Branko Tomovic cast in 24: Live Another Day

Branko Tomovic
Branko Tomovic

European actor Branko Tomovic has been added to the cast of 24: Live Another Day in an unspecified role.

Tomovic was recently named as one of five rising stars by Icon Magazine. He most recently starred in the award winning supernatural ghost thriller Entity, will also appear in David Ayer’s WWII drama Fury with Brad Pitt and will soon star in the title role of the genius inventor Nikola Tesla in the highly anticipated biopic Tesla.


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Never heard of him, but they wouldn’t just cast anyone as Nikola Tesla so he must be good.

Disgusting, obscene language is unacceptable

+ 1. I’m sick of it. 24spoilers boys, please do something because it’s getting ugly. XAM it’s becoming a troll.

This Tomovic guy reminds me the russians…

I’ve censored XAM’s comment – it was complimenting the actor but used an unnecessary and offensive word that derailed the discussion.

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Swearing is cool!

This place needs more swearing.

completely agree!

See my point? Anyway, back to talking about 24.

XAM dude, you go from deliberately stinking up the joint with gratuitous profanities to outright insulting those (myself included) who respectfully asked you to tone it down if not drop it altogether… show some class not to mention consideration for others, if not, maybe you should troll somewhere else, there was no need for a Comment Policy on this site until you showed up, maybe you should consider that fact instead of behaving like a child.

That is all.

I was never trolling Mander, it’s normal to swear where I’m from and I resent the implication that I’m here for any other reason than to talk about LAD. You call me a child, yet you’re the one hung up on stupid little details like simple words. In case you hadn’t noticed, all of my comments (until now obviously) were about 24, many of yours have been about me – so it’s NOT me who’s been derailing things around here creating petty dramas out of nothing. As I said before, I’ve agreed to tone down the language only at the request of 24 Spoilers, NOT you.

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Wonder what part he plays, he is a really great & interesting European actor!!

Sounds like this site needs some ground rules……

Yes this sight does need some ground rules. Had this disgusting, obscene language been used on other site message boards…the poster would have already been removed….

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An amazing, gifted and charismatic actor in my favorite series! Can’t wait for it to start!