Kiefer Sutherland on Extra: The Confession segment

Extra visited the set of Kiefer Sutherland’s upcoming series The Confession and got a brief interview with him. Here’s the segment:

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland on Extra (thanks capesclip)


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[..YouTube..] wow seems interesting will be watching this

I read on some website that “The Confession” will only air on Hulu and not on TV. Do you know if this is true? :)

Absolutely, there is a reason it is an internet series.

[..YouTube..] It is interesting ! Kiefer Sutherland is so so hot and cute !

Maybe the big twist that they’ve announced about the end of this series is when Kiefer’s character reveals his name is Jack Bauer and we find out that these are the events take place after Day 8 and before the movie…

Unlikely but, hey, I can dream, huh?

[..YouTube..] I tried to look for it and I guess Canadians can’t watch on their computers.
That SUCKS!!!!

[..YouTube..] @judetunes1
yeah I know. unfortunately only for US Americans.
so welcome to the club! I’m a sufferer too :(

[..YouTube..] @judetunes1 Eventually someone will put it on youtube, just wait for it

[..YouTube..] The transcribing in this video is hilarious…

[..YouTube..] @judetunes1 the nice side effect of a good web privacy application, such as Hotspot Shield, is that the privacy means Hulu will work outside the US – and it’s free, too.

[..YouTube..] 1:33 Michael Amador from season 3 of 24? And i agree, it sucks this is only inside US, and i don’t understand reason for that. I hope it spreads to here.

[..YouTube..] If You Want To See It Bad Enought Goggle Is Your Best Friend ….
This Is Brilliant I Just wish The Episodes Were Longer …..