24: Legacy Episode 10 Video Preview

At the end of the last episode, Jadalla takes John Donovan hostage, but Rebecca Ingram is who he really wants, as she’s responsible for killing his father.

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So he offers a trade– her life for her husband’s.

Rebecca and Carter go rogue to try and get Donovan, and then kill Jadalla. But right when it looks like Carter might be able to take Jadalla out, Rebecca realizes —


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Rebecca realizes that they need to end the episode on a cliffhanger and have Keith call Tony to drag it out even further!!!!!!!!

Haha, unfortunately this will probably end up being accurate. I suspect Tony’s only scene in this episode will be receiving that phone call.

It’s really sound like they’re going to drag this thing with Tony out until Episode 11 or 12, doesn’t it? Wow…even KIM had more important things to do during her return episodes in several seasons. That’s just sad…

i thought Tony has big role and goes into classic 24 action in ep 10. what am i missing?

Tony will be seen struggling to get into a parking space for about 30 seconds. That’ll be his whole role in episode 10, it WILL be big.


I’m starting to understand now why Carlos seemed a little…unenthusiastic during his interviews: he realizes how much he’s been shafted in Legacy.

These Tony posts are hilarious. :D

That is what I will expect to have happen on Monday. The one major issue I have with 24L, is the overall pacing is not the traditional 24, that I remember; where so much happened per hour.

Only if the rest of the season followed the simular structure as the pilot did, I don’t think it would drag on like this!

I can imagine the writers at the end were thinking “OH SHIT!!! I forgot, we’ve only got 12 episodes to do this. What the fuck are we doing?”

Please, PLEASE take Jadalla out, there hasn’t been a villain this shitty and sub-par who overstayed his welcome since Dubaku and Marwan.

Jadalla is Dubaku and Naseri is Juma :D

Dubaku had the decency to fuck off though.

Yeah and WTF’s with that eye liner of his? A fcking Millennial terrorist…*Facepalm*

I know you have some out there opinions but you’ve gotta know you’re like the only 24 fan who doesntlike Marwan…?

Wasn’t really an out there opinion back in the day. Marwank was so one note, uninteresting and downright tiresome.

CTU locate him at a warehouse – Marwan escapes and upgrades his threat – CTU locate him at another warehouse – Marwan escapes and upgrades his threat – CTU locate him at another warehouse – Marwan escapes and upgrades his threat.

Then day 5 rolled around with some truly gold standard villainy which showed Marwan up for the boring sack of shit that he was. Having said that though, compared to Jadalla, Marwan turned in a Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man grade performance compared to that ladyboy cunt.

I think that Vladimir Bierko blew Marwan out of the water in terms of crap villains. Julian Sands’ performance was laughable.

Bierko was a ton of fun!

April 2, 2017 at 2:54 pm
My favourite Bierko thing was the way he delivered the line “We’re going to release a certain substance so that it flows into your pipelines.” He said it with such.. glee. Like he was really excited about telling someone. And when he tells his men to go “QUICKLY~” I don’t know, maybe it’s just the way he talks but it came across as him having a really good time to me.

Bluetooth Group
April 3, 2017 at 6:19 pm
worst Villains in my opinion were The entire Araz family and The Mummy

Bluetooth Group
April 3, 2017 at 6:17 pm
My all time favorite villains are and always will be Stephen Saunders and Christopher Henderson. Henderson more so than Saunders

I’ll be shocked if Senator Donovan bite the dust until the “series” finale.

March 31, 2017 at 5:49 pm
Rebecca realizes Tony has shot Eric in the head because Eric was the real Jadalla all along. Or so Tony says anyway.

I think this season has the most number of separate plot lines with characters “going rogue.” Rebecca going rogue to help Eric; Eric going rogue to get the cash from the PD; Eric going rogue to get to Gabriel; Eric and Andy going rogue to wipe the flash drive. I’d even count Harris going rogue to stop Khasan. Now Rebecca and Eric are going to go rogue again? Geesh. Maybe Keith will get to join in on the rogue fun by the end of the season. They should have called it 24: Rogue Operatives.

You would think that with all these characters constantly going rogue there’d be lots of excitement, lots of drama and conflict. But nope, they never did anything interesting with any of this stuff.

After Rebecca tases Keith he pretty much forgives her within minutes. After Eric breaks into the police station he’s bailed out right away by a CTU phone call and given everything he needs. After Eric steals highly classified missile schematics or whatever from CTU (along with Ben Grimes) they send a tac team to go help him.

It’s really weird and makes the whole “going rogue” thing feel absolutely pointless.

Eric Carter is new in CTU and he is not Jack Bauer and people that work in CTU just forgive him in like one minute for everything he does.

In the end of episode 4 Eric attacks of few CTU guards, frees Ben Grimes and steals highly classified missile schematics.

Five Minutes Later

Keith: “Eric, I’m sorry that I haven’t listen to you, will you ever forgive me. I’ll make it up to you and send a tac team to go help you, is it okay?”

Even when Jack Bauer was going rogue in the late season ( like 8 and 9 ) after he saves the world 8 times people doesn’t listen to him and chase him after he goes rouge.

Exactly @24 Spoilers and @ Jack Power

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April 3, 2017 at 6:22 pm
yeah seriously. I can can’t the total number of CTU sanctioned operations on 1 finger this season.

Spoiler alert:

Tony is gonna tie his shoelaces and Sidra will look at him. She won’t say a word….

Another amazing episode!!

After this terrible writing all season long from the same EPs that once had industry respect, they’ll never work again. Even season six was way better, no joke.

i’m disappointed tony isn’t in this video

Spoilers for Tony in the last 3 episodes.

Episode 10: Tony logs on to Facebook, updates his status as “bored” and logs off.
Episode 11: Tony gets a phone call. Carter asks him if he’ll be there for an exchange. Tony answers “yeah” and hangs up.
Episode 12: Tony is shown driving in his car. Time jump. Tony arrives for the exchange.

Carter: I’ll trade you my Nationals Mug for Cubby
Tony: Never!
Carter: Come on, that’s the best mug I’ve ever seen.

Tony walks away.

Silent Clock

Bluetooth Group
April 3, 2017 at 6:25 pm
it would be more appropriate if the Cubby fell on the ground and broke, then cue Tony crying silent clock

Tony is supposed to be major. But on 24 Legacy Tony is minor. That doesn’t fly with Tony’s 24 past. Especially since we still don’t know how and why Tony escaped prison. We don’t know much about Tony since 24 season 7.

Kim Bauer’s role in Season 7 (Yes, the role where she sat in an airport for two whole episodes) was more integral than Tony’s role in Legacy…yeah…let THAT sink in…KIM had more to do than Tony…yeah…O_o

Tony’s role on 24 Legacy should be HUGE

Season 6 has changed it’s status from “the worst season” to “an ok season”.

Tarin Faroush has changed his status from “the most boring villain” to “at least I’m not Jadalla”.

Tony being unconscious during season 5 is much more dynamic than him being conscious during season 10.

April 2, 2017 at 10:56 pm
About Tony in S5: That’s true. At least all his short scenes in S5 were emotional and made me feel for him. Legacy… not at all so far.

24 s5 was 24 eps. 24 legacy is 12. big difference with tony use

Lol Tony “died” in episode 13 of s5 and was unconscious for a lot of those episodes so no not really