Jack Bauer killing Dana Walsh is one of TV Guide’s Top Moments

Jack Bauer kills Dana Walsh

TV Guide sure likes their 24 – the series finale placed on their “best episodes of 2010” list, the final scene was one of their “unforgettable moments“, and now this Dana Walsh scene is one of their “top moments” of the year:

24‘s Jack Bauer Silences Dana Walsh (Finally)
It’s always good to see Jack Bauer take down the bad guy, but it was especially rewarding for fans when he finally put double agent Dana Walsh out of her misery. After trying to sabotage the CTU the entire season (and becoming one of the series’ most despised characters), Jack finally corners Dana and shoots her dead despite her plea for mercy.

Source TV Guide

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ortalfrom israel
January 2, 2011 at 9:07 am
I think that this death was very boring …
I hate her and I was kind of happy about her being killed