24 Season 8 casting call – Mehran and “Mistaken Identity Man”

The "Mistaken Identity Man" in 24 Season 8 premiere
The “Mistaken Identity Man” in 24 Season 8 premiere

MISTAKEN IDENTITY MAN – 30’s Caucasian, he is a drug dealer who is mistaken for another character by a sniper. This character should be very fair in coloring – ie blonde,or red hair, blue eyes or even albino if possible – anywhere from 5’10 to 6’.

MEHRAN – Middle Eastern, in his mid 20s to mid 40s, he is the leader of operatives in an Islamic country working against the President (Anil Kapoor). Mehran is very charismatic but dangerous. Introduced in one scene in Episode 8, this character will be in multiple episodes… GUEST STAR.

Source Spoiler TV