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Disney-Fox Deal: How Does it Affect 24?

Disney announced today they have finalized a deal to buy out most of 21st Century Fox for a whopping $52.4 billion. What exactly does this mean for the future of the “24” franchise?

Although the FOX broadcast channel is staying put, Disney has taken over the 20th Century Fox Television studio where “24” was produced. So essentially the future of the franchise is now entirely in Disney’s hands.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the deal might cause high-level Fox executives to either jump ship or be laid off. Fox Television Group Chairman Dana Walden who worked at Fox for more than 20 years is said to have already been approached by Amazon to become chief executive of Amazon Studios.

Anxiety has spread beyond the executive ranks. Producers who make shows for the broadcast network are uncertain how their businesses will be affected. “No one really knows what’s going to happen,” one producer said Monday.

Company insiders have been hearing that the broadcast network will become more dependent on sports events, news programs and unscripted reality series. Such programming is largely watched live at the time it airs — which means viewers are more likely to see the commercials.

We’ll have to see how things shake out in the following months, but in short, this does not seem promising for those wanting more “24” in the near future.


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December 14, 2017 at 2:35 pm
I’m more concerned about how this affects Gotham’s renewal chances, as no one really needs this 24 legal drama. But Gotham’s over the top madness is pretty fun.

Who would have ever expected that 24 would one day be owned by Disney…

I would guess Fox’s existing lineup is safe for the near future. Any major shakeups will likely occur in 2019 or later – after the Disney deal is officially completed (and when Disney is expected to launch their streaming service).

But I do think they’ll be extra careful with any future shows in development. I expect the 24 legal drama will end up dead in the water. It just doesn’t benefit Fox much anymore since they’d only profit from the initial airing – and the live ratings for Legacy were very poor. All of the money these days seems to be in licensing, syndication, home video, streaming deals which Fox would see no part of (Disney gets it now).

Just doesn’t make as much sense to pick it up anymore. i kind of doubt it makes it past the script stage, which is probably for the best honestly.

I respectfully disagree. I could be wrong. You maybe right but I would think if script is very good when Howard and Jeremy turn it in next year I cannot see why a network like Fox would pass on a script if it’s good especially since Imagine and Fox have been very eager to continue the 24 franchise even after Legacy even though Legacy was horrible. Joel Surnow has his idea as well.

With the emails I got today from everyone attached to project, they all seem very positive about the development of the show. That’s why I think.

So IMO I do not think 24 is dead in the water. It will either stay at Fox or move to another network or become a movie.

I still think Fox will keep it cuz if it’s name and Legacy it has. And I read a season 6 of Prison Break is in early development.

Very excited about 24 maybe becoming a legal drama. Hopefully It’s much better than Legacy.

I guess we will find out more at Press Tour in January.

Justin.. weren’t you the one who said legacy was ”One of the best seasons” ”Surely to be renewed”.. Sorry if i take your opinion with a grain of salt in this case, considering all you been doing is trolling this page, and spamming the people who work on 24 with emails…

I think the reference to streaming deals and FOX not seeing them isn’t correct. Being a subsidiary of Disney, Fox would still benefit from streaming views as it would go to the parent company. Whether the online streaming is through a FOX based or Disney based website is irrelevant as Disney will still benefit from streaming FOX’s content.

I still think the future of 24 is in doubt due to this deal, but Disney will still consider on-demand and online viewing when giving shows the green light.

I have reached out to Howard Gordon, Imagine Entertainment, and Fox. Brian Grazer’s assistant at Imagine said this has no affect on 24 and they are continuing on with the script development of 24 reboot. Howard Gordon has said this has no affect and no change of status. Howard Gordon’s assistant has confirmed this to me, Joel Surnow’s assistant has confirmed development will not be stopped and so has Chris Alexander at Fox as everyone still needs content.

I also read for the near future Fox will continue to produce scripted content and Fox could buy another Scripted studio. As well I read there will be no staff changes for the near future at Fox until the deal is approved in 12-18 months. Also Fox could theoretically air 24 still and just buy from Disney or 24 will not move. But all parties have confirmed to me today that there will be no change in development and a script will be ready for submission in the new year sometime!


Fuck off already, Justin.

I thought it.. You said it.

Howard Gordon’s assistant Jose said a script will be ready in new year and decisions will be made then. Brian Grazer’s assistant said no change in status and things are moving forward nicely, as did Chris Alexander at Fox said no change in status from November. As did Erin Moody at 20th century fox who said no change in status since November 1st. So more 24 is definitely a possibility in near future especially since Fox is planning to still air scripted shows and entertainment shows for near future until deal is approved in 12-18 months and the executives are not going anywhere until deal is approved by the government. So 24 could stay at Fox or could be moved to another network as everyone still needs content these days. As well I heard Fox may buy another studio where they can buy their content from or they can still get 24 other ways. So 24 is not dead as all parties have confirmed to me. I have all their emails as proof as well

Joel Surnow’s assistant also said the Disney/Fox deal does not affect development on 24!

Walt Disney himself confirmed to me today that a 24/Mickey Mouse crossover is in the works!!!! This will be the best 24 season yet!!! Watch this space!!!

I hear Goofy is the mole.

bugs bunny is the mole: He eats Carrots all the day so no one will suspect him.

That makes sense. He always seemed a little sneaky. :D

While 24 Legacy sucked big time and was a creative failure and was not fresh at all, 24 imo still remains a beloved series at Fox, the studio and producers!

Fox gave the 24 reboot a script commitment and the producers have been busting their asses off the last 7 months working on development. Fox and producers have been adamant on continuing 24 after Legacy and I stilll think 24 can be a money maker and be great again. I am so down for a complete reboot and a re fresh. So I am down to give a legal 24 show a chance. I still love Howard Gordon, Joel Surnow and Co.

I do not think Fox will scrap development due to a deal with Disney. This Is my opinion based on what Howard Gordon, his assistant, Joel’s assistant, Brian grazer’s assistant and 20th century fox and fox told me today that development is moving forward.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their speculation on the news so I do not fault anyone here for anything that is said.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you all the best during the holidays with your families. Wish everyone nothing but love, happiness, joy, positivity, great health and care this holiday season! You all deserve it.

Looking forward to what 2018 brings for the 24 universe!

Seriously aren’t you supposed to be banned?

You said 24 Legacy was awesome…

Lol, I remember Justin crowing each week about how each episode of Legacy was the best episode of 24 of all time.

Now, he says it “sucked big time.”

For those who think the 24 franchise is dead. I wanted to provide the proof of the emails I got from the 24 team currently involved with the reboot: I do not like to speculate at news, so I went right to the sources to find out the status on the reboot, Below are what each individual said.

Howard Gordon said this:

“I’m sure (as sure as I can be) that 24 is an important “brand” – so I assume Disney will be every bit as motivated to continue developing the franchise…” “still working on it…
no timing of when script will be done. just when script is right…”

Michael Rosenberg from Imagine said this:

“Everyone continues to need content and service all the networks and platforms. ”

Jose Cabrera:

“Doesn’t change anything. Decisions will be made when there is a script.” Script will be done sometime in new year

Chris Alexander at Fox:

“No change in status”

Rob Kenneally (Joel Surnow’s agent)

– *No, deal with Disney does not affect development of reboot*

Well of curse they’d all say that; the Disney/Fox deal was only announced yesterday… it hasn’t been approved yet and the transition hasn’t started, to merge the two entities… so projects are proceeding until the changeover and final decisions are made.

But I agree with our host; I don’t see the new overlords at Fox Broadcasting continuing with the 24 franchise after the transition… there’s nothing in it for them; the original iteration had already peaked commercially before it ended in 2010, Live Another Day got merely solid rather than great numbers in 2014, and Legacy outright tanked… that’s a downward market trajectory by any metric standard.

As huge a fan of 24 as I am and remain – despite Day 6, ’nuff said! – it’s time to let it go and rest in peace…

If the 24 project is in development for 2018/2019 season then a script will be ready for early new year and a Pilot decision will be made early 2018 way before the deal is approved and so would a decision on series would be made by May 1 year before Disney fox deal is done.

Deadline said in August that this may go to Pilot before official Pilot season.

Fox will still need content for 2018/2019 so I can see them doing one season seeing how it does and go from there. So basically decisions will be made on what’s in development and how the script turns out.

If Howard and Jeremy make a great script a network will reject a great script.

I feel that Fox is somewhat unenthusiastic about this reboot. I mean the development moves at a glacial pace as we get new information regarding the reboot at least once every two months. I really hope the end result isn’t some half assed attempt to revive the series by showing a rip-off of Law and Order with a ticking clock.

The second season of Designated Survivor is boring and bad so Disney should cancel this show and bring back 24 with Jack Bauer.

They bought Fox for 52.4 Billions, so bringing back 24 for another season that cost 50-60 Millions is nothing for them – if they want it back they can do it easily.

Time to put the series to bed. I’m as die hard a 24 fan as anyone, but 24: Legacy sucked (didn’t even make it past the first episode) and the legal reboot sounds even worse.

I really enjoyed Live Another Day, and, despite the inconclusive end for Jack, I am content with that being the ultimate end of the show.

Justin is a moronic troll and his posts are worthless nonsense.

The 24 Legal spinoff is dead, it will not happen.

My best guess is we will see a 24 theatrical film in a few years starring Kiefer.

Disney knows that Jack Bauer is synonymous with 24 and they will re-introduce the character in a future film.

Bet on it.

The development on 24 is moving forward at a slow pace as Howard said they are taking their time to get right. Legacy took 3 years to develop.

Brian Grazer’s assistant and Howard Gordon both said Disney would be motivated to continue 24 as it’s an important brand so I can see the legal action show happening. I can see Fox ordering a 24 for 2018/2019 as it’s meant to be Anthology. As said all networks and studios continue to need content hinting 24 could move.

They may even go with Joel Surnow’s idea.

Justin dude, the only legal action I see happening with regards all involved is them taking out a joint restraining order against YOU… seriously, stop bugging HoGo and everyone else connected with 24 and get a life.

Do you actually believe that this guy really bothers HoGo and the others? :D

Justin does frequently email them and they do sometimes respond. I’ve seen some of the emails before and they were authentic.

HoGo and co’s responses should obviously be taken with a grain of salt though since they’re directly involved in the project and will only/always put a positive spin on things.

sounds kinda like justin ” will only/always put a positive spin on things.”

What is th real reason of Kiefer leaving 24? Was it his age and shape or problems with Fox and political opinion differences? I mean I remember reading something about Kiefer leaving because of some disagreements with Fox.. if that was the reason, he might come back right?.. I know my wish now when blowing the candles next bday ..

@Justin: I wish you a merry Christmas too! and also slow and painful death you piece of troll shit.. no I am just kidding, just please shut the fuck up or I will find you k?

Kiefer never ‘left’ 24; his contract expired with Day 8 and both he, showrunner Howard Gordon, and Fox (who were no doubt looking at the numbers, it was a very expensive show to produce by the end) decided it was a good time to end it on a strong note.

Kiefer tried his best for three solid years to get the movie made but it didn’t happen.

He signed on for Live Another Day, and that was the extent of his contractual obligation.

He’s said repeatedly he’d gladly play Jack for the rest of his career, but he and HoGo both feel (again, rightly, in my opinion) that Jack’s story is done… at least for now.

I see, thanks for the information.. I am really not very interested to see 24 without JB.. maybe a restart with new Jack Bauer actor would be nice. Maybe a prequel set in 70’s or 80’s would not be a bad idea as well .. or just a reboot set in 2017 and Michael Shannon or Jason Isaacs as a new JB as in James Bond movies… in the lead

Jack Bauer and the punisher should get their own show together!!I was impressed with the new marvel punisher show. It had a few 24 actors as well .

Does The Punisher has Similar things to 24?

And if I very enjoyed 24 would I like or enjoy The Punisher?

i watched the punisher and and there were many things that made me remember the Jack Bauer good days

Oh great I think I lot of fox’s Shows will be either canceled or effected by this 24 isn’t the only show on the line here.

Prison shitbreak was renewed…

I moved onto other shows since the downfall of 24/kiefer’s exit of course I will always remain a fan during his run but to keep 24 on life support without kiefer is just not working. Either figure out a story that would get kiefer interested to return or don’t bring the darn thing back to die all over again. Enough is enough all ready.

You don’t spend billions of dollars on properties to not use them.

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