Isaac Carter in 24: Legacy Episode 6
Isaac Carter in 24: Legacy Episode 6

24: Legacy Episode 6 Ratings

24: Legacy‘s ratings have dropped yet again this week, falling to a new series low – 3.80 million viewers (down by roughly 180,000) and a 0.9 in the important 18-49 demographic.

It’s safe to say that 24: Legacy is on life support. The show continues to bleed viewers weekly and is now fractional in the 18-49 demographic. It’s just barely outperforming FOX’s other Monday show APB which is a new (and likely far cheaper to produce) series that received barely any promotion in comparison.

Yesterday Fox Television Group Chairman and CEO Dana Walden admitted that 24: Legacy failed to live up to their expectations ratings-wise and said “we’re just going to have to see how our pilots come in, how it continues to perform and weigh all of the information we have in May.” Not exactly a great vote of confidence for the show.

Simply put, the more data that comes in, the worse it looks for Legacy.

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Updated Live+7 Ratings
24: Legacy‘s sixth episode grew from a 0.9 to a 1.6 demo in Live+7 delayed viewing. Total viewers went up from 3.697 million to 5.791 million after seven days of delayed viewing, an increase of 57%.

For comparison, Kiefer Sutherland’s new series Designated Survivor got 11.694 million total viewers in Live+7 this same week – it’s performing twice as well as 24: Legacy in the ratings. (source)


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Thank you for being honest about the prospects of this show, admin. “Life support” is right.

It’s important to be realistic and not give fans a sense of false hope. These numbers are bad and nobody should convince themselves otherwise.

Justin here sure is trying…

How do they know about the age groups? Do they actually ask in surveys?

24 spoilers The live ratings are not the best but the show does well with DVR, online and on demand. Also if you read Fox measures the success of a show by live +3 or live +7 or on demand or online ratings. Fox stopped taking into account just the live overnight ratings as it does not tell the full story of a show’s audience anymore since viewing habits are different these days.

Fox will renew 24 Legacy in my opinion and bring Chloe Kate and Jack back. Dana and Gary have been long time supporters of 24 since 2001 and love the creators

Also season 2 of the original grew its viewership from the first season. The show is in an House production, is airing in 160 countries.

The pilots will be bad.

Tony Almeida also will bring in original viewers who have not watched yet, those who abandoned the show. The interest in 24 legacy this week already increased due to Tony coming back. Tony has a big appeal on viewers.

And even Dana walden said the show is averaging 7-8 million viewers after 7 days. Also she said she loves the show, creators and cast and she said she would love nothing more than to bring it back.

It’s not expensive to produce, they have more story to tell etc

“The pilots will be bad”?

How the **** do you know that?

Do you actually believe half the stuff you write Justin? I feel like you’re just sticking your head in the sand and ignoring reality.

How are they going to bring Jack back when Kiefer is unavailable? He’s the lead actor of a successful show on a competing broadcast network.

And let’s pretend they actually do “bring Chloe Kate and Jack back” – if they have to bring back all these older characters, isn’t that an admission that Legacy’s new cast failed to catch on with the audience?

You constantly say “the television landscape has changed” and then use 24 Season 2 which aired over 14 years ago as an example of why Legacy’s ratings will magically rise in the second season?

How could you possibly know Fox’s pilots will be bad without seeing a single frame of footage from any of them?

In the other thread you posted a link saying the Live+7 ratings for Episode 4 was 6.6 million total, that’s already below the 7-8m viewer average you keep posting (and these 7 day ratings are also declining with each episode)…

And how could you say it’s “not expensive to produce” when you don’t know the budget? The show was cancelled before for being too expensive to make and it still has much of the same crew and tons of executive producers on it. It’s not a cheap show to make.

They can always bring Kiefer back for a small cameo role or in a TV movie or a movie in theatres. Howard Gordon never ruled this out and neither did Kiefer. Also Kiefer is executive producer on this too.

Legacy just needs time to catch on just like Star Trek, the spinoffs of Law and Order, CSI, Bond, etc.

People need more than 1 season to get used to the show.

And there is always a possibility Legacy ratings can rise in season 2 like the original. It’s not impossible. Never say never in life. It’s also called being optimistic and positive which many on here don’t like to do.

And 24 is an established brand with trusted producers and an in house production, something that new pilots would not have.

Also if you read this

You will see here Fox does not measure a show’s success based on the live same day ratings and half of their advertising deals are based on live + 7 day ratings. The TV landscape has changed and viewing habits of changed. 24 is a show that does better binge watched and people like to watch without commercials meaning delayed. Not counting viewers who watch a show by other means is like saying those viewers do not exist and only people who watch shows live exist. That is not fair to viewers who cannot watch at the time of the broadcast. It’s basically saying those viewers who watch delayed are dead and don’t count as people cuz they are not watching live. So Fox is smart to get with the times and change the conversation of ratings. Something the other three networks need to do. Fox can also make money on the show by having in show advertising. They don’t need as many commercials as they show this season. I went to school for TV, work in TV and talk to Howard Gordon all the time.

Yes the 7 day ratings have been dropping weekly but I think next week it will stay steady at a 1.7 for episode 5, episode 6 will have a 1.6 or 1.7 and then the DVR viewership will grow once Tony is back.

I base this on the trend. Usually the ratings grow 0.7-0.8 for every episode. Episode 5 had a 1.0 like episode 4 so episode 5 should get a 1.7. Episode 6 had a 0.9 so it should get a 1.6 or 1.7. It could even grow 0.9 or 1.0 as the premiere did. I base my predictions on trends. These ratings 7-8 million viewers are not bad or terrible. Dana Yes was sad the ratings are not a little higher but she even admitted their launch strategy was flawed and over ambitious. She said the show is really good and she loves the creators, characters and show and would love nothing more than to bring the show back cuz it was great.

They will also make money from the show airing in 160 countries, I read they plan on releasing Legacy on DVD as well. The first season in 2001 was renewed due to success in England. And Dana won’t be committal until the producers pitch a season 2 to Fox, they hear the storylines the producers want. Then a deal IMHO will be made.

Also don’t forget DVR viewership does not count online numbers or people who watch on Hulu only DVR and on demand.

And truthfully the show is I think cheaper than producing 24 episodes and they moved the production of the show to Atlanta Georgia where it is cheaper to produce than LA.

Also you never know They could surprise us with Chloe or Kate this season. 24 is known for its surprises.

Also I am part of a lot of 24 sites on FB and interest in 24 legacy has gone up from those who abandoned the show this season or original fans who have not watched yet. They are all excited Tony is back and said they will be watching Monday.

Tony has a large appeal to viewers from the original and many viewers will want to see how his story from
Solitary is resolved. Tony is just as loved as Jack and has been there from season 1. So IMHO, I think Tony and whatever else the writers surprise us with will be icing on the cake for 24 Legacy.

I have also been told by Manny Coto, David Fury and Jon Caesar that there is a good chance the show will be renewed. Howard is optimistic as well.

And a background actor on set of Legacy said they were told by crew at end of February that they will be filming a season 2 in Atlanta this year.

I think Fox will give Legacy a season 2 and the chance. I think there is room for this show still on Broadcast TV and this show needs to air at 9pm like the old 24. Though I do see the show one day getting pitched to Netflix.

The show is doing good for Fox and better than most of their other shows. It makes the top 25 in Live +7 ratings every week so far. Against its competition Monday its doing okay and is getting the same live numbers as Gotham. But again live numbers doesn’t tell the full story.

24 Legacy has a 50% chance of getting renewed in my opinion. So the show is not dead yet.

I think they have a great cast, I love the plot this season and it’s fresh. Kiefer is Executive producer as well.

Yeah I can see Fox calling this a limited series and ending it after one season. It will be interesting to see if ratings go up next week with Tony’s return.

I kind of doubt Tony increases the ratings much (if at all). Not many people are going to jump in more than halfway through the season.

I also think they’ll probably just refer to Legacy as a “limited series” as an excuse to cancel it. If Designated Survivor tanks in the second half of the season and doesn’t get renewed (it returns tomorrow after a very lengthy hiatus), I can see Fox trying to get Kiefer back.

You’d be surprised–many 24 fans (myself included) decided to hold out until the Tony episodes. Many.

You’re delusional dude. I like the actor and character, but come on – hundreds of thousands of Tony Almeida fans (with Nielsen boxes no less) who have no clue what’s going on in the story are going to turn it back on because they somehow heard which episode he would be on?

I never stated that he would cause the ratings to skyrocket through the roof or anything–just stating that it’s possible that there could be enough of an increase for people to take notice. So far, the ratings have been in a constant decline, episode-to-episode. The return of Tony could conceivably give them a bit of a bump–enough for FOX to take notice, at least.

I guess we’ll see. I just feel like it’s too little, too late to impact the ratings by any significant amount.

The absolute best case scenario I can envision is Tony’s return boosting the ratings by two tenths
of a point (0.9 –> 1.1) and if it stabilizes there it might be lucky enough to squeak by with a renewal if Fox’s pilot orders turn out especially bad.

But more realistically, I think it will probably continue to drop.

You know what? As long as they provide closure for Tony’s character, I’m good. They can cancel it for all I care after that because, ultimately, I only ever wanted this turkey to air out of hope of seeing at least Tony (and hopefully Jack as well) have some form of closure. I’m good if they can do that.

It continues to go downhill since the post Super Bowl spot and the series doesn’t bode well for its chances of a season renewal.

Tony will bring the ratings up. And live ratings do not matter anymore to Fox. They measure a show’s success by looking at viewership across all platforms over 7 days. Over 7 days it’s getting 7-8 million viewers per episode

They also get money for their ads based on 7 day ratings

You sound more and more like a bot every day…

Lol, yeah! I hope for your sake Justin you’re making good use of copy and paste, I dread to think of you typing out the same shit 100 times.

I could believe it. LOL!

hahahahahaha Justin The black guy can’t act. That’s the problem of the show. He was terrible in TWD and is equally terrible in 24L.

I love Eric Carter

Problem is the rest of America does not.

Good for you–most everyone hates him, though.

PS: You’d better give him all the loving you can right now because Ol’ Eric is going bye-bye after this season ends.

Why all the unnecessary hate towards Eric Carter?!? I truly don’t understand. What did he personally do to hurt you? Yes, we all know that he is not Jack Bauer, but Eric is still an amazing character regardless of anyone’s hateful opinion. If he was so irredeemably terrible as you claim, he never would have been given the lead role in the first place. I honestly suspect that his race is the undisclosed reason for the backlash of many so-called “24 fans”. I can’t stand racist people who cowardly hide behind the guise of “criticism”.

The acting by Corey Hawkins has been pretty good but they haven’t given his character enough depth for us to really care about him. I feel nothing for most of these characters actually and thats on the showrunners unfortunately not the actors.

Most of my friends who loved the original 24 feel the same way too

I can’t believe idiotic people like the poster above are still pulling this “You just don’t like him because he’s black!” BS. Wow…the stupidity of some people…

Lol seriously I don’t know where that came from…

And I love this part – “If he was so irredeemably terrible as you claim, he never would have been given the lead role in the first place” LOL Yea because the producers of 24 never made a stupid decision before.

Yeah, people like this really annoy me. I’ve been championing Tony’s return on two different websites ever since his return was announced. The guy is LATINO, for crying out loud. I hate how people make this about RACE every time someone bashes Carter.

LOL! Yeah–24 creators have ALWAYS made smart decisions! *Lightning strikes me down*

Yeah, and the fact that David Palmer is one of the most memorable fiction presidents of all time. This young thug has nothing in comparison to characters like David, Sherry, Curtis or even Wayne.

Exactly, and I love ALL of those characters you just mentioned and ALL of them have more talent, charisma and spark than this Carter guy.

April 11, 2017 at 1:40 am
Because Hollywood has ever cast an actor based on hype instead of talent before…. right… If you have any objective reasoning, and ability to discern skillful acting from what this show’s lead puts out, you could only come to the conclusion that the lead’s acting-ability is the problem.

I agree with this, I feel the same way as you do unfortunately. the writers have done a very poor job of making audiences invested in these characters. If you don’t care about the characters then you don’t care about their struggles or any dangerous situations they’re put in.

I would say this is by far the biggest issue with Legacy.

I am very invested in 24 Legacy

Uh, I don’t like the actor’s acting and the character does nothing to impress me…ergo, the hatred isn’t unnecessary if that’s how I feel.

PS: Really? The race card again? Is that still “a thing”? *Rolls eyes*

I wanted Tony (a Latino) to be the lead of 24 Legacy. David Palmer (a black man) is one of my favorite characters of the show and favorite presidential character. Michelle (Half-Japanese) is my favorite female character of the show. And you call me racist? You can shove that accusation back up where it originally came from.

It isn’t all racist. I actually think the actor who plays his brother Issac would have been better in the lead part. He is more expressive and dynamic. But, the real problem is imo, that Eric is just not on screen enough to be seen as a major heroic figure.

hahaha im so happy the show came back….no body cares about ratings the show we love came back different and good so all this rubbish talk won’t matter we have another collection in the 24 franchise that’s what matters. i bet my guys watching 24: India version will agree they actually have and enjoy their own 24 based on our show’s franchise…haha

Are you, by chance, being sarcastic?

24 Legacy is very good and better than LAD. Given how good this is, I don’t miss Jack at all. His story can wait.

The people who are happy 24 Legacy is doing poorly in the ratings don’t realize that this likely means there will be no more 24 again. That means no Jack.

Enjoy ~

This is definitely not better than LAD lol

They haven’t made me care about any of these new characters, episode 6 was the first good episode, and not having Jack hurts too.

Better than LAD? I disagree 100% on that front.

No more 24 ever? Fine by me–they drove this into the ground and refused to give the old guard actual closure. I’d rather see 24 end than continue on this artificial life support (24 Legacy). And 24 Legacy being cancelled doesn’t mean “No Jack”–if anything, it only increases the urgency of FOX to get Kiefer back.

I don’t know about others, but 24 peaked for me years ago and has only been downhill since. I just want an ending for Jack and Tony and to be done with it.

Another vote for Legacy being better than LAD. LAD was flat out fucking awful. I could’ve lived with Season 8 being the end for Jack’s character – thought it wasn’t exactly ideal.

XAM is a fucking idiot. I’ll say it again, XAM is a fucking idiot. I’ve seen this idiot’s posts on this web site for about 10 years now and Idiot XAM always says how awful the current season/day is. Idiot XAM never liked 24. Idiot XAM will respond with something like ‘I liked it when it was good.’ 24 has been good/great since Day 1, Idiot XAM. Idiot XAM’s idiotic quote ‘LAD was flat out fucking awful’ was probably the most idiotic line Idiot XAM ever posted on here, and that’s saying a lot because Idiot XAM has been posting idiotic posts for a long time now. For us real fans, not Idiot XAM, LAD had everything we wanted… after a 4 year break there was Jack, Chloe, Audrey and now (then) President James Heller. Plus Cheng Zhi who finally got his comeuppance. And here’s a tip for Idiot XAM, Idiot XAM use to see what comeuppance means, you fucking idiot.

Respect to the webmaster(s) for keeping this web site up & running during the long intervals since the conclusion of Day 8. Real fans respect you for it.

March 8, 2017 at 6:58 am
Haha, where did this post come from? It’s alright to have different opinions, you know?

XAM always says how awful the current season/day is.

Then how come I like Legacy then, dipshit?

I am a olf fan of 24 and I didn’t like LAD, worse than Day 6 to me.
All the plot in LAD was mostly rehash and inconsistent with theirs characters.
I prefer the ending of Day 8 giving a much better ending to Jack’s characters than I saw in LAD.

This is a weird, weird post.

You posted this earlier: “You’d be surprised–many 24 fans (myself included) decided to hold out until the Tony episodes. Many.”

How can you disagree and say LAD>Legacy if you haven’t seen Legacy yet?


Because I ended up catching up with/watching the other episodes this week on the FOX website, against my better reservations. The acting is horrendous. Even Otto and Smits seem dry in this.

Justin Urciuoli
March 7, 2017 at 1:21 pm
Fox does not measure the live ratings. They take viewership across all platforms into account when measuring the success of a show and deciding on renewal. The show is averaging 7-8 million viewers after 7 days across all platforms. Fox advertising deals are based on 7 day ratings as well. So ratings are not horrible as people make them out to be. People need to get the overnight ratings off their minds because they are a thing of the past.

We heard you the first thousand times jesus

LOL! He flooded the IMDB boards back when they were still running with this same sort of nonsense. I recognize his last name as he used that for a username over there. He trolled all the 24 boards over there with this bot nonsense.

Justin… Dana Walden works for Fox, she sure seems to be taking the ratings into account.

Dana Walden is a huge fan of the show since 2001 and has a very good relationship with Manny Coto and Evan Katz. Manny said they will be going into new storylines in the next season including a crime plot line and a KKK plot, there is always the possibility of Kiefer coming back too, he is executive producer and a big fan! Fox does not care on live ratings any more, they take into account 7 days across all platforms and the ratings are very good, they are getting 7-8 million viewers each week. Dana said she was only “a little sad” which you can take as good or bad news, I think they will definitely renew 24 Legacy, the ratings have stabilized at 1.0 and are not as horrible as everyone says. I love Eric Carter.

…damn, easier than I thought. I wonder if I could get in on that sweet Fox payola?

btw if you want a laugh go look up Justin on Facebook, he looks exactly how you would expect

LMAO!!! For a moment there, I had to do a double-take at your username because I thought this was a Justin post. LMAO!!! Good job!

I hope they DO NOT do a KKK plotline. That would definitely be filled with liberal politics and it will probably be set in the South with a lot of negative Southern stereotypes. They filmed this season in Atlanta and they can’t actually set the show there and showcase the modern city. But if they film the next Season in Georgia with a KKK plot it will be set in the South…..SMH if this is in fact true…….

For a comparison on the live ratings for episode 6:
24 LAD: 6.18 million (which actually improved on episode 5’s ratings)
24 Legacy: 3.8 million

24LAD also did better in DVR viewing (both in total viewers and in the demo) than Legacy, despite airing in the summer, when ratings tend to be lower (people are on vacation, going to blockbuster movies, etc).

March 7, 2017 at 2:13 pm
Too bad Fox didn’t want to pony up the money when Kiefer was trying as hard as could be to get a 24 movie done back when there was a script ready and Kiefer was willing to commit. Bet that would have been a better investment of their time and money rather than trying to seek out a new and younger audience with Legacy.

The reason they couldn’t get a movie made was because of notorious cheapskate Tom Rothman running the studio at the time… now he’s long gone, it could conceivably happen if there’s a will for it to happen. Kiefer isn’t going to do another limited series (and has said so), and I don’t think 12 episodes works nearly as well as 24 (my own personal opinion)… but he WOULD do a movie in a heartbeat, of that I have no doubt.

Get Joel Surnow out of semi-retirement to co-write and executive produce, Jon Cassar to direct, set and shoot it within the U.S. in a nice tax-friendly state, give ’em about $40m to spend, and let them get on with it… it would be a moderate financial success and would hopefully give Jack a PROPER ending.

Jack will be back in some capacity… that much is NOT in question; it’s just how and when.

Justin Urciuoli
March 7, 2017 at 2:14 pm
It’s important to note 24 Legacy was not the only show to drop last night. Every other show dropped too. The Voice, Bachelor, Taken. If 24 Legacy was the only show that dropped then I would be worried, but every other show did too. Yes the show is averaging 4 million viewers in live ratings but when you factor viewership over a 7 day period across all rating platforms Fox measures, show is averaging 7-8 million viewers per episode after 7 days which are not terrible or bad. Fox measures their success, makes ad deals, based on 7 day of ratings info. This was released recently. A show that gets 7-8 million viewers never gets cancelled. And Fox is the only network that has this model as they are looking to the future of TV viewing. Live ratings are a thing of the past for Fox as they have announced two years ago and said yesterday as well.

Justin Urciuoli
March 7, 2017 at 2:14 pm
A 24 movie, TV movie of 24 or 24 on Netflix could always happen.

March 7, 2017 at 2:18 pm
I’m sorry to say, but I think their chance to have done well with a 24 movie has passed.

I think their chances to have done a 24 movie AT ALL have passed.

Yeah, no movie what so ever, besides maybe a TV movie at best. 24’s heyday is over. They’d never make their money back on a big budget one, no matter who starred.

Life support is the case. Only chance is when Designated Survivor ends and Kiefer wants to come back, if he ever does.

As I said on a previous post, move the show to Netflix and maybe, just maybe, they can end the story for us.

I’m dreaming but hey….

I think the show could potentially live on with a streaming service like prime (who currently owns the streaming rights to seasons 1-8). The show is so serialized that it would benefit from realeasing all of the episodes at once. Which seems to be what current tv landscape prefers. I honestly fell in love with 24 by watching the dvds back to back, not live. The only issue would be fox actually selling the rights and the cost to make the show..


People (when I say people, I mean general viewers) have lost their appetite for 24 and the old way we used to watch the show – every week over 24 weeks.

Also – the gap between Season 8 to LAD was 4 years and then another 3 years from LAD to Legacy. That’s a significant loss in time and interest

But 24 is an addictive series not too dissimilar to the likes of Prison Break, CSI, NCIS, etc etc so who knows what the ‘powers-that-be’ decide to do with it

I’m just hoping for a Netflix binge of 24 for another couple of years seeing Jack Bauer ride into the sunset with Terri and Kim in hand

Instead of posting foolish comments here or bashing people that actually really love the show it’s better to shut up. There is no reason to hate this show seriously lets get to discussing. 24 has always brought in new faces and we have always embraced them , why not these particular ones? who remembers how chloe came into CTU, Edgar, Bill Buchanan, Chase, Renee, and on and on. You can’t get invested into the characters if you already have a negative opinion/vibe towards them .I have loved 24 since November 2001. If you think you love Jack Bauer then you haven’t met me yet. I was surprised and cautiously optimistic at the same time when the show chose to come back without Kiefer Sutherland, but hey lets face it. 9 bad days, family lost, wife dead, all friends dead, been in multiple prisons, been to Africa as well haha. Point is Jack’s character deserved a break and the show needed to rebuild i mean how many main characters has 24 killed off in the past? you cant rebuild a show with a tragic bauer that has nothing left to live for, i mean how would you even justify him coming back to CTU after season 8 and all that followed. we have to be realistic, the show needed new characters, a new direction and a smaller story arc similar to the day 1 arc. Contemporary threat not the wild crazy threats that we went through after season 1. I mean we blew through; Assasinations, Government Conspiracies, Nukes, Bio weapons, viruses, Nerve gas, ballistic missiles, world war 3 scenarios, military contractors gone rogue hell we even had a Charles Logan. lol The show has always had a say in what is going on in the world and the lone wolf terrorists are the danger in this ERA, i bet they were mirroring that with the Amira story lines remember the Boston Bomber. Anyway point is Ratings or not im glad the show tried this new format and its a joy ride to watch. It’s what the best writers, directors and producers do. They don’t sit on their barrels and successes, they evolve and try new things that is what these guys did and i love it. The best guys in the business take risks and ultimately that is what the business is all about. I personally don’t care if we get a season 2 of Legacy. I already have 8 seasons, a movie adaptation(Redemption), 24 Live Another Day , the 24 Books/Novels, The 24 games and now i have one to add to the collection . 24 Legacy

“There is no reason to hate this show seriously lets get to discussing.”

So it is only considered a ‘discussion’ if everyone is praising the show?

Methinks Bauer Power needs to find himself a fansite as he can’t seem to tolerate any opinion that isn’t 100% blind praise for this season.

Thanks for the advice but, as someone who doesn’t like this season so far, I will continue to hate it if I don’t like it and will continue to express that here because:

1. It’s my right. Freedom of speech and all that. Look it up.
2. This isn’t a site reserved strictly for fan discussion.
3. Dude…have you looked around? Even the admin is quite negative about this season.

Get over it.

Very reasonable of you to tell people how to feel about a show..

“We have to be realistic” – something that no 24 producer said ever

March 8, 2017 at 4:13 am
Well said. I’ve enjoyed this season and I’m glad FOX took a chance on it too.

haha on the contrary i do have negative things to say about the show, every season of 24 has it’s negative critics which i like because i’m one of them. And anyone has a right to their opinion . Just don’t be an ass about it that’s all. Let’s discuss the show without being abusive and silly this is not high school. Everyone has an opinion about the show. we all can’t agree on the same things that’s natural on that note haha and the Admin is negative about the show. Who gives a damn what the Admin thinks his/her opinion is as valid as any of ours please. Opinions aside. 24 is back and whatever happens in the Future will happen for now i’m waiting for Almeida

Who cares what you think?

You sound like someone who loves hearing yourself speak, what with the way you won’t reply directly but keep making a new post and the way you act as if hold the proper board etiquette playbook in your hand.

Tell you what I’ll do–I’ll ignore the drivel you wrote to me and keep posting the way I have. ;)

It’s a shame since I really do love this reincarnation of 24! I like it more than Seasons 1, 7 and 8 to be totally honest.

I cannot even fathom that. Season 1 is the masterpiece of the series, unmatched to this day.

Yeah Season 1 is definitely the best for me too followed very closely by 5 and 4

I would say season 6 was the weakest of the “Jack Bauer years” and yet Kiefer was such a great actor that it was still fun to watch and far superior to this new “legacy”.

When Fox as a network performs even worse in the coming years, they’ll back the money truck up for Kiefer to return after his current show gets cancelled just like Touch did. Personally I want Alex Mahone from Prison Break to show up in 24.

Sadly, I’m not surprised at all. I think the story-line is stale and the characters are dull. Like many other die hard fans of the original, if it wasn’t for Tony coming back I wouldn’t still be watching.

They should do a 24 prequel story with a young Jack Bauer and his first terrible day that forces him to become the man he ultimately becomes.

Yup, we already got that. It was season 1.

LOL! Yeah and it was obvious that it was his first “day” as well as he was constantly saying: “It’s been a long day” in Season 1. They made a pretty strong point of it.

If they were to do a Jack prequel, I’d like to see the one about Operation Nightfall. A lot of people want that. It would be able to involve some great characters:


-Victor Drazen

-Stephen Saunders

Now THAT is something I’d like to see!

They said they’d never do prequels though as it loses any sense of thrilling aspect. Oh look, Jack is about to die, nope can’t, alive 9 seasons later.

I think it would awkward to close Tony’s story without jack it would just seem weird to close their stories separately & for the people defending legacy believe it or not. There’s a thing based on the info this site is previding & that includes the network it’s called being realistic it’s it’s in the dictionary I swear.

Surely bringing this promo back will pull in higher ratings….surely

24 Legacy is LAME and deserves its bad ratings. After swearing not to start watching live until the Tony episodes, I went ahead and caught up with the first six episodes on the FOX website…hoo boy! Boring beyond belief. I don’t care about ANY of these characters–none of them. People kept praising Amira and I didn’t see anything special. I much preferred Behrooz (which she was obviously based off of to some extent).

Carter is bland and feels like “Bauer Lite”. It’s as if they’re trying to channel Jack through this character as a way of giving us “Jack” without Kiefer. It’s not working. It’s also inconsistent. They show him acting like Jack in one scene and shedding tears in another.

It’s a shame Curtis was killed off–I’d take him over Carter any day as a lead.

Otto and Smit’s characters were surprisingly bland and I could easily see them pinning those lines on Audrey and Palmer or Heller. This has been 24’s problem for a few seasons now: constantly dumping old cast and transposing their characterizations onto new characters. It’s gets to a point where you stop caring about them.

And this whole Nicole/Isaac thing is boring and predictable. I can see one of three scenarios here:

1. The season ends with Nicole leaving Carter for Isaac (a sort of “losing Teri” mirror ending of Season 1 only without death since it would involve Nicole simply leaving Carter)

2. Nicole and/or Isaac dying

3. Nicole and Isaac revealed to be in league with each other as members of a terrorist group or something like Nina/Mandy

But, in true 24 fashion–SOMETHING will develop from all those nauseating “implied attraction” scenes.

And Amira? THIS is the character people were gushing over? She’s inconsistent at best and boring and dry at worst. Are we supposed to SYMPATHIZE with her? I sure didn’t. I was happy she died.

Also–Chapelle called and he wants his CTU director role back. Seriously, no one can imitate Chapelle.

Hopefully Tony will someone elevate this experience. Perhaps playing all these wafer-thin characters off of Tony will cause some of his hubris to rub off on them. Probably not, though.

I hate Legacy so far–even worse than Season 8. Even season 8’s initial 12 slogging, boring episodes were better than this, in my opinion.

PS: In case anyone didn’t like what I had to say: Tough. Go find a fansite if you don’t like people expressing distaste for your show. I’m a 24 fan and very disappointed here. This used to be my favorite show. Now? I’m counting the minutes for each episode to end.

As much as I like the Tony character, his return will not bring me back to watching the show. Besides season 6, is ’24 Legacy’ better than any other season??? I don’t think so. I think the only way for ’24’ to possibly be brought back next year is if the show decides to make a prequel where it states that the show occurs between seasons 2 and 3 (or season 3 and 4). That way, the show can bring back Jack, David Palmer, Tony, Michelle, Mike, etc. and potentially return the quality of the show to its glory days.

A prequel season would be great. It would be fantastic to see those characters again.

Sebastian Monroe
March 8, 2017 at 2:19 pm
I’ve thought of prequels before too, but the problem there is there’s no surprise death/suspense possibility. If it takes place between Seasons 2-3 for example, we know that Jack, Michelle, Palmer, Mandy, Tony, etc all live.

Exactly. And then the same people will be whining about bland characters again because they’ll have to throw a whole bunch of new ones in to kill off to keep that whole suspense thing. 99.99% of prequels ever done are pointless cash grabs.

The Predictor
March 8, 2017 at 4:37 pm
That’s a fair point but until season 5, I never would guessed anyway that the show was going to kill off Palmer, Tony, and Michelle. Even knowing that those 3 characters wouldn’t die in the prequel wouldn’t diminish the suspense much. The show would be a lot better than what we have now.

How exactly is that feasible given that, y’know, the actors are more than 10 years older?

March 8, 2017 at 2:17 pm
Great list from WatchMojo. They give Jack the words he deserves.

(I really am enjoying Legacy, but I don’t think I could last another full season without Jack. Renew it and Improve it.)

Justin Urciuoli
March 8, 2017 at 2:24 pm
If everyone hear shares that 24 Legacy is really good, Tony is coming back and the show airs Monday nights at 8pm on Fox to all their family and friends, co workers etc, we can get viewership up for next week. Start spreading the word to people. Thank you.

lmao do you know basic math skills?


No offense Justin, but I don’t think you realize just how bad the ratings are – getting friends to watch and sending emails to Fox executives isn’t going to make any type of difference whatsoever. It’s beyond saving at this point.

I disagree. Shows have been renewed due to campaigns started by fans.

Didn’t work for Firefly

But most people don’t like this show so there won’t be a campaign…

Agreed – and those people who are watching it are likely doing so because of the teasers the writers and producers dropped leading up to the show’s debut about some of the original characters possibly making an appearance….

Very rarely – and the 2-3 that have been extended or resurrected in response to viewers are ones that had at least 3 seasons on the air. Those have gone to cable or an online viewing site like Amazon and Netflix.

There was a greater uproar for the original ’24’ ending after 8 seasons to prompt the “LAD” return and that took 6 years to happen.

The “Legacy” experiment doesn’t have enough traction to get a 2nd season – nor does it deserve another one.

4 years, actually.

The problem is the lead actor. Back in the day for 24 to be successful they needed an established Hollywood star like Kiefer Shutherland and with that a good story of a loving father with unresolved issues with his wife and working in the CTU. This actor Corey Hawkins don’t have the charisma to pull this of. It is as simple as that.

Is Tony back yet? Oh wait! He’s on is way next Monday! I shall tune in just to see his face!

Lol so u want people who have friends/coworkers families you want these people to lie to them & say it’s really good when the truth is that purticular person doesn’t enjoy the show. lol wow😂They would be promoting false advertisement not stupid numbers. Haha.

Or correction promoting both really

Designated Survivor did 1.3 in the demo and 5.88 in live viewers after a lengthy hiatus. That’s very impressive considering the lengthy hiatus. Looks like it’s a lock for renewal.

That’s surprising, I thought the ratings would’ve had a huge dropoff after that long hiatus but it seems like it actually ticked up slightly compared to the winter finale. I’m glad, I enjoy Designated Survivor.

I suppose this rules out Kiefer returning to 24. That was the only way I could see it being renewed, if he returned as the lead.

March 9, 2017 at 2:39 pm
Yeah this mid-season premiere was pretty good. Any Kiefer fan should check it out. But am I the only one who thinks Maggie Q’s acting is super bland in this? Haha. Comes across really bored.

Yeah, those ratings are really strong. I think with DS being a near lock for renewal, that they’ll likely end 24 Legacy this season and hope that Kiefer can do a short miniseries or TV movie in a few years.

I wonder if 24 Legacy (if renewed) will be placed on a later timeslot like 10pm or something. Or does that not really matter these days?

I mean there are plenty of mediocre shows out there that have later timeslots and given 24 Legacy is not performing maybe it could get moved?

I don’t know how it all works but a thought

Fox only has prime time programming from 8PM to 10PM. Same with The CW. ABC, CBS, and NBC have Prime time programming from 8PM to 11PM.

Also I think the 8 PM timeslot gets less viewers than 9, especially since 8 means its 7 PM Central Time and many people aren’t ready to watch that early yet.

March 9, 2017 at 4:54 pm
Yes, I think the later 9PM time was better. At 8PM parents are still putting kids to bed. By 9PM, the kids are in bed and parents are freer to watch. 24 LAD was on at 9PM same as classic 24.

24 Legacy’s live+7 ratings (episode 4). 1.7 in the demo, 6.589 million. That’s down from 2.0 in the demo and an estimated 7.4 million for episode 3.

fox should swap it with apb to try and save it

So happy that 24 Legacy episode 4 ratings Increased from a 1.0 to a 1.7 and from 4.4 million viewers to 6.6 million viewers. In the top 25 again this week for DVR.

Sent from my iPhone

The cast in 24 legacy is awesome, so is the plot line!

Elaborate. Tell us why the cast is awesome. Tell us why the plot is awesome.

Na I’d rather he doesn’t elaborate

I can only guess that he’s related to someone on the production crew, writing staff or otherwise affiliated with the show’s existence….

I talk to Howard Gordon all the time and he said to me they would love nothing more than to continue the show.

Also 24 Legacy is like the spinoffs of Law and Order, Chicago shows, CSI, Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad, Walking dead, Star Trek and Bond. All those shows took time to find an audience. 24 is a great and unique format and deserves to live on like the other spinoffs. The writers for 24 are smart and have never let fans down and always had awesome writing. People need to stop obsessing with Jack and stop hating Corey. Corey is a fantastic actor and so are the other characters. Corey did wonderful on Straight Outta Compton and walking dead as well. And he is a broadway star. The rest of the cast is amazing too.

The plot this season is about sleeper cells and radicalizing Americans and what it means to be American? It is about Isis. All fresh stuff. CTU national headquarters.

“Always had awesome writing”.

Someone didn’t watch season 6.

I watched season 6 and loved it.

And anyone who didn’t like season 6. Just one season that was weak. Wow!

8 out 9 seasons were perfect including Legacy

Nothing is perfect, Justin. But I’m really starting to wonder whether you’re just a spamming troll and/or a delusional fanboy.

Its the latter

You really are delusional lol

24 was always a 9pm show

The 8PM timeslot shouldn’t make that much of a difference. People who record 24 Legacy and watch an hour later on DVR are counted towards the live ratings.

People here stop feeding off negativity and either watch the show or don’t. No need to come here just to see people squabbling over whose comment is better than the other or who is right or not. just watch or don’t watch.. period

So if you’re negative you can’t speak? Cool opinion but nah

rip 24 ;(

This show is best suited to be an ‘all episodes in a season released at once’ on Netflix or Amazon. People today do not have the patience to wait 7 days between episodes, plus we’re only getting the 12 hour treatment again, instead of 24 hours. The show is crazy rushed, which does not help things.

Justin Urciuoli
March 10, 2017 at 5:11 pm
Eric Carter is meant to be a different character to Jack. You cannot compare the two. 24 Legacy is more enjoyable if you do not compare Legacy to the original 24. You have to watch 24 Legacy with an open mind to love the show. 24 Legacy is a separate show that takes place in the same universe. If you compare the two u will find yourself not liking it.

Yet, on its own merits, Legacy is full of contrivances and lazy storytelling. It consistently ignores the real-time constraints for the sake of convenience and expediency, despite “real-time” being pushed as the real star of the show.

I love the writing and storylines in Legacy. More contemporary feeling to the show to reflect today’s world

Yet in the other thread, you said you wished that they would bring back Chloe, Kate and Jack if it was renewed.

Hope Kiefer gets DS to be renewed. More invested in that than this 24: Legashit. Been a fan since Day 1 and got all the boxsets. Even got the black jacket Jack wore in S7 and the messenger bag from S5 but won’t get anything related with this lame show.

I would like them to bring them back as a guest starring role in Legacy with the new cast or in a movie or TV movie! And I predict by the end of Legacy in April, everyone here will say they love this season, Eric Carter and the new characters along with the storylines

I do hope they at least mention what happened to Jack even if he is not shown. Or maybe they can have a future season where Jack and Eric Carter work together and have Jack appear in the very end of the season, like how Dominic Torretto appears at the very end of Tokyo Drift and Han’s story is merged into the rest of Fast and Furious.

24 Legacy back into the top 25 for live +3 ratings for episode 5. Went up from a 1.0-1.5 in 18-49 and from 4.0 million viewers to 6.2 million viewers. Live + 7 will be higher. 6.2 million viewers as episode 2 had a 1.5 in the 18-49 demo and 6.2 million viewers for its live ratings. Live +7 should rise to a 1.7 or 1.8 or 1.9 or 2.0 for 18-49 which is consistent with last week’s 1.7

This isn’t an improvement for 24 Legacy. Almost all of Tuesday’s shows were off, ABC pulled many of their shows (including their entire Thursday lineup) for When We Rise (which flopped), and many shows were in reruns.

Also, the total viewers for live+3 are unknown. It’s not in the top 25 for total viewers. 24 For live ratings, 24 Legacy was steady in the demo, but dropped in total viewers. So live+7 will likely be 1.7 in the demo, and 6 million total viewers.

I do love this show, like I said its the best show on TV right now and has been the best show on TV since a year ago. The only other ones I’ve really enjoyed, Wayward Pines and Six, are still nowhere like this one. I saw Season 1 of Homeland and that was excruciating slow and boring compared to the pacing and plotting of 24 Legacy.

But if the studio thinks the ratings are bad, that could get them to bring back the original 24, like how the new Jason Bourne movie was made with Matt Damon returning after Bourne Legacy wasn’t well received.

April 11, 2017 at 1:36 am
We’ll when you hire a lead actor based on skin color and Hollywood-hype, not talent, this will happen. And before you say thats racist; fox literally announced they would only hire a black lead before casting the show. Google it.

Now I am puzzled why they didn’t choose a talented black actor… I guess this guy did an OK impression of Doctor Dre in that recent movie. But his range is non existent.