Arnold Vosloo on 24 Inside

Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice filled in for 24 Inside host Daphne Brogdon and interviewed Arnold Vosloo, the actor who plays Habib Marwan, mastermind of 24 Season 4’s events.

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] Imo the second best 24 villain, right after Charles Logan. Really good interview, Vosloo has got some class, he seems to be a humble actor with some real talent – something that’s not very common these days^^

[..YouTube..] Thank you for uploading! I try to find the video for a long time cause the video didn’t work

[..YouTube..] ich dachte er hat glatze

[..YouTube..] I LOOOOOOOOOOVE his accent.

[..YouTube..] ha elérünk oda, hogy klónozni lehet az embereket, bármit megadnék egy Arnold klónért:))))))))))))))))))))

[..YouTube..] Is great on “Hard Target” (pik van cleef) of John Woo

[..YouTube..] A.R.N.O.L.D. V.O.S.L.O.O. Yeah he’s something else.