Freddie Prinze Jr. as Cole Ortiz in 24 Season 8
Freddie Prinze Jr. as Cole Ortiz in 24 Season 8

TV Addict: “Freddie Prinze Jr is the new Jack Bauer”

As part of TV Addict’s 2010 predictions, they claim that Freddie Prinze has the chops to replace Jack Bauer. Personally I think Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland is irreplaceable, but it’s nice to see that critics really seem to like Freddie.

Freddie Prinze Jr is the new Jack Bauer.
Having already seen the first four hours of Jack Bauer’s eighth consecutive really bad day, one thing is abundantly clear. Katee Sackhoff has been saddled with one helluva disappointing character arc. Complete with another round of the three “M’s” (Mistaken identities, obligatory Moles and Middle Eastern Terrorists) Jack Bauer is getting too old for this Sh*t! Which is why, should Kiefer Sutherland decide that he’s tired of saving America’s butt year-in-and-year-out, waiting in the wings is newly introduced brash young CTU agent Cole Ortiz, played to surprising like-ability by Freddie Prinze Jr. No really.

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If they replaced Kiefer with Freddie, there ratings/views would go way down. I pray that they don’t do that. It isn’t 24 with out Kiefer. Also thanks for Tweeting/Posting all things about 24! I really appreciate it!


I cannot make this switch with you FOX. Jack is such a part of my everything. Say it ain’t so. No more wire hangers. I don’t know nothing ’bout birthing no babies! Jack has literally made my hair grow with some of his actions. Remember when he cut off the prisoners head? It still makes me gasp, really. I Love YOU Reefer Summertan, (my secret name for him). Keifer Reefer- get it? No I don’t smoke. That’s heat for Jack you’re seeing.