24: Legacy Episode 4 Discussion
24: Legacy Episode 4 Discussion

What did you think of the 24: Legacy Episode 4?

The fourth episode of 24: Legacy has just finished airing and we’re curious about your thoughts. This hour was written by Nikki Toscano & Nelson Greaves (both new additions to the writing crew this season). It was directed by Nelson McCormick.

So what did you think of the episode? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 4?

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it online and in the FOXNOW app tomorrow.


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Starkwood. Heard that name drop. I predict Tony will return to wear up the arc from Day 7.


That’s what I get for typing on a phone.

Yes, this season is somehow connected to Season 7. Maybe Henry Donovan is not part of the season 7 cabal as I guessed but maybe Luis is.

My only complaint is that the bad guys are being revealed too quickly in this season – may be because of the 12 episode format instead of 24 episodes.

I disagree sir, the “big evil cabal” revelation can’t come soon enough. We know they’re out there, we know they’ve potentially been pulling the strings behind the scenes for almost all days, so let’s not act like them coming into the picture should be a big, shocking surprise for the final act.

In fact, I always thought that a day should have begun NOT with a terror threat, assassination or serious incident, but with Jack himself kicking off the days events as he tracks down the mysterious group. Alas, it never happened but it would’ve been cool.

I always wanted season three to be Jack hunting down a newly pardoned Nina Myers..

That’s what I thought also. I think the 24 episode format worked better to roll out the storylines.

Yes I noticed that too! But I’m thinking some of the plotlines are repetitive. This sounds a lot like how BXJ Technologies and Philip Bauer were blackmailed by Abu Fayed into helping them. Also this arms dealer thing sounds like what Jack did in Live Another Day using the arms to get to Margot Al-Harazi.

Also CTU must have a good union if Mullins has to find a reason to fire Andy.

Also it doesn’t seem that in the 24 universe that the country is desensitized to attacks? Remember the nuclear explosion in Season 6 and the Fayed bombings before that, plus the attack on the Chandler Plaza Hotel and the Second Wave nuke, plus the planes crashing and the White House taken over in Season 7.

I wonder who the President is?

this is first time since season 1 title character had no dealings with POTUS whoever that is. with exception of 24 redemption

I’m sorry but these actors are just not believable. Mullins/Carter all of them. I really want to like it but it seems like a corny spinoff of the real 24. I really hope they get Tony/past characters involved soon because I’m losing interest.

My bet is Gabriel is actually Tony.

That’s a good thought! He did escape prison, and that would explain why he keeps himself hidden.

Gabriel may be Tony, but I’m not sure. He could just be the link that leads to the cabal from season 7, and thats where Tony comes in. I remember earlier reading an EW interview with Manny Cota in which he said Tony had a previous, non-romantic relationship (i.e. professional or non-personal) with one of the charaters. The implication was it was Ingram, which makes sense. Since this takes place in the same universe as 24, she would have known Tony and all about him and his participation in the cabal. I believe I read somewhere she will ask Mullins to activate a special CTU agent. If he actually broke out of prison, then Gabriel may be Tony. If not, then Ingram probably gets him out to help, which will give Tony a chance to redeam himself, and as we all know, in the 24 world, that means he dies. (The shocking, major character death in this season.)

Eric Carter going rogue and bringing Ben Grimes with him to track down a guy named Gabriel which I have a feeling that it could be Tony Almeida.

Welcome to CTU ERIC CARTER. ….yeah starkwood I loved that reference ..can’t wait to see my guy Almeida…

Just remembered this. When the site announced that Nikki Toscano had joined the writing staff, it also mentioned her CBS pilot ‘Red Zone’ (which wasn’t picked up), which also features an anti-terrorism premise.

It was directed by James Foley, who was originally meant to helm the pilot of 24 back in 2001, but had to leave cause of a family tragedy, and was replaced by Stephen Hopkins.

The only Gabriel I recall being involved in season 7 and the Starkwood stuff is this one: http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Gabriel_Schector
And, you know, he’s dead…
I hope it’s not the same character.

I agree with your review, well done. If you remember in LAD they used episode 5 or 6 as a reset point to setup and drive the final plot line. (Keifer hardly appeared). Seems like they’re doing the same here. Expect for the introduction of Gabriel at the end, this episode hardly adavanced the storyline beyond what we already knew.

On another note, I sure hope they give Jimmy Smits’ charater some more to do than just be the innocent victim whose life and political career is ruined. He is too fine an actor to waste like that.