Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter in 24: Legacy Episode 7
24: LEGACY: Corey Hawkins in the new Ò6:00 PM-7:00 PMÓ episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, March 13 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

24: Legacy Episode 7 Ratings

Tony Almeida made his heavily promoted return to 24 on Monday and it didn’t do much to help the ratings, only providing a very small boost. Monday’s episode was seen by 3.89 million viewers and got a 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic.

This is up ever so slightly from last week’s series low (3.80m viewers and 0.9 in the demo), but still less than Episode 5’s ratings (3.97m viewers and 1.0 in the demo). Essentially not much has changed.

Tony has been part of the series since the very first episode and is one of the most popular characters from the original series. FOX promoted this episode with tons of commercials, non-stop social media posts, even a recap video aimed at Legacy holdouts who were coming on board just for Tony. Carlos Bernard spent the last week doing the morning talk show circuit and interviews with just about every mainstream television website.

But it seems bringing back a single old character more than halfway into the season was too little, too late to have any sort of significant impact.

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Update March 30, 2017
L+7 delayed viewing figures for the seventh episode now in and they are as follows (thanks Chlojack):

Viewers: 3.899 million live, 2.083 million DVR, 5.982 million total
Demo: 1.0 live, .6 delayed, 1.6 total



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The good news:
First week without a drop
Tony’s return offset what likely would have been a loss of viewers with DST

The bad news:
It was the second lowest rated episode of the season

It probably will stay at a 0.9 next week or a 1.0

I think it will probably drop next week. The NIT and Women’s NCAA tournament will be up against 24 next week.

Nobody is going to watch that :D

I think they do okay in the ratings. Also, 24 was helped a bit this week with the snow and cold weather (so more people stayed inside and watched live).

Supergirl was also off this week, which could have helped Legacy a bit as well. It will return next week and air against the remainder of Legacy’s episodes.

People still use the outdated and not accurate Nielson ratings? In the year 2017?! Hahaha.

I would hope that the decision makers don’t put much stock in these flawed, outdated and inaccurate rating system.


I guess he’s still sprawled out on the floor after fainting when he saw the ratings for the “Tony Returns” episode.

March 16, 2017 at 3:36 pm
He’s having a congratulatory meeting with the CEO of Fox, asking them how quickly they are going to be signing a deal for 5 more seasons of 24 Legacy, telling them how people just don’t understand how ratings work these days and that they should just blindly believe in the success of 24 Legacy.

this is called poor promotion of tony. and tony was hardly in the episode. that’s poor promotion too. and how embarrassing 24 legacy website embarrasses 24 legacy and carlos bernard like this

How dare this website try to embarrass and diminish the return of tony and carlos like this. how dare this website do this to tony and carlos

Not sure what you mean? Where did I try to embarrass Tony or Carlos? I said he’s one of the most popular characters of the series and was brought in too late to make a difference. By the seventh episode most viewers have already made up their mind on a show.

I think maybe you’re misinterpreting the article. I said nothing negative about the character or actor, I like Tony and even hyped up his return.

Just ignore him – Andy, or “Stynes” from the IMDb boards, is a lunatic troll who used to post non-stop about Tony. Also Michael Biehn for some reason.

Andy is STYNES?! Seriously? LMAO!!! Why am I not even surprised? :p

What is your problem, 24 Spoilers? You clearly have an agenda and an axe to grind.

What are you talking about? Hate the truth?? I love 24 L but he/she is right

Yeah, I don’t understand all these nuts who are complaining–the truth is the truth and the truth isn’t always a nice thing.

Some of these nuts make me feel almost embarrassed to be a massive Tony fan.

24Spoilers, I was one of the holdouts and, if you recall, one of the ones who claimed that Tony’s return would see a large spike in ratings. I was wrong and fully acknowledge that.

Unlike some of the people here, I don’t take any offense at your article and I’m honestly not sure why some are. Grow up, people. Accept the facts. Stop acting like he shot your dog.

Thanks, JD. I’m honestly confused by some of these comments. It was certainly not my intention to offend any Tony/Carlos fans (which I am one of). I’ve re-read the post multiple times just to make sure, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

My favorite episode of the series is Jack being forced to execute Ryan Chappelle and that had the lowest ratings of the original series run. It bummed me out that more people didn’t see it. So I can understand how some of the diehard Tony fans are feeling right now.

But facts are facts, it is what it is. Don’t shoot the messenger :P

Well, I know I speak for many others when I say that I’ve always enjoyed the direct approach you make in these articles. I’ve read this site for years and only started posting a few weeks ago for the first time.

You made this exact prediction last week before these ratings were in and you were 100% correct. People just need to accept facts as I’m sadly beginning to accept: Tony can’t save this.

This is a good thing, though. It sends a clear message that most people just don’t like this new direction. Hopefully, they’ll make a final season with Jack and Tony…if only…

Out of curiosity, do you know why the Chapelle episode was rated so low? I looked up the ratings and Season 3 averaged around 10mm per episode, but for some reason that particular episode only managed like 6.5mm. Any idea why?

The episode was pre-empted and aired on a Friday. Many viewers didn’t even know it was on.

What’s YOUR problem? His return did NOT do much to improve the ratings, so how does reporting the truth suddenly mean he has an axe to grind?

Care to explain, Kiwi? This is a ratings post, the numbers are what they are.

Everything that I wrote is factual – it was a very heavily promoted episode and it just barely increased in ratings. Shows commonly fluctuate by a tenth of point every week. Total viewers rose by only 2.74%. Saying that Tony’s return did little to improve the ratings is an accurate statement backed up by statistics.

The fact is, this is the second lowest-rated episode of the season (and series history). It’s kinda hard to sugar-coat that in a positive light.

You were right and I was wrong, 24 Spoilers. I’m not proud of being wrong, but I was. I told you directly that the ratings would have a big turnaround and, sadly, they didn’t. Not even Tony can save this sinking ship.

FAKE NEWS!!! More people watched this week’s episode of 24 than any other episode in series history. PERIOD!

Good ratings! I am glad to see 24 Legacy go up finally in total viewers and 18-49 demo against weather and daylight savings time. I think DVR numbers will go up and online viewership and on demand.

Now that people know Tony is back, viewership should stay the same or rise a bit each week.

Dancing with the Stars gets less 18-49 demo ratings than Bachelor, basketball won’t be tough competition and neither will The Voice

The show rose against a higher Bachelor and Voice and CBS comedies. First time it rose this season.

If ratings stay the same or rise again, show could be renewed

the problem is this website is trying to embarrass carlos and diminish tony’s return saying tony’s much hyped return did little to nothing to improve ratings and justify a 24 legacy season 2. and that’s a problem

Uhhhh…his return DID do little to raise the ratings, so what’s your problem? I’m a major Tony fan and one of the people holding out until his return and even I can acknowledge that these ratings aren’t good/much of an improvement at all.

Tony’s return didn’t do much to improve the ratings. It’s NOT nice but it’s the truth and the truth isn’t always nice in life.

Based on what, the shitty, obsolete and not credible Nielsen ratings? 😂

Do you have some other ratings to quote me then? I’m waiting. Go ahead.

An improvement is still better than nothing and still better than going down or staying the same. And who is not to say that DVR, online and on demand ratings did not rise signficantly? Also viewers will need more than 1 week to find out Tony is back.

Yes, after such a massive dropoff in nielson ratings from the first episode to now, all the people who quit suddenly had a change of heart, turned around and decided to watch the Tony episode, but not live. Yep…makes sense…

That’s sarcasm, by the way.

Hahahahahaha now people will need a week to find about Tony! Justin cracks me up

I’m skeptical about Legacy… even if’s renewed. What they will cover in season2? Carter stopping some terrorist with a device that could kill millions of people? That will be a new plot! Right…

If the device has something unique like blue LEDs on it, then that will make it fresh and exciting enough!

What about the online views? I missed this episode because I was at a live WWE event with John Cena. I then watched 24 as soon as I could the next day. They really need to take all this into account.

What happened to the quality of these comment threads? I actually miss the days of LAD.

Justin got a hold of them. You should have seen what he was doing to the 24 boards on IMDB when it was still running.

March 16, 2017 at 7:30 pm
Did he single-handedly get them shut down? Because I would believe it if you told me so.

LOL! If you go by the rumors, he most likely had a hand in it. They shut those boards down due to trolling and spamming. He was spamming the same messages about 24 Legacy over and over again on every 24 board IMDB had. Did this for a year.

What “rumors”? Seems pretty obvious what happened: a few too many studio executives got sick and tired of an unmoderated platform where the hoi polloi could trash their latest capeshit offering without restriction. (Also that they were impossible to monetize and probably exorbitantly wasteful to maintain.) One spammer on one board does not influence companies the size of IMDb/Amazon.

How is your reading comprehension? Must not be good because you seem to think that I was laying all the blame on one person when my post clearly states otherwise…

This website is total biased fake news. The ratings are higher than they have ever been in the history of the show, believe me. This 0.9 number is bogus. Everyone knows the real number is like 6.0 or 7.0. Why won’t you write that? Very unfair!

I think the main issue is with the character development. Who is Eric Carter? I mean, it’s 7 episodes in and have we even seen his birth certificate yet?

I agree I think every single person on earth watched the show and the ratings are lying

These numbers are very biased, that I can tell you. The failing 24 Spoilers doesn’t want to post the real numbers. Sad!

Bwahaha – this is the funniest thread I’ve seen in a while.

Ok – so whilst Tony’s return created a bump in the ratings it’s not huge. Carlos ain’t no Kiefer so sorry to the Tony fans (including me) but I’m not surprised that ratings didn’t spike hugely upwards.

Do these ratings really matter though? Are we bickering about it for nothing?
I mean FFS Gotham is still on air and somehow their Season 1 ratings were more than Legacy

(I still watch Gotham though as love the Batman world)

this article puts carlos, tony, and 24 legacy in a negative and bad light. if you hype his return you wouldn’t say tony’s return did very little to change ratings to greenlight a 24 legacy second season at the same time. you give the impression tony’s return was insignificant because tony didn’t deliver the ratings

But Tony’s return is insignificant!

I’m still gonna support the show regardless and pray we get a renewal

It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

To 24Spoilers mods and admin:

Long time lurker here. Been following this site and message section for years, even back when it was called

Came out of hiding just to say first: thank you for running this site and message section. Seems like this is the last 24 fan site still alive, (especially since IMDB went pro-censorship / anti-free speech by shutting their own boards down) and I appreciate your efforts and your time to keep it up and running for all us 24 fans.

And secondly: please don’t get discouraged by some of these comments saying that you are biased against the show or trying to harm Carlos Bernard/Tony or 24 by simply posting FACTS about what the shows ratings are.

You are the just the messenger. If the people spewing this nonsense are not happy about the ratings of the show, they need to take it up with the shows’ writers and the producers/ decision makers at 20th Century Fox Television. They are the ones response for these ratings disasters and for (most likely) putting the final nail into the coffin of the 24 francise that we all love. I don’t want to see this site and message board become another IMDB because a few people ruin it for everyone.

I just had to come out from under my rock to post this. Thanks again 24Spoilers mods and admin for all that you have done, all that you do, and all that I hope you will continue to do!

Long time Lurker

I’m pretty sure was a different site

Your right. For some reason I always thought the same person(s) ran that site and this.

Thanks, Coral Snake. Truly appreciate the kind words. was actually a different site around a similar time, but a great one that I used to visit daily. Before that I frequented a site called “Ryan’s Report” and the official 24 message boards plus a couple more. There used to be an incredible 24 community back in the day, but unfortunately Day 6 being terrible followed by a two year wait for Day 7 (due to the writers strike) really did a number on the fanbase.

This is one of the last 24 sites left (certainly the last active one that I know of). I’ve tried to keep it a nice and welcome place for all, even though it’s unfortunately not living up to that standard right now. Regardless of Legacy’s fate, the site will continue to stick around. I’ve kept it going when the series first ended in 2010, after LAD ended in 2014, it’s 2017 and why stop now? :P

And it’s all good, I can handle criticism. I’m just kind of baffled as to why this is the post that triggered people. I simply said the ratings were slightly better than last week and slightly worse than the episode two weeks ago, meaning there’s been pretty much no change at all. I know a lot of people were hoping for better results after weeks of predicting that Tony could save this, boost the ratings, get a renewal and all that… But facts are facts and it’s not my fault if people can’t handle the truth.

If I ever get going on my 24: Legacy review, that is when I expect the fanboys to really attack me haha.

The community really did die when Season 6 went down the tubes. I’ve never once seen the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm online since then and it seems that’s never going to return. There’s a whole litany of abandoned fan sites permanently stuck in 2007.


”Day 6 being terrible followed by a two year wait for Day 7 (due to the writers strike) really did a number on the fanbase”

and this:

”The community really did die when Season 6 went down the tubes. I’ve never once seen the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm online since then and it seems that’s never going to return”

…is pretty much dead-on accurate. I remember all those sites you mentioned. I do remember the massive 24 message board (24 invision board or 24 heaven, something like that) that never had the same activity after 2007.

The bulk of the die hard fan base just doesn’t exist anymore. I remember when original 24 would be on the cover of TV guide in December or January. 24 Legacy? It had a snippet article the size of a quarter of a single page in the TV guide issue released right before 24 Legacy’s premiere.

That should tell you everything. Majority of audience simply has no interest in the franchise anymore.

I will say that I got a little of that magic back when Live Another Day was coming up/was airing. Just getting to see Jack, Chloe, and the Hellers back combined with some GREAT villains and some really amazing set pieces. I think a lot of people who hadn’t cared about the show in years picked it back up. Maybe it was in my head but with some of the new characters (Kate, Belcheck) it sure felt like it could have been the start of another boon if they’d built off the momentum they got back that year.

Unfortunately they didn’t, so now we’re stuck in zombie 24 mode, waiting for another pseudo-reboot every 3-4 years and crossing our fingers that they’ll either completely reinvent the wheel or just end the fucking thing. I am liking a lot of aspects of the new show – some of the new characters, esp Eric and Andy, feel like they would fit right in with the fantasy get-Jack-out-of-prison season – but it’s abundantly clear that they need to find a new team of writers with a brand-new take on the whole concept, or just not do it anymore at all. This show was responsible for so much of the last 15 years of television but it’s way too late in the game to be rehashing as much as it is.

Bluetooth Group
March 20, 2017 at 2:34 pm
yeah I remember the good old days on the 24community message board when we used to get spooilers and puzzles from Czar and SpongeBob Bauer Pants. ahhhh those were the days. up late on a saturday night trying to solve the latest puzzle to get a spoiler

I find it funny that so many bash the site but so many of those people don’t watch. hmmmmmmmmmm

I quit after this week and Tony is my favorite. Writers can’t even keep up with their own timeline, why should I care?

Tony’s return is huge. And trying to diminish Tony’s return as small is bias. And it hurts Carlos Bernard, hurts Tony Almeida, and hurts 24 Legacy’s chances for a second season with Tony Almeida.

Tony’s return is the only reason there aren’t 4 viewers left. But it didn’t do enough. I personally believe the reason it’s not doing well is the poor writing. (Despite a few things) The admin wasn’t discrediting Tony – rather saying the state Legacy is left in not even Tony can fix that.

March 17, 2017 at 7:05 am
Can certain IPs who are clearly children or brain dead be blocked from posting here? It’s really poisonous. During LAD there was some amazing discussion here. I don’t mean people who say Legacy is shit. I mean people who are quite literally brain dead and do not understand anything that’s being communicated to them. I usually just ignore shit like this, but I think we can all agree it’s been pretty ridiculous this last month. Clearly some people here have mental issues, maybe obsessive positivity disorder (I just made that up) or asperger’s, I don’t know. It’s fine if people have issues, really. No one’s perfect and it’s not their fault. But it’s destroying this website.

I mean it can’t be that we have an entire thread about someone literally not accepting the actual truth and coming up with their own reality. What the fuck.

I agree. It was the same on facebook. There is a small group of people here who are destroying logical debate and discussion for the show by spamming the comments section.
This, coupled with how dire the new iteration of the show has been is slowly killing my love for 24.
If you had told me this time last month that I’d be saying that 24 was a product of it’s time and should be put to pasture I would have laughed. But look at me now…

24 worked best undoubtedly during the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and the ensuing War On Terror, much the same way that James Bond worked best during the Cold War era… but writing is key; if the story is great, the era won’t matter… the best Bond movie so far is undoubtedly Casino Royale, set in the War on Terror, and the best consecutive stretch of episodes in 24 was the latter half of Season 8 (which played more Cold War, with the Russian involvement, than War On Terror), and made after the Bush presidency.

Legacy is failing because there’s little territory left to explore for 24 in the television medium, and it shows in the lack of new and/or engaging ideas… a two-hour feature film would concentrate ideas into a tighter format and would maybe work better, the real-time format has become too familiar and isn’t the effective narrative tool it used to be… Live Another Day (as good as it was) convinced me of that.

If/when Legacy gets the chop, Kiefer will be getting a phone call pretty soon after from FOX… and he’ll be holding all the cards.

Gerry Mander,

its interesting to see that someone else also thinks that “best consecutive stretch of episodes in 24 was the latter half of Season 8″… the last 12 episodes of season 8 are very great, very tight together, the flow is very natural from one episode to the other. There are a couple exceptions that the flow was not that excellent, such as episode 13 and mainly episode 17, but it’s better than past seasons of 24.
One can argue that we had actually 2 parts in the last 12 episodes of season 8: 12-16 and 18-24 (with 17 making a transition between those parts. Even with that, it’s the best 12 consecutive episodes of the show, I think. I expected LAD to be something like that, but it wasn’t.

I think the entirety of season 8 is highly underrated. Episode 8 was fantastic with Jack attempting to escape the Red Square compound with no assistance from Chloe “Cheat Code” O’Brien. Episode 11 was also a great character piece.

Forgot to mention that it’s possible to Kiefer to be holding all cards, but if the writing for a next installment is not compelling, he is not going to save if from disaster.

I think we need Mary back here to give some theories.

That would be fantastic.

We don’t need theories. We need 100% support of Carlos Bernard so there’s a second season of 24 Legacy on FOX with Tony Almeida!

If you lie to yourself you’ll never enjoy the show.

I do 100% support Carlos Bernard. Always have. Always will. I 0% Support this moronic Legacy, though, and feel it’s an insult to Tony’s character for him to be a part of it. I won’t support this turd just because Carlos is a part of it. He’ll get HIS due props from me–not this lousy show.

It’s not a lie 2 support Carlos 100%. The 24 Legacy writers and producers do. If you fully support Carlos and his efforts that means you support Tony. It means you support Tony Almeida for 24 Legacy S2 in 2018

I 10000% support Carlos and am beyond stoked about his return. As are the majority of people on this site. That ain’t give them permission to rehash old storylines that have zero cliffhanging affect at this stage. And the so called “twists” have destroyed my half of my brain cells – no suspended at all. I may be being to harsh but I really wanted them to do something new, which I thought was the intention. Like I said Tony’s the only reason this doesn’t have 4 viewers.
The junky storylines are the only things we don’t want to see back.

Andy is a troll. There is nothing you can say to him that will elicit a different response. Just. Stop.

For what it’s worth, here is an article that says all the networks are having problems with their mid-season show ratings and it specifically mentions 24: Legacy.

Wow, if Breitbart says 24 Legacy is having trouble in the ratings then I’m actually starting to think the show might be doing just fine!

Why is everyone so convinced that Tony and Jack are a lock in for season 2? Supporting season 1 of Legacy is by no means a guarantee of having Kiefer reconsider his position on playing Jack Bauer.

If anything I think that the only way for Kiefer to return is for Legacy to fail and for Fox to offer him a blank cheque to come back to the role. Legacy’s success would allow Fox the opportunity to continue the franchise with cheap, xerox copies of beloved characters and not have to fork out the cash to get Jack and Chloe back in the game.

Having Legacy get cancelled is the best thing for the show as it will show the writers that us fans demand more from the show than recycled story-lines and bland characters.

Scrap the show, scrap the writers and take it from there.

Designated Survivor is almost a lock for renewal, so Jack won’t be back if Legacy is renewed. But agreed that the best option for the franchise is to end Legacy now, wait 2-3 years and then do one more limited series with Kiefer.

And wait another 4 years for something else?


24 Legacy still has a chance at renewal. Their best chances are if Fox doesn’t expand their reality slate, and add an hour or two for comedy. But there are so many weeks to fill on the schedule next season. Legacy could return with a reduced budget in a new timeslot.

Here are all the hours that Fox likely has to replace next season:

One hour shows ending:
Bones: 12 episodes

and most likely:
Scream Queens: 10 episodes
Pitch: 10 episodes
Exorcist: 10 episodes
APB: 12 episodes
Sleepy Hollow: 13 episodes
Rosewood: 22 episodes

Fox has 5 one-hour pilots ordered (one is straight to series). They also have two pushed (potentially for next spring). There’s a very good chance X-Files will return, and possibly Prison Break.

Prison Break is just a one-off of 9 episodes for a 5th season, there are no plans to do any more after this.

I would guess the Marvel/X-Men universe pilot will most likely be picked up as well, seems to be the least risky of their upcoming pilots.

The next few weeks will be interesting, I’m curious to see how Prison Break does and I have a feeling we’ve yet to see the floor for 24: Legacy’s ratings.

Yeah I think the floor will possibly be .8 in the demo and 3.5 million viewers. The ratings will likely hit their lowest the night of the NCAA championship. Pre-game starts at 8:30PM Eastern, so 24 will go up against the game live in the Mountain and Pacific timezones. They could also lose some of the “same day” but not live viewers from all timezones who watch the game.

Given the trajectory of the decline and where the numbers “would have been” for the 7th episode, this is actually an improvement of 200,000 viewers. Think about it.

Advice for the writers: #1 The thumb-drive plot is not very compelling. You need a threat that is explainable to a viewer in 10 words or less. #2 Portraying all black people as either being in a gang, or affiliated with someone who is in an gang is not enjoyable to watch and is a little insulting to blacks on a subliminal level. Not all black people are thugs, have thuggish tenancies, or a gangsta mentality.

Finally, with the real-world politics in the state that they are in now with Trump in the White House, I watch AND GET MY FILL of politics. My wife is trying to detox me from watching Fox News so much. Having said that, I am numb to watch any more political driven shows. I don’t know if that is contributing to the lack of viewership here or lack of enthusiasm to watch a political drama. This is a paradigm shift for some where non-fiction is more emotional than fiction.

If they want poltics they can watch “Shots Fired”. That looks like an overtly political show that demonizes the police and supports BLM!!! Now THAT show will NOT do well and that timeslot will be free.

I’m on lunch break from my free weekend movie bonanza. And I have 2 say something. And get something off my chest. And that is that this statement: “Tony Almeida’s heavily hyped return to 24: Legacy didn’t do much to help the ratings” is HURTFUL. And hurtful 2 Carlos Bernard’s Legacy, hurtful 2 Tony Almeida’s Legacy, and hurtful 2 the Legacy of 24 Legacy for a second season with Tony Almeida. And now back to the movies baby!

The truth hurts sometimes

Bluetooth Group
March 20, 2017 at 2:05 pm
yeah I remember the good old days on the 24community message board when we used to get spooilers and puzzles from Czar and SpongeBob Bauer Pants. ahhhh those were the days. up late on a saturday night trying to solve the latest puzzle to get a spoiler

That brings back fond memories. I loved all of Czar’s cryptic clues and trying to solve his anagram puzzles and whatnot.

I also remember there was a member of that board who lived in the apartment complex where they were filming Season 4’s final episodes. He got the scoop (with photo evidence) on Mia Kirshner/Mandy returning, I was so ridiculously hyped. I told some of my friends in real life and they just went “Who’s Mandy?” haha :(

Bluetooth Group
March 20, 2017 at 4:37 pm
did we ever find out who Czar was? I know many speculated it was Jon Cassar.

We never found out, but I always speculated that Czar was Jon as well.

If I remember correctly, Czar wasn’t around nearly as much during the sixth season (another leaker Kuja kinda took his place that year). And that sorta matched up with Jon’s schedule, since he was busy filming another series for Fox and didn’t direct as many episodes in S6. Plus Jon was always one to interact with the fans, and he did post on the official boards occasionally, so if anyone it’d be him imo. But yeah that’s just speculation.

There were some awesome threads on the official forum back in the day. Especially the “is Teri died” “is Palmer still breeding” ones. :D

March 20, 2017 at 4:12 pm
Holy shit, I remember the “is he still breeding” thing. hahaha.
And I remember someone posting three potential endings for season 6 before the finale aired. One was Logan showing up, one was Tony showing up and one was the Audrey/Heller ending that ended up being the real deal. Ahh the good old days.

Bluetooth Group
March 20, 2017 at 4:35 pm
yeah i remember that one. That was so cool. I also remember the puzzle about the “Fake Agent” at the end of season 5 that captured Jack, or puzzle about the Logan baddie reveal

Haha I remember those threads and how the “is ___ still breeding?” joke would pop up again when other characters died.

I still remember a lot of names from the official 24 board – TonyJunkie, CTUWidow, MitchRapp, patriot, chief, Carly, Dietcoke, 24fan, relu something (the Audrey fanatic), etc. I think I had a super generic username like JBFan or something. There was even a guy who was obsessed with Mitchell Anderson (the bad guy from like one episode of S4 that shot down Air Force One) which I found a bit odd yet cool at the same time. Good times :)

March 20, 2017 at 7:01 pm
Haha relulu! I remember that one. Struggling with English, but the love for Audrey was endearing.
And then Fox axed the whole place.

Bluetooth Group
March 20, 2017 at 7:05 pm
I remember Spongebob Bauer Pants was a big spoiler leaker in season 7. he had seen the entire season beofre it aired from what I can remember. that was a fun season, as we all speculated and waited for his spoilers to find out if Tony was evil or not

Didn’t Spongebob BauerPants also have some insider info on the production woes of the last 8 episodes of season 7. Remember the show had to shut down for a few weeks so that the writers could rewrite and course correct the season after Kiefer wasn’t happy with the direction it was taking? I vaguely recall reading all about that on those boards.

Yeah I remember those posters. That was a great forum. I remember once we tried to come up with “Friends” style episode titles (“The One with the Cougar,” “The One Where the Sky is Falling,” “The One With the Football” and “The One Where Chase Lends a Hand” were a few of them. Haha.

Great forum! Loved that place. I remember the Day 9 project we all tried to do after season 8 finished.

THE truth hurts that many don’t have Carlos Bernard’s back. THE 24 Legacy writers and producers have Carlos Bernard’s back. But many online don’t have his back. Like those online claiming Carlos created a hot sauce. And that’s not true. It’s false. Carlos doesn’t have a hot sauce. But what is true is Tony Almeida is on 24 Legacy tonight. It’s time everybody online starts supporting Tony Almeida on 24 Legacy.

The thumb drive shenanigans are silly and when Eric and Andy were yammering back and forth about it, it was lame.

The show needs less of that nonsense and more action and more Tony.

maybe episode 9 will have more Tony!