24: Legacy Set Tour from Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky who plays Andy Shalowitz on 24: Legacy gives a behind the scenes tour of the various sets including CTU and Isaac’s crib. The video also features appearances by cast members Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, Teddy Sears.

via Fox Broadcasting

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Dan Bucatinsky: I am going to walk to set. There is the hair and makeup trailer, we’ll go visit them. Hi, who’s here?
Miranda Otto: Hello.
Dan Bucatinsky: Oh, it’s Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits. All right, I’m late to go to set. Although Miranda is not there, I don’t have to be there.

Dan Bucatinsky: What are you doing?
Corey Hawkins: Uh, freezing my butt off. They call it Hotlanta.
Dan Bucatinsky: This is behind the scenes for Fox.
Corey Hawkins: What’s going on, guys?
Dan Bucatinsky: Oh, they’re shooting, they’re shooting.

I’m walking with Miranda to set. Here’s craft services. That’s my favorite place to visit for reasons that are obvious. Here’s CTU. Oh, we’re having a focus issue. Just taking you on a little walking tour of CTU. Very, very cool.

A series of a million little screens together make up this giant screen up here. And this is what it looks like from behind the set. A whole series of individual screens, all of them are tied to a computer that creates that giant screen.

They’re getting the cameras in position before we start shooting. And they’ve set up our chairs. I’m gonna sit in Miranda Otto’s chair just because it makes me feel good.

Corey Hawkins: Oh my gosh.
Dan Bucatinsky: He’s usually really very nice but he’s cranky right now. [sighs]
Corey laughs
Dan Bucatinsky: That’s how good of an actor he is.

[Filming of Episode 2’s police station evidence room scene is under way]
Prop Guy: So we have a real weapon, guys. It is cold. It is unloaded. I’m checking it now. [gunshot]

Dan Bucatinsky: OK, now we’re upstairs at CTU. You can see all the offices. And on the other side we hit the really cool infirmary. And this is sometimes where our crew takes a little break during lunch.

Andy never gets to go into Isaac’s crib, but I’m gonna take a tour of this set because it’s so cool… Drugs being cut and weighed. And then we go outside– although, what! It’s not outside. It’s a translight. It’s kind of a cool fact.

Dan Bucatinsky: Why is it so dark? Is this a night shoot? This is Teddy– Teddy Sears, one of the stars of “24 Legacy.” How much makeup are we gonna have to put on you to get you ready?

Teddy Sears: Oh, I want scars. I want a cleft chin. I want–
Dan Bucatinsky: Are you naked in this scene?
Teddy Sears: I am not in this show. I have many layers on. It’s a first for me.
Dan Bucatinsky: All right, bye, everybody.
Dan Bucatinsky: he only thing I don’t recommend about stealing toilet paper from the trailers is that it’s one-ply. And you know, who wants a one-ply?


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I’m just gonna say this out loud and prepare for things to fly at my head, but…

I prefer Andy to Chloe by a long way.

I agree. Chloe in the earlier days was likeable, but I feel that she also became untouchable which felt like 24 lost its edge when it used to be that “nobody was safe”. When she became popular, the writers didn’t have the courage to possibly kill her. Then to put her in LAD was frustrating.

Andy is a wimp. But I like the character a lot in comparison. The only thing I dislike is his relationship with Locke, not because I’m an awful person, but it feels like the writers also did that to cater to the audience, rather than fuel the story.

March 26, 2017 at 11:59 am
I like Chloe, but I agree that Andy is one of the very few characters in Legacy so far that actually seem interesting and I’d hate for them to kill off. Don’t know how much of that is the actor or the writing.


I really liked Chloe, and loved her loyalty to Jack. Her out of the box thinking and the way she stood up against bad authority.

I do like Andy and see his potential. There aren’t many (any?) likeable characters in this new 24.

Isaac is another likeable dude.