Cast of 24 Describe Their Most Memorable Moments

Sky asked the 24: Live Another Day cast and director Jon Cassar to describe their favorite 24 moment on the red carpet of the London premiere.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

MARY LYNN RAJSKUB: “Edgar Stiles dying in front of me from nerve gas when I was behind the glass and watching him collapse. That was pretty sad.”

KIM RAVER: “There’s a scene with Kiefer and I where Jack has to interrogate Audrey. And I just think it’s kind of a classic 24 moment where you don’t know if she’s playing him, is she the mole, is her love really real?”

JON CASSAR: “I go back to the first episode I did in season one. There’s a great, great scene which I still love, between Nina and Teri where she has to debrief her. She’s asking her questions about the terorrist, but at that moment Teri realizes oh my god, you’re the one that my husband was sleeping with.”

EMILY BERRINGTON: “I loved the Jack and Kim storyline in the first series. I just thought it was such a heartfelt storyline in what was otherwise an action-packed fast moving show. Their relationship was always really believable and really lovely.”

YVONNE STRAHOVSKI: “The thing that sticks in my mind is the last image of Bauer on the screen at CTU, and Chloe having a moment.”

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William Devane is a dirty old man.

I think you’re the dirty one for assuming he meant anything bad by that. Not everyone is perverted as you are.

I gotta say, this thumbnail sequence is pretty hilarious:

For me its the Jack and Kim on the phone scene in Day 2 before Jack is about to die with the nuclear bomb in the plane.

Jack and Kim on the phone was probably the most heart-felt moment of ’24’. And then that scene is immediately followed up by George Mason’s passionate speech to forgive himself for Terri’s death, repair his relationship with his daughter, and let George take down the plane instead of him. Great stuff. It is 24’s best episode.

For me, it’s when Tony (almost) died in Season 5. “I couldn’t do it…..she’s gone Jack” and then Jack cries.

That was pretty shocking and sad for me

Has to be the Chapelle execution- was certain Jack would find a successful way of avoiding the task. Brutal.

Also, the scene was made that much better by the emotional layers created by exploring Chappelle’s loneliness, great writing


Emily Berrington has never watched the show, you can just tell.

No, I agree with Emily. She’s right.

i agree with emily the first season jack and kim relationship was real the first scene they are playing chess and kim is asking jack if her mother(teri)is giving her cold feet,kim believes it’s teri’s fault they got seperated

sekweyama ben kenneth
May 16, 2014 at 10:50 am
Myself da most memorable moments wen jack apprehended president carles logan for acessory of murder david palmer,in season six arresting his biological bro in assasination of david

Last scene of season 4 when Jack walks off, and last scene of season 8 when Jack’s face is on the screen at CTU and Chloe says “shut it down.”

I’ve got 2 memorable moments… At the end of episode 23 in season 1 where “Yelena” is talking to Andre Drazen on the phone. You only aee her eyes and lips talking and CTU in the background. Zooms out after the phone call ends and Nina is the mole!!

Second is the last episode of season 5 when Martha Logan is arguing with Charles about the events of the day. He slaps her around, she loses her cool, telling at him and he threatens to lock her in an asylum and pump her so full of drugs she won’t even remember her name.. Martha calls him a hypocrite when he’s searching her for a listening device. Unbeknownst to him, Jack Bauer has already planted a bug on the President. Best moments ever!!

my fave moment is the final 2 minutes of Season 2…still gives me chills when I watch it…Don’t see it coming

Season 1 ending: Nina is the mole and kills the hero’s pregnant wife..never seen that on TV
Season 3: Jack kills Chapelle, an innocent man, in cold blood…never seen that too !

CANNOT choose! 24 is the best!

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