24: Legacy Episode 6 Press Release

Isaac Carter (Ashley Thomas) is captured in 24: Legacy Episode 6
24: LEGACY: Ashley Thomas in the "5:00 PM-6:00 PMÓ episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, March 6 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX


Using a lead, Carter and CTU narrow in on an enemy’s location. Meanwhile, Amira (guest star Kathryn Prescott) comes to a crossroads as her plan nears completion in the all-new “5:00 PM-6:00 PM” episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, March 6 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TFL-106) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter; Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram; Jimmy Smits as Senator John Donovan; Teddy Sears as Keith Mullins; Dan Bucatinsky as Andy Shalowitz; Anna Diop as Nicole Carter; Ashley Thomas as Isaac Carter; Charlie Hofheimer as Ben Grimes; Coral Pena as Mariana Stiles; Sheila Vand as Nilaa; Raphael Acloque as Jadalla Bin Khalid

Guest Cast: Bailey Chase as Thomas Locke; Kathryn Prescott as Amira Dudayev; Themo Melikidze as Khasan Dudayev; Ivo Nandi as Mikail Dudayev; Kevin Christy as David Harris


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Fans used to post so many comments here during the Jack Bauer Power Hour. Ah, the good ole days.

Now it feels like a deserted town in an old west movie. Saloon closed down and boarded up. Tumbleweed blowing in the wind. Stagecoach drives right through without even making a stop.

Yup. Hardly anyone around anymore.

Yeah it’s really quiet on other websites too (AV Club is getting way fewer comments compared to 24LAD). It could mean that many of the fans of the original 24 aren’t watching this.

Been watching since 2001. But I just don’t have the same enthusiasm to comment on the show as I had. I’m sure many are the same.

24 Legacy isn’t quite doing it for me. I think Sutherland was an essential part of the franchise and without him 24 lacks punch. It reminds me of when X-Files lost Mulder and Scully as central characters. I’m really just isn’t the same, despite their best efforts to replicate it. I’m really only holding in now for Tony’s return to be honest. Speaking of shouldn’t he be listed as a cast member on this press release?

Totally agree – none of the characters are that appealing to root for or follow closely. I don’t find the lead character compelling or believable nor are the CTU, drug dealers, Washington campaigners or terrorists interesting.

It also seems that the writers are trying to compensate for that by reverting to many plotlines or gimmicks from the original series.

I suspect there will be a ratings spike whenever Tony appears but beyond that it seems this “Legacy” will be a short-lived experiment. Fox would be crazy to buy a 2nd season.

I’m not surprised. It’s clear that a large group of people simply don’t care about 24 without Jack Bauer, which is certainly understandable.

The last couple of seasons in particular had such a very high turnover of cast members that it’s going to be tough to convince viewers to get invested in any of these new characters.

Yeah the cast turnover was excessive in the later years (Karen Hayes, Renee Walker, Allison Taylor and Ethan Kanin being the only characters introduced after season 4 who appeared in 30 episodes or more, and Morris was in 29).

If the show is renewed, it will be interesting to see how many cast members return for season 2, and if any actors from the original series join the cast.

God, that is nuts. I never fully realized that. The show needs to do something about that.

Agreed that’s a lot of turnover. There have been a combined 31 series regulars who debuted in 24 seasons 5-8, LAD and Legacy who appeared in fewer than 30 episodes.

In contrast, there were 17 actors introduced in seasons 1-4 who appeared in at least 30 episodes (that includes William Devane who was in 32 episodes counting LAD).

David Fury wrote this one. And Howard Gordon mentioned this particular episode features… THAT.

By “THAT”, I suppose you mean… Him?


After 3 episodes this is just “meh”. If the lead was Michael Jai White or Carlos Bernard for all 12 episodes, it would be more watchable. So maybe it will be more engaging when Tony Almeida returns.

Went back and watched the first 3 episodes of 24, season 1 just to compare to Legacy. In 24, they quickly established CTU and it’s main charaters as being a cohesive unit that fights terrorism, has been working togather for awhile, and Jack is the head of field ops and by far the best agent of the bunch. They also showed this is not a typical government agency, Jack has no tolerence for government bureaucracy and he will do whatever it takes to get the job done without any reguard for his own personal consequences, which established his loyality to protecting the people. Additionally, Keifer came into this with a well estasblished, sucessful image of playing the indiminating, bad-ass charater and we immediately knew what was probably coming.

In Legacy, they had to spend a lot more time telling us who these charaters are and how they interconnect at the expense of advancing the main plot line more. Eric Carter is an exceptional operative but, is not or has never been an experienced CTU/counter-terrorism agent. If he were in 24, he would more along the lines of Chase in season 3, someone that works under Jack and is being trained. His backstory of leading an independant squad of Army Rangers to take out a high value target is not very plausable. In the real world, this is not the type of mission the Army Rangers would typicaly do. It would more likely be done by Delta Force or Navy Seals with a company or more of Army Rangers and/or Force Recon Marines in a support/backup role. (Just my pet peave that degrades the overall story some.) I hope Tony’s return will elevate the mind-set, capabilities, and unity of this ad-hoc group of charaters. We’ll see.

Marlon, this resolution was written as “satire” to mock Comey and the republicans. It’s not a real thing. Just a brilliant piece of satire to drive home a point.

Well thank fuck for that


I hope they make Amira a terrorist to the end. They already had Behrooz and Simone Al-Harazi have second thoughts about their plots. So far the actress has done a good job portraying Amira as a cold-blooded, conniving terrorist and that was good. I really hope they don’t do a plot where she was being completely controlled by her brother or whatever. Also it will be too politically correct if they end up portraying Amira sympathetically so if they do some pro-Islamic stuff about how Chechen terrorism is justified because of Russia, etc

Looks like Drew really is dead this time. According to IMDB that actor only appears in 4 episodes.

But then it says that Royo only appears in 1 episode but he’s been in 2 already.

24 Legacy Will Grow
February 21, 2017 at 12:17 am
Yes the show is new – Jack is gone, we need to give Legacy a chance to grow. I for one am looking forward to what it will become.