Kiefer Sutherland thankful for ’24’ gig

RADNOR, Pa. (AP) – Kiefer Sutherland’s career has been reinvigorated by the Fox show 24 and he knows it. “Right now, my life revolves around this show,” Sutherland told U.S. TV Guide for its Jan. 4 issue. “When something like 24 happens, you bow your head and say thank you.” Sutherland, who received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of government antiterrorism agent Jack Bauer, said he spends as many as 16 hours a day, five days a week on the set of the show, now in its second season.

Friends say Sutherland has always been a hard worker, even when he had a wild image as a younger actor.

“When we did Lost Boys, Kiefer had a 6 a.m. makeup call,” said director Joel Schumacher, who has worked with Sutherland on four films. “He’d party until four, drive to Warner Bros., park his car next to the security guard’s gate and ask the guard to wake him at six.”

Source: AP