Extra talks to 24 Season 2 cast ahead of premiere

The countdown is over for the return of “24.” Now, ‘Extra’ goes snooping for secrets from tonight’s premiere. “Extra” buckled-in on the classified set to see what season two secrets we could uncover.

The race against time is on again! Kiefer Sutherland and the cast of “24” are back for another heart-stopping season of beat-the-clock action. Set over a year after the events of last season, Kiefer says the show will still be in real-time. The stakes will be higher and more personal.

For TV daughter Elisha Cuthbert, getting another opportunity to co-star with Kiefer is time well spent. Elisha says, “I don’t know how much he knows about it, but when I get on set and watch him, it’s a privilege. I learn so much from him.”

Also returning will be Dennis Haysbert as newly elected president David Palmer. Kiefer says, “He comes across a situation that he needs my character’s help with.” What’s the crisis? Sutherland treats it like a state secret!

But we do know that joining Kiefer this season is the newcomer from down under, Sarah Wynter. But, unfortunately, all she can say about the show’s plot is, “I’m the new girl.”

What will happen if she reveals more? She jokes, “Men will come busting through those doors and drag me out, and there’s a little jail cell where they throw the “24” people who reveal secrets!”

But rest assured, all of “24’s” secrets will be revealed — in good time.

Source: Extra