Fan video: 24 – Jack & Renee Day 7

Fan video that I made and wanted to share. No romantic stuff in this one, just pure action.

YouTube Link: 24 – Jack & Renee Day 7 (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Wow!!!
Awesome job!! :D
5 stars and I subscribed :D

[..YouTube..] Nice work. I gave it five stars on it. Jack and Renee need to be at season 9.

[..YouTube..] Awesome job!

[..YouTube..] Great video, well done :)

[..YouTube..] Love this video- Jack has more chem w/Renee then he ever did w/Audrey. i think bc Renee understands Jack where as Audrey never understood Jack’s tactics of getting his job done….I agree if there is a season 9, Renee & Jack will ROCK it..I just hope the writer don’t surprise us and have Renee killed– I just don’t trust writers sometimes…Love your video –well done ! I am a Renee/Jack shipper

[..YouTube..] I love it! I didn’t liked her when I first watched the 7th season, but the 2nd time, I started to like her. Now in the 8th season I love her, she and Jack are a dream team.

[..YouTube..] omg i love this!! :D

[..YouTube..] I like it. Thanks

[..YouTube..] This is awesome!!!

[..YouTube..] Cool. What’s the music you used?

[..YouTube..] @SeanConnery9000 the song is ‘BIerko Entering the Gas Plant’ by Sean Callery (24 Season 5). It’s really villain music but I thought the track sounded cool.

[..YouTube..] awesome job! and great quality!

[..YouTube..] I have been meaning to buy the soundtrack. I only have an MP3 of the Season 4 & 5 theme.

I resaw Season 7 on DVD & I hope the music for that season gets released in the future

[..YouTube..] Couldn’t agree more. Renee & Jack belong together.

However, the writers are doing the same mistake they did with Audrey. They’re just screwing it up to where Renee/ Audrey is an obstacle for Jack to save.

Having Renee go undercover didn’t do Season 8 justice. It’s getting better but it’s unfortunately going to be the last year for this otherwise great show.

[..YouTube..] They have great chemistry. their really an ass kicking duo.

[..YouTube..] Great Vid!!!Great editing….God How Much I LOVE Day7!!!!the BEST day until now…Thanks

[..YouTube..] Awesome Video!!!! The song fit perfect;-)))
Please let me responce my Video here, what do you think about???

[..YouTube..] 24 dream team! :D HELL YES!!

Kinda a like a WWE PPV montage video… ONLY BETTER!
Thank You!

[..YouTube..] not only is it a great Jack/Renee tribute, but it shows how awesome season 7 was!

[..YouTube..] What software/hardware do you use to record these?

[..YouTube..] Love it! And I love the music too, 5 stars!

[..YouTube..] Jack & Renee rock, period!!!

Hopefully both will appear in season 9!!!

[..YouTube..] Wow Ilove this couple they are great together thx 4 sharing 5*

[..YouTube..] Love these two! Awesome video!

[..YouTube..] Very cool video I LOVE Jack Bauer & Renee Walker, thanks for sharing:)

[..YouTube..] OMG I love this video is totally awesome thanks for sharing 5* and fav

[..YouTube..] That is AWESOME!!
I love these 2 so much! They’re the best 24 pair EVER!
FOX please renew 24!!

[..YouTube..] great video!
on another note: ive been liking season 8 but, so far, not as much as 7, that being said i definitely want a season 9.
congratulations on your video

[..YouTube..] amazing job

[..YouTube..] yeah i love renee, i think she’s one of the best 24 actors. good video

[..YouTube..] *****4u, that´s awesome, what a great job, fantastic video! Greetings from Germany! :-)

[..YouTube..] Great video and I hope that Renee and Jack will get together in 24 and there is a season 9. Thanks for puitting this on Youtube.

[..YouTube..] Very nice montage!

[..YouTube..] i cant believe someone can get a relationship like that in 1 day

[..YouTube..] *sighs*

[..YouTube..] that´s real great!!!

[..YouTube..] very nice!! =D

[..YouTube..] it to bad that they killed renee, but since its the last season then maybe they`ll kill jack also