24 Season 8 Set Pictures – Episode 19/20, with details

The Copper Spoon blog reports on recent 24 filming along with some pictures:

From Wednesday through Friday, the cast of the hit Fox show 24 took over the lobby, elevators and outdoor area of my office building, One Bunker Hill. Kiefer Sutherland and gang could be seen throughout the day acting in various different scenes, from some sort of bank heist, to action scenes in the elevators and on-foot chases overtaking the sidewalks.

LA’s blogdowntown offers the actual filming notice used:

DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Weapons brandished. Driving shots. Emergency vehicles with flashing lights. Equipment on sidewalk, curb lane and across the street. Interior dialogue. Exterior dialogue. Occasional traffic and pedestrian control. Wetting of the street. Condor and crane. Generator. Picture vehicles. Bus move at 5th St & Grand Ave. Talent climbing down fire escape, running across Grand Ave. Camera ladder on 6th St & Grand Ave. People and equipment on library steps. Near hits & misses.

Although none of the reports mention it, it appears that Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) is in the field with Cole and Jack. If you look closely in one of the photos, Dana appears to be holding a gun while walking through the crowded sidewalk of pedestrians.

Thanks to Copper Spoon blog and @er17a on Twitter for the set pictures.


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it doesn’t make sense that she is in the field with cole and jack when she is discovered to be the mole next week.

I think DANA is trying to escape again and JACK is in pursuit because she has information he needs.

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