Reiko Aylesworth on Australian TV

Reiko Aylesworth was in Melbourne, Australia and did an interview for the fourth season of 24, which is still airing there.

via gocows42 / YouTube

On wearing the same clothes the whole season:
“It’s great having a uniform, because there’s so much more time we can spend on the actual scenes rather than doing fittings. Because if you’re on another show, wardrobe takes up half of your time. So it’s great to get into your uniform every day.”

On Michelle’s romance with Tony Almeida:
“There’s always that tension, I love being able to play that and be in that situation with this very normal couple in love but thrust into these larger-than-life situations. That’s what I think the audience key into. You love someone, what would you sacrifice? Would you sacrifice national security, would you let others die for this persons life? They’re really great questions, I ask myself that all the time.”