Tamer Hassan cast in 24: Live Another Day

Tamer Hassan
Tamer Hassan

English actor Tamer Hassan has been cast in the upcoming 24: Live Another Day miniseries.

Hassan was spotted on set in paparazzi photos during the second day of filming on January 27th. Just one day later though, the actor tweeted about flying to Ukraine to finish filming the upcoming movie The Devil’s Harvest, so it’s not clear how large Hassan’s role will be in 24: Live Another Day.

Other recent cast additions include Arrow‘s Colin Salmon as the powerful General Coburn, John Boyega as a drone pilot, and Serbian actor Branko Tomovic.


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Awight guvner let’s ave it!

Too many cast members and none of them are Tony.

Based on that photo above, he kind of looks like Carlos Bernard.

The angle of this particular photo is a little bit misleading – this actor is like twice the size of Carlos Bernard.

Which if I had to guess, it probably means he is playing a bodyguard or enforcer type person.

tony will end up being a surprise – guaranteed
like in Season 4

FWIW, the producers do seem to be consistent in hiring on cast members (aside from past ones Heller/Audrey/Chloe) with an English background, which is logical for the London setting. It kind of reinforces the context of Jack being a foreigner in unfamiliar surroundings if the rest of the cast are portrayed as locals.