Kiefer Sutherland and Greg Ellis in The Confession promo pic

Greg Ellis and Kiefer Sutherland in The Confession promo pic

Here’s something cool: Greg Ellis (24 Season 3 villain Michael Amador) will appear in Kiefer Sutherland’s new web series The Confession, premiering in March on Hulu. Here’s a promo still of them together (Kiefer plays a hit man). The Confession was written and directed by Brad Mirman, who Kiefer collaborated with before on the film… View Article

Assaf Cohen

Assaf Cohen playing villain in episode 15

Assaf Cohen will be playing a villain in the double-hour episode (15/16) next week (April 5th). On March 22, 2010, Assaf will Guest Star as a murder suspect on CSI: MIAMI. Two weeks later, on April 5th, Assaf returns to FOX’s “24” as a bad guy! He previously played the terrorist “Yassir” who worked under… View Article

Mido Hamada

Mido Hamada joins cast of 24 as Mehran

The role of Mehran has been cast, with Mido Hamada nabbing the part. Mido Hamada has booked a recurring role on Fox’s “24” playing Mehran, the leader of a group of operatives in an Islamic country working against their president. Mido has appeared on “Path to 9/11” and was a series regular on “State of… View Article

24 Season 8 casting call: Ali

ALI – Middle Eastern in his late 20’s to early 40’s, he is the right hand Lieutenant to the head of the opposition to President Hassan (Anil Kapoor). Ali believes in the cause and has no problem killing or being killed to accomplish it for his boss, Samir. Will be in several episodes.

Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie’s character on 24: Vladimir Laitanan

William Keck from TV Guide Magazine has wrangled a little more information out of 24 writer Brannon Braga regarding Callum Keith Rennie’s character: Battlestar Galactica vet Callum Keith Rennie, who played Leoben Conoy on the sci-fi series, will be joining his former co-star Katee Sackoff on the new season of 24, premiering in January 2010…. View Article

Jordan Marder

Jordan Marder as Dimitri in 24 Season 8?

IMDB is now listing Jordan Marder under the role of Dimitri. Here is the casting call for Dimitri as a refresher: DIMITRI – Eastern European, in his mid 30s to mid 40s, he is an enforcer for our “European Godfather.” Dimitri is introduced in Episode 5 and will return in Episode 8 where he has… View Article

Bashar Rahal

Bashar Rahal joins 24 as Wasim

Bashar Rahal (“War, Inc.”) has landed a multi-episode arc on Fox’s “24.” On the upcoming eighth season of the real-time drama, he will play a general from the Islamic Republic of Kamistan who is involved in a conspiracy against President Hassan (Anil Kapoor). Rahal is repped by Mavrick Artists Agency.

24 Season 8 casting call: Dimitri, an enforcer

DIMITRI – Eastern European, in his mid 30s to mid 40s, he is an enforcer for our “European Godfather.” Dimitri is introduced in Episode 5 and will return in Episode 8 where he has an intense encounter with Jack Bauer. Cannot be any taller than 5’11” and should have a slight Eastern European accent.. GUEST… View Article

Jack Bauer Meets Jonas Hodges

Jon Voight adds another dimension to ’24’ villain

Finally, Jack meets Jonas. Monday’s 24 showdown between hero Jack Bauer and one of the show’s more memorable villains, Jonas Hodges, gives star Kiefer Sutherland face time with Jon Voight. Hodges heads Starkwood, a shadowy military contractor gone rogue with bioweapons. Voight, in his first role in a TV series since the late ’60s, lies… View Article

Jon Voight in Transformers

Jon Voight cast in 24 Season 7 as villain Jonas Hodges

It looks like the mastermind of 24 Season 7 has been cast – Jon Voight will show up in the second half of the season and “feature heavily” into the storyline, and will also be introduced in the prequel. LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – In his first series role in 40 years, Jon Voight has… View Article