Jack Bauer Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Nico Di Mattia has done a speed painting of a Jack Bauer promotional picture. It’s pretty amazing to see a great piece of artwork come together in just a few minutes. Nico is insanely talented!

YouTube Link: JACK BAUER – Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia


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[..YouTube..] it’s not funny!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer approves. lol

[..YouTube..] thats realy fuckin good aii

[..YouTube..] omg , that was just plain awesome!

[..YouTube..] trippy sht.

[..YouTube..] The only reason this painting turned awesome was because Jack would kill his ass if it didn’t.

[..YouTube..] funny, he kinda looks like Russia’s president Medvedev

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is boss

[..YouTube..] The 89 people who disliked this are just jelouse cause either they cant draw or they arent as talented as you!!


[..YouTube..] That’s genuinely incredible. I’m speechless.

[..YouTube..] That’s so sick lol! Really nice.

[..YouTube..] If you really did paint this, then you’re an artist, but I’ve see many apps who take photos and turn it like sketches, that I disbelieve in online paintings. I mean, it’s easy to play tricks.

[..YouTube..] @imlytherina Nico Di Mattia did a hand painting, like IRL with paints that looked exactly like the Lord of the Rings Return of the King poster. He’s just that good.

[..YouTube..] Its Jack Bauer Damn it!
No,you’re not jack Bauer you’re an actor named Keifer Southerland and you’ve
been drinking again.
Listen president Palmer any minute now your youngest daughter is gonna come in and ask you to read her a bedtime story,thats a signal for the terrorists to attack… XD

[..YouTube..] great clip

[..YouTube..] Incredible

[..YouTube..] omg…ur talen t is insane!!!

[..YouTube..] Very very cool! I drew someone even tougher… Horatio Caine! :) I tried adding video response but I understand why it is not available. Also if you feel this comment is too much of advertising my channel. Please do delete this! :)

[..YouTube..] Niiecee!!

[..YouTube..] DAMN IT!!!

[..YouTube..] @J3sseM draw megan fox… and Iron Man… and Optimus Prime… then start bragging about your talent

[..YouTube..] fuck it. i quit art.

[..YouTube..] TELL ME WHERE THA BOMB IS !!!!

[..YouTube..] seriously, when I saw the thumbnail of the video I thought it was the picture that will based on

[..YouTube..] You, Sir, are a legend!

And so are you @macpulenta ;)

[..YouTube..] Insane man.

[..YouTube..] hardly call this speed painting, this is legendary..

[..YouTube..] i thought i didnt suck at life

[..YouTube..] makes me wish i could draw… ='(

[..YouTube..] There has not been a terrorist attack in the United States since Jack Bauer first appeared on television.

[..YouTube..] this was extremly fantastic..and by the way : if Jack Bauer was Spartan in the movie 300, the movie would be called 1. ANOTHER ONE : If everyone listened to Jack Bauer, the show would be called 12. OK ANOTHER ONE.. : Jack Bauer does not run out of ammunition. He simply lets everyone else have their moment to shine.

[..YouTube..] @Anarchemitis LOLOLOL im a not a fan of heroes…but jack is my hero!! lol

[..YouTube..] The following occurs between 0:00 and 3:56. Events occur in real time.

[..YouTube..] Ummm… I’m speechless… All I can say is frickin amazing

[..YouTube..] Been drawing since I was 5. I’m now 29. Could never do this.


[..YouTube..] I would have stoped at 0:00 , and said “meh, close enough”

[..YouTube..] @guitargamery You know that there actually was (fortunatly) someone in New York trying to bomb the Time Square while this show has been on the air, right?


[..YouTube..] Absolutely spectacular..into getting hired for a few gigs?

[..YouTube..] @luckynumero13 you shouldnt have this atittude …should be exactly the opost, if you like to draw after watching this ibcredible video you should just be so motivated to grap a pencil and draw…looks like you have 6 guys who are quiters too…well i know that is just a msg but it really reflect how artist you are…its a shame!! sorry

[..YouTube..] you usin a graphics tablet for this?

[..YouTube..] i wonder why they ended 24

[..YouTube..] By the 20 second mark hes already beat me in skill :c

[..YouTube..] 90 people can’t paint.

[..YouTube..] omg i dont even know what to say that was amazing

[..YouTube..] that is insane.

[..YouTube..] @DennisBayazitov perhaps the most perfect comments on youtube…

[..YouTube..] dude fuckin HOT!!!

[..YouTube..] dude
fuckin HOT!!!

[..YouTube..] dude what track is this!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] God Made Photoshop for you..
His Only Disciple in the field of Art…