Chloe O’Brian

Chloe O’Brian is a character on 24 played by actress Mary Lynn Rajskub. She is proficient with computers and Jack Bauer’s closest ally.

Chloe O'Brian

Chloe O’Brian makes 25 Kick-Ass TV Heroines List on Stylish

Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character Chloe O’Brian has made a list of “25 Kick-ass [female] TV Heroines” on Stlyish. No computer problem is too huge for Chloe O’Brian, 24‘s supercool IT nerd. Even with Jack yelling down the phone, demanding some sort of impossible task in minus two seconds (“I need that grid now, Chloe!” )… View Article

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Howard Gordon says Chloe O’Brian is in 24 movie

At todays TCA panel for Awake, executive producer Howard Gordon has confirmed to TV Guide’s William Keck that fan favorite Chloe O’Brian will take part in the upcoming 24 movie. He also mentions a summer shoot date. #24 producer Howard Gordon tells me he’s hoping to shoot film with #kiefersutherland this summer – and Chloe… View Article

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Chloe O’Brian makes 100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters list

Fan favorite 24 character Chloe O’Brian made TV Squad’s “100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters” list coming in at #91. 91. Chloe O’Brian ’24’ (2001-2010) | Played By: Mary Lynn Rajskub Other women and other co-workers had come and gone (sometimes in a permanent manner) in Jack Bauer’s life, but Chloe was a bright, talented,… View Article

24 Season 8 Deleted Scene Jack's Message to Kim

24 Season 8 Deleted Scenes

Here are all six of the deleted scenes found on the 24 Season 8 DVD. There aren’t any audio commentaries for the deleted scenes this time around, so there’s no way to know why these scenes were deleted. Typically they are cut for time reasons.

Jack Bauer’s Greatest Lines – winners

Earlier this month FOX asked fans to vote on Jack Bauer’s greatest lines at JackBauersGreatest.com and now the voting period is over and winners have been chosen. Overall Winner (best of all seasons) The very final scene of the series (Jack and Chloe saying their goodbyes) has been chosen by 24 fans as the best… View Article