Fan Video: 24 – Jack & Renee: It’s Over Tonight

Made another Jack & Renee fan video, this one contains scenes from 24 Season 7 and 8 up through episode 17.

YouTube Link: 24 – Jack & Renee: It’s Over Tonight (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Amazing job!!!
Totally love it!! :D

[..YouTube..] Amazing job!!!
Totally love it!! :D

[..YouTube..] seriously love this…so amazed!!!!

[..YouTube..] Great job. Really great job.

[..YouTube..] Was that your happy ending? Cause I think that was where the episode should have ended.

[..YouTube..] awesome! great tribute to the best couple/kick arse partnership on 24 ever!

[..YouTube..] Awesome. But as mentioned before, that is how the episode, maybe even the show should have ended. Killing one of the greatest in 24’s history 7 episodes before the final is nothing but a great mistake. On top of that, they certainly killed a part of Jack as well.

[..YouTube..] Beautiful video. I love how you ended it with a happy ending. That last scene on ep17 still breaks my heart.
[..YouTube..] It’s a great video !!!

[..YouTube..] love it love it love it! OH MY GUSH! best ever!

I still can’t believe she’s gone :( Poor Jack.

[..YouTube..] This is so freaking amazing! :D Thank you, THANK YOU!

[..YouTube..] R.I.P Renee
I love the video!!!!
Why can’t Jack have one happy ending!!!!

[..YouTube..] @iluvfriends4eva It breaks my heart too :( :( :( :(

[..YouTube..] @redheadedbitch69 yeah the never should have killed her off!!!!

[..YouTube..] coool video loooooool

[..YouTube..] omggggggg i loved it!!! fuck the writers of 24 why the hell did they have to kill jacks last shot at happiness in the end of the last season…grrrrrr

[..YouTube..] Awesome video and song! Thanks for putting this together.

[..YouTube..] Awesome Video!!! I love it. Thanks!

RIP Renee

[..YouTube..] @3tem3pest3 I know I hate the writers for doing that!!! They could’ve found another way to motivate Jack :(

[..YouTube..] Oh my god!!! I still cannot believe she dies!!! Poor jack!!!

[..YouTube..] Great vid

[..YouTube..] Wow! Really nice job giving a better end to their story!

Renee’s farewell was a VERY bitter and stupid gimmick/gaff done by writers that have put forth the single most disappointing season of 24.

How they could take away the last chance at any kind of redemptive end for Jack is ridiculous. There are no longer any stakes for the rest of the season. The final episodes are now a total wash…along with the show.

Way to go out on top…ugh!

[..YouTube..] This is a great video. I’m a grown man and I cried when Renee Walker died. It’s sad that fans can make a better ending than the writers of 24. As soon as Renee kissed Jack I was like oh fuck she is a goner. And it happened just minutes later. COME ON! 24 sucks now for doing crap like this.

[..YouTube..] it makes me sniffle how this ends with her smiling so sweetly because we know what’s going to happen :'(
love the video :)

[..YouTube..] Annie Wersching herself loves this video and is linking people to it through her Twitter! Congrats!

[..YouTube..] love the video and the song, those someone can tell me the title

[..YouTube..] @morgane821212 ok just saw the title is written sry

[..YouTube..] Wao!!! Me encanta!!!! Muchas veces. Que lastima el final! Que le pasa a los escritores de 24????!!!! Porque terminar con la única ESPERANZA de Jack ser FELIIIIIZZZZ!!!!

[..YouTube..] Cried. I love Renee. Miss her so much already. Annie Wersching is bomb.

[..YouTube..] Thanks for this! What a great video, great song and you gave them the happy ending that they should have had. Love it!

[..YouTube..] You missed the bit where she got shot…

[..YouTube..] Oh my… this is epic ;D

[..YouTube..] Happy ending, I like too ! Not like in this fucking show…

[..YouTube..] @SG1Mitchell Thanks, it was so cool to see her tweet my video. Just proves that Annie Wersching is the absolute coolest person ever!

[..YouTube..] 24 may not get cancelled, come on! This is the best tv-show up to date :(((((

<3 Jack and Renee!

[..YouTube..] Wow you’ve even got annie wersching giving you props. Thats skill. I absolutely love this video I’ve been waiting to see someone use 24 by Jem for 24. Most people use it for like resident evil and stuff. BY far one of the best videos I’ve seen on youtube in a long while. And the best thing? The happy ending…..I love how you ended it before the terrible unthinkable happens. Great job walkercount as always you rock when it comes to all things Renee/Jack related.

[..YouTube..] Great video! It hurts knowing she’s gone but she’ll always be my favorite of Jack’s girls <3

[..YouTube..] Teri bauer looks bad(like an old whore)
Nina Myers looks bad(stupid ugly woman)
Audrey Raine looks cool(in season 5 she rocks)
Renee Walker looks perfect(she is the best)

[..YouTube..] This video is amazing, I loved Season 7 because of Jack and Renee relatioship and I really wanted a happy ending for Jack this Season. I mean, he finally had a girl who really understood him, his soulmate.
I will only forgive the writers for killing Renee if that leads to Jack becoming again the hyper violent pissed off badass of seasons 2-5

[..YouTube..] great video!

jack and renee are great together,i miss renee:(

[..YouTube..] Wow!!!! perfect!

[..YouTube..] This is awesome, thanks for doing this!

[..YouTube..] I miss Renee. *sigh*

[..YouTube..] Perfect job!!!! Miss me so much Renee!!!
I was hoping to be together and end in the state.

Your video is very cool because it has a good ending. Thanks for it!

[..YouTube..] The Best couple on television EVERRRR!!!!

[..YouTube..] This video is the coolest of all
Good job man, someone puts a happy ending
I hate the writers for making a tragedy of this show

[..YouTube..] Awesome! I´m gonna miss Renee! She was the best woman for Jack! Great hot chemistry!

[..YouTube..] this video is so awesome and I loved Jack and Renee she will be missed dearly!!!!

[..YouTube..] name song?

[..YouTube..] I’m so happy that Jack will make scream Renee´s murderer next week

[..YouTube..] I wrote a fan fic season 8 that takes place in London. Renee survives the whole season.

Now, I consider my season 8 as payback for killing off Renee in the real season.

[..YouTube..] I wrote a fan fic season 8 that takes place in London. Renee survives the whole season.

Now, I consider my season 8 as payback for killing off Renee in the real season. My fic season 8 is my canonical one for me.

[..YouTube..] I wanted Renee to live up until he point when they started making love then i was happy she died anyway she was psycho.

[..YouTube..] The song is called “Its over tonight” and good job on picking the song… Some out there are like, ‘Wow really?!?’ but this really fits with 24 cause it really is over tonight!!! Lol

[..YouTube..] check out 24 Brocast commercial on youtube

[..YouTube..] Guys check out my video of Logan’s freak out during last episode.

[..YouTube..] Guys check out my video of Logan EPIC freak out during last episode.
click on my name and see the videos I uploaded, it’s there.

[..YouTube..] WONDERFULL! i love this video. Rene and Jack is the best in 24!!! :)

[..YouTube..] Who is this song by?

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know who this song is by?

[..YouTube..] @Jenee97 Jem sings it the song is called 24.

[..YouTube..] @PredatorBrendan do you have a link? :)

[..YouTube..] @Lavigne182 It’s on at Facebook page 24,000 strong for Renee Walker on the discussiom board.

[..YouTube..] @PredatorBrendan thanks I’ll check it out :) been looking for some good fic!

[..YouTube..] this video is AMAZING !!!!! best one i have seen

[..YouTube..] That Video is realy Awesome!!!! Cool of Annie to make comertial for you;-))))
It a big honnor for me that you say my Renee and Jack video is one of your Favorit, when you self got such a great one!!!!

[..YouTube..] She has a said face all the time which is cute.

[..YouTube..] You should’ve ended it by fading out the music slowly followed by a gunshot to the blank screen. But anyway, really sweet vid, loved the fading. I personally didn’t like Renee’s death, or more precisely the effect it had on Jack, just wasn’t believeable to me (the only person who could’ve triggered that response in him was his daughter). Still she was an ace character, completely made up for the lack of CTU in S7.

[..YouTube..] im seriously thinking about watching 24
should i watch it people from season 1?

[..YouTube..] @SuperJuniorFan24 YES!!! dont start on day 5 or whatever you need to understand everything from the beginning

[..YouTube..] what episode is 0:22?

[..YouTube..] @Labuser247 it’s from the end of 24 Season 7 episode 5

[..YouTube..] I gotta say stomething. What they did to Renee is unacceptable, let alone cruel and stupid. When I play a game call Splinter Cell: Conviction, I imagined the people Sam Fisher interrogates in that game are the writers and producers who came up with the idea of having Renee killed off.

[..YouTube..] @PredatorBrendan great game. At first I was very Skeptical about Renee, but she next to Jack and possibly Palmer was one of the best characters on the show.

[..YouTube..] @NSAThrace I very much agree with you. Jack, Renee, David Palmer, Michelle, Tony (before Day 7), Bill and Chloe are the best characters in 24 in my opinion. My least favorite characters in 24 are Audrey, Wayne Palmer, Janis, Nadia and Dana.

Splinter Cell Conviction is a great game. Michael Ironside is badass as the voice of Sam Fisher and the game is great, despite being short. I wish that Ironside had a role on 24. Wouldn’t you agree.

[..YouTube..] 10/10

[..YouTube..] congratulations!!

[..YouTube..] Renee is one of my favourite characters. The other one being Chloe :)

[..YouTube..] the song is very good with the video , great work man i`l miss 24 :(