Lucifer casts Dennis Haysbert as God on-screen, reuniting ’24’ presidents

Dennis Haysbert and D.B. Woodside reunite in Lucifer's final season

Dennis Haysbert and D.B. Woodside in 24 Season 3
Dennis Haysbert and D.B. Woodside in 24 Season 3

Lucifer is staging two family reunions with one divine casting choice. EW can exclusively reveal that Dennis Haysbert is joining the Netflix-Warner Bros. TV drama as God — yes, the God — and will appear throughout the fifth and final season.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Haysbert and Woodside have played family on TV. They previously starred as brothers (and presidents) David and Wayne Palmer, respectively, on Fox’s 24. In fact, Woodside played a small part in helping Lucifer land Haysbert for this heavenly role.

“D.B. had actually come up to us and said, ‘Have you thought about Dennis?’ We were like, ‘Do you think he’d actually do it?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I’ve already talked to him and sort of brought it up.’ And so we just went straight on at him,” says Henderson.

Getting to work with Woodside again was one of the reasons Haysbert said yes to the part. “Every time I see D.B., there’s always this fondness and this connection…We worked on a show that was arguably one of the best shows ever produced in television, so you’re going to have a kind of camaraderie,” says Haysbert, before adding with a laugh, “I don’t know how I went from brothers to father. We’re celestial. We can do that.”

Source Entertainment Weekly


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Believe they last worked together was during those opening 5 minutes of Season 5. Fourteen Years.

Inspired casting. The show by itself is pretty excellent, especially after it moved to Netflix last year.

Good to find out the admin of this site still publishes 24 news, I thought this site has forgotten and stayed in the past, so good to hear this website is alive and well.

Just hope 24 comes back soon!

January 7, 2020 at 1:14 pm
Brilliant casting decision, made me smile.

Makes me look forward to the final season.

A new 24 spinoff concept from The Resident’s showrunner Todd Harthan has been ‘gaining momentum the past few months.’

The 24 Facebook page recently updated the cover photo to Kiefer last month and added a new profile photo of the 24 logo a few days ago. Oddly though both the twitter and Facebook accounts changed their names from @24fox to @24legacytv and 24: Legacy @Official24TVShow. Could that be because of the Disney acquisition of Fox? The IG page is still called @24fox though. Interesting that the FB and twitter pages are suddenly active again (but odd that Legacy is in the title on both).

Just has to do with the Disney acquisition it seems. They’ve been renaming a lot of the (cancelled) FOX series social media accounts to remove the FOX branding from the handle and the cover photos. Some other examples of the same thing:

That’s interesting. Thanks for the information.

Disney+ or (More likely) Hulu would be a great place for a heavily serialized show like 24. The way the market is now, long form shows are wanted all at once. Not sure a weekly series like 24 is possible anymore.

I haven’t watched Lucifer, but this news brings back some wonderful memories of the two on-screen.

As for a return of 24, I’m not particularly enthusiastic. I’m pretty happy with the way things ended in Live Another Day and I don’t have much confidence after Legacy which was an unmitigated disaster.

Just let it and our mythic hero rest.

A new 24 revival with Kiefer May happen! We could find out by May! And it would include other key cast members returning!

Had a weird dream last night. I swear this is true.

In the dream, for whatever reason, I am staying in a hotel. Don’t remember much except at some point (right before my alarm sounded which is probably why I remember this), I run into Kiefer in the lobby. I say hi and ask if 24 will ever come back (just like I would in real life) and all he says is that I “would be pleasantly surprised in the next few months” about it and which actors could come back or something like it.

Then I woke up and came here to look for any news and I see this deadline article. Exciting but creepy premonition.

If you would show this teaser to someone without any explanation, they would assume this is the return of the Jack Bauer character. KS running with his weapon drawn while wearing a leather jacket looks just like the Jack Bauer . Is this teaser some sort of a joke? How can KS play Jack Bauer without being Jack Bauer?

Jesus it looks like Romania production. Look like total cheap shit

Why did you bring Romania into this?I’m very sure you don’t have any clue about this country.

saw one action flick with my father in law in tv recently that Romania production and had very similar cheap look and bad screen filters. I meant no insult to Romania and it’s people anyway. I am from Slovakia so I know a lot about cheap cinematography :D

There’s nothing wrong with them bring back 24 if they wanna bring it back that’s their choice I understand this is an opinion that people would rather not see a 10th season but tbh season 9 ending looked to much like redemption where he was taken by a chopper that didn’t feel like closure. It wasn’t the best ending. But to each is own. Why would people not welcome it back if they can have a great story. Legacy was a disaster but don’t right off a 10th season because of it.

Wow.. this is definitely not jack Bauer! Maybe the politically correct jack Bauer. just cause he is wearing a leather jacket..doesn’t make him 24jack Bauer.

I’ve always said this Jack Bauer should could should be kiefer’s fall back job sounds like he won’t ever say no to a good story. This article sorta explains it. It sounds good in my book my opinion would be to do something every year but.

Where is Season 3’s Jack Bauer to contain this virus.


In Hulu are all the reasons

24 Facebook page has just been renamed from 24 Legacy to 24 Series:

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