Howard Gordon at 24: Live Another Day World Premiere Screening
Howard Gordon at 24: Live Another Day World Premiere Screening

24 Showrunner Howard Gordon leaves 20th Century Fox for Sony Television

Longtime collaborators, Homeland co-creators/executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, have partnered and set up shop at Sony Pictures Television Studios with a rich four-year overall deal, leaving their longtime studio home at 20th Century Fox TV where Gordon has been for a quarter century, and Gansa for a decade.

Gordon is a three-time Emmy winner who also won for co-writing the pilot of Homeland. He shared his two Emmys for Homeland with Gansa. I hear leaving 20th TV after a long and successful run there was not an an easy decision for the duo but the Sony TV deal was too good to pass up.

Earlier this year Fox decided to pass on both 24 projects that were in development. At that time Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said “I’d be very open to working with Howard and everyone else but nothing new to report.” Now less than three months later Howard Gordon is no longer with the company.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of 24, it’s a major setback for the franchise since Howard Gordon has been the mastermind behind the previous revivals. With the Fox executive shakeup last month after the Disney acquisition, and now the loss of Howard Gordon, it seems likely that any efforts to revive 24 will be put on the backburner for the time being.

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When Gordon was in chard he the seasons were pretty good. I hope if the do more 24 they try get Rob and Joel doing it and don’t make a stupid mistake if putting the 2 twigs of Katz and Coto in charge again.

Well, definitely Coto and Katz did not make a good job on Legacy. But, even the idea of LAD was Howard Gordon’s, the showrunners were Coto and Katz. LAD turned out to be pretty good, I think. Not the best season of 24, but good enought, worthing watching and worthing having the show back.

I reached out to Howard Gordon last night through email and he responded. He replied saying his Sony deal does NOT affect the future of 24! He said they are still working on figuring out 24.

Also Howard can still be involved with 24 if the network decides to have his production company attached to the project.

And who is not to say that Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran won’t carry on the 24 franchise since they are back involved and Kiefer seems open to returning to 24? Maybe 24 will be sold to Sony TV Pictures?

I also heard Fox only passed on the legal thriller, the Prequel is still a possibility and Howard Gordon confirmed back in March to me in an email they were going back to Prequel idea and revisiting an approach to that. He said Fox was keen for more 24. Joel and Bob created the Prequel idea.

This says Prequel is still a possibility. And there was interest in developing the Prequel which was put on the back burner while producers and Fox focused on the legal thriller.

Could Disney/Fox sell 24 to Sony TV Pictures? Or Can Howard still produce 24 for Disney/Fox with his Sony Deal? Is he exclusive to Sony? Or maybe they have a deal where both studio’s become producers as co producers along with Howard’s new company, Real time productions and Imagine. I can’t see Howard leaving 24 especially since he was the one that has been pushing for a revival lately and he has a great relationship with Dana Walden and Peter Rice.

The short answer is no.

Maybe Sony will be more open to paying Kiefer more money to get a movie made or do a new season. Remember the movie never happened because of money issues.

Disney/FOX owns the rights to 24.

Was it really due to money issues? I heard back then that was script and bureucracy issues with two different departments – the TV people, who have been involved in 24, and the people FOX wants to bring for the movie.

Fuck it, it’s over. Just gonna pretend it ended with S8.

Following Kiefer on Facebook and Instagram and I would say he is all in to a music and cooking or something and I think the acting goes on a side?! The other thing is that he doesn’t seem to be in a shape for bringing Jack back to life.. he looks to tired to me, I wish I was wrong

Yeah, I suppose if he looks tired there’s no way he could play a character who stays up for 24+ hours to stop a terrorist attack…

But he still doesn’t Designated Survivor, doesn’t he?

I mean ‘he still does Designated Survivor, doesn’t he?’

I read that I guess we’ll see what happens & which direction they take with 24.

It’s gonna be shite, calling it now.

It will be the same old Jack is back (look guys! back still rhymes with Jack!!) because attacks are happening as per usual. His Russian adventure will be forgotten about by episode 2, and of course Chloe will just happen to be wherever he ends up to cheat code him through the day… or is that half day? Also, let it be known that this new half-day format DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!

Also, silence Justin!!

I have to agree. As much it saddens me, I don’t think this could work in these times.. than again there is a plenty of shitty shows on tv that work 😂 .. I just saw a video of Kiefer cooking a stew.. looks goood. I also saw a trailer for DS season 3 or what is it and it seems there is about to be a virus outbreak! Which is funny .. a sort of.. DEsignated survivor has it all.. bombings, assasination of president attempt, moles, viruses, dead wifes.. nevertheless I could not get past season 1 because it was dumb as fuck..

Wow, season 2 was even worse. I think season 1 something happened at least, although not too smart. But season 2 has started like a novel. Every episode with somehow soft tone… so eventually I stopped watching, since it was not interesting anymore.

Bring back Jack, wish these old fans of 24 would bore off saying it wouldn’t work! Your the reason it won’t work stop being so negative and let the younger generation experience what you got too:/

Honestly i’ve never had that opinion terrorism is terrorism but if they ever come back & kiefer agrees I really wish they’d take the whole season & expand on the fugitive idea. Instead of jack fighting terrorism. They dropped that story line pretty quick in season 9

Honestly i’ve never had that opinion terrorism is terrorism but if they ever come back & kiefer agrees I really wish they’d take the whole season & expand on the fugitive idea. Instead of jack fighting terrorism. They dropped that story line pretty quick in season 9.

I don’t literally care about 24 anymore. I never thought I am gonna say that …
However I believe that Kiefer Sutherland deserves a role of a badass in some cop/ mafia/ etc action/thriller/drama series on cable or streaming service.. jack bauer was my favorite character on tv and still is, but the universe he lived in collapsed

I still care about 24 I’ll just care about it more if kiefer returns lol. Honestly these spin offs aren’t working which doesn’t surprise me. & honestly designed survivor sucks he really doesn’t fit a presidential role. I’ve always said Jack Bauer should be his fall back job. But I dunno maybe he got paid more to dis 24.

In an interview a few days ago Kiefer said that he was finished with D.S. and that he is looking for something else. He also said he misses the physical aspect of 24. I honestly believe that with the right script, he would do another season of 24, and FOX would welcome him back with open arms.

Felt a bit sad watching that. Designated Survivor was a bag of shite and Le Kief seemed a bit lost and morose in that clip. He deserves better!

Does anyone here like his music?? I can’t get into it but he is better than most country-rock artists nowadays.

My college years were consumed of 24. I discovered the show and love it to death, my favorite show of all time.

Tbh, I would watch 24 no matter who the main character is, but I was hoping 24 legacy could work to maybe end it with season 2 of it getting jack out of prison with Kate, Tony, Chloe, and maybe some cameos of former characters that are alive… Charles Logan, Allison Taylor, Kim, George mason (the handler on that small 24 clip of prison with Tony), etc.

Have one last season of jack ending it happy and end it. Officially. No spin offs. End it.

Also would love to see Martha Logan ,Aaron Pierce, Mike Novick!!!

And Ethan Kanin, Karen Haynes, James Heller.. 24 had some awesome characters in it.


24 remains alive at Fox. Fox Michael Thorn said there is a really strong desire to crack another 24! Discussions are ongoing and they are still talking about it. Fox is wide open to more 24!

Kiefer is done with Designated Survivor, and in an interview 3 weeks ago said that he misses the physical aspects of 24. There is no doubt in my mind that, with the right script, he would return for at least one more season. Furthermore, if he expressed a desire to FOX to return, they would agree in a heartbeat.

I read that to I believe his major concern was he doesn’t want it to become ridiculous. imo it won’t become ridiculous if they drop a giant terrorist idea. & play more on the fugitive idea seeing as In season 9 they really didn’t do that. The entire season needs to be based around jack being resourceful & surviving. Imo that wouldn’t be a ridiculous story line.

Kiefer Sutherland ‘seriously injured’ after falling in Europe.

Kiefer Sutherland Revives Jack Bauer on ‘Last Week Tonight’ to Call Out Compounding Pharmacies (Video)

That gave me a smile.

I saw that lol maybe he’s toying with the idea of being jack again eh? Who knows?

anyone here watching the new tv show Treadstone?? It’s pretty awesome!!

I am it’s great! I hope they don’t cancel it.

The 24fox twitter account is gone. I think it was up until pretty recently. The FB page (still called 24 Legacy) is still up though.

Looks like Kiefer is signed up for the new Fugitive spin-off as the US Marshall