24 fans annoyed at George Bush for pre-empting show

USA Today has an article about 24 and American Idol fans being outraged over their shows being delayed due to President Bush’s news conference.

On TV chat sites, viewers voiced their opposition to Fox’s scheduling changes, made so the network could air President Bush’s news conference Tuesday night.

Fox executives say there was never any thought about not airing the president on Tuesday. “When the White House calls and asks for time, you move to accommodate them,” says Fox’s Scott Grogin.

Also affected: Fox cliffhanger drama 24, in which a deadly virus is threatening the country. There are seven episodes left. This week, 24 will air Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, putting it up against three other popular dramas — HBO’s Sopranos, ABC’s Alias and NBC’s Law & Order.

In an online forum for 24, a posting asked which you would rather watch, President Bush or 24. Hundreds chose 24.

Source USA Today