24: Legacy Episode 9 Video Preview

Eric discovers at the end of the last episode, one of the most sadistic terrorists he faced in the Middle East, Naseri, is here in the United States.

His attempts to try and hunt down Naseri put him in a situation where he must defuse a bomb that is strapped to an innocent woman. But, of course, as Eric tries to save the woman, he triggers an alarm to activate the bomb.


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Really hope that poor woman doesn’t get blown up.

Actually I kinda hope the opposite…When everyone thinks that the woman is safe, Bang! More hatred towards Naseri.

Ditto. At least the actress will go home with a paycheck and a nice meal.

Well I thought Amira was dead and the truck bomb was secure so that was a shock.

And in Season 6 I really didn’t expect the nuke to go off.

Sounds like a rehash of Season 8 with Marco in the oxygen chamber?

where’s tony almeida. we don’t want 24 spoilers. we want tony almeida spoilers. why can’t 24 spoilers give us tony almeida spoilers

Because 24spoilers does do information on anything related to 24, not just Tony.

Tony Almeida IS 24.

Tony is in this episode. Check 24’s Facebook page now for another preview of Monday’s episode.

how can 24 spoilers not give us Tony Almeida spoilers? What’s the problem? What’s the holdup? Is it a government conspiracy? Is it a cover-up?


Yes. I saw the facebook vid and the press release is bogus. Tony is IN 24 Legacy episode 9!!!!!!! A MAJOR PART YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

March 25, 2017 at 7:35 am
Someone get this lad a paper bag to breathe into.

yes yes yes tony is back yes yes yes tony is back in action on Monday on fox yes yes yes

Are you and Justin related?

I think they might be the same person. There’s no way there could be two of those running around

I could have sworn that I heard the theme to Reading Rainbow while ‎Corey Hawkins was narrating this.