Freddie Prinze Jr. on Live With Regis and Kelly

Freddie Prinze Jr. is interviewed on Live With Regis and Kelly about his character Cole Ortiz in 24 Season 8.

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] Thanks por post it!!!! I Love Freddie!!

[..YouTube..] thnxxxxxxxx … I love him <3

Can the video only be watched in the USA? ‘cos I am in Europe and doesn’t work to me…

YouTube was taking a very long time to process the video this morning, but it should work now.

Thanks for the answer.

Strangely, now it works if I watch it from here, but it dosen’t if I open the YouTube page, search for “Freddie Prinze jr Regis and Kelly”, click on it and try to watch it.

[..YouTube..] mark consuelos is fine as well as freddie

[..YouTube..] my first crush on an actor (i was 8) — he’s still gorgeous!

[..YouTube..] Love Freddie and Sarah too! Great couple and Charlotte is so cute!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] cool guy but I still don’t get that he learnt to change his daughter’s diaper when he was in second grade………………………love his family buffster……..

[..YouTube..] i love freddie and sarah! Their daughter is so cute!

[..YouTube..] oh me oh my…i never knew he was such an entertainer!!-
fun 2 watch

[..YouTube..] I never watched 24 but now im gonna start lol.

[..YouTube..] omg how is someone that cute!! his voice, his looks, his ora.

[..YouTube..] OMG he aged! He looks 40! Still cute but my goodness he’s aged fast!

[..YouTube..] jets suck shit

[..YouTube..] He’s so damn lucky!! Got a beautiful little daughter! And not only that, he’s married to my idol!! Most beautiful actress in the whole world! LOVE SARAH! <3

[..YouTube..] When I was in 6th and 7th grade I was so in love with Freddie!!! I still love him! And his little baby girl is just precious! what a cutie!

[..YouTube..] mine too :)

[..YouTube..] He looks much older than 33 xD

[..YouTube..] hes great on 24….. even if he was a “LEVEL 3” in the second grade

[..YouTube..] @BunnyXY I think that’s because he hasn’t dyed his hair back. With grey hair, you can’t be looking too young you know! =D

I just love him and hope to see him make more movies, NOT just voice some films.

[..YouTube..] Yeah I just love him too ;)
I really really like him ;)
He is sooo cute with Sarah ;)
And their Daughter is sooooo beautiful!!! ;)
I wish the Little Family soooooo much Luck on Earth!!I think he and Sarah are wunderfull People ;)

[..YouTube..] Love him and Sarah!! ;)
Charlotte Grace is so beautiful ;)
I think they will be Great Parents xD
I love Sarah Michelle Gellar!! ;)

[..YouTube..] Freddie I am your biggest Fan!
Charlotte is so sweeeeet

[..YouTube..] holy fuck she aged.

[..YouTube..] he looks so tired

[..YouTube..] omg! his getting old but still looking HOT!;)

[..YouTube..] i hate seeing celebs getting old …. imagine miley cyrus getting old …. or justin bieber :S

[..YouTube..] wow i realized regis sounds kinda like johny carson

[..YouTube..] my god i love him and sarah!

[..YouTube..] I am soo happy that a celebraty couple had made it this far without broke ups or anything.. i hope they stay like this for everrrrrrrr for that kids sake, but they are sooo lovely that i think it will last long:):) xox

[..YouTube..] He’s such a good interview.

[..YouTube..] @babymadcow they have a daughter

[..YouTube..] He doesn’t look like 40 and he is not 40.Come on ppl. He is not aged.He is just fine for his age .:)

[..YouTube..] love this interview

[..YouTube..] he is getting old.. i <3ed him in shes all that

[..YouTube..] look like a happy version of keanu reeves

je t’aime freddie prinze junior

[..YouTube..] it is liked you freddie, it will be a super father for his small Charlotte grace, he has that 34 years the weather is a little more mature.

[..YouTube..] @thedeath4ever i think it’s the hair

[..YouTube..] @aruwin25 maybe

[..YouTube..] freddie prinze jr was my 1st crush from the 1st time i saw she’s all that and is still cute 10 years or 11 years later

[..YouTube..] It’s so funny…He thought Mark Sanchez was going to come

[..YouTube..] This is a story of a childhood rapist. Gross.

[..YouTube..] he was like my crush in highschool but now his still hot but old no offence, with his white hair and fine lines in his eyes but he still look so damn gorgeous

[..YouTube..] omfg i love him hes so HOT

[..YouTube..] OH MY GOOOOD, i just watched She’s All That and he’s still lukin damn gud !! But when did he marry sarah michelle gellar ??? They make such a cute couple (even tho i wished i had him ;)) !! he was a player from the beginning (2nd grade) !!

[..YouTube..] sounds like the girl was attacked… raped lol

[..YouTube..] asi tenga esposa lo amo

[..YouTube..] @MLA786zasy i thinkg they’ve been together since 2000 and married since 2005

[..YouTube..] @ApoloExpress wooo! early 20s?

[..YouTube..] Hmmmm wasn’t his wife Sarah Printz his co star in scooby doo? She looks like Daphne.

[..YouTube..] @PensMyth87 Yeah, she was… They got engaged by that time! In that movie she still apeared as Sarah Michelle Gellar, only after they got married that she took his name as Sarah Prinze. I think that’s why Regis says “Sarah, hum, Prinze” i think he was going to say Sarah Gellar…

[..YouTube..] @stephyucahit

I just realized Freddie Prinz jr and Luka Magnotta are related. BTW nice vid.

[..YouTube..] she loves sarah..i can

[..YouTube..] i did not know he was married to sarah! they were both daphne and fred in the scooby doo movies! guess they fell in love on set!

Freddie is such a hottie… hope he visits philippines…i’ll be first in line to see him…!!!