Cole Ortiz

John Boyd as CTU analyst Arlo Glass in 24 Season 8

The Live Feed reviews 24 Season 8 premiere

The first four hours of Fox’s “24” are a welcome return to form. The veteran drama, which shifts to New York City this season, has just enough tweaks on the show’s familiar “conspiracy-complication-minor resolution-deeper conspiracy-bigger complication…” format to feel fresh despite its well-worn mechanics. I mocked Freddie Prinze Jr. when THR first reported he was… View Article

Jack Bauer resting in the 24 Season 8 premiere

Eight Things Jack Bauer Should Know for 24’s 8th Season

As you prepare to embark on your eighth action-packed day, TVGuide.com thought it wise — after looking into your future (i.e. the first four episodes of 24‘s Season 8 ) — to pass on a little advice. 1. Remember to cherish your friends: Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) has put her job — and sometimes… View Article

24 Season 8 Promotional Photos of Characters

Here’s promotional photos from FOX of the 24 Season 8 characters – Jack Bauer, Renee Walker, Chloe O’Brian, President Allison Taylor, Chief of Staff Rob Weiss, President Omar Hassan, and CTU workers Arlo Glass, Dana Walsh, Brian Hastings, and Cole Ortiz.

First look at Freddie Prinze Jr. in 24 Season 8

Back in May, we found out that Sarah Michelle Gellar hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. would be a big part of the upcoming season 8 of Fox’s 24 (which premieres Jan. 17), but now we’ve got an EW exclusive first look at one of his early scenes with Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. The former teen heartthrob… View Article

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff mentions a scene from 24

The second part of Katee Sackhoff’s Battlestar Galactica question and answer session (with BSG cast-mate Tricia Helfer) was put online and it contains an interesting mention of a scene from 24 season 8: It’s interesting, because in the character that I play now on 24, it’s like I envy what I had too [as Starbuck… View Article

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Cole Ortiz in 24 Season 8

Freddie Prinze Jr. joins cast as head of CTU Field Ops

Sources said Prinze is joining the cast of Fox’s “24” as a regular, playing Davis Cole, a recently returned Marine who runs CTU Field Ops and wants to follow in Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) footsteps. On the real-time drama, whose upcoming eighth season started production Wednesday, Prinze joins fellow new cast additions Anil Kapoor, who… View Article

24 Season 8 casting calls

Here we have the casting calls for many new major characters in 24 Season 8. “24”, the hit show from Fox Network, is now casting major ongoing roles for the 2010 season. From the producer of “Arrested Development”, this stylish show is about Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer as he struggles to protect the… View Article