Kim Raver to return as Audrey Raines in 24: Live Another Day

Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines in the 24 Season 5 Finale
Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines in the 24 Season 5 Finale

TVLine has learned exclusively that Kim Raver is nearing a deal to reprise her role as Kiefer Sutherland’s former onscreen love in Fox’s 12-episode event series 24: Live Another Day.

Raver joined 24 in Season 4 and remained through Season 6. When last seen, in the S6 finale, Audrey was in something of a vegetative state after being tortured and injected with mind-altering drugs by her Chinese captors — a development that led her father James Heller (William Devane) to forbid Jack from ever seeing his daughter again.

Exec producer Howard Gordon later confirmed that, “Audrey is so not dead. She’s not even in a coma. In my opinion, she is at the very worst in a psychiatric facility, but she may also be married to a contractor in Virginia who has a child.”

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I for one am very excited about this. I love the Audrey character and certain “dream” like scenaros now seem possible. Please let this be true.

I still contend that final scene of Season 6 remains THE single greatest scene in ’24’ to date – powerful yet tender in equal measure – and a genuinely poignant way to end the Jack/Audrey story arc… but if that story isn’t over yet and there’s a genuine dramatic reason to bring Audrey back, this can only be great news, a reunion for the two star-crossed soulmates could make for really emotional viewing… will Jack actually find happiness and have a happy ending, dare we dream the impossible dream?

Here’s my dream cast:

KIEFER SUTHERLAND (starring season 1-8)
KIM RAVER (starring season 4-5, recurring 6)
MARY LYNN RAJSKUB (recurring season 3, starring 4-8)
JAMES BADGE DALE (starring season 3)
GLENN MORSHOWER (recurring season 1-7)
HENRY IAN CUSICK (recurring season 5)
with MIA KIRSCHNER (recurring season 1-2, 4)
and WILLIAM DEVANE (starring season 4, recurring 5-6)

I checked their Wikipedia pages and it looks like the ones who aren’t confirmed are available! So it’s entirely possible.

Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of getting some of the old cast back, but this is an amazing opportunity for a fresh new start especially seeing the new location. I think Glenn Morshower would easily fit in and I would love it if Carlos Bernard could somehow come back. But if it reduces the quality of the plot working characters back in, I would rather have new characters. I have no doubt we’ll have an excellent plot though.

kim raver played vital role in 24 and her coming back is great news i just hope the writers of the show make a realistic good storyline in each role the characters are playing and i bet many would agree with me,since its premier 24 has one of the greatest storyline a tv show would be proud of,the bad ass jack bauer whose rules dont apply to him to get results is incredible and i think thats what made kiefer sutherland

this is is cool. more old characters please

@Gerry : “final scene of Season 6 remains THE single greatest scene in ’24′ to date ” I can’t agree with you more ! IMO the best finale of all seasons !
I’m very glad to see Audrey back, my favorite Jack’s girfriend, I never though he loves Renee, he felt responsible for what happened to her, he wanted to help her..

I’d like to have James Badge Dale back too

Ugh, worst news I have received this week. Instead of trying to do sth new, here comes the boring damsel in distress back again. I bet they will invent some magical cure for her deep catatonic depression and later pretend Renee never existed in order to push their beloved Jack and Audrey down people’s throats.

I have practically no reason to watch 24 LAD, but they are really trying their hardest for me to hate the show completely.

I trust Howard Gordon and others to find something original: they can’t do the same thing than in season 4,5,6: Jack find Audrey and loose her again…

Catherine sweetie, great minds must think alike, haha… you’re right about the Season 6 finale and you’re absolutely right about Jack’s feelings toward Renee; he probably felt responsible for her getting canned by the FBI and her subsequent downward spiral, she picked up his no-holds-barred methodology to counter-terrorism and it ended up costing her everything… including her life eventually!

I don’t think he ever loved Renee in the same way he loved Teri or still loves Audrey, I think he felt more protective of Renee and the fact they were two wounded and hurting people in an intense situation brought them together in consummating their burgeoning and tragically short-lived relationship!

Just one more thing though, Ozgur dude, you seem determined to not give ‘Live Another Day’ a chance, I respect you hold your own opinions and viewpoints but don’t you think you should maybe hold back on trashing the upcoming new series until you actually WATCH the darn thing…?

Unlike the non-romantic aspects of the relationship, the writers did not give Jack and Renee enough time for their romantic relationship to develop extensively. After all, how can a romance develop properly if you just throw away the female character in the cheapest way possible because writers were more fixated in some cliché, predictable, and juvenile fantasy about male macho hero going on a rampage “shoot em ‘up, butcher them down” style rather than giving any respect to the development of the female character.

@Gerry Mander,
They had a way more superior character in Renee (both in quality and future potential than Audrey or Teri), they cheaply wasted her (after reducing her all the way down to some sexual object through female dis-empowerment and victimization with chauvinistic overtones) because they needed some quick disposable love interest for Jack to go bonkers over. Now, they are immediately replacing her with some stale character like Audrey (which will effectively cheapen S8 even more), and you expect me to give these writers some chance? LOL, I don’t have to watch to whole damn thing, I have more than enough evidence to infer 24 LAD will piss me off just like S8. These writers proved that they never ever learnt from their previous mistakes over and over. They just cannot avoid their extremely narrow minded tunnel vision development to the show, and even worse they are bragging about it! Now, they had one final chance to try something really new here in 24:LAD, but they immediately reverted to shackling the show with some second grade characters like Audrey, Chloe and possibly Heller.

Well-written Ozgur, though I think you’re a bit to angry with s8. But never the less I follow your concerns.
It would be interesting to hear your ideas on how to craft “this final chance to try something really new”. What would 24:LAD be like if you had your way?

By the way I for one doesn’t think that the final of s6 is the best final of the show. My favorite final is without any doubt the one of s4:-).

Cheers to everyone.

Ozgur dude, you seem awfully angry for some reason at the ’24’ writing team, who I believe have done an extraordinary job (Season 6 missteps notwithstanding) at keeping the show riveting and engaging throughout… unlike yourself, I don’t contantly second guess or question most of their choices, because I’m not a trained and/or experienced screenwriter and I’m not witness to the writing process that goes on behind the scenes, and unless you are, maybe you should cut them some slack!

We’ve had this Renee discussion before, and I’ll re-affirm what I told you before; Renee’s death was planned from the beginning of Season 8 and I for one do not believe they “cheaply wasted” her, I think you missed the point of her death completely, she and Jack made it through the events beforehand, they were out and free and clear, and gave in to their feelings for each other in Jack’s apartment… only to have a future together snatched away so cruelly soon after as the events conspired to intrude on their lives and set Jack down a path he’d never went down before in such a way, it’s called character development, and that requires dramatic context to propel it forward, hence Renee’s death providing Jack’s considerably darker turn context and motivation!

That’s my interpretation of that latter third of Season 8, which coupled with Taylor’s incremental shift to the ‘dark side’ (a move I consider a stroke of genius on the writers’ part which worked like absolute gangbusters!), saw ’24’ at the absolute top of it’s game and going out not just on a high note but the HIGHEST of high notes… please tell me that scene of Jack single-handedly taking out Logans’s motorcade armed to the hilt with the samurai mask on didn’t have you fist-pumping the air, if it didn’t, you’ve no soul man!

@Gerry Mander,

You just keep on missing the point over and over because you are making the same superficial defence of that death just like many others.

I get why they killed Renee Walker, it is written above already, these middle age writers have some juvenile fantasy about Jack going berserk against the world, so they needed a disposable love interest for Jack to have angst over, so they killed her at the most bloodiest and cheapest way possible because the cheapest the death is, the more angry the male hero will be after all. This is one of the laziest and most demeaning writing tropes (called “women in refrigerators”) frequently encountered in comic books or action after all. And yes, it is a cheap way to go, would you want to go out like that in real life? Just because a death serves something doesn’t mean I should approve it.

Yes, the way the writers treated Renee all season long was chauvinistic. We have one and half year long of suicidal depression, rape, nervous breakdown, scapegoating, female agent being stripped off her agency and needed to be saved emotionally by the male hero, sending the woman to hero’s bed for sex nine hours after rape, and getting killed painfully wrapped around in a bed-sheet dangling off her naked body. Great, let’s portray Renee as if she was some sacrifice to Jack’s lust. And some wonder why people hated her death!

But it is all the same defence of the death, dark Jack, Jack this, Jack that, Jack blah blah blah, people cannot even come up with a proper defence that involves Renee’s character development in her own death. You are practically telling me only role of the women in the story should be being dead meat so that male hero can go kickass freely. And I am supposed to just ignore all those debasing female dis-empowerment and victimisation material because the male hero kicking ass should be the only thing that matters.

And no, all these being planned from the start makes everything ten times worse actually. They finally somehow created a well-developed female character with plenty of agency in S7 after so many years, and the first thing, I mean the very first thing that came to their minds was to victimise, marginalise and strip the female character off her agency so that the male hero could feel sorry for her to save her, bang her, lose her and go on a rampage? I mean really, is this the first thing these writers think about? Not developing the female character properly further by in her own right, but to throw her away like that? It actually speaks millions what a shallow look these writers have towards women. I would have been a lot lenient if this had been some mid-season decision because they would be running out of time to come up with something. Then, this would be just (in)voluntary manslaughter. When you plan it from the start, it becomes premeditated murder by the writers.

And no, I did not care about Jack’s rampage in the end, I am 33 years old now, I am way too old to get excited about some silly Iron man costume, sorry. That rampage was just too comical and dumbed down to take it seriously. Besides, the show turned into a popcorn tragedy by that point, which I found supremely tasteless.

I’m not sure what age has to do with enjoying Jack’s bad-assery but diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks I guess…

I could go point for point in repudiation of your opinions, but I’ll do you one better; let’s ask the ’24 Spoilers’ gals – Catherine, Shannon, etc – if they were offended by Renee’s portrayal and treatment in Season 8… let’s see what the ladieeeessss think!

For my part – because I just can’t resist it – Renee’s death didn’t demean her, rather it elevated her to a highly consequential role more than a mere supporting one in the latter third of that season, her spectre hung over the rest of the storyline in a very palpable way much like David Palmer’s did in Season 5 (was he “cheaply wasted” as you phrase it?) or Michelle’s did in both Seasons 5 and 7 (was she “cheaply wasted” also?) respectively.

And Jack’s dark turn was a direct and deliberate parallel to Taylor’s dark turn; the former was immediate (set ablaze by Renee’s aforemntioned murder) and intent on tearing down the peace treaty whilst the latter was incremental and intent on keeping the peace treaty’s survival whatever the cost… and it ultimately ruined them both, Jack lost his freedom and his country whilst Taylor lost her legacy and her Presidency.

Again, all just my own humble interpretation for what it’s worth…

Oh, and one last thing, Ozgur dude… in answer to your question of whether I would want to go out like Renee in real life (and by that, if you mean have the greatest sex of your life and then die mere minutes afterward, hmmm, can I think about that one for a bit?), please follow me here on his one if you would… IT’S NOT REAL LIFE IT’S A TELEVISION SHOW!

Every character and plot development serves the story, so if Renee dying serves the narrative, then yes they should do it… whether you, I, or anyone approves of it, you can’t write well based merely on what certain members of the audience might think of it!

Sorry all, rant over, now I’m done.

Oh, and one last thing, Ozgur dude… in answer to your question of whether I would want to go out like Renee in real life (and by that, if you mean have the greatest sex of your life and then die mere minutes afterward, hmmm, can I think about that one for a bit?), please follow me here on this one if you would… IT’S NOT REAL LIFE IT’S A TELEVISION SHOW!

Every character and plot development serves the story, so if Renee dying serves the narrative, then yes they should do it… whether you, I, or anyone approves of it, you can’t write well based merely on what certain members of the audience might think of it!

Sorry all, rant over, now I’m done.

Whoopsie-daisy, double post there, sorry about that…

Wow!! I love the debate between Gerry and Ozgur…Keep in going. I’m leaning towards Gerry 60% to Ozgur 40% but its geeting close to 50% 50%

I like the news. Audrey represented hope for Jack and was the one person who could soften him. Their relationship had great depth from the get go, developed well (I initially never thought Audrey would be in Season 5 and was really pleased what they did with her) and the chemistry between the two actors was great. The final scene in Season 6 was very touching and the whole Audrey arc in that part of the season was heartbreaking. The memory of Audrey may have been the one thing to keep him alive while in China and when he comes back she is in a vegetative state. The whole idea that she was being held hostage at the same time was a little absurd since the Chinese could have used that at any time to break him but I was glad she was in it.

As for the Renee, it was a different dynamic. However they bring Audrey back the fact that Jack had a brief but intense relationship with Renee makes different. It would not surprise me if Audrey has or has had someone else in her life as well. I’ve always hoped we would see Audrey again, hopefully somewhat recovered.

Heller as President. It could be interesting.

I think Freddie Prince Jr should return (agent cole Ortiz) and Arlo from season 8