24: Live Another Day’s President to be a returning character

David Fury responded to a fan request on Twitter and teased that the new President in 24: Live Another Day is a returning character. With the recent news of Kim Raver’s negotiations earlier today, it seems likely that the new President will be played by William Devane (24‘s James Heller).

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Well with the news of Audrey’s return, I call it on President James Heller… hope so anyway, it would make a lot of sense in the ’24’ universe that Heller could ascend to the White House, plus it’s always a blast to see the great William Devane onscreen… in fact, screw it, I’ll think I’ll start watching Season 5 again right now… see y’all in three days!

Jim Heller is ALREADY the Prez… didn’t you see The Dark Knight rises?

Heller as President would be the perfect choice!

OK so Audrey Raines is coming back and so is a returning character as president – safe to assume this will be James Heller. Brilliant creative decision as the audience loved that relationship and it’s iconic, rather than yet another love interest.

Now the only people I’m looking to be left confirmed is Aaron Pierce, Chase Edmunds and Mandy. The cast can therefore be rounded out with the best (alive) players and a story can easily be created for these characters, instead of the other way around.

Here’s an example: Jack has fleed the country and is currently in the middle-east conducting off-the-book peacekeeping missions with Chase. Suddenly an Al-Qaeda terrorist cell attacks them, and they are forced to exterminate them and notify authorities. President Heller finds out and extradites them to CTU London, which is headed by none other than Aaron Pierce.

Jack is told by Aaron that in the past four years, Allison Taylor had pardoned Chloe O’Brian before she left office. She had also selected Aaron to replace Chloe as CTU NY director, after she made public his role in exposing her daughter as a murderer, and he has since then transferred from New York to London and hired Chloe O’Brian as lead systems analyst in the process.

Meanwhile, Mandy has assumed a new identity as Claire Ryder with blonde hair and a british accent. She is revealed as the secretary of British Prime Minister Theo Stoller (who has dual German and UK citizenship). President Heller arrives in London to discuss the situation regarding Jack Bauer with Stoller. He is accompanied by his newly-appointed secretary, Audrey Raines. Audrey is introduced to Claire, who looks familiar to her. She insists they have never met before (though Audrey was involved in the operation to apprehend her at the end of Season 4). After finding out from her father that Jack has been found, she begs him to see Jack at CTU.

Jack and Audrey share an intimate, emotional reunion across the interrogation table (the tables have turned so to speak!). Jack is overcome with emotion, incredibly happy to see her and to discover that she is well again. Audrey then begins to inform Jack of recognising Claire, and shows him a picture of her. Jack immediately remembers her and in shock he says: “Oh my god, it’s the HOSTILE.”

I came up with that premise in under half an hour, so how hard is it producers?

I’m looking to be left confirmed is Tony Almeida.

Me too I’ve immediately though the new prez will be Heller, he was the minister of Defense, so it’s logic. For Audrey I hope they ‘ll find an original story line: it’s impossible she forgot Jack (after all she went to China to find him)so maybe she’s amnesic or her father told her he’s dead…I trust in Howard Gordon to find an awesome thing !

In reference to an above poster: Thumbless Chase Edmunds does NOT need to come back, thank you very much. The rest of your returns are good, though.

“We have not abandoned you.”
‘What does that mean?’
“‘It means we’re on our own.'”

Almost seems hilarious in hindsight. I’m game if Heller is Prez though it would be cooler if Mike was. He’s just about the only guy who can be tremendously loyal (given that he’s learned from his mistakes).

While I’d be happy with the return of Heller/Devane because of the on-screen chemistry Jack/Kiefer had with him, I still could see the return of Ethan Kanin – like Heller, he has ample credentials (Secretary of State in S6, Chief of Staff in S7 in S8). He doesn’t carry the same kind of combat experience that Heller has on his resume but he had a credible sense of fairness, justice and politics.

The thing that worries me a little with a possible Heller return is that, with Audrey/Kim already confirmed as returning, it would seem too easy a plot line for the writers to have her become the victim of some threat against her Presidential father that Jack is forced to come in and save her from – which would feel too similar to the S4 rescue that happened. I’d prefer Audrey/Kim back in some department-head role like Karen Hayes that recruits Jack. Maybe her father is working in another country in a role that on the surface looks like it’s against the US and Jack has to go and confront him to find out the truth….

I’d be very surprised if Pierce returns in any kind of action capacity (i.e. Secret Service) – although he might be credible in an administrative/director role of some capacity.

I also really hope the Tim Woods character comes back as the head of Homeland Security (or FBI or CIA). I liked the evolution of him that happened between S7 and S8.

It would be interesting if some of the international agents Jack met during the first 8 seasons were to reappear – especially if part of the show will be in Europe. Theo Stoller was an appealing character for the short stint he had in S4 and Jack’s connections with MI-6 in S3 also may come up.

I doubt it will happen but could the next President be Hal Garner from S5? Since his boss at the time (Logan) isn’t an option anymore, I could see the writers considering some of the seeds they planted that season of Garner’s power quest to usurp Logan as groundwork for a similar path of a deceitful president. With the exception of Logan and Taylor’s brief turn in S8, the writers have always had an honorable character act as the President.

Another former VP who exuded some power with some similar backstabbing was Jim Prescott from S2. Could he be a surprise return as the next President?

I think Chloe, Audrey, and (possibly) Heller will be the extent of returning supporting characters in ‘Live Another Day’… don’t forget they have a tight twelve episodes to tell the story not the usual twenty-four, plus added to that new characters and you have a full plate right there… that being said, if they feel like squeezing Mandy into the story, then I think I’d be fine with that :-)!

Ethan Kanin may be a fine prez, or Tom Lennox or Mike Novick (I love this character)..I’d be glad to see Cole or Chase (with a new hand lol)as Jack partners and of course as a villain the sexy Mandy ! but you’re right Gerry they have only 12 episodes that means less characters but they need strong ones !

Ah but that’s where the sequels come in tho don’t forget.

Heller would make a great President because of his strong presence. While Mike Novick is one of my favorite characters, he is better suited as an advisor to the President. Jim Prescott (i.e Charles Widmore from ‘Lost) from season 2 would make a great President as well but I’m not sure if most ’24’ fans would remember his character.

As far as Ethan and Tom Lennox, I have no interest in seeing returning characters who were introduced after season 5. I think most of us would agree that the show was much better in the first 5 seasons as compared to the last 3 seasons (season 6 was simply aweful) so Mandy, Mike Novick, and Aaron Pierce are all welcomed back by me but not the season 6-8 characters.

Just come across an interesting interview with Imagine’s Brian Grazer where he states that the upcoming new series will be “a limited series that will itself spin off into a new series”. Anyone any idea what he specifically means by that, I sincerely hope he’s doesn’t mean there will be a 24 spin off show that won’t be centered around Jack Bauer, if that was the case, I’d rather have the movie, but I hope I’ve just read him wrong on that one, although that does cast a whole new light on Kevin Reilly’s statemennt about 24 being “franchisable” or words to that effect. Anyone with any knoowledge on this one would be most welcome, someone please ask David Fury on his Twitter account about it should they get the chance.

Kevin Reilly was asked about the possibility of ’24’ returning to television on a regular basis back in May and this was his reply verbatim;

“No, but maybe…These event series are going to be stand-alone events,” Reilly said. “The idea’s also to give the audience something where they say, ‘That is an appointment show and there’s gonna be a beginning, middle and end. I don’t have to be in five years. I don’t have to follow it season-to-season.’ But some of these, and this is true of ’24’ could have franchiseability, there could be sequels.”

He also – in another interview I can’t remember where exactly – was asked specifically about further ’24’ limited series after ‘Live Another Day’ and whether they would be annual affairs, his reply was to the negative, instead stating it would be more likely that should there be more ’24’ limited series, then it would in all likelihood be both more probable and practical every “eighteen to twenty four months” at most.

So make of that what you will, but I think they would be insane to try to franchise out ’24’ without the anchor that is Jack Bauer, the audience is far too invested in that character to start getting used to a whole new one now at this late stage… Jack Bauer is ’24’ and ’24’ is the saga of Jack Bauer effectively, when Kiefer hangs up his man-bag for good, so should the ’24’ saga as a whole.

I don’t think there referring to a spin off I think there referring to the mini-series turning into a series of sequels should 24 do well & I think it will. 24 is about moving forward & Jack Bauer very much could be treated like a bond movie in the sense that this mini-series could have a long franchise for as long as Kiefer’s willing to play Jack. & with these writers & 8 seasons this is not the type of show where they would just sideline Jack Bauer for a new character for a spin off it would not fly. So to answer your question when he says limited series that will itself spin off into a new series. He most likely is talking about a series of sequels. only this time 24’s return is in the form of a mini-series. There going to stick to what works & Jack Bauer works. This mini-series will become most likely filled with new idea’s/stories But there not going to rid of Jack. there just talking about taking Jack on a new series of stories hence possible sequels.& the fact that this first one takes place outside the U.S is a start for new stories ti take place.

I interpret Reilly’s words as saying only that he thinks ’24’ as a future mini-series may no longer have sequential storylines that link to each other but rather isolated arcs independent and unrelated to each other.

The notion of waiting to do every 18-24 months another sequel to the upcoming 12-episode arc isn’t that logical; if the creators are thinking that way, they’re probably conceding that, given that Kiefer will be 47 by year’s end and won’t be a realistic action hero that much longer, there’s probably only another 1 to 2 more runs of episodes/arcs they can wrap around the Jack character before they either have to morph him more into an administrative/tasking role or have him act as a mentor to a younger agent in his mold – neither of which I’d be crazy about seeing.

Like Gerry said, the show is about Jack – to ignore that or try to spin the premise around a new character after so much history and acclaim with the original very rarely, if ever, works outside of the Bond franchise. Look at the dud the Bourne franchise turned out once Matt Damon left the role.

I’m not sure of the feasibility of it, relative to script, filming and such but something tells me that the series could one day become a darling of Netflix that airs all 12 shows online at once – afterall, I seem to remember stories during ’24’s run on FOX of fans already binging on the DVDs from start to finish. But, of course, it’s a moot point if Kiefer isn’t destined to carry the franchise on that much longer beyond this coming season.

If ‘Live Another Day’ works out well, both in ratings and overall reception, it’s extremely likely FOX will naturally want one if not two more… probably to be aired in 2016 and 2018 respectively, hence the “eighteen to twenty four months” statement from Reilly (who is already thinking long-term undoubtedly), and guaranteed ratings for FOX’s trumpeted new ‘limited event series’ franchise for the next few years!

FOX will have to shoot themselves (and not in the knee either!) to finally let ’24’ go, it’s the jewel in their television crown, it’s still profitable and extraordinarily popular, and so long as HoGo and team can deliver the goods and Kiefer can still perform the physical demands required of him, I’m not just hoping for a couple more limited series after ‘Live Another Day’… I’m COUNTING on it!

Jack Bauer will NEVER die, he’ll just stare the Grim Repaer in the eye (socket) and say “Now I’m done”…

Okay c’mon slow down here yes Kiefer is in his 40’s but it’s not like when a reaches 50 it’s all over. I’m not trying to offend you here I’m just saying don’t jump the gun on what Kiefer will or won’t be able to do physically in the near future…. That’s up to him 50 is not exactly incredibly old , Besides I have a feeling if this comeback for 24 does well there will most likely be new directions for new stories creating several sequels to this follow up. For a long franchise to happen outta this first run.

Every time I read or watch an interview with Kiefer regarding Jack he expresses he’s enthusiasm & his Love for the character & gratitude he has for the fans allowing him to play Jack for as long as he has. & shows interest in doing more. That hardly seems like someone who’s not willing to give him up yet eventually he will but not yet. One of the reasons Kiefer was okay with leaving 24 was because he said he always thought he would go back to the character. & it turns out after the failure of another disasters Tim Kring show touch Kiefer amazingly got that chance. When it turns out Howard Gordon missed writing for Jack. btw I du know how tim kring keeps his Job honestly he’s terrible.

Anyhow with this unexpected news on 24’s return You can bet if this first run gets the results it should a franchise is not far behind. When Kiefer & the writing staff/team get all they can outta Jack 24 will be over this is not a show where Jack is replaceable to bring in e new character. When it comes to Jack they don’t sideline reboot or go back in time they always move forward. There’s no indication from anyone involved with 24’s come back that they wanna slow down. It’s kinda hard to assume that when there’s still a good amount of energy left in 24 & in Jack.

Only two realistic choices are Heller and Mike Novick, kinda wishing it was Mike, or at least he comes back, as he’s seen it all.

Could be Wayne again I suppose or Ethan, but since one was near dead and the other also with health issues, doubtful.

Karen Hayes maybe, but that might be pushing it too.

Money is on Heller though. Still be a good reason to bring Mike and Aaron back, as both have a history with him, sorta, or at least he knows of them.

Since there’s news that William Devane is in talks to return It’s probably him. Mike is good where he’s at being a chief of staff. I would like to see him back also. They didn’t exactly leave much room for guessing when this news pretty much narrows it down.

With hindsight, Heller should have been President in Season 6, but if William Devane is indeeed coming back, hey, better late than never… and bringing back Mike Novick would be a VERY welcome inclusion if it happened, but isn’t Aaron Pierce retired?

“Heller should have been President in Season 6” Why do u say that?

To be blunt, William Devane is a considerably more charismatic, commanding, and compelling presence onscreen than D.B. Woodside (with no offense intended to the latter)… Wayne Palmer worked best as a supporting player to his brother not as a central figure in his own right, his story was done in Season 5, and he lacked weight and gravitas, something that Heller has in spades, and something Season 6 badly needed in my humble opinion!

It’s just one of the many things they got wrong on that season (Philip Bauer’s portrayal, Graem being Jack’s blood brother, killing too many characters much too soon, way too many romanic entanglements, etc), all of which stemmed from the fact they didn’t plan out the season arc in advance, and it cost them dearly…

Bill Devane had already played a President (both real and fictional) in other television and film productions, so I’m wondering if the ’24’ writers didn’t go with a President Heller because of typecasting reasons… enough time has passed that having Heller be President now is just fine, but back in 2006, they may have felt differently! Or they picked Wayne Palmer because they genuinely felt that was the best direction for that season (which I respectfully disagree with), either way, Heller would have been a better fit that year, but it’s just my opinion and it’s all academic now anyway!

Oh, and I meant to write “romantic entaglements” above not “romanic”… that’ll teach me the virtues of proof-reading!

Well many people say wayne Palmer was a terrible president.But I disagree This maybe just my opinion but I don’t think the writers gave him a fair chance. With the whole assassination attempt to the coma to Daniels wanting to take over the presidency & the the relapse do to over dosing on the adrenalin injection. it’s like that story was one big loop. I guess I’m saying he didn’t exactly get a chance to BE a president.

I won’t be able to find it where, but I remember writers mentioning that they specifically wanted a weak president who would give into the demands of the terrorists in S6. Wayne was never supposed to be some charismatic, strong, competent president. His purpose in that season to be weak and indecisive enough to lead the country to the brink of a doomsday situation but not to the point of being completely destroyed yet (that was for others to fix it). So, I think Wayne fit his intended purpose as a character, someone like Heller would be too hardass for what they were going for.

Well, I agree that Heller seemed to be an obvious candidate now. Unlike his daughter, I actually liked Heller, but William Devane is now 74 years old, so I am not sure I would want to see such an old president at the office. I would prefer someone machiavellian like Tom Lennox, who was IMO the only good thing in season 6.

Well His age doesn’t really matter If the writers choose him to be president then he’ll be president.

Guys, please don’t forget: Charles Logan did NOT die. The paramedic said he was alive but probably had brain damage. I GUARANTEE he will be back in LAD. They would NEVER kill off the best villain they ever had.

That being said, BIG YES to Mandy returning and Audrey. Id love to see Tony again. Michelle will always be my favorite character. Hate she’s dead. BIG HUGE NO to Chase. Never liked him.

The BIGGEST question I want answered: In season 7, Olivia was talking to Aaron and mentioned something had happened to Martha Logan. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER??? SECOND FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER!

PS. Heller is going to be the prez.

Has Live Another Day already been shown in 2012 or is it still coming. Today is the 23rd Sept 2013. Very confusing.

24 wont be air til April of next year They have begun writing for it the only thing we know is it takes place outside the U.S possibly taking place in Europe & picks up 4 years after the events of season 8. So very possibly Jack is still wanted by the U,S government & Russian Government. My guess the earliest will see trailers is in Feb. around the super bowl. They don’t start shooting until Jan. Hope that helps.

Great news! Would love Mike Novick, Mandy, Aaron Piers, Karen Hayes, and Ethan Kanin to return as well. They, along with Audrey Raines and Heller would make for my ideal cast!

Just please, please, please do not bring back Tony. His story is done.

BREAKING NEWS- In 24:Live Another Day the President of the United States will James Heller portrayed by William Devane

Man I hope it’s Logan. He was the best and most intriguing president.

Watch them pull a fast one on us and make Audrey Raines the President. I think James Heller is too obvious.