Kiefer Sutherland The Confession video interview

Brief interview by Kiefer Sutherland on his upcoming internet series The Confession.

YouTube Link: The Confession – Interview


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[..YouTube..] I missed him


He’s sexier than ever !!

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[..YouTube..] 24: The Movie….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack is BACK!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland goes to confession just for portraying Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] Im waiting for this!

[..YouTube..] GOD I LOVE HIM!!!!!! i cant wait for this to come out!

[..YouTube..] “the internet is the largest network out there”

Huh so how about actually allowing anyone from OUTSIDE America to see it then!?!

[..YouTube..] “Dear lord I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with the awsome show confession. Must stop. Please give me the stranth…NOT!”:)

[..YouTube..] @invisiblekid99 it’s called downloading. Im not from america and i have seen them all

[..YouTube..] @Recovery82 Not legally you didn’t. I know how and where to download and have also seen these. My point was he said the internet was the worlds largest network but they are still restricting it to the USA only. Not much of a world wide audience then is it!?!?

[..YouTube..] @invisiblekid99 who cares how you get it? it’s free on the internet anyway so downloading it is not a problem, kiefer said himself in an interview they are not charging anyone you can just watch it so it shouldn’t matter anyway. And plus america has a huge population, so it only being available in america is enough publicity for them.

[..YouTube..] @Recovery82 Sigh, it might be free, but getting it from the source in which they released it to, in this case Hulu, unless you use a VPN and sign up to the site, you cannot watch it they way they intended. And yet again, he mentioned the internet was world wide. This (however easy some find it elsewhere) was intended to be watched in America only. If it wasn’t, it should not have been put up on Hulu. If they truly wanted a world wide internet audience, then this should have put up on Youtube

[..YouTube..] @invisiblekid99 Then why are you complaining? Just fucking download it and watch it like everyone else not in america, or shut up and don’t watch at all. Mr Goody Two Shoes. And get over the fact that he said it was world wide and yet can be only seen in america, seriously.