24: Legacy Episode 6 Discussion
24: Legacy Episode 6 Discussion

What did you think of the 24: Legacy Episode 6?

We want to know what you thought of the sixth episode of 24: Legacy. This one was written by David Fury and directed by Jon Cassar. It was an important hour that tied up some storylines and set up new ones.

So what did you think? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 6?

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it online and in the FOXNOW app tomorrow.


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This has to be one of the best episodes in 24 history…directed by Jon Cassar as well…wow the thrill ride of the last ten minutes are proper 24 in any season past or present… this is the best episode of legacy so far I think the show has now found it’s footing the next 6 hours are going to be awesome with Tony in for 6 episodes it’s going to be fun…simply can’t wait

Isn’t the episode still airing…?

hahaha @Brad I have a socket in FOX studios…called chloe to decrypt and loop me into the feed before anyone saw the episode haha

THAT is what 24: Legacy is supposed to be. Why didn’t they start off with that?? If the rest of the season is like this AND Tony is in next episode than maybe this show does have a chance after all. If next episode keeps this up i’m already rooting for season 2.

With a reboot of course it takes a few episodes for the action and suspense to build up, I wish more viewers understood that. Also they should be basing the ratings on the online views too since people have other reasons for missing the live broadcasts.

I don’t understand this “reboot” notion people keep using to describe Legacy. How is it a reboot if it’s in the same universe under the same continuity?

People were even calling 24: LAD and The X-Files Season 10 “reboots”. Did the definition of “reboot” change for the 100,000th time while I wasn’t looking or something?

Definitely the best episode so far this season. That was some amazing plotting, though I sensed something would happen as Nicole and Isaac were walking toward the CTU vehicle. That was a great shootout, similar to the one where Heller gets kidnapped in Season 4.

Now I’m starting to think Henry Donovan definitely has a past with Tony, like bringing Tony in for the interrogation will have some special effect on him. Maybe Henry IS part of Alan Wilson’s group and Tony knows about him.

The scene on the bridge was very suspenseful. I thought the initial plan was to attack the school, wonder how that was changed. I really thought the cop had stopped the attack but then Amira wasn’t quite dead yet.

I have been brain storming about henry and the cabal/group of Allan Wilson. we all know they never were rooted out and maybe henry had something to do with them in the past …I pray for that story line to be resolved…

March 6, 2017 at 9:31 pm
Very good episode! Writers did a good job at making the attack on the GW bridge end in a very unexpected way. (Already we have two people, Drew and Amira, come back alive when they looked dead. Scene with CTU watching the GW bridge blow up was reminiscent of the scene in season 6 when Wayne Palmer and the White House staff watched Valencia get nuked.

Now we know how the Issac and Nicole sub-plot is tied into the main plot.

And according to the Promo for episode 7:

1. It looks like Andy will serve a similar role to Morris in season 6 when they forced him to activate the nuke, and
2. it is confirmed they are using Tony to interrogate Henry.

Can hardly wait for them to fill us in on the background of Tony post 24 Solitary.

Tension building in this episode is comparable to classic 24. It is definitely getting better, just hope enough people watch.

I’m starting to feel guilty about leaving this show hanging before. Maybe if the numbers spike they’ll keep episodes like this coming?

Yes about Tony! So he escaped from prison, yet not only is CTU not actively trying to track him down despite knowing how to contact him, they’re bringing him in to help.

I still think Tony is beyond redemption though after murdering Larry Moss in Season 7 and blowing up all those FBI agents in the building.

the bridge scene though was kinda like season 3 Stephen Saunders’s chopper being blown up…season 6 nuke on Valencia, jon cassar is really good at what he does.. but i have to hand it to sean callery…the forgotten Legend…the music on tonight’s episode was .yeah super good as good as in the original..

They used bits of the score from Chappelle’s sacrifice, in the opening scene with Carter & Grimes. Nice touch.

And yes, this is the best they’ve done so far. Little iffy at places, but it nicely set up what’s to come.

haha nice one I was trying to pinpoint which scene I heard that sound and you just reminded me. chappelle’s sacrifice that was a nice touch …sean callery is a legend

Can someone just give Sean Callery the emmy already. Tonight has been some of his best yet.

BTW, Who is the black guy that appears on teleconference with CTU leadership? Is he DHS Secretary or what? I assume he is not the President.

I haven’t watched the episode but I’m assuming that you’re referring to this guy? http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Donald_Simms

So how does Amira compare with the other teenage terrorists on the show??

– Behrooz!!!!!
– Simone al-Harazi
– Ahhhhhhkmed Amar
– Marcos Al-Zacar

I think I like Behrooz the best still. Maybe he’s one of the cells!

All shit. But Kathryn Prescott is a stone cold fox!

hahaha behrooz was something else really…loved him but I think “MR ROBOT”/marcos was up there with them. He and Jack really went down. Amira is the only one out of all of them that actually made good on her threat and took lives

Yes she was so cold and chilling in the end! This is my first time seeing Kathryn Prescott on screen but I hear this is not her typical kind of role. If so she is a very talented actress!

Also interesting how the guy who plays Khasan also plays one of the Tsarnaev brothers in “Patriots Day”, and the guy who plays Jadalla’s computer expert plays one of the lead baddies in “Six”. That is another show that started out kinda slow but turned out to be quite thrilling.

It was impossible to take Ahmed seriously as a terrorist because the last time I saw him in a movie it was Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Van Wilder.

Great episode. Love ’24’. Got my college roommates to watch it with me and they love it. Honestly wish in this season they bring back more surprises. Like why was George Mason the “Handler” on the phone in 24:Solitary, but to make season 2 of 24 legacy (if it does happen). The mission is to bring Jack back from Russia, with Kate and Eric and Tony leading the raid. Jack comes back in the final 4-5 episodes and saves the world one last time, not just a certain country attack, like a worldwide war. Would be awesome, but hell who am I? Lol

George Mason wasn’t the handler…

It was an Easter egg.

Then why was his name on the credits?

Xander Berkeley was…

This was the best if not one of the best episodes of 24: Legacy ever and Jadalla is by far the series’ big baddie. The episode had me and everybody asking the all important question – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Great to see Amira after all the horrible things she went through since murdering poor Drew in the hospital made the ultimate sacrifice by blowing up the George Washington Bridge (RIP Amira). Six episodes in and it just keeps getting better and better or worse. Now that the first half is done, can’t wait to see what happens next in the other half of the series. BTW, no word yet on when Veronica Cartwright will make her first appearance as Senator Donovan’s mother.

and then there is Sidra…Tony Almeida’s associate who is hot and dangerous .its rumoured she will create some kind of distrust between Almeida and Rebecca Ingram ..That should be interesting considering that Tony and Rebecca should have clashed in the past ..cant wait to see how the solitary storyline plays into all of this…exciting times

This episode was intense, and we finally have a reason to hate Jadalla even though he is already evil. He just hasn’t been interesting enough in the first half, but I feel like he will pick it up. But please, I hope Isaac (Draymond Green) doesn’t die, but knowing 24, he’ll probably die in a heroic way protecting Nicole. Isaac is probably the most interesting character of them all this season, and if he doesn’t have another scene with his crazy girlfriend and Jerome, it be a shame. Or knowing 24, both of them somehow work for Jadalla.

Spot on…because how did they know where Isaac stays. .must be one of his boys that sold him out to jadalla could be aisha and Jerome. .but like you said knowing 24 it could be anyone

Actually yes he can die heroically, or for the twist maybe the crisis is resolved and he was so distracted by it and he goes home, and Aisha then goes and kills him.

According to press release at least he is still alive in ep 8.

March 7, 2017 at 7:05 am
LMAO @ “Draymond Green”!

ONe thing I hope they change from the original 24 is that they don’t have to kill off almost every major character and making Jack Bauer suffer so much. 24 Legacy can have a happier end to the season and still keep the same level of intensity and suspense. And yes Jadalla was nice and evil in this one.

That was one of the best episodes in 24 history. I rewatched it just now and it was even better on second viewing. Job well done to everyone involved. 👍

Honestly, it would be a big shame if this doesn’t get renewed. If this season was terrible or even mediocre then I can understand the relatively poor ratings but it really isn’t. IMO, it’s better than some of the previous seasons and is on par with the better ones.

I hope the ratings will rise after this episode and with Tony’s imminent return. Hopefully those who didn’t give this a chance for whatever reasons will finally tune in.

And its the best show currently on TV. It’s better than APB, Gotham, etc. If Wayward Pines (which wasn’t bad but nothing like this) can be renewed for at least 3 seasons (and FX can do a third season of Tyrant) then this definitely deserves to continue. If they don’t continue it, though, I hope Eric Carter gets some closure and not a complete downer ending like Jack Bauer usually gets.

Fun fact: The language used on Khasan´s board is not Chechen language, it´s Czech language. And it´s broken Czech :) http://oi64.tinypic.com/514gew.jpg

The Chechen Republic and The Czech Republic are not the same.

Btw the first text means “Heavy traffic at 7 am” and the second one is a joke: “If you can read this, you’re too close”.

I wonder if that was joke on purpose since people confused the Czech Republic and Chechnya after the Boston Marathon bombing. I wonder if Khasan and Amira were speaking in Chechen or in Russian or if they were going for Chechen accents, since they did sound different than typical Russian accents.

Or maybe someone on the crew wanted to google some Chechen language and confused it with Czech instead, that’s also quite popular.

March 7, 2017 at 3:01 am
Just incredible. I know everyone is saying this but the best episode of 24 in a long time. It’s going like season 8 (slowish start), great second half. And I would nearly say this is better.

Given that season 8 is probably the closest the show ever came to reaching the insurmountable heights of season 1, I’m not inclined to agree.

March 7, 2017 at 9:46 am
Think it’s hard to judge now as we’re still mid season. Think the last 6 or so eps of season 8 are the best ever. But the first 12 are rubbish and boring. I thing Legacy is off to a better start. But it’s not gonna match the end of S8.


Loving the change of heart from everyone!

Lots of mirroring stuff happening

– 14 cells left similar to the remaining vials of nerve gas they tracked down eventually by the end of S3
– Tony returning is similar to Nina returning in S2 to gain more intel
– the double-cross from Amira which mirrors most other seasons
– Carter now playing the role of Tony from Season 3 when Saunders took Michelle

I see what you did there David Fury

Bring on the next arc!

and here’s hoping 24 Legacy moves to Netflix along with the rest of 24 so we can binge what this shit forever

March 7, 2017 at 6:55 am
All seasons of 24 and 24 Redemption are available on Amazon Video and they are all free for Amazon Prime members.

March 7, 2017 at 9:47 am
Does anyone use Amazon Prime?

Nope! That’s why I want 24 on Netflix!

Well Amira was the first teenage terrorist to successfully launch the attack. Remember that Behrooz, Simone, and Marcos Al-Zacar all backed out of their participation while Ahmed Amar was killed (I think by Jack or Curtis).

I’ve noticed there are less scenes set inside CTU this time.

Last night’s episode was great! Check out my review: https://24legacyblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/24-legacy-gets-back-on-track/

Great review as always. Appreciate it!

I’m a bit confused here–for weeks now people were COMPLAINING how this season was rehashing so many earlier 24 plotlines but now it seems as if people are PRAISING this latest episode for rehashing. I’m confused as to why that is…

In any case, I’ll be onboard next week for Tony’s return but, so far, this is the worst season of 24 I’ve ever seen.

If you ask me, a lot of the comments here sound like people who were just so thirsty for this show to start resembling 24 of old in ANY sense that they’re on a nostalgic high.

This episode just hit all the right tones in my 24 rule book. 1- The twists involving Isaac and Nicole were well played out., 2- The action packed sequence on the bridge involving Amira was well executed by the amazing Jon Cassar once again., 3- John and Henry facing off. that was cool, jimmy smitts is one hell of an actor. reminded me of President David Palmer and Sherry back in Day 01. overall great episode i think this is the turn around that the season needed , things are going to turn up big in Episode 7. And we all can’t wait to see Tony. How he got out of Solitary, what he has been up to?, What role he plays this season may well determine his fate and the show’s season.

The bridge twist would have been slightly more powerful if they hadn’t shown footage of the bridge exploding in the trailers before the show aired! And what was with that roly poly comical policeman? That sapped some of the power of the scene for me.

This is more of the same for me. Some of the dialogue is painfully clichéd!

PS how did the Dudayevs drive from Amira’s high school in Virginia, to New York in like half an hour?

I think the high school was in New Jersey. They never said the high school was in Virginia, it was in an unnamed location. When Khasan was driving the truck it was a very vague license plate that didn’t fit anywhere, but then the truck with the bomb had obvious New Jersey plates.

I wonder if they really filmed that portion on the actual George Washington Bridge cause it looked real vs some stand-in location. They really should have set part of it in Atlanta instead since the show was mostly filmed there.

The cop shouting “No” was a lot like the scene in Season 6 right before the nuke goes off. I also felt he was a little bit comical, but I was able to take him more seriously than Kal Penn in Season 6. (I don’t think you can play a convincing terrorist after playing Kumar).

Yeah I think the opening shot of the high school had the flag of Virginia flying outside it, although it wasn’t explicitly stated to be there I just assumed.

And they filmed the bridge bits on green screen outside their studio, with some footage of the real bridge thrown in. Check out http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Legacy_filming_locations#5:00pm-6:00pm

I also feel like the references to (/rehashes of) season 1 story elements makes it sort of worse. Comparing Raphael Acloque’s acting to that of Michael Massee as Ira Gaines after kidnapping the hero’s wife really exacerbates the decline in quality. And especially as it seems the entire plan of kidnapping Carter’s wife is to use Carter as tech support.

Couldn’t agree more. Legacy keeps reminding me of previous seasons of 24, but not in a good way. It’s constantly reminding me of how much better the original moments were handled.

I will say this though – at least in this episode we got our first sizeable explosion, after a trailer campaign that featured 4 huge explosions that were never from the show!

Justin Urciuoli
March 10, 2017 at 5:48 pm
I am loving Legacy. I think its been a solid season

I actually think Acloque is one of the better actors in the main cast considering what he’s been given to work with. I have no complaints with any of the acting really, strong across the board like usual for this show (except that beardo henchman last episode with that HORRIBLE line about spraying their brains on the asphalt), it’s just the writing is so familiar and tired by this point.

I really like the initial hook with the ranger squad and Carter and Grimes’ characters – you can definitely tell that that was the germ of the original idea they reworked to be a 24 season. I think Carter’s backstory is interesting and Hawkins is engaging in the role whenever he gets enough screentime. But aside from that practically everything else is just the same old devices and cliches we’ve seen for ten seasons. I just can’t believe that, given three years and a completely blank slate to come up with a 24 without Jack Bauer that THIS is what they came up with? It’s hard to write off because most of the characters and individual scenes are good but, really, there’s no excuse for how lazy it all feels. I laughed when I read Dan Bucatinsky’s recap in EW this week and he was confused as to why the terrorists had forged passports that all happened to use the real address of their secret base. Yeah, I’d like to know as well!

I do love this season, but I wonder whether you can even come to the US as a high school student with a student visa. And since Khasan dropped out of school wouldn’t his visa be invalid, making him illegal? They could have made a point about vetting and illegal immigration but didn’t.

Samurai Snake
March 8, 2017 at 1:45 pm
This was one of the worst episodes in 24 history.
It has the worst storyline (full of contrivances, poor acting, plot holes and bad charaterizations – what the fuck was up with Amira, does she have a split personality, why at first does she act like a terrorist-no-regrets, then like a stupid slut, then like a cowardly kitten, then like a maniac, then like a terminator?) end in a simply stupid twists in the show.
Well, at least Amira’s idiotic journey ended. With a low-quality bang.

It feels almost like a bad parody with all those amateurish green screen effects (just look at the guy in the booth!), ultra-shacky cam and cheap effects. It’s funny how Season 2’s action scenes look better than this shlockfest – and they were shot 15 years ago, by the same director, which is funny.

And here I am, reading comments and I just don’t get the praise. At all. How is any of this “great”?
Actors have no chemistry. Effects are bad. Story is not only predictable, but poorly written by the guys who made later (and shockingly bad) seasons of “Dexter” – and it shows.
But – “great, best”, etc.

It doesn’t even compare to the best episodes of first 5 seasons.
Hell, it’s worse than any episode of Season 6, since they at least felt like people tried to make them work. Here it’s just lazy and sad.

And I am a fan of the show, not just some guy who likes to hate things. It was one of the best TV Shows I’ve seen – no bad seasons, only average at worst. Actors, writers, directors – all did their best to make premise work. And it worked like a clock. Even Season 6, yeah.

But here comes Legacy – and all it does it piss on 24’s long and respected legacy. How ironic. The only halfway decent thing about this shitshow is Eric Carter. He would be a good partner to Jack.

LOL! You echoed my sentiments almost exactly! Well, all except for the Eric Carter part–I don’t even like him.

Yeah, what was up with Amira? There was no cohesive character structure to her. Nothing.

This show DOES look amateur, yes. And you’re right: Season 2 looked FAR more professional and cinematic than anything in this turd season.

I can’t believe THIS is what people were gushing over. People are far too easily won over these days. My theory is that people were just so hungry for something exciting to happen this season that they clung to this like a starving person eating McDonalds and thinking “it’s the best food ever” simply because they were so hungry. For me, it was boring and slogging along. I regret deciding to watch those first six episodes on the FOX website. I barely made it through. I care NOTHING about ANY of these characters. Even Tony’s return can only accomplish so much.

What did I think? BORING. I really don’t get this fascination people had with it and I don’t understand the love for Amira. She was bland and unconvincing. She was a flip-flop character with no real identity and massive twists and turns to her character that made little to no sense. Behrooz was much better. With Amira, it’s as if the writers couldn’t decide upon what her personality should be. And that twist? Saw it coming a mile away.

I’m not liking any of these characters.

I think Amira its probably realistic how she was dragged into it by her brother. How she’s torn between the feelings she has left for Drew and her father and completing the mission. So Mr. Harris really did “like” her and cared about her, not knowing she was completely using him for terrorism. (I thought he was convinced they would attack the school but they attacked the bridge instead? A school attack would be more psychologically damaging). I think her, Behrooz and Dina Araz were the most humanized terrorist characters.

I have to say “Ahhhhhhkmed” Amar from Season 6 was the worst teenage terrorist. Kal Penn was NOT convincingly as a dangerous terrorist and I laughed at most of his scenes. Its hard to take him seriously after seeing him in Van Wilder and Harold and Kumar.

And the guy who played Khasan was pretty good! He also played the real life Chechen terrorist Tamerlane Tsarnaev in Patriots Day.