William Devane and Kim Raver return for 24: Live Another Day

James Heller and Audrey Raines in 24 Season 4
James Heller and Audrey Raines in 24 Season 4

We’ve known about her contract negotiations for a month, but FOX has made it official now – Kim Raver and William Devane are both returning for 24: Live Another Day. No details on their characters but Devane is likely portraying the new President (a role that he played recently in The Dark Knight Rises). Check out the official press release below.


Kim Raver and William Devane will reunite with award-winning star Kiefer Sutherland when they reprise their respective daughter-father roles as AUDREY RAINES and JAMES HELLER on the thrilling new event series 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, premiering Spring 2014 on FOX.

Both joined the original “24” in Season Four (2005). Devane served as Secretary of Defense JAMES HELLER and the father to Raver’s character, AUDREY RAINES, a committed and passionate woman with a tragic past, who fell in love with JACK BAUER (Sutherland). They were both last seen in the final scenes of Season Six, when Jack said goodbye to a catatonic Audrey.

Raver and Devane’s reprisals add to the previously announced return of Mary Lynn Rajskub as CHLOE O’BRIAN, Bauer’s quirky CTU confidante. Raver, known for her roles on “Third Watch,” “The Nine” and “Lipstick Jungle,” was most recently featured on the network series “Revolution” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Devane, best known for his villainous role on “Knots Landing,” recently played the U.S. President in the feature film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Restarting the groundbreaking and Emmy Award-winning drama franchise, 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY will be set in London and will follow the further exploits of Bauer, taking up his story several years after the events of “24’s” final season. Once again, viewers will join the heroic agent on a pulse-pounding ride in real time.

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY is a production of Teakwood Lane Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television. Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Robert Cochran, Brian Grazer, Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland will executive-produce. The original series, which had its last American broadcast on May 24, 2010, was created by Joel Surnow and Cochran.


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Yup James Heller is the President. Kinda works because every damn president on 24 is either divorced or doesnt have a husband/wife

@Teddy For all we know, Jim Prescott (between the end of Day 2 until Palmer recovered before Day 3) & Hal Gardner (offscreen term between Days 5 & 6) were both married.

@SharanRJ I am taking about the main presidents that we actually saw in office for more the two episodes.

David Palmer- divorced
John Keeler- widower
Charles Logan- divorced
Wayne Palmer- wore a wedding ring so hes the only one
Noah Daniels- widower
Allison Taylor- divorced
James Heller?- widower

It fits with story. I mean why would they announce his character returning so early if he was simply going to be Sec of Defense. Cant wait until April 2014. President James Heller… has a good ring to it, huh?

Im really happy Audrey and Hellar are coming back. Season 5 was the first season I watched. I think it was the best season overall. I really enjoyed their characters. Im just curious on how they are going to fit them in the storyline. April cant come any sooner. I like the 12 episode format but I know I will be wishing there will be 12 more episodes when its all done. I hope they keep going for a couple more years after this season.

The last 20 minutes of the much maligned season 6 are among the best in 24 history. Glad to see them both back. Hopefully Heller and Audrey won’t be pals with Jack when the season begins. I hope they stick with the storyline of Heller saying “everything you touch one way or another ends up dead”. I mean, Heller has always been a complex character. In season 5 he stole the logan recording from Jack because he didn’t want to damage the office of the presidency and wanted to go up to logan personally. That’s one of the best writing moves of the entire show. I really want them to stick to that complex character.

@ Teddy – Technically, Palmer, Logan and Taylor were all married for their first full seasons on the series; their divorces only were revealed in subsequent seasons.

@ moviewatcher – Remember though that Heller trusted Jack’s advice when Logan’s crew pursued him in the helicopter and faked his own death. I suspect the writers will continue his protective stance over Audrey – but I wonder if the London setting may be a way to have Heller in office in the US while daughter Audrey is living/working overseas, which allows Jack and her to somehow meet up without direct interference from Heller.

What is hard to predict is the storyline for why Chloe might be in London – assuming that having her help Jack from the US is too far a leap of credibility.

“The last 20 minutes of the much maligned season 6 are among the best in 24 history”… Moviewatcher dude, I’ve been saying that for years, that final scene between Jack and Heller and Audrey is just monumental, and it certainly sets up all kinds of intriging dramatic possibilties for the new series!

Heller will likely not be too pleased to have Jack re-enter Audrey’s life, meaning some genuine dramatic tension between the two, and hopefully some real pathos onscreen as Jack maybe gets a chance of happiness and love again! As for whether Heller will be in Washington or in London, considering the entirety of ‘Live Another Day’ is being shot in London, I’m guessing he’ll be in that city as events unfold… maybe a Presidential state visit or something…

I bet Audrey doesn’t know about the horrible things her father said to Jack, and that gives Jack some leverage to negotiate for his freedom or for Heller’s cooperation with whatever threat he is trying to stop. Just a thought…

@Teddy Does have a good ring to it. Hopefully he won’t abandon Jack like he did with Gotham :)

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jack was abandoned.

I wonder why they chose to set it in London this year too? I mean seasons 1-6 were all in LA. Season 7 went to Washington D.C and Season 8 was New York. It will be interesting to see whether or not if Jack Bauer will risk it all for a country that he has not bled for as he did for all 8 seasons of 24 to protect America’s national security. but then again by the time this comes on, jack would have been living in London for 4 years. this season is set in 2022 right? and takes place 4 years after season 8?

Yes I came up with either 2021 or 2022 give or take a few months. This season should be interesting. Really looking forward to it.

How do you both come to 2021/22… I thought going by the ’24’ timeline, Season 8 took place in 2015, am I wrong about that?

And Jack might not necessarily be living in London for four years, we don’t yet know the full timeline of Jack’s flight after the carnage in New York four years prior…

Lets say 24 season 1 started in 2001. From season to this coming season 18 and some months has past. So maybe 2019 then.

http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/24_(TV_series) look at the synopsis. It will break down the length between each season

I would assert that Season 1 began in 2000 because of both the Presidential primaries taking place at that time but also the respective terms for ’24’ Presidents over the course of the series fits that timeline, so if that’s the case…

Season 1 – 2000
Season 2 (18 months later) – 2001
Season 3 (3 years later) – 2004
Season 4 (18 months later) – 2006
Season 5 (18 months later) – 2007
Season 6 (20 months later) – 2009
‘Redemption’ (3 1/2 years later) – 2013
Season 7 (65 days later) – 2013
Season 8 (18 months later) – 2014
‘Live Another Day’ (4 years later) – 2018

That sounds about right to me, or have I made a mistake in calculations somewhere… maths was NEVER my strong suit :-)…

I think we can actually pinpoint the dates of the president’s terms and of the seasons:

David Palmer 2001-2004 (full 4 year term)
John Keeler 2005-2006 (year and 3 months)
Charles Logan 2006-2007 (1.5 years)
Hal Gardner 2007-2008 (1 year)
Wayne Palmer 2009 (3 months)
Noah Daniels 2009-2012 (3.5 years)
Allison Taylor 2013-2014 (year and 9 months)
Hayworth 2014-2016 (2 years)
???? James Heller 2017-2019… (2 years…)

Season 1 – March 2000 (8 months from elections)
Season 2 – September 2001 (8 months into David Palmer)
Season 3 – October 2004 (1 month away from elections, almost 4 years into David Palmer)
Season 4 – April 2006 (1 year and 3 months into Keeler)
Season 5 – October 2007 (1 year and 9 months “into keeler”, 1.5 years into Logan, 1 year from elections)
Season 6 – May/June 2009 (3.5 years “into Keeler”, 1 year of Gardner, 3 months into Wayne Palmer)
Redemption – January 2013 (3.5 years of Noah Daniels, Taylor’s Inaug.)
Season 7 – March/April 2013 (2 months into Taylor)
Season 8 – October 2014 (1 year and 9 months into Taylor)
LAD – late 2018 early 2019 (2 years of Hayworth, 2 years into new POTUS)

wow, I’ve just realized that in one term, 2005-2009, 24 had 3 presidents. In one case, Air Force One was shot down and Keeler either died or was unable to go back to office. In the other case, the President was involved in a conspiracy a la nixon.

So Jack is 52 years old (he was born in 1966 if I remember well)

I’m not sure we can pinpoint any of the durations of the former presidents other than David Palmer, who we know was running for re-election in S3 but then opted to pull out. I can’t recall any of the seasons being that specific where within the terms of the respective presidents the day’s events occurred in. When Keeler was assassinated,,,,when Logan was arrested….when Wayne Palmer was hospitalized with the tumor….when Taylor resigned – do we have any clues within the shows of where they each were time-wise in their terms? It’s been about 6 months since my last “24” binging of the DVDs but I don’t recall any specifics mentioned within the shows for any of them.

Switching gears, who else gets excited after seeing Kiefer flash that smirk and steely gaze in those recent Jose Cuervo commercials and think of the upcoming series return? I think he looks better there than he did in “Touch”, where he appeared a little overweight or pasty-faced. He appears a little more leaner, gaunt in the commercials.

We know keeler didn’t return to office after Season 4 right? It doesn’t seem likely.

Logan was arrested at the end of S5. The Secret Service agents take him away. It is implied that he resigned (the public never found out about his actions so he wasn’t impeached). He broked a “closed door deal” and put under house arrest. His resignation probably came in the weeks following Day 5.

The 24 wikia says Wayne Palmer died after Season 6 based on an article that appears somewhere. Like Keeler, it is unlikely that he would return temporarily. That’s just not how politics works.

@Teddy Apparently 24 has a huge following in the U.K That could be there reason for the setting

^That definitely played a major role in their decision.

What do you guys think will be the plot in this miniseries? im betting on president james heller visiting london and facing an assassination attempt. jack bauer will be forced to save him after learning audrey is still alive

^I hope to GOD it’s more original than that. That’s Season 8 redux (Heller would probably go to London for some international meeting/agreement).

It’ll be better than that.

Oh by the way, season 1 is set in the year 2004. check imdb for yourself

It’d be an interesting twist if the season storyline starts with MI6 (who we know Jack had some connections with from S4) seeking Jack out of “retirement” with news that his US President Heller is apparently negotiating with adversaries of England in a terrorist plot against their country – and after hearing such with disbelief, Jack learns Audrey is in London and healthy. He seeks her out to learn if her father is corrupt and leading the US into some kind of international incident or not.

I know a lot of ’24’ fans weren’t that fond of the Steven Saunders character in S3 but I thought the actor who played him and the similar special forces/MI6 background he had was an interesting counterpoint to Jack’s background. I would suspect the writers maybe have a similar character from England’s Secret Service/government training programs in mind to either team with – or run opposition to – Jack.

^I wasn’t around then, yet. Why weren’t fans fond of the Steven Saunders character TJ?

^ I remember reading on FOX’s fan message board of the show that a lot of fans felt the 2nd half of S3 nosedived after Nina got killed and that when Saunders started dominating the second half of the season (after the Mexican/drug dealer Salazar brothers were out of the mix), the episodes got weaker. I can’t say why some felt that way because I personally thought S3 (with the exception of Chloe’s clumsy introduction; the Kim/Chase/baby context; and near the middle part where Tony’s neck injury started making the CTU setting a little soap opera-ish) was pretty good from start to finish. The Saunders context – a former MI6 agent that was on a joint mission in Kosovo with Jack and got left behind for dead by the government and subsequently embittered to point of revenge on US – was actually somewhat compelling, both for the sympathy Jack briefly showed in Saunders’ past as well as his knowledge of agency tactics. We never saw him in any battle-type of scene but one would think he had similar combat skills as Jack.

For my two cents, I loved the Stephen Saunders character as an effectively complex and multi-layered villain (plus the circumstances and timing of his exit was pure ’24’ brilliance!) and thought Season 3 really took off and came into it’s own during the second half… especially once the virus had been let loose in the hotel, and everyone was waiting to know whether they’d been infected, the building, rising, escalating tension was palpable onscreen and demonstrated why ’24’ at it’s best was untouchable!

Season 4 remains my favorite season overall (although Season 5 is the best one), it’s the peak of the Joel Surnow-as-showrunner years, and it showed just how good they had gotten over four pulse-pounding years… it matters not a jot that it’s utterly ludicrous because it’s just so damn GOOD!!!

The critical consensus on Season 3 is that the first half only got really interesting when Nina was introduced and that the second half was 24 at its best. I remember seeing those episodes for the first time in a marathon and I just had to stop and take a few breaths. The Plaza Hotel storyline was perhaps the darkest 24 ever got and it was great television. Saunders was a really interesting character as well and I don’t know why fans reacted that way. And let’s remember that one of the best episodes in 24 history (the one where Ryan Chapelle is killed) is smack in the middle of the saunders storyline.

I’m beginning to rewatch the whole of 24 ahead of the May 2014 premiere and I’m through with the first 13 episodes (i.e. the episodes that run up to Jack’s first rescue of Kim & Teri). And I must say those first 8 episodes that climax at the first assassination attempt on Palmer are truly amazing television. For now at least, 24 is still a suspenseful show and very much based around characters.

Now that I think back on the series, I think of how memorable seasons 1, 2, 4, 5 and long stretches of 3 (second half), 6 (4 episode premiere, then the 8 final episodes I thought were pretty damn good, and climaxed in one of the finest finales 24 ever produced), 7 (the Jack/Tony/Bill/Chloe episodes; the starkwood episodes; the White House attack) and 8 (the final 8) were.

^ I know I’m in a very small minority but the first season may be my least favorite season of all – while I liked the Drazen buildup, Nina/Tony and Palmer as strong forces, I find myself annoyed every time I watch any scenes with Teri and Kim in that first year. I know the writers were trying to pull viewers into Jack’s emotional side and family but I think so many of the storylines (i.e. the entire Kim-Rick scenario was weak acting and overbearing, as was Teri’s amnesia and constant paranoias away from Jack) took steam out of the scenes with Jack. I loved Palmer but the storylines with his kids also took too much time and attention that first season.

But we’re really getting off on a tangent for a thread about the new series and Heller/Audrey! LOL

P.S. I think the Gaines character was one of the most underrated and strongest ones in S1…

I thought about something: Heller has a son in season 5, a gay lefty ;-)and a strong opponent to his father, may be the writers could use again this character…

^I wonder how people reacted to that storyline. I mean… a gay left-winger who is tricked and used for the terrorists to find out about Heller’s location could be interpreted in a bad way.

I agree with you…I’m not a left-wing (I was when I was a teenager..) but I found this storyline a bit caricatural, besides he smoked pot :)
But maybe the writers could use the character in another way.

Well, I am left wing, very much so, and it did feel a bit caricatural as you said. But I don’t mind since it gave us that amazing finale…

^I just wanted to add that I was completely fine with Richard Heller’s appearances in the beginning of the season. It allowed the writers to briefly mention the “we have enemies who were are friends a year ago, and next year it’ll change again” etc etc. Also, it showed the audience how CTU tortured him with that desensorialization thing and it didn’t work because he was innocent.

It really was the gay thing that I felt made him a charicature.

One of the cool things about that season was when they brought him in for interrogation. & Heller questioned him Audry was like If you don’t talk there’s a man who will get the information from u. & after he confessed to Heller Jack Back off & said I’ll wait outside.

Just noticed that David Fury on twitter (TheDavidFury) confimed there will be some unannounced returning characters.

Unannounced returning characters, eh? I call it on Morris! I could root for another returning character whose name begins with ‘M’, but I don’t wanna be predictable, so I’ll stick with Morris…


Heres who I think will return and will not return

Tony Almeida- will not return, he probably wont fit into the storyline well unless he is also a fugitive on the run like Jack. I dont see that happening but it would be interesting to see Tony redeem himself. 50 percent chance of returning

Kim Bauer- will probably make a few appearances as a guest star. I predict terrorists will use her to find Jack. 80 percent chance

Allison Taylor- if the whole series is set in London, I really dont see her coming back. 5 percent chance

Mandy- hasnt been on the show in forever, I dont know why everyone wants her. But she does have international affiliations so I think she could come back. But with only 12 episodes I wouldnt count on her coming back especially since new fans wont know who the hell she is. 5 percent chance

Chase Edmunds- lost his hand, and probably retired and became out of shape after Season 3. Also, he could already be dead considering the bomb blast in Season 6. 1 percent chance

Cole Ortiz- his storyline wrapped up pretty well in Season 8. I dont think we will see him in LAD. 1 percent chance

Morris O’Brian- with Chloe returning, he will almost definitely return or at the very least be mentioned. 65 percent chance

Charles Logan- could return as brain-dead person in a wheelchair kinda like Stephen Hawking (appearance-wise, not saying Hawking is brain dead) 5 percent chance

David Palmer- I think they could bring him back from the dead like they did to Tony…just kidding =)

Anyone agree/disagree? Am I missing anyone?

One thing I hope they do for unannounced returning characters (it would heighten the surprise), do not show the actors name in the credits at the start of the episode they make their first appearance. In season 8 Gregory Itzen was listed in the credits before he appeared in the episode. It took away all the surprise.

Other possible returnees:

Mike Doyle – if he was not permanently blinded
Arlo Glass – Cloe’s successor/mentoree
Brian Hastings – got screwed over by higher ups
Mike Novick – pure political animal as there ever was

I would not rule out:

Allison Taylor – as an informal advisor to the new prez
Cole Ortiz – kind of a successor to Tony’s role.

I know that supposedly LAD will not have CTU – but come on, 24 would not be 24 without some sort of high-tech surveillance capability to support Jack

Teddy, the great thing about Mandy – whether she returns or not – is that you don’t have to explain to the audience “who the hell she is”… we know nothing about her other than her chosen profession, she can be very easily dropped in and out of a storyline without missing a beat or having to explain her backstory or what she’s been up to since we saw her last!

24marathonman, how do you know that very same “high-tech surveillance capability” is there to support Jack, if he’s still on the lam, it may be trying to track him down to slap the cuffs on…

Gerry – yes that may be true but 24 still needs the high-tech stuff to be true to its brand.

Question: I just finished watching season 8 again looking closely at the ending for things that might be relevant to 24:LAD. What happened to the incriminating recording Jack made of Logan via the bug he planted on his shirt collar? The recording retrieved by Pillar and given to Taylor was Jack’s “good bye” message not the incriminating recording. If this is so, then the recording is still out there and very damaging to the Russians.

What some people dont understand is they need characters that fit the story, not just because the fans want to see their favorite characters again. Mike Doyle, Arlo Glass, and Brian Hastings will NOT be returning. This is set in London with no CTU i doubt they will appear.

Teddy: I agree with you. Doyle, Arlo, Hastings, Cole and Chase will not be back for LAD. Allison Taylor, Mike Novick and Mandy, I could see returning for one reason or another and make it feel believable (especially the latter 2).

Meh, so much creative energy is being wasted on bringing back these second grade stock characters instead of creating new first grade ones. There is no narrative necessity to bring these people who had their time and run out of their course in the show. 24 LAD should have been dominated by a new British supporting cast, it should not be about a bunch of Americans invading London.

^I actually agree with you.

with only 12 episodes I’m predicting that this season will just be focused on terrorists using Kim to find Jack and Jack trying to save James Heller from being assassinated and saving Kim. Thats where Chloe comes in. Jack wants to save Audrey too after he finds out that she is still alive and well. He might run into Tony as well. But im thinking they should have a new threat, like infecting the water supply or something. Nukes, assassinations, nuclear rods, and nerve gases have already been done. Can you guys think of a new threat? Im betting on assassination and water infestation.

There you go again, Ozgur dude…

At this point, we have no idea what the British cast of ‘Live Another Day’ will be, but I’m sure there’ll be some great talent announced in due time, why are you so quick to disparage the efforts of the ’24’ production team before you even know what they have up their sleeve?

And we know that Jack, Chloe, Audrey, and James Heller – and possibly Morris – will all feature in ‘Live Another Day’ but the rest of the cast will likely be British and/or other ethnicities… doesn’t sound like “a bunch of Americans invading London” to me, get a hold of yourself dude!

If David Fury’s Twitter comments on the threat in ‘Live Another Day’ being of a “smaller scale and more personal” nature, I doubt it will be some enormous international crisis to solve in twelve episodes… I’m cool with whatever they come up with, James Bond has done pretty well staying interesting over the years, and I have faith ’24’ will do likewise (they have so far)!

Oh please, how are they even going to utilize British talent properly in just 12 episodes with characters like Audrey, Chloe or Heller around? These old characters will eat significant screen time which should have been invested into the development of new ones in the first place. They are chasing after Ravers or Rajskubs of this world instead of much better British actors they could get without breaking the bank.

And, if you have the right to have faith LAD will be great based on current news, I have as much as right to have faith it will be average to terrible with the same news. So, please spare me your hypocrisy, it is getting really grating.

I am both hopeful and freightened of 24: LAD. I want to believe the writers will use these 6-8 months to get the story down and develop the characters.

Btw, GERRY MANDER, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time, why do you always say “dude” after writing someone’s name?

24bauerfan, I don’t think about it, I tend to write as I speak normally and it’s just a figure of speech… if it bothers or annoys you, sorry about that, I’ll try not to do it in future!

Ozgur my friend and worthy opponent, the ’24’ writers have stated they crack the story premise first and then figure out which characters fit that premise second, so if Chloe, Audrey, and Heller are returning, I can only presume they fit the story being told. I’m sorry if you think I’m being hypocritical in any way – although I sincerely fail to see how I am – but I just feel it’s better to wait until you see all entire twelve episodes of the upcoming new series played out before you pass judgement on it, it’s not a matter of faith, it’s a matter of fairness to those who work very hard to bring ’24’ to the screen, that’s all…

^It doesn’t bother me at all. It always let’s me know it’s you writing, which is a nice (and sometimes humorous) touch and gives your comments a personal tone.

I’ll wait until the first trailer (which should come at around super-bowl time) to make my first judgement on this series revival. One thing that will bother me is if they make it too Bourne-ish or Bond-ish looking. I look at the early seasons and I see a gritty, suspenseful thriller show, not a big actiony high tech people-shouting at screens show.

As for returnees, I think Morris would be an obvious choice – not only because we know Chloe is coming back but because the storyline in England fits with his heritage.

I suspect the bulk of any returning players beyond him will be political characters rather than former CTU peers / employees – people like Tim Woods, Ethan Kanin, Tom Lennox and Suvarov. They probably won’t be major roles or have big storylines devoted to them IMO.

I also wonder if some of the loose ends that never got tied up (i.e. the conspiracy thread at end of S7) factor into the plots.

I’m not sure the conspiracy will be dealt with again, I seem to remember HoGo mentioned some time back they just presumed Renee broke Alan Wilson and by extension broke up the shadowy cabal seen in Season 7… I’m pretty certain ‘Live Another Day’ will be a completely brand new story arc from scratch, as it should be.

I agree with Gerry. Brand new storyline. Im pretty sure HoGo mentioned it when they first announced they are bringing 24 back. I am glad they are bringing back some returning characters. Im sure and hoping they will develop a new character that we will either like or dislike in a good way. I really enjoyed Charles Logan. I loved hating him. Im not saying bring him Logan back. I would like to see a character that really gives Jack a big challenge.

Strike Back is having its last season next year and 24 is going to be in London for its new season? Lets have Jack go work for Section 20 with Stonebridge and Scott. 24s writing and storytelling with Strike Backs over the top action sequences. All action movie stars would be seeking unemployment if this happened.

What would you guys think if they killed off Jack Bauer this season?

^I’ve always thought Jack Bauer should die at the end of the show, so I’d be all for it. I’m just afraid that those businessmen won’t go for it.

I was thinking about the possibility of Jack meeting his end in this upcoming series, at least potentially… the ‘Live Another Day’ title would take on a whole new meaning if that happened, would it not?

I’m not ruling anything out with ‘Live Another Day’ as they have no definite continuation locked in after this one is concluded, even with Season 8 there was the very real possibility of the feature film to follow, but ‘Live Another Day’ is a close-ended (as far as we know) storyline with a definite beginning, middle, and end… so all bets are off on this one, as far as I’m concerned!

Jon Cassar mentioned he was excited to return to ’24’ and mentioned “closure” in his press release… did he accidently let slip something there, or am I just reading too much into it?

I hope Jack stays alive at the end of LAD. If LAD is successful we will likely see other 24 event series in the future. Probably not every year but every 2 or 3 years. If he is eventually killed off – the 24 franchise should continue with a new main character. Closure mentioned by Cassar could mean closure to Jacks fugitive status.

24marathonman: Two things
a) Kiefer is 46 years old, the series can’t go on for as many years as you want. That’s one of the reasons why they continuously recast James Bond (which you can’t do with Jack Bauer)

b) We don’t WANT the series to go on for that long. Everyone agrees the show was never the same after season 5. Some people hate everything 24 offered after that. I loved a lot of arcs and stretches of episodes but I agree the show never regained its former glory. Season 8 especially was a disaster apart from those last 8 episodes and a few here and there between 11 and 17. But if they kick LAD out of the park, 24 should end there. A great series deserves to end on a high note. And the longer a series goes on, the bigger the chances are of it completely running out of gas. I mean, I wonder if “24” had ended in Season 5, with that amazing finale and that cliffhanger leaving us to question what had happened afterwards, if it would not be listed with names like The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos as the best TV series ever made. It’s been relegated to the second tier with other admittedly great shows, but I do wonder…

24bauerfan. I agree to some parts you said. 24 can not keep going. Like u said it will run out of gas sooner or later. Season 5 was one of the best seasons.

Now season 6 of course was bad. But I enjoyed season 7. The writers really could have closed it out there. Tony made his return and we know what happened to him. I think this was the chance to kill of Jack Bauer. Have Kim at his beside crying as he passed away. Instead of saving him. Then 24 would be right next to The Wire (which I still have to watch) breaking bad and so on.

I really hope LAD does great and maybe finish it off. Maybe one more after that.

^I completely see your point. They probably could have ended it with season 7 (which i also enjoyed). Giving Jack a disease with no cure, having him beg for forgiveness from the Imam (that’s such a great scene) and then have kim arrive and end the series there.

Goddamnit season 8…

There’s NO way they could have ended ’24’ after the fifth season… the studio wouldn’t have allowed it, the writers didn’t want to, Kiefer siezed the extremely lucrative ‘brass ring’ opportunity presented him by signing on for three more seasons, and the audience wanted more Bauer too!

I’ve said before that the problem with Season 6 was they didn’t map out the broad strokes of the season outline in advance, and got into all sorts of trouble as a result… the superb Season 7 proved what happens when they have the time to map out story arcs in advance, or at least the latter sixteen episodes in that instance! I’m going to go on record and publicly defend Season 8, which I thought was a largely damn fine season overall that had a couple of minor wrinkles and flaws but otherwise was an effective and totally worthy end to the series that went out with it’s head held high and reputation firmly intact… I have no problem ’24’ went on as long as it did, it ended both how and when it should, in my humble opinion!

But I completely agree with the sentiment from 24bauerfan that if they hit it out of the park with ‘Live Another Day’ it would be an appropriate time to end the series as a whole… to close the book by choice, on their own terms, and with Jack having sacrificed everything else in his life for his country (which in turn rejected him), and seemingly unable to get away from his former life no matter how hard he tries, the only thing he has left to sacrifice is himself in the ultimate selfless act that puts a very definite and final full stop to the ’24’ saga!

“It is a far better thing that I do than I have ever done… it is a far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”… what better way to end the greatest series of the last decade, get the hankies out!?

I do not see why everyone is so keen on ending the 24 saga. Kiefer Sutherland said as long as he can run he can play Jack Bauer. People are still runners well into their 60s. Also the writers admitted they missed the Jack Bauer character after only being off the air 3 years. If LAD is a hit, then FOX will beg for another 24 event series in a couple of years. Besides Jack could become a great manager or mentor to other younger agents.

24 was always great at transitioning existing characters out while introducing new characters. A perfect example was season 4: Tony, Michelle and David Palmer transitioned off while Logan, Edgar, Audrey, and Buchannon came in. 24 could go on for decades like Star Trek did as a franchise reinventing itself with new characters but keeping the same theme.

Jack Bauer be someone’s mentor or a manager? No way. 24 has to end in some way. I love the show and good things come to an end.

Gerry: Of course the show couldn’t have ended after Season 5. I was talking in hypothetical, creative terms not network business terms.

“Besides Jack could become a great manager or mentor to other younger agents.”

That is the most cliched idea that’s been explored in such films as Rocky, The Hustler, Karate Kid and goddamit it almost never works.

24 has got to end. And it’s already shown signs of old age, even though it’s still capable of churning out great episodes of Television. All we are saying is that IF LAD is a success. A great 12-episode long series of television, it would be the perfect time to end it.

Too many series have overstayed their welcome. With LAD they could prove all the naysayers wrong and come out on a high note.

Do you guys think 24 Live Another Day will go on to have 8 seasons just like the original series?

In a word, no. If ‘Live Another Day’ proves a big success in both ratings and overall receeption, there will likely be one maybe two more series’ but I wouldn’t bet on any more than that…

They should do a cross over with characters from British spy drama Spooks – now *that* would be interesting, have ‘M’ make a guest appearance too ;)

I just hope they get the british angle right, it is soo frustrating when American dramas get it completely wrong.

How about Mossad agents bomb the underground (dressed up as Al Qaeda terrorists), Kim and her husband dies and Jack’s grand daughter gets taken hostage to force Jack to kidnap a valuable palestinian expat hiding with the secret service in London, protected by MI5 agents. Jack needs to battle MI5 agents Jason Bourne style and then take out Mossad too. US is pro-Israeli so it is not in their best interests if Jack threatens their closest ally and that’s how US President gets involved, need to keep Mossad’s involvement secretive. Chloe’s husband is british anyway so it wouldn’t be hard to figure out a way for her to be in the UK too i.e. a more peaceful life for the children, husband easily has a job, she could be working in the US embassy’s secret service division in London in a high profile role. The embassy can easily serve as a new base of operations for a visiting US president, it is freaking palatial in London!

’24’ is and will always be my favorite all-time show. I watch season 2 (but I fast forward past every scene with Kim in it), season 4, and season 5 every couple of years. I had thought the show had run its course in the 8th season and I was glad it ended there. As a whole, the first 5 seasons were amazing. But then season 6 was horrible. Season 7 was decent until the moment where Tony kills the FBI agents which pissed me off. Season 8 had its moments but was sub-par overal (the Dana Walsh character and plotlines were very annoying). Now after a few years without ’24’, I am so ready for it to return.

In the past few months, I’ve been watching The Wire, House of Cards, and Games of Thrones. They are all well written shows but I’m not that thrilled with them because they are missing that ’24’ factor. When a ’24’ episode would end, I couldn’t wait to see the next episode. Every episode ended with a suspenseful cliff-hanger. It’s so rare to find a great show like that. The month of May can’t come soon enough.

@Predictor, if you want a truly exceptional series to watch I would strongly recommend both Person of Interest and Breaking Bad. POI is just a fantastic action drama that has top notch writing and production values that rival any other series, network or cable. Breaking Bad is mesmerizing and totally addictive, and is undoubtedly the best series of the last five years, not to mention one that actually more than justifies the considerable hype and plaudits it received during it’s recent final season.

I watched Breaking Bad and I didn’t find it as exciting and ‘addictive’ as 24.

I think it’s all up to the way things are marketed and how many people actually watch it. I know if a series is good, then people will watch it, but I just don’t think that viewers had the same chance as with 24.

I know I’m confusing you, but I think if 24 didn’t start in 2001 and started in 2013, it would have a bigger appeal than BB.

^Well, “addictiveness” isn’t necessarily the only gauge through which to judge a TV show. Breaking Bad and 24 are addictive shows and they are some of the best television of the 21st century but there are other series just as good that, strictly speaking, aren’t as addictive. Sometimes you want to tune in every week because of the characters, how real they feel, the writing, how much you like to go back to that world, how interesting the storylines are, etc.

What do you guys think will be the conflict this season? Im betting on the assassination of President James Heller

Damn, I hope not… I dig Heller, he’s a man of action and of his word, wish he WAS the Prez, haha!

All bets are off on ‘Live Another Day’ in my estimation… everything and anything and everyone is on the table this time out… and that includes both Jack and/or Chloe!!!

I doubt it will be a presidential assassination – 24 has been there, done that.

I hope an assassination attempt/threat isn’t the main driving force of the season. Too obvious and season 1/season 8-like.

If not an assassination, then what? throw some ideas

Here is an idea: we all know that if Jack Bauer has gone dark he will not be found. However, we all know there are only 2 people in the world who are skilled enough to possibly find Jack: Tony and Cloe. So how about the Russians and US govt work out a deal so that Tony and Cloe are released from prison in exchange for them hunting down Jack. So it is Tony and Cloe vs Jack – classic! However, near the end Tony and Cloe and Jack will turn the tables so that the Russian and US govts are forced to pardon Tony, Cloe, and Jack.

How will this 12 episode format work anyway? Like will episode 1 be 7 am to 8am, and then episode 2 would be 10 am to 11 am? or will one episode be like 2 hours?

Teddy: As I understand it, each episode with be 1 hour real time. But they will skip periods of time between episodes. They will cut the fluff and filler plot lines and stick to the main plot line. So 12 episodes will spread out over the 24 hour period. We will get 12 hours of the 24 hour day shown to us in real time.

A lot of interesting points in the thread, to which I’ll add:

RE: Richard Heller – Anyone who caught Logan-Marshall Green’s acting during the short-lived TNT series, “Dark Blue”, would be even more amazed at how diverse his skills were to play the Heller character and the one he played as an undercover cop.

RE: Whether Jack should be killed off as the series ending – I’m 100% in agreement with most who feel the series can’t continue with another actor playing the Jack role (just like no one could replace Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, Damon as Jason Bourne or Falk as Columbo). Kiefer branded the character as his alone. That said, it’s hard to figure whether Kiefer will take the stance that Roger Moore did with the Bond character (acknowledging that at 50+ years old, it’s unrealistic to play an action hero) or will try to extend the role as long as the studios are willing to pay him (a la what Willis, Stallone, Schwarzenegger have done). I’d hate to see this upcoming season be nothing but a last-ditch swan song and end up being anti-climactic as a “welcome back, now goodbye” ploy. Then again, Kiefer showed his aging on “Touch” IMO and I don’t think he’ll be able to parlay Jack realistically into another 4-5 years at most. And using Jack as a mentor, removed from the action, is not a path I want to see ’24’ take.

RE: Plotlines – I agree that using an assassination attempt as the theme wouldn’t be too original but if one looks at the entire 8 year run, they essentially got double (or triple) duty out of 3 main threat scenarios: assassinations (S1, S8); nuclear (S2, S4, S6, S8); or biological (S3,S5,S7). I still maintain that some kind of cyber-terrorism angle would be not only refreshing for this series but appropriate with today’s technological world. The “Die Hard 3” movie used it very effectively and originally, without any loss of action or danger.

Anyone else have a feeling this miniseries will be tedious and repetitive?

Quite the opposite, Teddy dude, the fact that three full years have passed since ’24’ ended (meaning hopefully the writing team returning refreshed and creatively reenergized) plus the fact they have solid time (nearly seven full months) in crafting the scripts for the upcoming new series, both factors taken together hopefully means ‘Live Another Day’ will be the business next year… and I fully believe it will be, have faith Teddy dude, it’s gonna rock!

They have a tight twelve episodes to tell the story this time out, meaning all killer and no filler, plus the ability they have now to not only jump hours as and when demanded by the narrative but also to jump in and out of hours as needed means that for the first time in ’24’ they are no longer constrained by the real-time format, for the first time the real-time format can serve the story and not the other way around as was before…

Sorry to be long-winded about it but I’m just excited and genuinely enthused about ‘Live Another Day’ and think it could prove a real shot in the arm for the franchise.

Get Jamie Draven on board for LAD, he’s the only actor who can match the intensity of Kiefer if he decides he wants to Jack it all in. Then if LAD succeeds in the UK, keep it here.

Looks like they’re getting a company on board to film special features & behind the scenes etc..


@XAM – Kiefer Sutherland is going nowhere. If Kiefer Sutherland goes, I think the producers will decide to end the show right there and then.

Heres who I think will return and will not return

Tony Almeida- will not return, he probably wont fit into the storyline well unless he is also a fugitive on the run like Jack. I dont see that happening but it would be interesting to see Tony redeem himself. 50 percent chance of returning

Kim Bauer- will probably make a few appearances as a guest star. I predict terrorists will use her to find Jack. 80 percent chance

Allison Taylor- if the whole series is set in London, I really dont see her coming back. 5 percent chance

Mandy- hasnt been on the show in forever, I dont know why everyone wants her. But she does have international affiliations so I think she could come back. But with only 12 episodes I wouldnt count on her coming back especially since new fans wont know who the hell she is. 5 percent chance

Chase Edmunds- lost his hand, and probably retired and became out of shape after Season 3. Also, he could already be dead considering the bomb blast in Season 6. 1 percent chance

Cole Ortiz- his storyline wrapped up pretty well in Season 8. I dont think we will see him in LAD. 1 percent chance

Morris O’Brian- with Chloe returning, he will almost definitely return or at the very least be mentioned. 65 percent chance

Charles Logan- could return as brain-dead person in a wheelchair kinda like Stephen Hawking (appearance-wise, not saying Hawking is brain dead) 5 percent chance

David Palmer- just kidding =)

Anyone agree/disagree? Am I missing anyone?

Here is why I think there is a chance Cole Ortiz and Arlo Glass may return. At the end of season 4, only 4 people knew Jack faked his death, Tony, Cloe, Michelle, and David Palmer. All 4 of them returned and were key to the beginning of the season 5 story line.

If you watch the ending of season 8, Cloe asked for the CTU room to be cleared EXCEPT for Cole and Arlo. In other words, I think some special knowledge was shared between them and Jack that was off camera. So I think the 3 of them know something about Jack flight for freedom.

^But those are really horribly constructed characters nobody ever cared about. I would be shocked, aghast if they actually brought them back.

@24marathonman: All that Cole and Arlo witnessed is that Jack wasn’t executed by that covert plan that only Logan, Taylor and the Russian conspirators knew of – once Jack runs away, they’re no more wiser than anyone else of his whereabouts or status afterwards.

Plus, as 24bauerfan noted, both of them were fairly unpopular characters amongst the show’s fans (at least, according to the S8 message boards at the time).

As for Chloe, one would initially think that Jack will seek her out for help (either to rescue someone like Audrey or to rescue her). But what if Chloe is outcast from US government (with CTU being shut down in scandal surrounding Taylor, a plausible scenario) and is just as much a hero without a country? Maybe she seeks Jack out to help her & Morris….

24 starts filming in January

Is there any chance of a second season with this show? Or is it a one time thing?

Kiefer said shooting begins in early January but HoGo said elsewhere it was late January… so somebody is gonna be either really late or really early turning up on set, hehe!


It is likely to return considering it gets tremendous ratings like usual. But it could also be a one-time thing, so we’ll see. I really do think that the ratings will dictate that. I’ve thought of every single season of 24 as the last, so I shouldn’t be daft and presume this is the last. So I’ll say definitely not the last season/series.

Another question for anyone to answer: if there is one character you could bring back (dead or alive) who would it be?
My dead list
1. David Palmer
2. Bill Buchanan
3. Teri Bauer
4. George Mason
5. Renee Walker

New Casting news! Michael Wincott as a hacker http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/11/19/24-hacker/

“Another question for anyone to answer: if there is one character you could bring back (dead or alive) who would it be?”

I would really love to see Bill Buchanan back, he was a really good character and a really close friend of Jack’s. I found his death scene in S7 very sad. Another character I want to see would be Karen Hayes,his wife,cuz as far as I know, we never really found out what happened to her after season 6. I also liked Tom Lennox and would like to see him again.
Chase Edmunds was a really awesome agent, and things didn’t end well with him and Kim, so it would be interesting if he came back somehow…….
Of course David Palmer back from the dead would be unbelievably cool, he was the best US president (no doubt abt that) but I guess that’s not gonna happen.

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