when listing out my gripes (of which there are many).

I’d love to read it as well – please!

Kinda upsetting to see you so down on the show, admin – I’m enjoying it for what it is but I 100% understand why it’s letting people down. They had a great opportunity to come back with a completely blank slate but since the pilot (which I thought was terrific) it’s mostly fallen back onto all the same tropes we’ve seen before. Shame because I like all the actors and think there are a lot of potentially great characters here but it’s just not coming together. If there was ever a time to take a risk and do something completely off the wall compared to what came before, it was this – but they didn’t.

Sadly, I think most people pinning their hopes on Tony instantly turning the season around are in for a letdown. I expect he’ll be enjoyable but once that wears off we’ll still have the same issues we’ve always had. But who knows – if you’d asked me around halfway through Season 8 if the last eight would become my favorite 24 stretch ever, I’d have laughed at you. I feel like they were locked into a bum story arc the first half here, but maybe it will turn itself around.

Agreed with everything you stated! Well said and my sentiments EXACTLY!

One small thing, though–there was an indication given at the end of 24: Solitary that Tony was going to escape using the route in those glasses. HOW he accomplished this, though, is definitely a mystery–did someone open those doors for him at a specified time? Did he escape via the vents? That we don’t know.

Bottom line–24 Legacy is lame and I hate all the characters in it, except for Tony, of course.

And, as far as I’m concerned, some pompous Facebook 24 “fan club” doesn’t have the right to claim that any of us who hate this turd aren’t “true” 24 fans. Kiss my a** with that BS–I’m a 24 fan and I hate this imitation crap called Legacy that poor Tony is now forced to wade through.

They could do a season consisting entirely of Eric smacking one off in a field for 24 hours, and you wouldn’t be considered a true fan if you didn’t like it.

March 14, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Ah I’m such a child for laughing at this.

LOL! Very true!

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 5:30 pm
To be honest, 24 Legacy is loved by many. Just look on twitter, youtube, Facebook, etc. People are starting to love the new series and cast. The writing is awesome, I am loving the cast and stories as well. And Tony being back is even more amazing. I think ratings will improve and I think Fox will renew 24 Legacy for season 2 as they love the creators, show and its not doing terrible ratings overall. And they will have a different launch strategy as well. I can see 24 Legacy season 2 having all these new characters and a movie being made with Jack, Chloe and Kate and the two mediums feeding off of each other

As Kiefer said many times, when you open the door and do more 24, you risk to ruin its legacy.

I think if Kiefer was involved in this installment, it would probabaly a bit better – I think they wouldn’t featured it as new show, and would a event series, as LAD – but in some sense I glad Kiefer and Jack are not on board and this show is called 24:Legacy instead of just 24.

What made 24 great was the Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, David Palmer, Kim Bauer, George Mason, and Mandy dynamic. And 24: Legacy is a watered down version of 24 with no dynamic. But Tony is back. Yeah. And Tony was always better than Jack Bauer. And if season 2 happens it’ll succeed if only Tony is in it too.

Season 2 won’t succeed because it won’t happen. IF another season of 24 is made, it won’t be this Legacy turd.

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 5:25 pm
I think 24 Legacy will happen. Fox will give it a chance.

It seems most of the show’s most memorable characters were created by Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran. Coto didn’t join the show until season 5, and Katz was a consulting producer in the first half of season 2, and didn’t write his first episode until 2.12.


what about Howard Gordon? He has written episodes in Legacy and he is the only writer involved in all seasons, including LAD. He turned to be the showrunner in Season 5.
Although Coto and Katz showrunnered LAD, Gordon was the responsible for 24’s return – maybe it’s hint why LAD is better than Legacy.

LAD just look more “serious” and “real” than this Legacy – I am remembered often that this show looks low-budget for some reason I don’t know yet. Maybe photopraphy is different? Maybe it’s 30 FPS instead of 24 FPS, or maybe it’s just the writing, acting and production that it’s very different than the previous show.

I never could stand Kim. Hated her character and all of her stories.

To have Tony back in the picture so early in the episode was a bad surprise for me. Yes, we always knew he would appear in this episode, but the way it turned out why he was back, the total BS with Rebecca, the potential ‘conflict’ he’s going to have with his current girl, it was such lame and lazy writing and wasted what could have been such an epic return.

Sure Tony will get time to expand his story but right now, I’m praying hard that his return will somehow lead us back to his past and hopefully a potential reference to Jack. Right now, I can’t wait to get whatever storyline they have for Eric, Andy, Nicole, Isaac, Jadalla, Rebecca,the senator and his dad , to be over soon because it has been so predictable and lame. And it’s a shame Tony has been dragged into this too.

Here’s a though . Get this season done with. Bin it. Get Tony as the lead character next season for 24:Escape from Moscow or whatever continent they want to be in. Just finish this quickly, please.

The 10 minutes that Tony was in was the most interested I’ve been in any part of this season (and he hardly did anything!). Shows just how freaking bland and shallowly written the whole cast is, Isaac is probably the least bland one to me.

Not too sure what was going on with the meet up at the end. Went from the sun coming up to pitch black in a matter of seconds!

That’s a rehash alot of people seem to miss out on.

It always, always, always… without fail… no matter what time of year the day takes place on… it always, always… fucking always… gets dark in the 6-7pm hour…


Yeah it’s odd that it’s always in the same timeframe. And the start times have been pretty stale too. 6-8AM start times in 5 out of 8 seasons on the original 24. And Legacy/LAD starting one hour apart.

I’m inclined into what the writers are trying to achieve with these characters. You can only start from somewhere. 24 is a serialised show with 100% time constraints so they will always fall abit short in developing characters even in the past seasons it was the same with new characters let’s not be so downsided on these characters and forget that new characters always walk into the show since season 1. Characters like Bill buchanan came into the show 4 seasons in, chloe 3 seasons in , Audry 4 seasons in , Chase lasted a season, and then you have people like milo pressman who started the show left then he was brought back 5 seasons down the road. my point is Those characters had time to be developed unlike the 12 episode format. But the writers have done a good job to rekindle that magic of the show in bits , I’m hoping we can have a blockbuster last 5 episodes . A Bauer reference wont hurt or the last 10 minutes of the last hour, maybe Tony is left with a cliff hanger: “An unclassified op with his team of mercenaries to capture a fugitive from the US government who is in the same prison camp with a former CTU agent turned hero. Mission is to capture the fugitive and rescue the unnamed Former Agent /hero from Russia . turns the page and it’s jack Bauer’s photo. Enlists Eric to join his team as Eric has lost his brother and his wife and has nothing to left to loose”……….That would be something innit?

“This is just about the money….don’t make it about something it’s not”

How very true, Carlos…I mean Tony.

What a disappointment of a show.

24 was and will probably remain my all-time favorite TV show. Seasons 1 to 5 were incredible, high-quality television and then for reasons that I fail to comprehend the writing suddenly went downhill and became… lazy.

As viewers around the world were getting smarter and shows began adopting complex, detailed plots that extended throughout several seasons instead of following the classic adventure-of-the-week format, 24 decided to go the other way. The constant teasing since season 1 that a shadowy cabal had been behind all (or most) of the events of the show’s history was suddenly abandoned without explanation and each season’s slow build up of suspense was replaced by a car chase and a raid/shootout every time an episode reached the 50-minute mark.

24 went from being a masterful thriller to a repetitive, unoriginal shoot’em up.

In the last decade, television has matured immensely. I understand that the challenges of writing for network television without sounding cartoonish are enormous. It’s not easy to compete with adult programming such as House of Cards or Homeland because they play by different rules. But what I find most disappointing is that back in 2003, 24 was able to pull this off wonderfully (cougar scene not withstanding*).

As long as writers feel that bullets need to be fired every five minutes on screen in order to keep audiences entertained (or worse, that we may find it “hard” to follow one complex, slow-unraveling mystery that spans over 12 to 24 episodes) 24 will continue to be a boring hour of television. Ironic, considering we live in the era of binge watching.

Maybe if 24 really found a way to reboot and become a spy thriller that relies on intrigue again, I would enjoy it. For now, I’m done with 24 Legacy.

* In hindsight, the cougar element from Season 2 wasn’t nearly as bad as many of the other recent plots and I’ll take Kim Bauer’s terrible, horrible, very bad day for the sake of it working as a tool of emotional connection with Jack than other uber ridiculous sub-stories (*looks at Nicole Carter*) happening right now.

Legacy was the perfect chance to switch things up, get out of CTU, terror threats, enhanced interrogation and government moles. Imagine the real time format applied to a bank robbery gone wrong, a hostage situation, a lone wolf sniper on a rampage. So much potential in this format but the writers are burned out.
Get end this show once and for all. They have nothing left to offer.

Exactly. The real time format has unlimited potential. Apparently NBC is doing a real-time drama set in an ER (likely each episode is in real time on separate days.

They should bring back Karen Hayes and Miles Papazian. Then this show will be more interesting.

Honestly all you haters on here. By you all complaining about 24 Legacy and not watching it, you are all killing the chances of not seeing Jack Bauer. The only way Jack will return is if 24 Legacy is a success as Kiefer is only open to doing a guest appearance or a movie. Either one would happen if 24 Legacy is a success. People need to give 24 Legacy a chance, stop living in the past, move on and give these new characters a chance. There is still 5 episodes left and this season has been amazing. With Tony back ratings should spike now, even despite the big snowstorm last night and daylight savings time with the clocks going forward. Most shows usually fall or stay the same and rarely rise when there is bad weather and a time change but 24 Legacy had the big Tony. Also competition was less last night. I also don’t see Dancing with the Stars being a problem either.

Buddy, the season is not amazing.

It’s not as thrilling as it used to be. Like you, I am a HUGE fan of 24 but Legacy is so under par it’s not funny. I can watch re-cycled storylines till the cows come home but we needed the storyline to be fresh with believable characters.

I have doubts that Legacy will be renewed. Just like I knew Heroes: Reborn (flop) would not be renewed.

I’m not complaining – just trying to be realistic and factual as possible.

As far as ratings are concerned, this is out of our hands and will have to wait and see how it all ends up.

Happy to see Tony back though – and here’s hoping for a resolution of his storyline or continuation for Season 2 (if there is one)

LOL now you’re starting to sound like those people from the Facebook groups who tell people how to feel about this show

I watch it and it is bad.
I wanted it to be at least decent. For a year I waited – and they fucked up.
As of now – it is offensive.
Everything about it, from bland heroes to bad villains, from shoddy green screens, shaky cam and reused music – it’s all offensive to me.

The only good thing about it is the fact that it’s not a real 24.
It’s 24: Legacy.

So if people want closure to Jack, Chloe or Kate then I suggest start watching 24 Legacy. Cuz then Fox and producers will say oh look people are not interested in 24 anymore so no Jack ever again. And that is not the writers or Fox’s fault. It would be people who are not giving the show an open mind fault. In my honest opinion I think show will be renewed but still this show needs all the support it can get

That is just fucking ludicrous. The onus of success or failure does not solely fall on the audience. That is specious reasoning designed to deflect legitimate criticism and hand-wave failures on behalf of the production team.

On its own merits, 24: Legacy is an underwhelming and barely competent affair characterized by laziness, carelessness and contrivances. The real-time aspect of the show has been consistently ignored for the sake of convenience and expediency. There is nothing fundamentally fresh about the show – the premise, the framework, the tropes, the overall fucking paradigm is completely unaltered. It has nothing meaningful or interesting to say about anything.

That is not the responsibility of the audience. Those issues rest squarely at the feet of those writing and producing the show.

Brad, Samurai Snake

I appreciate your opinion as a fan. How do you compare LAD with Legacy? I don’t think LAD was good as old season, but it was “fair enough overall”*

* I understand and agree the criticism to Cheng’s character turned to be a nut-terrorist.

Thanks in advance

My opinion of Live Another Day has improved over the last few years. Initially, I hated it but that had a lot to do with inflated expectations. I had some ambitious ideas for what the season could and should have been. I still don’t think it compares to the best of 24, but it’s a tightly plotted “greatest hits” collection that works on its own terms. Mark Boudreau was an exceptional character – easily the best new addition that season. Plus, I think Jack may actually have received the conclusion he deserves, but that’s a separate matter.

I think Live Another Day started very great – the motivation for the first episode was fantastic. Centered on finding Jack – they had a clue after many years where Jack is. I think the first episode was one of the best episodes of 24. However, the whole season didn’t keep the same level. They lost intensity and flow as the season progressed.
You’re right, Boudreau was great and his relationship with “Jack” (Audrey, actually) made it more interesting.
What surprised me is that they couldn’t make a great “pack” of 12 episodes in LAD, even if they had done great episodes sequences, such as the last 11 of season 3, last 12 of season 8, and so on. LAD has many filler episodes or circumstances.

It was decent. Had some good action and ideas.
But it is overrated and poorly shot, felt like a fan-movie to me.

Yes and no. Matt Damon was brought back for the new Jason Bourne movie after Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner didn’t do as well. However I think its more that Kiefer doesn’t want to play Jack anymore. It would have been nice to have ended Live Another Day with some closure for his character, unless we are to assume he was taken to Russia to be tortured to death.

Sidra (Moran Atias) was very sexy as Tony’s colleague and there’s something sexy about her torturing John Donovan (sexier than the idea of Renee Walker torturing Alan Wilson honestly!!!) I think she’s good at playing evil, conniving character, she appears a lot in Howard Gordon’s Tyrant.

Now for the next episode it does seem repetitive like they have to get Carter out before the airstrike, like Jack rescuing Heller before the compound is destroyed.

I don’t think Jadallah’s a bad villain. He’s a better villain then Peter Kingsley, Max, Ahhhhkkkmed, Mitch Anderson, Juma, or Gredenko. My favorite villains were Marwan, Gaines, and Saunders.

I’m trying to remember when Jadalla injured his arm. I don’t recall him every being shot or anything.

Seriously, that was confusing the shit out of me. At first I thought they cut out part of the mansion raid where they got in a firefight, then somehow couldn’t reshoot the scenes? Actually it happened in episode 3 at the subway station when Eric caught up to them on the platform. If you look closely in the final moments of the episode he’s clutching at his left arm.

So Eric did shoot him, even though there’s no blood and barely any sign of the injury the next three episodes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They did a horrible job of establishing that for sure

Yet another example of the carelessness displayed throughout 24: Legacy.

As a huge 24 fan, Legacy has been very frustrating to watch. I really want to love the show, but it’s a major struggle because it’s like they never get anywhere. I think the biggest problem is the fact that it is only 12 episodes. That worked for Live Another Day because we already knew the characters, we were already invested in them, so as fans, we jumped back in… and the character of Kate was accepted because she was working with Jack.

With 24 Legacy, the 12 hour/episode format does not work because there is not enough time to develop the characters to the point where the audience is invested. They are trying to develop the plot line and the characters at the same time and failing miserably.

When 24 was 24 episodes, there was plenty of time to create story arcs and allow the characters to grow week by week. How many episodes were throw away episodes which were used to focus on character development so the audience could become even more emotionally invested.

That is not happening with 24 Legacy. The beauty of the original 24 was you were always left on the edge of your seat because you cared about the characters… The characters drove the storyline. With the new 24, the storylines are driving the characters and it doesn’t work because nobody cares about the characters. It’s hard to care about something you don’t know.

Why is everyone excited that Tony is back… because we know him and are emotionally invested. I am willing to bet that if the character of Eric Carter was killed off in the next episode and Tony stepped into the hero role for the rest of the season, most 24 fans would be ecstatic… I know I would… There is a reason the show is called 24 and that is why the show worked from the beginning… I believe that has been totally overlooked, which is why they have a disappointing 12 episode trainwreck to show for their efforts…

12 episodes is kinda short to fit two different plotlines in such as the initial threat and the second one which seems to be the style in many seasons (Gaines then Drazens, Syed Ali then Kingsley, Salazars then Saunders, Bierko then Logan, the IRK terrorists then the Russians) with the except of Season 4 so they should just realistically deal with 1 major threat if its only 12 hours. I did feel there was an abrupt change in Season 6 and LAD when the focus shifted suddenly to Cheng after the previous terrorist threat and the coinincidence involved in both, especially in LAD how Navarro’s treason just happened to be discovered that day and he needed the device to escape.

Season 4 also features two parts, first the Araz family then Marwan.

Season 7 featured many parts

Tony and Emerson’s Crew – White House Conspirators – Dubaku – Juma – Hodges/Starkwood – Tony again – Red Dot Cabal.

The hilarious irony of season 7 is that it’s the only one that was planned out from beginning to end.

Fucking hell!!

yeah your right mate XAM I remember the Writers strike that year and 24 season 7 was delayed and it came out later . It was well planned out because for the first time the writers actually had time and a well written plot like you said in 3 or 4 parts. And the luxury of not having CTU that season helped as they could introduce the FBI into it and have a fresh setting, that actually worked out solidly well and Cherry Jones/President Taylor’s performance that year was supreme she actually won an Emmy for that role and who can forget Jon Voight/Jonas Hodges.

Season 4 still felt like one part since the Araz family was working directly Marwan. Marwan was the villain who appeared in the largest number of episodes in the same season. There wasn’t an abrupt change like going from Fayed to Cheng in Season 6 or from Syed Ali to Max/Kingsley in Season 2.

24 and its obsession with physical “devices”: CIP device, override device in season 4, override device in LAD, ciprus recording in season 2, the recording in season 5… and the flash drive in Legacy. They should think in something a little more fresh and updated?

I never thought of that but it makes a lot of sense. So Legacy would’ve worked much better if we had plenty of returning characters that we were already emotionally invested in. Right now I don’t care about what happens to anyone except for Tony. The only shock would be if Eric was killed and season two takes place back in LA. Otherwise I have no hope for the future of Legacy.

I think there must be a bigger government conspiracy at work here, especially with Henry mentioning his friends in the Pentagon. Maybe they’re involved in helping Jadalla in order to justify more military spending and operations (that would be a Hollywood motive)

So it appears CTU has been forced to become more politically correct since Jack’s hearings in Season 7. Now they have to rely on an unsanctioned mercenary group led by Tony to do the enhanced interrogation vs doing it right on site like they used to! I don’t recall anyone being seriously interrogation in Season 8 either so the hearings must have made a difference. The funny thing is this show was written before the election but President Trump is likely to allow the old CTU style to be used.

Tony’s assistant Sidra is very sexy and I’m looking forward to watching her torture Henry.

I really don’t understand why the writers didn’t think of making this season a lot cooler, like eventually finding out that 24: Legacy was taking place in the past and it overlaps with some other day in a previous season of 24.

It’s the only thing that would have made this barely smart. Imagine finding out that it takes place before season 6 or season 8 and that the events of this day are what trigger the events of one of Jack Bauer’s past days.

So far it’s nothing but uninteresting characters and rehashed, boring plots.


that would have been bettter, conceptually. Now, with the result of Legacy being judged, I believe they could damage the timeline in the past seasons connections much more in that way.

Someone had asked here if they forgot season 7. But remember even in season 7 the made a small mistake mentioning the complicated plot of season 5-6-7. When Tony Almeida introduces Alan Wilson, he said “he was the men behind Charles Logan. He is the one who ordered the hit on David Palmer”.

I wonder what the ratings are?

The ratings have been delayed a bit this week, but they’re supposed to finally be released tomorrow morning (or about 13 hours from now).

I’m very curious to see if Tony’s return helped at all.

Like everyone here I wish Jack Bauer was back, but I think some of y’all are too hard on 24 Legacy.

No its’ not perfect, and its not the same without Jack, but I challenge you to name another show that is currently on TV that’s better. Do y’all really think Homeland is more gripping than this? That show’s pace is slower than molasses I couldn’t get past Season 1. Six is over now though its been renewed and it was only 8 episodes. Wayward Pines and Gotham are on a break they’re good but the plotting is still not like this one. You go beyond that to shows like Duck Dynasty, Food Network, American Pickers and Pawn Stars and at that point you’re comparing apples and oranges.

House of Cards? Westworld? Stranger Things? Daredevil? Designated Survivor? The Leftovers?

Homeland has a different edge and the current season is pretty awesome! Yes, I do believe it is more gripping. Quinn is essentially a Bauer from a different universe.

You’re not comparing apples with apples at all here.

Indeed Homeland is more slow than we’re used to in 24, but overall this season of Homeland looks like pretty Homeland to me.

Legacy as the way it is so far I think I rather watch something like Arrow.

I watched Designated Survivor before Legacy yesterday and in episode-episode comparision, DS was much better. Is Designated Survivor better than the original 24? Sure no, but so far it’s better than Legacy.

Yes agree unfortunately

Designated Survivor has much more of a “24 feel” to it than 24 legacy. Sean Calley’s score has a lot to to with that. It’s a lot better in Designated Survivor.

I was not attracted to things like Stranger Things. Not really my kind of humor.

House or Cards and Designated Survivor (with all due respect to Kiefer) are both shameless Hollywood liberal propaganda IMHO too much so to be taken seriously.

Better Call Saul, Daredevil, Stranger Things, The Crown and Jessica Jones are all better than this turd sandwich. There. I accepted the challenge. What’s my prize?

This season of Homeland is wayyyyy better than 24: Legacy. No comparison!

Lol @ House of Cards being liberal propaganda

Joseph Piervincenti
March 16, 2017 at 7:50 am
Loved the episode, but wish they would’ve come up with some story, even a silly one, to acknowledge why Tony was no longer in prison, especially considering that they did acknowledge that people died because of him, hope they still will!

Watched the latest episode of Designated Survivor. God how much I miss Kiefer. I was more emotionally attached seeing him unconscious on a fucking hospital bed having surgery than that CTU guy who was running around like a headless chicken trying to stop his ex-lover and Eric from meeting the terrorist.

what were the ratings for 24 legacy episode 7?

Nielsen ratings have been delayed all week due to a power outage. The ratings just came in:
1.0 in the demo (up from last week, tied with episodes 4-5)
3.889 million viewers (up from last week, second lowest rated overall)


This is weird. TVline is reporting lower ratings (3.6 million, .8 in the demo). Not sure which is correct:

Spoiler TV confirms the first rating was correct (1.0, 3.889 million)

It is cringeworthy to see how artificial, phoney, shallow, and mindless this show has become. That is all.

Andy’s cute though. <3

Great to see you back, Clayton! I wish it were under better circumstances. :)

Thanks, Brad. I’m following along, but the show is so completely soulless that there’s not much for me to say.

What is the theme of this season? What’s the commentary it makes about the human condition? Live Another Day didn’t have much of a core either and bungled what had otherwise been a perfectly good ending for the series.

The best seasons had a compelling story to tell. The worst were just going through the motions. Legacy takes “going through the motions” to the extreme.