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The eleventh episode of 24: Legacy was written by Leigh Dana Jackson and directed by Nelson McCormick.

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Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 11?

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Hahaha that was a great Tony kill there

Had some very good moments, like Donavan and Simms’ interactions, plus Eric going pedal to the metal pulling a gun on him. And the car ride had some strong dialogue about Rebecca not being able to pull away from CTU, and Eric being a parallel of that. Also, Rebecca slitting her wrists was tough to watch. And Tony had more than one scene!

Best part though was definitely Mullins taking down Lynn “how about I work from your office?” McGill, er…Pang. that was awesome.

Also didn’t like Tony killing that agent.

Yeah Tony’s not really acting like a good guy right now.

Remember the writers said the season will end like Hillary Clinton wrote it. So I guess its the part where they’re against taking Naseri’s daughter, even though remember how Jack threatened to kill Jane Saunders and how he had Syed Ali’s family arrested and also had Renee hold the baby hostage…..or Jack shooting Henderson’s wife. Looks like they ARE trying to send a more politically correct message here.

Lol… “Kidnapping 10 year olds is wrong!”
“Politically correct BS”

No in all seriousness, realistically Carter and John Donovan will have to threaten to kill Naseri’s daughter in order to get him to cooperate and free Rebecca the way Jack Bauer himself did what was necessary to get Saunders to stop the attacks by threatening to infect Jane with the virus.

But yeah I guess when the writers said the season will end like Hillary Clinton wrote it it was a reference to when Trump said he would go after terrorists’ families. At least it wasn’t that the attacks were a right-wing plot to push for a travel ban or military action. I hope they don’t send the message that the U.S. provoked Bin Khalid and Naseri’s terrorism by kidnapping his daughter, when they were terrorists to begin with and would have launched the attacks anyway.

This ep does not even hold a candle to any ep of season 6.

Don’t talk bollocks! It’s easily better than 18 episodes of season 6, and opinions on season 6 are so universal everybody knows what the 6 good episodes of season 6 are.

Really though? I mean, at least season 6 had some truly decent characters. At least season 6 made temporal sense. At least it established enough of a platform for some of the most memorable moments of the series. Arguably, Legacy lacks all of these.

1-4, 17, 24?

Exactly, Tyler!

I didn’t like episode 24 except the Heller showdown. Cheng remaining alive was kinda lame. The final shootout was lame (Bill didn’t do enough). Jack vs. Daddy lacked spark. But given the rest of the season……it wasn’t half bad hahahaha. And it was still better than any episode of Legacy.

I didn’t either to be fair. I basically zombied out after episode 17 until the Heller confrontation, which was so electrifying and superbly acted it saved the episode and put a nice cherry on the shit sundae that was day 6.

As for Cheng, if he’d died in 6 (or just fucked clean off after the deleted “Jack is no longer China’s enemy” line from the episode 1 handover), then LAD would’ve been slightly less terrible without him.

Nah. Nothing in Legacy come close to Jack killing Curtis , Jack torturing his own brother , a nuke going off , the fight with Fayed or , especially , the end scene with Jack and Heller

S6 is indeed the worst of the original series but it’s still a bit better than Legacy imho

Can’t argue with that, all very powerful moments. The only thing is, Season 6 was abysmally structured and doesn’t hold up as a believable day of events, Legacy on the other hand does.


None of this 24: Legacy travesty has been better than even the worst episode of Day 6, which imo is when Jack Bauer is torturing Paul McCrane in the house. The 10 minutes of that nonsense is still better than these last 11 eps of Legacy!

Also, you’re the only one that keeps pushing the false idea that LAD was a terrible season. It was solid and loads of fun to watch because it was like 24’s greatest hits. The 12 episodes worked for LAD because it was all killer, no filler. It’s as good as the first 5 seasons imo.

If Legacy ends with some lame attempt to make islam seem soft and fuzzy I will vomit on my TV.

I agree LAD was fun!

this was the best episode of 24 Legacy. the last 5 minutes with Tony was AWESOME. Carlos Bernard shook off the cob webs and WOKE UP. The best acting from Carlos in that last five minutes since 24 S7 when he said “YOU KILLED MY SON! MY SON! AND NOW, I’m GUNNA KILL YOU!” tonight. Tony brought THE drama tonight and it feels so good to be a Tony FAN tonight!

That’s not saying much, considering we’ve only seen him talk for about twenty minutes since the Day 7 finale. I love Tony, but thought it was pretty ridiculous that a professional mercenary group took so long to think of entering in the back door, or at least stationing someone around it. The writing Carlos has to deal with is pretty irritating.

Look like Tony has gone fuller mercenary type. At this point they probably should just let him being a bad guy. Taking into consideration S7 and the whole Simms angle Tony turning good again in the finale would be far fetched.

Other than that the episode felt a bit disjuncted. Some good scenes but i don’t know….it’s just not on the same level as the original 24 and that even at the climax.

As a whole Legacy has been average.

Agreed. Average is a good word to describe it for me. Doesn’t stack up to any of the 24 seasons in my opinion.

Did anyone else not think that Mullins taking down Oang was the best scene of the night?

Finally! Carlos Bernard and Jimmy Smits got to do something!

Also bringing Bin Khalid back from the dead (well sort of) seem pretty pointless right now. They should just have let Nasiri being the main villain. That’s his daughter that was kidnapped after all.

Jadallah was fine but the Bin Khalid Sr character is almost cartoonish

It was pointless, it was just to be like Drazen in season 1.

Incredible the writers were brave enough to call this fresh.

How much screen time did Tony get? Sounds like he had a decent amount.

there has not been a single twist this entire season. is that the twist?

arguably the worst season of television I’ve ever seen.

Twists on 24 were always thin on the ground anyway. I think alot of people mistake a twist for a revelation.

I really hope the writers didn’t think Bin Khalid sr being alive was a twist. If your villain was supposedly killed by an airstrike, then you must think your audience is stupid to not conclude he survived.

not a twist so far – Ibrahim Bin-Khalid not dead was supposed to be the big twist this season.

if they’re continuing copycating season 1, someone will have to be revealed as the mole in the last episode. It doesn’t make sense right now, but if this season is trying to copycat season 1, it’s got to be Rebeca because she is the only who has a connection with Carter.

I couldn’t watch the episode tonight, so could someone fill me in on the Tony fiasco? Seems like everyone is talking about him as if he’s bad again. Is that what happened? Did they end up pulling an “Evil Tony” again?

Unless they made a drastic last minute rewrite it doesn’t jive with all that talk from Carlos Bernard and Gordon about Tony having “some sort of redemption”. I don’t see how they plan on wedging that redemption in there when the promos show Tony apparently trying to kill Carter. Seriously…WTF is going on?

Maybe Eric may yet threaten to kill Naseri’s daughter or pretend to torture her in order to get her to release Rebecca. And that is when both Eric and John realize Rebecca is right in that sometimes you need to do what it takes to get the job done.

That’s something that Jack Bauer has known from the beginning. Remember how he had Renee threaten to kill the corrupt Secret Service agent’s baby and what he did to Jane Saunders and to Syed Ali’s son. I’m hoping 24 is NOT going soft. Remember in the good ol’ days when the interrogation drugs were stocked on site at CTU and they didn’t have to do it off the books like they did with Tony.

I liked tonight’s episode! Did you?

Check out my review.

Tonight’s 24: Legacy was a vast improvement!


Some points to why this season is stupid:

-If Bin Kaled was supposedly killed by a bomb… why were they blaming rangers? They made it seem like they raided his hide out.

-why did the terrorist assume one of the rangers had the flash drive from the strong box and that it wasn’t turned over to the government.

-Why is Bin Kaled in the country? Clearly with his burnt up body, he would garner attention… and also just because terrorist leaders stay in their native harboring country… this is stupid that he would come to the USA.

-why would the government break Tony out of jail? If they wanted to have him as a dark ops agent, then why not fake his death in jail. That way no one would be looking for him. Plus, why would they trust him. He is a terrorist himself. Why not just create a special force that carries out his missions?

-plus, big mistake was having Rebecca tell Carter of her plan to turn herself over. She should have just done that on her own; now he looks completely incompetent.

-what could make the final episode make up for all the problems of this season is if they quickly kill off Nicole and Isaac… if every thing else about this was good, their story would have been enough to make this horrible.

I was numb to the stupidity of this show after LAD, absolutely nothing can top that bag of shit for stupidity.

How do you mean?

2 foreign government officials from China and Russia, both of whom had a legitimate beef with Jack and wanted to bring him to justice… just so happened to be working together in London on the same day, and just happen to be insane villains who want to start wars.

That’s the same level of insulting, weapons grade stupidity that the Bauer family conspiracy was, maybe even more so.

Right, it’s definitely overly convenient but I don’t think find it that egregious. In fairness, Cheng was a rogue agent with no official ties to China. And Anatol was also part of the same corrupt group that featured the likes of Novakovich.

The show has done a lot worse. The Bauer family isn’t even in the same ballpark. I’m not sure why this was the example that broke the camel’s back.

What a great penultimate episode. Keith Mullins took down Vince Masuka from Dexter and a showdown between Eric Carter and Tony Almeida (can’t believe he’s back at being bad like he was in Season 7). Can’t wait for the season or series finale next week and I’ll be very shocked if Rebecca Ingram doesn’t survive.

I like all of you fellow 24 fans but my argument still stands. Nothing done this season on Legacy is better than season 6 of 24.

Legacy is better than a whopping 18 episodes of season 6 imo and the entirety of LAD.

Season 4 just edges out Legacy, but Seasons 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 are so much better than Legacy, to compare them is as ridiculous as comparing The Beatles to The Dave Clark Five.

I dunno, XAM. I’ve been a *huge* critic of LAD but I just don’t think that’s fair. Mark Boudreau alone elevates LAD above Legacy. He was better than the entire cast of Legacy. I also recall you saying that episodes 6, 7, 8 and 8 of LAD were among the best they ever did.

I liked Boudreau, but hated the way they turned him into a cowardly douchebag to appease Jack/Audrey shippers. It would’ve been a classier way to end with Jack telling Audrey she has a good man who really stepped up today, and one final goodbye.

I’m confident that I never said such a thing about 6 and 7 (feel free to look back), but I did find hours 8 and 9 with Wembley stadium and taking down Margot Al Harazi genuinely brilliant. When he tossed Margot out of the window, that was one of the best moments of the entire series.

There are genuine flashes of brilliance in even the worst days of 24, but ultimately I have to consider how the entire day comes together, and for me 6 (possibly 7) and LAD come together the worst of all.

I always have a soft spot for seasons which come together so they feel like a believable day of events. Season 1 started and finished with the assassination threat against Palmer and Jacks family. Season 5 started and finished with the Palmer assassination conspiracy. Season 8 started and finished with the peace treaty. Legacy is another one of those focused days where the plot doesn’t meander into 20 different villains and threats in a single day, it started and finished with Bin Khalid’s people against Carter and Rebecca, and it looks like that’s how it’s finishing, which is yet another reason I prefer it to 6 and LAD.

I think Season 4 was very good in this regard as Jack was facing off against Marwan the entire time and there was a series of escalating threats.

Season 3 was a great season but the shift from the Salazar brothers to Saunders was very abrupt and didn’t seem linked that well. LAD depended on a lot of coincidences including Navarro being discovered the same day as the drone threat.

LAD isn’t the strongest season and it has production issues to, but I think it’s much better than Legacy’s bad cuts and action scenes. Come on, if Legacy was a different show, without 24 in its name, we would be criticizing completely the production as whole.

I think every element in LAD was better than Legacy.

I have to disagree with you, XAM. Legacy is the worst season by FAR, in my opinion. Worse than ANYTHING dished out in Seasons 6 or LAD. Kim and the Cougar adventures from Season 2 were more intriguing than this and that’s not an exaggeration–I actually feel that way. Legacy is LAME. LAME, boring, HORRIBLY-written to the point where I can’t even fully watch any of these episodes without skipping through large chunks of them and…it’s rather small-scale for a season of 24. Aside from the bridge explosion, this season feels like an economy version of 24.

It’s all good sir, I’m not one of those snotty little brats who’d say “don’t like, don’t watch” because I understand where you’re coming from.

I think part of my reasoning for liking Legacy more than 6 and LAD all comes down to 1. my expectations being lowered considerably following the disappointment of LAD 2. I find all the rehashing in Legacy is actually far more bearable without Jack there.

I think we can all agree though that we deserve better 24 than this. 24 used to be the best damn show on television, but for 10 years there hasn’t been an honest attempt to make it the best again.

You have my respect. I may not agree with your opinions on Legacy but I can understand your reasons for hating LAD, many of which I share.

24 Redemption was actually the worst season.

I think there is some good 24 here…. that being said, the characters are pretty flat, and immnot sure the format works in today’s environment. When you have shows you can go and watch the entire season all at once, it’s hard to keep people coming back week to week.

If they wanted to reboot 24, they have likely wasted their shot. The story is ok, but the characters haven’t clicked.

Richard Taylor
April 11, 2017 at 2:52 am
I recently rewatched season 5 from start to finish. Very complex. Genuine intrigue. Real character arcs. Shocking moments. The show won an Emmy that year. Everything since has been sliding in quality with the steepest drop off being between LAD and Legacy.

Sean Callery was the star of the episode.

In the dialogue in the vehicle in Episode 11, Tony indicates that he missed a higher paying opportunity. (supposedly due to being postponed) But what did Tony do in the prior episode to delay him? Was the 45 seconds of powering up his laptop typing in the last episode enough to make the difference between being on time or late? Tony works under a tight schedule I guess.

Tony’s redemption story? Any compassion that I had for Tony is gone after he shot the smoker laying down on the grass. My bets are on Tony getting killed in episode 12.

Tony’s next job required him getting on a plane… he skipped the flight to help save Rebecca.

I think the underlying theme of this series is blame Rebecca for everything. If Rebecca didn’t leave, she wouldn’t have needed to be tracked by Tony. If Tony didn’t track Rebecca, he would have caught his plane on time. If Tony was on the plane, he would not be attacking Eric at the home of the 10 year old.

It’s like a giant game of paper, sizzlers, rock. Krist and I used to play that game a lot.

Again, I skipped this episode. Can anyone please let me know what sort of role Tony played in this episode?

It’s the most he had to do so far. Just watch the last 10 mins to get the jist.

Tony and bae are heading to the airport when Simms calls them, telling them he needs them to get a witness (Naseri’s daughter) out of the country. They go to the farmhouse where Carter has already knocked out the security guards and gone inside. Tony wakes up the one dude to find out what happened then kills him. He shouts back and forth with Carter saying they’re coming in to get the girl, Carter says if they come in they die. Fin

Cheers. Thanks very much for the recap. It’s such a pity that he’s been shoved to the last 10 minutes. Sounds like such a waste. Also, was it necessary for him to kill a security guard? Sounds like Tony is in no hurry for his redemptive arc.

He’s also peachy about sending a 10 year old to be renditioned to Aleppo because that’s something that happens. Also apparently the DNI is yet another top-ranking government official who knows about Tony getting out of prison and has him as a go-to guy for this kind of shit.

You know what, suddenly I don’t care as much about Jack rotting away in a gulag the rest of his life. If this is the caliber of writing we can expect from now on, I’d rather they leave him there.

Hahaha yes, I think any more Jack mixed in with this turd would actually let down all of the long-time fans. At least it’s left to our minds what ultimately happened to him, like Jesse from Breaking Bad. I’d rather that than any hammed up exit Manny and Evan can come up with.

In regards to Tony, I feel like they have destroyed the character at this point. Even when he was bad in season 7 he was still operating from an emotional core. Now apparently he’s just doing it for the money. That is not Tony to me. I know I will be disappointed with the ending for his character this season, as there is too many stories to wrap up in 42 minutes to make room for this, something that these writers don’t seem to care about. You’d think that because veteran 24 producers/writers are involved that they’d care about maintaining the integrity of the character, but they haven’t so I’m really disappointed in them.

I’ve found the plot holes to be bigger than ever this season, which could actually be filled if the writers actually cared about a semblance of realism. For one thing, Tony cares a lot about Rebecca’s wellbeing, he knows that she’s been taken and that Rebecca has worked with Donald Simms. He also knows that Simms is wanting Naseri’s daughter gone AT THE SAME TIME Rebecca’s been captured, so should’ve he have put it together that Simms wants the daughter gone, sacrificing Rebecca in the process and covering his ass?

The only way they can make this make sense is if Donald Simms wasn’t lying, that Rebecca is actually in on the capture of Naseri’s daughter, and Tony is actually following what Rebecca wants by letting her kill herself in order to keep their operation under wraps. But even if this is the case, shouldn’t plans have changed now that everyone knows that Naseri is in the country with bin-Khalid and that Carter/CTU’s operation to get Naseri, bin-Khalid and Rebecca should take priority, for the good of the country? I feel like the courts would go easier on Simms and Rebecca if they just let CTU protect the country from terrorists.

Yeah, I’m not understanding this at all. Carlos Bernard and Howard Gordon repeatedly indicated that Tony was set for some sort of redemption this season. How does that happen with Tony killing another innocent and for NO reason at all?

Yeah, Solitary was basically a waste of time. Tony was obviously taking Michelle’s name in vain and lying when he said: “I want to save even one life on the outside so that I may earn Michelle’s love again”. Yeah…way to go, Tony–you just murdered another innocent person. WTF? He was acting like the good old Tony again in his scenes this season. What happened to this “redemption”?

I don’t think Tony even knows who the girl is, just that Simms wants her out of the country (in Jalapa, not Aleppo – whoops!). Maybe he’s playing some kind of long game but he still seemed really blase about the whole thing, not to mention killing that spook like it was nothing. This dead-inside mercenary act just does not jibe with Solitary at all, unless his little speech really was just bullshit. I wonder if this is why they cut out everything about his backstory, his wanting a pardon etc.

One more episode but as of now It’s just a complete mess. Absolutely no indication as to why or how Rebecca would get approval to break Tony out to run these missions in the first place, or why they couldn’t be done by anyone else. No indication how the DNI, a cabinet-level official, is not only okay with a mass murdering attempted terrorist being broken out of prison but is on a first-name basis with same. And there’s basically zero chance any of it will be cleared up with one episode to go.

Yeah, I’m very confused. Carlos Bernard and some of the creators hinted at redemption. How in the FCK does redemption happen for Tony at this point? And, if his speech in Solitary really WAS BS then that is simply out of character for Tony. He KILLED in the name of Michelle in Season 7–he wouldn’t just lie about wanting to “earn” her love again by saving lives. Wow…they actually managed to fck Tony up worse than he already was in Season 7.

Carlos is a bit of a porker to be fair, he claimed before they were aired that the last 6 episodes of 7 were the best they’ve ever done, and that there were big, epic fight scenes between him and Jack coming up. He was wrong on both counts.

Not Justin cause he sucks
April 11, 2017 at 3:36 pm
I don’t think Tony knew it was Naseri’s daughter, and possibly doesn’t know who Naseri is. The big plot hole for me is that he misses his flight to help Rebecca, who he knows is in trouble, then immediately drops it to take this new job, not knowing that the job has anything to do with Rebecca (and especially not knowing that the job is counter productive to helping Rebecca). It’s not like Rebecca being held captive is something that can be procrastinated until a more convenient time.

No kidding–good GOD, they really fcked things up this season. So Tony is just “in it for the money” now and doesn’t give a sh!t about anyone other than himself and maybe Rebecca.

So much for “earning Michelle’s love again”. So, were Howard Gordon and Carlos Bernard just lying about Tony’s “redemption”?

I found 24 LAD to be poorly-written and stupid–still do, in fact. However, Legacy makes LAD look like Season 2 with how stupid Legacy’s writing has been. Wow…how are these the same people that worked on the old seasons? Did they just sleepwalk through the writing process? This is HORRIBLE writing. It makes Season 6 look like a MASTERPIECE. I’d rather watch a collaboration of ALL of Kim’s misadventures from season 2 than ever watch Legacy again.

They actually said Aleppo and something else? Was this written before Aleppo was all over the news? Syria was never a friendly government so its interesting they have a black site there. But they should do a season where there are terrorists infiltrating the country as refugees.

Another huge letdown for me is the lack of substance to the characters involved in the events. Many of them just seem to come and go as needed instead of Legacy writing proper story arcs for the characters. Henry Donovan is a main character and has done almost nothing of value to the plot, then disappears. Same with John’s campaign manager who was dropped after the “is she a mole?” question was answered. Thomas Locke is suddenly nowhere to be seen, did he just finish his shift the time when Andy needs him the most? And now Nicole and Isaac have disappeared – shouldn’t Ayeesha and Jerome have returned to punish Isaac for letting some of their fellow gang members die? These stories seem to just be picked up and dropped off at any given moment – yuck.

Here’s how I would’ve liked Henry Donovan’s interrogation with Tony to have gone…
Tony: “How did you pass along that information about leaking the rangers identities to the terrorists?!”
Henry: “I used an anonymous communication relay. The same one I used when you convinced my ex-boss to carry out a biological weapon attack against Washington Centre Station!”
Tony: “What are you talking about… how do you know about that?”
Henry: “Don’t act so surprised. I know who you are, Almeida. I know all about you.”
Tony gets increasingly agitated. He slams Henry against the wall. “How do you know?!”
Henry looks at him and says nothing. Tony orders Sidra to lock the door and put the chair up against it so John and Rebecca can’t get in. He slams him against the table and breaks his finger. Henry screams out in pain. Tony threatens to break another of Henry’s fingers. “OK, OK, I’ll talk, just don’t lay another hand on me!” Henry says. Tony smirks and backs away.
Henry: “Alan Wilson was my closest friend. He was my business partner. But I knew nothing about his influence on the government. I said nothing when you tried to kill him. When you sacrificed your own partner to kill him. That’s right, I dig some some digging. Thank god Jack Bauer was there to stop you. A true patriot. He stopped your attack and saved my friend. How dare you torture me you son of a bitch! Look at what you’ve done! Look what you’ve done!
Tony: “You know nothing about Jack Bauer. He let his partner inflict pain upon Alan Wilson to get the answers they needed. She uncovered all of his associates and made them pay, except for you. But you know what Henry. You’re right. I have made mistakes. But I’ve paid for them. I was in solitary confinement for what felt like a lifetime. I thought about how Emerson worked with Rebecca to help fake my death. That’s right Henry, your daughter in law covertly used CTU Washington to bring me back to life. They knew that even after my wife was killed by your people, I was still an asset. Do you know what that kind of isolation does to a person, Henry? You go over and over those events and those choices in your head. And you realise, your life is still valuable, if you can get out of there. So that’s exactly what Rebecca did. She got me out of there. She remade me. So I work for her now.
Henry: “Rebecca! Don’t get me started on Rebecca! The fact that she associated with the likes of you is sick! I can’t believe I let her get close to my son! She broke you out of prison to do this sort of madness! I got caught up in it, I never wanted anyone to get hurt. But you do. You and Rebecca do. Look at what you’re doing! John! John! Get me medical attention!
Tony orders Sidra to remove the chair and unlock the door. John comes in and tends to his father, looking at Tony in disgust. “You will pay for this, Tony” he says. Tony smirks and stares at Rebecca through the glass. Rebecca smiles back at him.

99% of viewers don’t remember or didn’t see any of that shit. No offense, but all of that’s from a season that aired eight years ago.

There was a right way to bring Tony back and continue his story in some way – the show did it wrong, but I can’t say yours is any better.

Don’t know about that 99% figure you got out of thin air. It doesn’t matter anyway for those who didn’t. Point is everyone’s up to speed on the character’s actions and it makes sense that Tony is where he is right now.

Also, I’m not putting forward a different continuation of his story, just a background for the characters to make them more lived-in and help the timeline of 24 make sense. It also gives some purpose to having that interrogation take place at all while improving the character development for that plotline.

For the most part we’ve been spot on in how Tony’s scenes will play out. We predicted that he’ll get the phone call, spend ALL THAT TIME driving on the road, and reach the house and confront Carter right when the episode ends. I wonder how it’ll play out in the finale. He’ll probably blow down the door, but I doubt Carter will know who Tony is. Maybe Carter will be able to tell Tony that they need Naseri’s daughter alive for the exchange to save Rebecca and he’ll back off now that he’s been paid. Then Tony will flee the country. This will probably be Tony’s “redemption”….

Have we heard ANY of the Tony Almeda prison breakout story? I could have been in the bathroom when they made any reveal.

My guess is that Tony either survives this 4-on-1 stalemate with Eric and Tony tells the story himself, or Tony dies and the time jump is Tony’s eulogy/funeral, or 3 guys sitting around at a tavern talking about the breakout story. My guess is that Tony dies and the writers pack the story into 3-4 minute eulogy or something along those lines. That is the only way that they can make a concise reveal on what has happened.

Uh…why would they orchestrate a funeral for him 12 hours later?

As for Tony dying–most of us are of the opinion that some sort of blaze of glory self-sacrifice is the only way he could be redeemed at this point. If he remains a merc all the way through and we end on that note, he is quite simply NOT redeemed at that point.

They did that for Audrey in season 9 for the time jump. Remember Heller’s speech? My guess is that they go back to the well and somebody significant either gives a speech, or even a reporter is gathering facts to present an obit for the paper.

Or (a stretch) the police reinforcements that were 20 minutes out finally arrive and the cops are given a bio/profile of who the 4 attackers are with an emphasis on Tony.

April 11, 2017 at 9:49 am
Hands down the best hour of the season. We were lucky to even get this show (or Live Another Day), and I appreciate it, regardless of how crappy the ratings were. This is probably the last we’ll see of 24 (unless Keifer gets in front of the camera), and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

That was fantastic, Tony! Save us from this Eric Carter. TAKE HIM DOWN!

I think by know we realize that Donald Simms helped Tony to escape of the prison.

Of course I may be wrong.

Have you all noticed that for the last 3 or 4 weeks, all anyone on this board talks about is Tony? Yes, we all have loved the character for many years, but in Legacy through 11 episodes, as far as screen time and plot, he is a VERY minor character. But he is the main topic of conversation, rightly so, because all, and I do mean ALL of the other characters, the acting, and the story is just awful! Does anyone care if any character other than Tony lives or dies? I certainly don’t. Sure it’s all fantasy but we all get involved. If we didn’t, we would not watch and take part in these discussions. I cared when David Palmer died. I cared when Peter Quinn died in Homeland. But, Carter, Rebecca, and every other character in this show (except for tony), who cares!

Totally agreed. I don’t think audiences are really investing in most of the new characters, otherwise the ratings wouldn’t have dropped so much every week. I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant percentage of DVR and online viewers are watching only Tony’s scenes.

why all the HATE? what’s up with all the TONY HATE? Because last night Carlos Bernard shook off the cobwebs and Tony Almeida WAS ALIVE. in the last 5 minutes of 24 Legacy last night Carlos put on his best acting since 24 S7 when Tony says “YOU KILLED MY SON! MY SON! AND NOW, I’M GUNNA KILL YOU!” that was Carlos best acting up to that point and the best acting ever on 24. it was until last night. you can make the case Carlos topped it with his A-LISTER acting last night as Tony in the last 5 minutes of 24 Legacy episode 11 last night. THE intensity Tony brought in the last 5 minutes was off the charts. something kiefer could never do as jack bauer on 24. last night is the best 24 Legacy will ever get because of Carlos. last night was the REAL finale because of Tony. and Tony brought THE drama and THE pain in the last 5 minutes and it felt so good watching Tony be THE man last night on 24 Legacy!

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 11:40 am
So let me get this straight. Eric was able to drive all the way to the Pentagon, while changing his clothes and cleaning up all the while getting his fake credentials, then spend time in Simms office going though the files on Naseris daughter, then drive all the way to the famrhouse, take ot the guards, and have a showdown with Tony all in 1 “real time” hour? Come on now, they don’t really think we are this dumb do they? There were a few cool moments in the episode. But all in all, just meh. Really underwhelming to be the episode that sets up the finale. Absolutely no way to wrap up all the storylines considering this is most likely the final episode of a 24 series that we will ever see again.

Sebastian Monroe
April 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
I didn’t see the episode but of course can’t avoid the spoilers, so forgive me if this is an obvious question.

Is it possible that Tony doesn’t know Rebecca is in danger? If so, then it’s possible his “redemption” comes in the form of Carter revealing Rebecca’s predicament to Tony, causing him to stand down and help Carter save Rebecca’s life. I don’t think foregoing a paid job to do the right thing is the kind of redemption we were hoping for, but I think it’s at least possible this is the direction they’re going in.

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 1:09 pm
He does know Rebecca is in danger. Director Simms flat out confirms to Tony she has been taken by Naseri. But lies to Tony that they are actually trying to save her. As I’ve said before, only way I can see any sort of “redemption” for Tony is he has to sacrifice his life saving Rebecca while taking out Naseri and Khalid. IF that doesn’t happen. Tony is still the dirt bag we were introduced to in Season 7.

So that “one life on the outside” that Tony saves ends up being Rebecca…and that’s supposed to “earn Michelle’s love again”? Lame. I’m not saying you’re wrong–I’m just saying it’s LAME. Rescuing Jack or some 24 vet would add WEIGHT to that sacrifice but for some new one-season character? Lame. Lame way for Tony to go out.

So we have one more kidnapping in 24: Legacy! Simms -> Ara

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 1:17 pm
I just can’t stand the way they have completely and utterly ruined Tony’s legacy. I wish they would of just ended the complete series after season 5, and not have Jack taken away by the Chinese in the last couple minutes, but of had Kim really on the phone. That would of been a great way to end everything. Instead we get introduced to the evil bauer family conspiracy, a crooked Tony, and Jack going on a killing spree, and being labeled as a Terrorist, and having him thrown in a Russian dungeon. Next time I do a 24 marathon im shutting it off at the end of Season 5 before the fake phone call, and be done.

I’d rather consider Season 4 the ending: Tony and Michelle retired into a new beginning of bliss, Jack headed off into the sun, a chance to start over in life, Palmer was still alive and had one last hurrah as “president” and all was well.

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 1:37 pm
Jack wasn’t riding off into the sunset to start over, he was in hiding. Never being able to contact his daughter or any of his friends. Then we would of never of had the masterpiece that was Season 5. still the all time best Season IMO. The odd number seasons are still my favorites. 5(without the fake phone call),3,1,7(before Tony killed Agent Moss) is how i rank them.

LAD should have ended with Audrey alive and the time jump should have involved them flying back to America together. Heller gives a patriotic farewell speech and hands over the presidency to Mike Novick. Jack and Audrey head off to their new life together in peace.

24 legacy was the best 24 ever last night because of carlos bernard. the real finale. the best 24 legacy will be was last night. because of carlos bernard. carlos brought his a-game last night. the tv screen lit up with drama and intensity never seen in the last 5 minutes that only tony almeida can bring. congratulations, carlos: you did it, man. yeah

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 5:04 pm
what A-game exactly are you speaking of here? because he shot an unarmed man laying on the ground, and got into a shouting match with Carter. Yuo must be on the FOX or Carlos Bernard payroll or something. I swear everything single one of your posts are almost a copy and paste of the last about Tony being so great.

Tony was great last night. Tony’s performance was so convincing and so moving it made you believe Tony was the main villain of 24 Legacy the whole time and not the other villains on before Tony first appeared. Tony picked up the pace. Picked up the drama and the intensity. Kiefer can’t do this on 24. Carlos Bernard has something special. That something extra other TV actors don’t have And last night it was on full display. That’s Carlos A-Game. Just when you think Tony is stuck in a rot. Tony shocks the world and grabs the Hollywood spotlight like no other putting on one heck of a riveting, dramatic, and intense performance last night in the last 5 minutes of 24 Legacy for all time. Tony took center stage last night and Carlos delivered. Tony made history last night. It was historic. And a moment. A TV drama moment in time. It was like we nothing we ever seen before on drama TV and on 24! It was amazing. And Tony is amazing too!

Yay…Tony as a villain…AGAIN…yeah…great. Just what want to see after most Tony fans hated Evil Tony–MORE Evil Tony…thanks, writers.

I still don’t see Tony being a “good guy” here. So he’s a profit driven mercenary above all else. He was willing to just kill the girl and the agents watching her.

Realistically, Eric will have to threaten to torture Naseri’s daughter in order for Naseri to agree to a trade. Remember Jack was badass and threatened Syed Ali’s son and Jane Saunders. It will be when Eric does this that he learns what it takes, and maybe John Donovan will too. However I fear this show is getting soft. There has not been a proper interrogation so far compared to past seasons. It was awesome when Jack broke Joe Prado’s fingers one by one and when he shot Tomas Sherek in the leg in order to discover the plot against Heller.

I personally don’t agree with all this liberal moralizing in the past couple episodes. Now I see why the writers said in that article that the season begins like Trump wrote it and ends like Hillary Clinton wrote it. It is Hillary and Obama who draw moral parallels between the US/UK/Israel and the Islamic terrorists.

He wasn’t going to kill the girl. He was supposed to “deliver” her to some country (forget the name). And weren’t those agents technically bad? I mean–they were working for the corrupt Sims and technically holding the girl against her will, unless I’m mistaken.

As for the profit-driven mercenary thing…yeah, that’s how they’re depicting him this season which blows his whole speech in Solitary out of the water.

I’m not sure why they chose to go this route when Solitary had it perfectly set up for him to just run these missions to atone for his past sins–not this “merc for hire” BS. He sure doesn’t seem like a man wanting to “earn Michelle’s love again”.

Argh – still trying to accept this spinoff as a spinoff but just can’t for the life of me understand why Tony Almeida had to be included in this. Total waste so far for my favourite character of 24.

Will wait till next week but don’t know how it will resolved in 42 minutes.

As far as Legacy is concerned overall, it just feels too rushed. Jimmy Smits is not convincing enough for me either. This feels like a B grade version of the real 24

Guys: the last 5 minutes of 24 Legacy episode 11 was the best so far, best ever, best we gunna get from 24 Legacy and the real finale of 24 Legacy because of Carlos Bernard and Tony Almeida!

Tony…what is the point of bringing him back anyway? Tony so far could be replaced by any unknown mercenary, and I seriously don’t know why Carlos decided to return.

nobody gets it. nobody gets how historic and dramatic and intense carlos performance of tony was in the last 5 minutes of 24 legacy episode 11. nobody gets it. and nobody gets how the last 5 minutes with tony in episode 11 is the best 24 legacy will ever be, that it felt like the real finale, and made tony appear to be the top villain in a big intense spot. nobody gets it

Oh, we get it, all right–those of us from IMDB get it, at least: You’re STYNES and you’re continuing your weird Tony fascination over here. The only problem is that your trolling is far too obvious these days and not subtle like it used to be in the old days.

you don’t get it. and you don’t even give Carlos Bernard and Tony Almeida the credit they deserve for the most historic, dramatic, and intense performances ever seen on TV they put on together in the last 5 minutes of 24 legacy episode 11. you don’t get it. but i get it.

Anyone else think that the woman at the farmhouse guarding the girl was Nina Myers at first? I was like “oh no they didn’t…” before I realised it wasn’t her haha

i thought the woman was someone Tony could eliminate too