Judy Davis quits 24: Live Another Day due to personal family matters

Judy Davis
Judy Davis

Deadline is reporting some very unfortunate news.

EXCLUSIVE: A meaty villainous role on Fox‘s event series 24: Live Another Day unexpectedly became vacant after Judy Davis had to pull out. Davis was slated to leave her native Australia for London, where Live Another Day had been filming since January 26, but I’ve learned that personal family matters are preventing her from traveling at this time. As a result, the two-time Emmy winner had to pull out a couple of weeks before the recurring role was scheduled to begin filming.

The producers are expected to find a replacement quickly with no impact on production. The character, Margot, is a British national and the widow of a notorious terrorist.

Davis was one of the very first castings on 24: Live Another Day. We wish Judy and her family the best during this tough time.

Source Deadline


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Well this sucks.

Hope everything is okay with her though.

Is Kathy Bates available?

Judi Dench?

I can’t see the former M as a villain. It’d be weird

I think I read last year that Judi Dench was retiring from acting (she is going blind apparently). She’s great but is perhaps a bit too recognizable as M.

February 4, 2014 at 11:01 pm
This is bad. I hope they quickly find a suitable replacement.

From what we know so far, I gathered she’d be the big bad for at least part of the season. Having to replace such an important character this late could be problematic. Whoever they pick needs to fit in with the rest of the cast, but they were also promoting the fact they had an oscar-nominee as part of the cast, so I’m guessing they’ll want to at least hire an Emmy winner for the part. Or, well, someone well-known.

Hope the show won’t suffer too much because of this.

I feel like they may already have someone and we just don’t know about it yet. Because Davis pulled out a few weeks ago and we are just hearing about it now. So it’s possible that the decision has already been made. Expect an announcement any day now.

Stalyn Cachi Ramirez
February 4, 2014 at 11:32 pm
Dammit ! Bad News No

Stalyn Cachi Ramirez
February 4, 2014 at 11:34 pm
viva 24 viva!

I have to admit, while I think pretty much everyone bar Colin Salmon is a dull casting choice, I was curious to see how Judy Davis would do. Quite disappointed now.

I think I’m right in thinking that Margot would be the first principal female villain – as in, (one of) the brains or main sources of the days threat (which Sherry Palmer, Nina and Dina Araz weren’t).

I hope everything is ok.

This is bad news for 24. The casting of Judy Davis brought great excitement for me in the series. I hope they find a suitable replacement.

Well that’s bummer, but I’m sure they will find a suitable replacement. Can’t wait to hear who it is.

why dont they replace her with mandy the season 1,2 and 4 psychopath,she can fit in the role

Not a bad idea…..however I would rather have Mandy pop in and out of the scene over the next several years (assuming 24 continues on). It would be fitting if the last Jack Bauer kill ever would be the end of Mandy.

I think that Mandy will be in LAD, but Fox won’t announce it.

Perhaps it’ll be better to have an old lady besides a young one (like Judy Davis) that will be the head of the terrorist org.

Helen Mirren would be a good replacement too.

Helen Mirren would be awesome, a true force of nature on screen that woman.

Failing that, Susannah Harker would be an awesome actress to play a powerful, evil, frosty bitch.

Eonline is reporting “Jack Bauer is on the run and resurfaces after hearing of a plot that targets both the president and the prime minister.” Has this plot detail been confirmed about the Prez and PM?

I have to wonder… would Jack have bothered resurfacing if the president wasn’t James Heller? I’d like to think that would be a no.

Yeah – that did come up somewhere before. I believe Kiefer may have said something along the lines of that himself.