Judy Davis cast in 24: Live Another Day as British national (Updated)

Judy Davis
Judy Davis

FOX has announced that award-winning actress Judy Davis has joined the cast of 24: Live Another Day. She’ll be playing Margot, a British national and the widow of a notorious terrorist.

The 58 year old Australian actress has been nominated for eleven Primetime Emmy Awards, six Golden Globes, and two Oscars among others.

Earlier today it was reported that her role was a “fierce German arms dealer” which writer David Fury quickly dismissed as inaccurate on Twitter. A representative for FOX said the character has evolved since the role was conceived. Though she’s not an arms dealer, Fury teased the character is “very bad” just yesterday.

Davis is the second new character cast in 24: Live Another Day – last month Michael Wincott was cast as a hacker and leader of the free information movement. Returning characters include Kim Raver as Audrey Raines, William Devane as James Heller, and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian.


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David Fury just sent a tweet to tell that the new character isn’t a arms dealer…???

Almost everything in the Deadline piece is WRONG! Judy is NOT playing a German Arms dealer, her name is MargoT with a T…— David Fury (@TheDavidFury) 19 Décembre 2013

Holy crap! We’ve got an Oscar-nominated actress (who should totally have won for Woody Allen’s “Husbands and Wives” back in 1992, btw) appearing on 24!!!

Well Kevin Reilly from FOX did tell us:

“We’re gonna do these in a very significant way, with big scope and top talent and top marketing budgets”

Haven’t seen her before so couldn’t say if she’s top talent.

They’ve never failed @ bring in new characters! this is awesome! I’m sure she’s good.

The casting on ’24’ has ALWAYS been impeccable, and having a class act like Ms Davis onboard only proves that point… she is the very definition of versatility; she can play vulnerable in films like ‘A Passage to India’ but she was also a charismatic and compelling villain in the terrorism thriller ‘Who Dares Wins’ (which is one of the best and most sorely underrated action films of the last few decades)!

I guess Kevin Reilly really wasn’t kidding when he said “top talent” for ‘Live Another Day’… damn, this is going to be GOOD!!!

And if anyone didn’t catch it – David Fury tweeted a few days ago answering a question from someone who asked whether there could be something during the Super Bowl.


@Gerry Mander I 100% agree with you man 24 will be good can’t wait!

Jack: I can assure you Judy Davis is top talent.

That’s very good news. I know I saw her in some films, but I can’t remember them now. She is very charismatic and being a widow it leaves her on her own, and I think it would be great to have a 50-60 year-old “very bad” woman.

(What if she is Wilson’s widow… And she is looking for Tony…)

I never heard of her, but Im hoping for the best

Wilson’s Widow? she’s british & he’s american I don’t see that being a connection between the two… of em. I’ve never heard of her either but I’m sure she’ll be great. They’ve never been known to cast anyone terrible.

@Joshua, why not? Hassan was with Reed in day 8. My wife is italian and I’m american, and it has worked very well hehe.

I can’t believe so many people here haven’t heard of Judy Davis.

Maybe she is Stephen Saunders (from S3) widow , at least it is the right nationality.

I doubt that Davis’ character, Margot, will be the widow of any previous ’24’ character, it’s already stated the story is a brand new one “from scratch” so I think it’s unlikely there will be any overt family link to any previous season.

With the announcement of two CIA characters in the story, I’m thinking the U.S. government is still after Jack, so that will be interesting to see how his fugitive status figures into him battling the inevitable terrorist threat… maybe he’ll be offered immunity by James Heller, and possibly on condition he stays away from Audrey!

Either way, May can’t come soon enough… I’m gonna be all giddy with excitement when we get to see actual footage, possibly in the form of a Superbowl teaser as some have suggested!

@Gerry, good point about the two CIA guys. I think now that it could be possible that one of them is a mole in the CIA, and he’s after Jack but under someone else’s orders. The other one will save Jack’s life by warning him.

I think… hehe.