Benjamin Bratt cast in 24: Live Another Day

Benjamin Bratt in "The Cleaner"
Benjamin Bratt in “The Cleaner”


Highly Anticipated Event Series Debuts with Special Two-Hour Premiere Monday, May 5, on FOX

Emmy Award nominee Benjamin Bratt has joined the ranks of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, the thrilling new event series starring Kiefer Sutherland. Bratt will portray STEVE HARRIS, the head of CIA operations tracking JACK BAUER (Sutherland) in London. 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY premieres with a two-hour television event Monday, May 5 (8:00-10:00 PT ET/PT) on FOX, and makes its time period premiere the following week on Monday, May 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

Bratt’s HARRIS commands the CIA operation in London that is pursuing Jack, now an exile and a fugitive from justice. Supporting HARRIS are CIA agent KATE MORGAN (Yvonne Strahovski, “Dexter”), who is both resourceful and driven; JORDAN REED (Giles Matthey, “Jobs”), a smart and sophisticated CIA computer tech; and ERIK RITTER (Gbenga Akinnagbe, “The Wire”), a sharp, strong and arrogant field operative.

Perhaps most recognized from his Emmy Award-nominated role as “Det. Rey Curtis” on long-running drama “Law & Order,” Bratt’s diverse career has successfully spanned film and television for more than 20 years. Most recently, Bratt starred in “The Cleaner,” “Private Practice” and in a recurring role as Sofia Vergara’s ex-husband on “Modern Family.” His feature credits include the critically acclaimed films “La Mission,” “Piñero,” Steven Soderbergh’s “Traffic” and “The Woodsman,” a festival and critical favorite starring Kevin Bacon. Among his other film credits are “The River Wild,” opposite Meryl Streep; “Clear and Present Danger,” opposite Harrison Ford; the beloved comedy “Miss Congeniality,” with Sandra Bullock; and the feature adaptation of the acclaimed novel “Love in the Time of Cholera,” co-starring Javier Bardem. Most recently, he starred in “Snitch,” and he provided the voice of “El Macho” in the summer hit and worldwide blockbuster, “Despicable Me 2.”

Retaining the real-time, nail-biting, fast-paced format with split screens and interweaving storylines, the 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY also stars Mary Lynn Rajskub (“Firewall”), Kim Raver (“Revolution”) and William Devane (“The Dark Knight Rises”) reprising their original roles, along with newcomers Michael Wincott (“The Crow”) and Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe Award winner Judy Davis (“Life with Judy Garland”).

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY is a production of Teakwood Lane Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television. Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Robert Cochran, Brian Grazer, Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland will executive-produce. The original series, which had its last American broadcast on May 24, 2010, was created by Joel Surnow and Cochran. “Like” 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @24FOX and join the discussion using #24fox.


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All the hallmarks of the classic 24 broken promise are in place, namely;

“The new season will focus on smaller, more personal threats”


“Jack is out on his own on the run”

We now now we’re dealing with the usual massive global threat, and it’s a safe bet these CIA folk will be the new CTU working hand in hand with Jack by episode 4 at the latest.

And you can bet if there’s more 24 to come after LAD we’ll be told it will pick up one day or a few days later, only for them to turn around and say “lol fuck you, it’s gonna be 18 months again”.


No-one said that ‘Live Another Day’ would absolutely focus on a “smaller, more personal” threat, XAM dude, someone asked ’24’ co-writer David Fury on Twitter last year if that was the case for the new story and he said something to the effect of “that’s our hope” or something like that… but stories evolve over time in the writing and development phases, and clearly the ’24’ writing team have ample time to flesh out and fully develop the story and characters this time out in a way they simply didn’t have time for when making 24 episodes per season!

If you don’t like it then don’t watch it… period!

“If you don’t like it then don’t watch it… period!” Yeah, people were saying that during Season 6 and ended up looking like twats.

Thing is Mander… I’m a fan and I want 24 to be at its best. Part of being a fan is not only giving the writers praise, but calling them on their shit too. 24 has made at least 3 of the absolute best seasons of television ever made, but they’ve also squandered their potential for the rest by insisting on regurgitating the same tired old dreck season after season. Despite the big return, it seems the same old template is falling back into place instead of something cutting edge and new. As a fan I desperately want to be proven wrong. But if they’re sticking to the same shit as usual instead of seizing the opportunity to its fullest potential then why bring 24 back at all?

I understand and respect where you’re coming from, XAM dude, but saying ’24’ has been “regurgitating the same tired old dreck” is exactly the very same accusation some people have made against the James Bond films for years… and besides, the relentless nature of making 24 episodes per season necessitated the ’24’ writing team flying by the seat of their pants on a regular basis, a situation not of the production team’s choice I’m sure, and if they fell on some well-worn tropes, it was no doubt a by-product of having to build the track whilst the train was barrelling down it at the same time!

And I think it best to wait until ‘Live Another Day’ has played out in full before casting an opinion on it, don’t ya think?

Bratt is a strong actor with a range from comedic to serious roles – he’ll be a far stronger parallel to Kiefer than anyone that Seasons 6-8 had. In fact, with Devane and Raver back, the cast sounds much more compelling than any since Season 5 IMO….although I do think an older, wiser Bill Buchanan-type lead of whatever agency is chasing/helping Jack would still be better.

Definitely agree that this is one of their stronger years in terms of casting. Nothing has stood out as controversial, I like all of the new cast members so far.

I think the fact that casting is still happening this late in the game (just days away from shooting) shows they’re committed to picking the best actor for the role.

Not sure I agree that some roles aren’t controversial. Bringing back Audrey Raines and having William Devane now the President haven’t been entirely well received. Personally, I regret that Audrey will be returning.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, the reaction to Audrey Raines returning was a bit mixed.

When I said “controversial” I was thinking more along the lines of Janeane Garofalo (who many dislike because of her personality/political views) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (almost everyone was making jokes when he was cast). Those felt a bit like stunt casting to get attention.

Hello, just wondering if Benjamin Bratt is sick? He doesn’t look well on 24.