Howard Gordon says Chloe O’Brian is in 24 movie

At todays TCA panel for Awake, executive producer Howard Gordon has confirmed to TV Guide’s William Keck that fan favorite Chloe O’Brian will take part in the upcoming 24 movie. He also mentions a summer shoot date.

Chloe was last seen being taken into custody by two FBI Agents for her part in helping Jack escape the country (watch the full Chloe’s Arrest epilogue here).


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If tony isn’t in this movie…that will be a big let down for me. But I love 24 and seeing jack Bauer on the big screen is gonna kick ass and Sean callerys music!!:) can’t wait

@Travis dude, much as I like Tony as well, it would be inappropriate to have him in the movie, as the general audience member would have no idea who he is, and it would take too long to indulge in exposition to inform them of his significance, the ’24’ movie team are aiming the movie at the widest audience possible, as for Tony, I think he’s currently in a federal prison just down the corridor from Olivia Taylor :-) !

As for Chloe being in the movie, that’s cool news to hear, but I hope there’s a genuine dramatic reason for her being in it (which I’m sure there is, they absolutely know what they’re doing), and it’s not just a case of “oh, we simply HAVE to include Chloe in a ’24’ movie”, don’t forget, ’24: Redemption’ showed it was more than possible to have a Jack Bauer movie (albeit a made-for-television one in that case) that did not take place in the U.S., nor did it feature any of the series’ recurring characters, or even have CTU or any other U.S. federal agency in it. If Chloe is in the movie for a very definite narrative purpose, all the better, but she doesn’t HAVE to be in it for it to be a proper ’24’ movie…

What ?? this summer ??? I thought they are going to shout in April ??? Damnit !!!!

Thats great news! I think that jack might break chloe out of jail!

I don’t give a damn who’s going to be in the movie actually,as long a Jack plays.I cant wait till summer!Why didnt they film 24 seasons?