24 cast and crew video interviews

Video interviews with various 24 cast and crew members.

Howard Gordon Gregory Mantell Show

Howard Gordon on The Gregory Mantell Show

Gregory Mantell interviewed 24‘s Howard Gordon about the show, the 24 movie, his novel Gideon’s War, working with Jon Voight, Kiefer Sutherland, his upcoming series Homeland, and more.

24’s Howard Gordon on Good Day NY

Here’s an interview I recorded this morning on FOX 5’s Good Day New York. It’s almost entirely about his novel Gideon’s War, but he gets asked about the 24 movie at the very end (final 20 seconds) to which he replies it’s not happening right away but is still happening.

Howard Gordon Glenn Beck Interview

Glenn Beck interviews Howard Gordon

This is actually a pretty candid interview where Howard Gordon gets grilled about the “political correctness” of the 24 in recent years with the numerous “Go Green” PSA’s in Season 7 (which he says was a Rupert Murdoch mandate) and the Season 4 pro-Muslim PSA’s with Kiefer Sutherland. Skip to 4:55 if you want to… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland talks about “24” movie

Kiefer Sutherland spoke about the upcoming 24 movie, saying that it won’t be set in real time (obviously – can you imagine watching a 24 hour movie?), but will instead be a two hour representation of a single day. More excitingly, it seems like they’re getting closer to hiring a director (earlier this month, Tony… View Article

Mary Lynn Rajskub twitcam

Mary Lynn Rajskub video interview on 24 series

Mary Lynn Rajskub answered fan questions regarding the 24 series in an exclusive Digital Spy live chat today. Among the topics discussed were her favorite Chloe scenes, her favorite bad guy (Gregory Itzin), and the upcoming movie which she knows nothing about. She’s also asked about a Chloe spinoff which she’s down for but hasn’t… View Article

Howard Gordon interviewed about 24 series

Here’s a nice lengthy interview with Howard Gordon where he discusses many aspects of the 24 series. Among the topics discussed are his favorite season to work on (the first), favorite to watch (Day 5), Kiefer Sutherland’s work habits, Jack Bauer’s magic healing powers, the most difficult character to kill, spin-offs, and the upcoming movie.